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The Dirty Words That Make Your Comments Disappear

Comedian George Carlin did a now-infamous bit in 1972 called Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television where he used all of the words that Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided that you can’t say on TV (shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits if you’re not familiar).

Sort of like the FCC, adult payment processors have a “blacklist” of words that can’t be used on a site that accepts their payment methods. Consequently, you can’t use any of them in a comments, descriptions or clip names on the site. If you try to post one in a comment, the comment will simply disappear.

The list is mainly made up of terms having with ladies who are not of legal age engaging in sexual activity, but there are some that may surprise you – and explain why your comments disappear for no apparent reason.

Pissed – Yes, pissed is the past-tense of piss and piss can mean pee, but it’s still not clear to me why pee is even that bad. Regardless, if you say something like “I’m so pissed that Daisy Marie got those hideous bolt-ons!” your comment will vanish into the ether.

Brother/Sister/Father/Mother/Son/Daughter – I realize that this is probably targeted at incest, but c’mon. They’re not even consistent! You can say mom or dad, but not mother or father? An example of a comment that would trigger this rule might be “Can you believe Jewel De’Nyle’s mother got into porn? She’s a swamp hag.”

Asleep/Sleeping/Sleep – I guess using these words in a porn context can be rapey, but it seems a bit over the top to me. The result, in any case, is that an innocent sentence like this wouldn’t make the cut: “Shucks, I’d sure like to sleep with Jenna Haze.”

Alcohol/Drunk – This is another one that can be rapey in the wrong context but doesn’t really accomplish much. You can talk about wanting to ply a young lady with beer or wine in order to force her to have sex with you (none of those words are on the list), but you can’t say something like “You would have to be drunk to think that Chasey Lain looks even semi-fuckable these days.”

I hope this list will help guide you when writing comments or describing clips. If your posts continue to disappear even though you’re not using words on this list or talking about raping kids, my advice to you is to quit using racial slurs or talking about “kotoran,” which is a term you should not Google. Ever.

Maintain Your Privacy by Anonymizng Your Clips

Not everyone wants to share every one of their Clips with the entire VideoBox membership. To accommodate that, the VideoBox development team has been hard at work improving and refining Clips and they’ve just released new features that allow you to have a little privacy for the Clips you don’t feel like sharing with the world.

When you make a Clip, you can now check a box labeled “Anonymize Clip” that will keep it private. It won’t show up on the public Clips page, but it’s available for you in the My Clips section located in the My VideoBox tab.


But wait, what if you want to go back and anonymize some of the Clips you’ve already made? No sweat. I made this video that’ll show you exactly how to make all or some of your current clips private.

After you’ve clicked “Remove Your Name As the Creator From Selected Clips,” your clip will disappear from your public profile page, but it will still show up on your main My Clips page.

Teenage Peach Fuzz #5

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Sunday’s upload of Teenage Peach Fuzz #5 to VideoBox completes the series as all five volumes have now been posted. And what a series it was. Memorable scenes from Alexis Love, Aubrey Addams, Evelyn Lin, Mary Anne, McKenzee Miles, Micah Moore, Sasha Grey, and Tiffany Rayne were just some of the highlights of the first four entries in the series. For volume #5, it appears Michael Stefano looked toward Mark Wood’s Don’t Let Daddy Know #4, which was filmed a week or two earlier. He grabbed Courtney James, Kacey Jordan, and Summer Verona, who were all featured in Wood’s movie, and rounded out his cast with Jaelyn Fox and Veronique Vega. Let’s take a closer look at volume #5. I’ve posted a collage of screenshots for each scene, and have embedded the flash player for previewing purposes. Click the link above the collages to view the full scenes.


Does Familiarity with Porn Stars Breed Contempt?

Perusing the porn star list this morning, I started thinking about what makes a porn star unpopular. Audrey Hollander is a pretty girl who’s made a lot of porn, but she’s not the most popular starlet with VideoBox members (to put it mildly). I had to wonder if those things were connected in some way.

Does the number of scenes a star has on VideoBox affect how popular she is on the site? I hypothesized that the answer was yes. Then I wrote a script to gather up 1,000 stars’ scene counts and popularity ratings. Shortly thereafter I was disappointed to learn that those things appeared to have nothing at all to do with one another. Even the stars with the top 25 scene counts didn’t correlate well with popularity (or lack thereof).

click to enlarge

I went back to the drawing board. What was it that people disliked about Audrey? Was it her willingness to do more, shall we say, extreme scenes? New question: How does the willingness to engage in gangbangs on camera relate to popularity?


What An Ass #7 – Sadie West Photo Gallery

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Navigate inside to find thumbnail images for the Sadie West photo gallery from What An Ass #7. Click on the thumbnails to view full size images. I believe the image set provides a nice complement to Sadie’s video appearance in the movie.

Other Galleries:

The Jenna Haze photo gallery from Addicted #5 is here.

The Nicole Ray photo gallery from Keepin It Fresh #3 is here.


What’s The Common Thread?

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Today I’d like to present ten VideoBox scenes which I’ve been returning to for repeated viewings. While most of the scenes feature familiar performers, there are a couple of individuals in the group whose work was unknown to me until recently. In addition to the scenes being among my favorites, there is a common thread which tie all these scenes together. See if you can identify the common denominator and tell me what it is. I’ve embedded the flash player within the post to preview the scenes. Click the link above the player to view the full scene.


10 Short-Haired Cuties

Spring begins a beautiful time of year when the things women wear start to get smaller and smaller. Short sleeves, short skirts…and for some, short hair. Even though short hair doesn’t look good on every girl, a few pull it off really well. Here are 10 such girls, in not-quite-random order, for your viewing enjoyment.

Missy Monroe


Noteworthy MFF Threesomes

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When Double Play #3 was uploaded to VideoBox last month, fellow member jb3082 posted the following comment in the scene 1 threesome featuring Karina Kay & Tiffany Taylor.

“Possibly the best 2 women in a 3-some scene created? Would make a great blog posting.”

I thought jb made an excellent suggestion (many thanks my friend) and decided to compile a list of MFF threesome scenes which were memorable to me. These are not necessarily my most favorite MFF threesomes (although many of them are), but rather scenes that were intriguing to me for one reason or another. I’m including a baker’s dozen scenes in this article, but there are probably a dozen dozen (is that gross?) MFF scenes on the site worthy of mention. So I need your help. Please tell the membership your favorite MFF threesome scenes (or those that stuck out in your mind for a particular reason). I’m embedding the flash player to preview the scenes I’ve listed, along with a few brief comments. If you wish to view the full scene, click the link above the player. Don’t be concerned with linking your suggested scenes. I’ll take care of it.


Squirting: Who’s For Real and Who’s Faking?

As of today, VideoBox has 135 DVDs and over 1,000 scenes featuring female ejaculation, also known as squirting. It’s a popular genre and it seems like while the ability to squirt among the general population is pretty rare, porn is just chock full of female ejaculators.

I don’t doubt that some women secrete fluid when they have an orgasm. On the other hand, many folks in the porn industry say that faking is rampant and what viewers think is female ejaculate is often actually pee. People like Annie Cruz in her interview with Ropeadope:

It’s a shame no fans can see what happens behind the scenes of these shoots. I’ve been up-close and personal with a lot of other “squirters” in porn, and the truth is in the taste and smell even if it comes out clear. Also, if you see a girl “squirting” a steady stream for several seconds, it usually means she’s pissing. For me personally, I have an orgasm when I squirt.

There are clearly squirting pretenders out there, passing their pee off as lady jizz. How to tell who’s for real and who’s full of piss? (ha) Read on for some industry insight and some examples from the VideoBox archives.


Clips Gets an Upgrade

Along with the new playlist functionality, VideoBox added some options to Clips yesterday that I think are a nice upgrade to an already cool feature.

If you haven’t tried out Clips yet, you can check out my quick guide to how to use them to get up to speed. For those already familiar with the feature, you may have noticed two new options when you create a Clip: Select a List for This Clip and Select an Image for This Clip.

As you may already know, you can make favorites lists for your Clips the same way you can for scenes and DVDs. Now, when you create a clip, you can add it directly to the list(s) of your choice – which means you can make a custom playlist of clips for your viewing pleasure.
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