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Addicted #5 – Jenna Haze Photo Gallery

On 2/21/10, the DVD Addicted #5 from New Sensations was added to VideoBox. The movie features a stellar cast including Jenna Haze, Ashlynn Brooke, Madison Ivy, and Audrey Bitoni. From time to time I see comments on the site expressing a desire to have pictures accompany the video posting. I am fortunate to possess photo galleries for several scenes uploaded to the site from New Sensations and Digital Sin. Go inside to find select thumbnail images for the Jenna Haze photo gallery from Addicted #5. Click the thumbnails to view the full size images. I prefer to right click the thumbnail and open the full size image in a new window or new tab. This method sidesteps the browser continuously loading and re-loading the thumbnails. To save images, right click the full size image and save picture as (save image as in Firefox). It appears you can also save the full size image via right clicking the thumbnail and selecting save target as (save link as in Firefox), which comes as a surprise to me. Please let me know if you wish to see more posts of this nature. I have some excellent image galleries from the two aforementioned studios, and believe they provide a nice complement to the videos.


New Feature: “Scrubbing” Scene Thumbnails

Hey, VideoBoxers!

This is Bob, the user interface engineer here at VideoBox, and I’m so excited about one of the cool new features we rolled out today that I jumped at the chance to update the blog with a rundown on it. Before I do that, though, let me say that I am an avid reader of this blog, and I am thrilled that we have such a vocal group of users offering up feedback, questions and tons of good suggestions. I see it as my job to provide the best possible user experience for all of us (I’m a VideoBox user too, of course!), and I look forward to every chance we get to present a feature and get your take on it.

On to the goods: we call this new feature our scene scrubbing UI (UI = User Interface, for those of you outside the web development world).

If you’re like me (and given that you’re reading the blog on a porn site, it’s safe to say we have some interests in common), you probably find that there are big portions of many scenes that don’t interest you at all. Sure, you could click on one of the later screencaps on the DVD details page, but then you might need to move the filmstrip back a little to check what you missed. With this new feature, you can skip the stuff you don’t want to watch and zero right in on the place you want to start, without missing a thing.┬áHere’s how it works:



Clips Page “Beta” – Exposing Ourselves Prematurely

Hello Videobox Members,

It’s been a very short time since we rolled out our improved clip creation method, and the new ability to save your own set of custom clips. For many of you, as your blog comments testify, you had a sense we were heading in a specific direction.

And you were right…