New Girls on VideoBox Next Week

Out of the 35 DVDs posted every week, there’s usually a brand-new girl hitting the site every couple of days. Next week, we’ll see the VideoBox debut of four girls who I think are noteworthy: two Eastern European beauties, a new Indian starlet and an all-American MILF.

Aneta Head
Katalin Kiraly
Jhazira Minxxx
Felicia Fallon

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12 Responses to “New Girls on VideoBox Next Week”

  1. MikhailT Says:

    Somebody did a bad job on those tits of Felicia Fallon

  2. Steve Says:

    yeah, must be the same Doc that did the Tits of Kenzie Mary, what ever..Felicias FA scene was not bad!

  3. BobNope Says:

    okay.. since i haven’t seen any of those four girls before, i went to IAFD and checked their listed performances.

    Aneta Head: 10 scenes – 8 lesbian, 1 masturbation, and one “Anal Facial A2M”
    -> here’s hoping that we get her scene from “That’s a Mouth Full”. if not, i’m not really excited about seeing yet another eastern european carpet being munched.

    Katalin Kiraly: 30 scenes, all lesbian or masturbation
    -> i’m not a big fan of g/g or solo scenes, so i’m not really excited about this one either.

    Jhazira Minxxx: 2 scenes – 1 foot fetish, 1 “hairy POV”
    -> uhm, no, thanks. i’ll pass. where can i select “least excited”? 😉

    Felicia Fallon: 3 scenes – all of them MILF themed B/G
    -> gotta agree with mikhail and steve, that’s one seriously botched boob job. other than that, her listed scenes sound like a solid pick for this poll.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    Hi Alison,

    Appreciate the heads-up. Always fascinating to witness the VideoBox debut of a new starlet. I’m unfamiliar with all of these girls. Good work by Bob Hope (yes, I see the name is BobNope, but I suspect it’s really Bob Hope attempting to fly under the radar). My vote went to Jhazira Minxxx, as anyone who appeared in My Hairy POV is okay in my book. Would you know if she’s related to Tiffany Minxxx?

  5. Papayaman1 Says:

    I agree with Rope, just the name Jhazira Minxxx makes me curious to see this young lady – and a hairy POV!! Is that a bit like Evelyn Lin’s scene with the yeti? As to her name, that together with the physical resemblance means she just has to be related to Tiffany Minxxx, don’t you think?

  6. Kenny Says:

    We also REALLY need that Liliana Moreno’s (Mimi Blaze) scene that New Sensations made. It should be a REQUIREMENT. ROPE made a post about her ONLY scene on Videobox but because of the # of GOOD comments about her, Videobox should get that DVD on this site.

  7. Celerity Says:

    I have to agree with BobNope on this one. Jhazira + Google = Some pretty heinous shit. Im gonna have to fully concur.

    Aneta seems like the best one.

  8. Gettodachoppa Says:

    So where’s Jhazira? It’s been over a week, but searching for her name turns up no results.

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ GettodachoppaHere she is, with Mr. Stefano!

  10. abe Says:

    How about some of the classics? I would love to see some decent Christy Canyon videos. I’m assuming there are licensing issues.

  11. sean Says:

    how about some carmen luvana, shes got millions of scenes, and i have never seen one on videobox

  12. kmfcm Says:

    too many blondes