New Feature Guide: Playlists

You may notice some new features on the right sidebar when you watch a Flash video today. VideoBox has added a new module that will allow you to make playlists, change their order, loop them and more.

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I, like many of you, have wanted this kind of functionality for a long time. So I’m really excited that the VideoBox developers were able to make it happen. Read on for an explanation of how everything works and what you can do with it.

When you click the drop-down menu, you’ll be presented with the same options as before – Related, Recommended, Scenes from the DVD, Scenes from the star and videos from your lists. The difference is that instead of loading a list when you choose one of those options, you are loading a playlist that you can manipulate in awesome new ways. (Note: because Related Scenes are generated based on the current video you’re watching, this functionality is not available for them.)

Once you’ve selected the list you want to watch, you can hit the play button to start the first video in your lineup. Once that video has played, it will automatically begin playing the next one, and so on until you reach the end of the list.

The next two buttons allow you to loop or shuffle your playlist – or both. If you don’t want your playlist to stop when it reaches the end, click the looping button on the left to watch them again without having to hit play. Shuffle allows you to put some variety in your viewing by changing the order of the videos randomly.

The button on the far right of the sidebar controls whether the scene information displays in your list. The title, categories, stars and date take up a lot of room, but you can turn the info on or off by clicking this button.
info gone

But let’s say you don’t like the order your videos are in but don’t want them to play randomly. Just drag and drop them into whatever order you want.
change order

Depending on your screen resolution, the bottom of the playlist may require scrolling to see, which is kind of a pain. Now, you can click the bottom of the sidebar and drag it to make it whatever size you like.
resize playlist

Finally, if you forget anything you learned in this guide, the “Click here to learn more” link will give you a quick reminder.
learn more

So go try it out and let me know what you think! And keep an eye out for even more new features in the near future.

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8 Responses to “New Feature Guide: Playlists”

  1. dgporn Says:

    Very cool! Just be careful you’re not writing a review when the scene comes to an end or you’ll lose it.

  2. cactus Says:

    i’ve been having random issues if i navigate off the page and come back where the video has automatically changed to another video. i am using ff 3.6.2

  3. alison Says:

    dgporn – Good to know. Thanks for posting that.

    cactus – Have you contacted about that? I can’t do much for you on the blog, but Customer Service can definitely give you a hand with that.

  4. alphawolf407 Says:

    This is an AWESOME addition to the site! KUDOS!

  5. blastyblast Says:

    thanks for all the hard work, this site just keeps getting better 🙂

  6. DB Says:

    I’m a big fan of all these recent improvements. Keep it up, VB crew!

  7. vaidx41 Says:

    Great option, i really, really wanted this. Can you tell me if i make a playlist on my PC can i then watch it on my Ipod touch? My Ipod is the only place i actually watch Porn, but i could set up playlists on my PC? If this is not possible will it ever be?

  8. Joe Says:

    What scene is this?