Clips Gets an Upgrade

Along with the new playlist functionality, VideoBox added some options to Clips yesterday that I think are a nice upgrade to an already cool feature.

If you haven’t tried out Clips yet, you can check out my quick guide to how to use them to get up to speed. For those already familiar with the feature, you may have noticed two new options when you create a Clip: Select a List for This Clip and Select an Image for This Clip.

As you may already know, you can make favorites lists for your Clips the same way you can for scenes and DVDs. Now, when you create a clip, you can add it directly to the list(s) of your choice – which means you can make a custom playlist of clips for your viewing pleasure.
add to list

Occasionally, I’ve made a Clip and didn’t feel that the auto-generated thumbnail really captured the action. Now, using the slider above the Save button, you can pick the perfect image to display for your clip.
choose thumb

Sometimes the little things make a big difference and I think these two features are pretty snazzy. So get out there, make some Clips with custom thumbnails, put them in a Clip playlist and enjoy!

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7 Responses to “Clips Gets an Upgrade”

  1. BigD78 Says:

    Great job guys, keep up the good work! I’ve also noticed we can now “scrub” the Clips as well (when the scrubbing first came out it didn’t work on the clips), I take it that’s new as well? Suits me just fine, thanks!

  2. dgporn Says:

    Wow, clip playlists and custom thumbnails really round out this fantastic new Clips feature. You’ve got an impresive team. Great conception, design, implementation, and I’ve got to hand it to your developers hardly a bug to be found! Addionally, I am very impressed at how you managed to blend in so many great new features and not muck up the straight forward uncluttered UI that sets you a part from the all the other frenzied sites; of course, all this would mean little without the solid foundation of your high quality content. I’ve always thought marketters and developers are like oil and vinegar they don’t mix easily but the right blend can transform a few basic ingredients into an exquisite consumable.

  3. Michael Says:

    The new clips app sucks. Give users the option of the old one… that worked. Thank you.

  4. Mahir Says:

    The Select Image feature is great. Is there any way we can do that for clips that we already created and saved?

  5. Jon Davis Says:

    What a great new feature, I have been looking forward to this.
    Thanks again for all your hard work making Videobox the best user friendly and content packed porn site available.

  6. Nm Says:

    Why can I add tags to only some clips made by other people? I’d like to be able to add tags to all clips because a lot of people aren’t tagging their own clips.

  7. JM Says:

    The clips feature is awesome. A few additional user features that might be handy are. The ability for the clip creator to delete a tag, and be able to rename the clip title. Also what about an option to recut the clip? If the creator isn’t happy, they could simply re-edit the clip.