Squirting: Who’s For Real and Who’s Faking?

As of today, VideoBox has 135 DVDs and over 1,000 scenes featuring female ejaculation, also known as squirting. It’s a popular genre and it seems like while the ability to squirt among the general population is pretty rare, porn is just chock full of female ejaculators.

I don’t doubt that some women secrete fluid when they have an orgasm. On the other hand, many folks in the porn industry say that faking is rampant and what viewers think is female ejaculate is often actually pee. People like Annie Cruz in her interview with Ropeadope:

It’s a shame no fans can see what happens behind the scenes of these shoots. I’ve been up-close and personal with a lot of other “squirters” in porn, and the truth is in the taste and smell even if it comes out clear. Also, if you see a girl “squirting” a steady stream for several seconds, it usually means she’s pissing. For me personally, I have an orgasm when I squirt.

There are clearly squirting pretenders out there, passing their pee off as lady jizz. How to tell who’s for real and who’s full of piss? (ha) Read on for some industry insight and some examples from the VideoBox archives.

Among the naysayers is Sasha Grey:

What do you think “squirting” is? 98 % of the time it’s urine….Before a scene starts and you see the girl drinking loads of water before hand. It’s piss believe me, it’s just piss. Sorry folks, water sports, yellows showers, etc., that’s what it is. Mystery solved. Now on to Hoffa.

Skeeter Kerkove has gotten (kind of) scientific about it and seems to think that real squirters are out there, but faking abounds:

Lots of squirting is always piss, all of the big squirters I have witnessed drink lots of water before and during the shoot. With squirting on my couch, I testeded it with my pool and spa chemicals, it showed up as piss! I have a L.A. County Health License in water santization. A women can store up to one quarter of one ounce of female ejaculation. Not 24 ounces of clear piss! Ammonia is in piss, all squrting so far that I have tested has showed ammonia!

The ladies who make a living squirting on camera obviously defend its existence. Even Annie Cruz claims to squirt for real while denouncing the fakers. So how to tell the difference? If Annie and Skeeter Kerkove are our guide, the key is in the way the way the squirt comes out. Smalls squirts are the real deal. A jet of fluid that shoots across the room is pee. Consider the following examples:

There is an appreciable difference between Cytherea and Angela Stone’s squirt load (a new phrase that I made up) in these scenes. Does it mean that Angela Stone is a fake squirter who pisses on people? Probably, but I can’t know for sure. Reasonable people can (and often do) debate this topic into the ground and I can’t say for sure that either is right – or wrong.

What do you think? Is female ejaculation in porn real? Is “squirting” just a way to get watersports into the US market? Who, if anyone, do you think truly squirts?

Some parting words…

I have been blasted in the face by Cytherea’s love sauce many times. It is sweet. IT IS NOT PISS! – William H.

I cant speak for all talent out there but I can assure you all that I pee before my scenes and after. What you all see is me in the middle of a great orgasm. – Cytherea

cytherea goes peepee all over the living room. – Dana DeArmond


15 Responses to “Squirting: Who’s For Real and Who’s Faking?”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that I’ll go to my grave without knowing the full truth about squirting. What fascinates me is the passion with which VideoBox members argue their case, regardless of which side of the issue they fall upon. I will say Annie Cruz struck me as a very sincere person, and I’m confident she is stating what she believes to be factual. But possibly there is a tiny fraction of the female population who can legitimately squirt for both distance and duration (like Cytherea).

    Was Sasha Grey able to shed light on where Jimmy Hoffa is buried? If so, could you please ask her about Judge Crater? I’ve been trying to learn of his whereabouts for the past several decades.

  2. Strangepork Says:

    If I worked for the FBI, I’d have a poster up in my office with a picture of a squirting vagina and the words “I want to believe” underneath. I would spend my career searching for the truth, and although I might be able to convince myself, I would never come up with the evidence needed to convince the world. The truth is out there.

  3. TiestoFan Says:

    Well I for one think there are performers who do in fact ejaculate, but something that is rare and unique has now become trendy and copycatted. These performers are simply trying to bank on the demand for something that has long held mystique.

    With God as my witness, I have had the rare and wonderful luck of finding a woman who can ejaculate when she orgasms. My current girlfriend has a very high sex drive (I joke she is a nympho) and is multi-orgasmic. Almost every time she has an orgasm, she ejaculates and the bigger, larger the orgasm the greater the squirt – it is truly a wondrous and awesome sight.

    Now, it is NOTHING like the Angela Stone clip above which is obviously fake but more like Cytherea (or similar squirt). My girl and I have done some of our own “tests” and found she can control the ejaculation, holding it back although it is very difficult, with her eventually reaching a “breaking point” that she cannot control any longer. And then it is usually a very incredible orgasm/ejaculation.

    This is very similar to a male’s ejaculation, as with practiced control, one can delay the actual moment. But like anything, there is a breaking point where ecstasy simply takes over.

    Also, it is not to say every orgasm she has guarantees a “squirt” as she can have orgasms without ejaculating but there is a direct proportion with the greater the ecstasy, heightened pleasure the definite chance of ejaculation.

    Well that is my perspective – take it for what you will. But long live the real, beautiful woman orgasm.

  4. Critic Says:

    I’m inclined to believe all are faking. There is no doubt female ejaculations exists but these american porn stars are full of it. All these squirt movies I avoid like the plague. The acting itself is awful and ruins the scenes. I don’t know how Flower Tucci and Annie Cruz have made it so far. Not that I discourage their enthusiasm, but keep it real.

    This squirting gimmick is solely endorsed by naive newbies. I have a major problem with american porn in general, it is way too fake all around. In fact I’ll go so far as to say that American porn is going to lose ground to European porn if they continue to encourage actresses to be so vocal an dominant. Do we really wanna hear girls grunt and piss a fake ejaculation. I’ll let Kelly Wells get away with her grunting, but enough is enough.

  5. rj Says:

    Yeah just like the “Men Squirters”!

  6. G Says:

    Well a few years back squirting was almost impossible to find because it was considered a rare thing for a performer to squirt. now almost every pornstar claim they squirt which is pretty obvious that’s just bull. however, the thought that the girls are really pissing than squirting actually turns me on more. watersports actually turns me on alot more so i would prefer it if they actually piss on the performers than squirt (if there even is such a thing all together).

  7. Critic Says:

    Lol. To each their own

  8. numbles Says:

    From the rare occassions in my private life where i encountered squirting I can say that its far less spectacular than in the movies. Its more like some drops – maybe 1-5ccm of liquid. Though I didn’t taste it at any time so I actually can’t tell if theres a flavorful variance.
    The actual squirting incident lasts for like a fraction of a second and I found that of 4 women I got to ejaculate after g-spot stimulation (which is nothing else then rubbing on parts of the womens urethra ) only 2 were able to actually “squirt” the other two only had something like a slightly milky discharge.
    That said It is at least in my opinion completely impossible to discharge such humongous amounts of liquid out of such a small area as the g-spot/urethral sponge.
    It is simply impossible so yeah – most if not all is just pee what you see in porn.

  9. jeff Says:

    gotta be that at least 98%(prob 100%) is fake and most of the scenes i see with “squirting” are just insulting to the viewer – apparently they think we are dumb enough to believe they can “squirt” a quart of “ejaculate”, lol…i’ve heard Dr. Dean Edell comment on this a couple of times and he says its just laughable and that there is no organ or gland in that region of a woman’s body that could account for this aside the bladder and that scientists have been doing autopsies for centuries and everything is well known….

  10. fevrd Says:

    If you want the latest on “squirting” you should have a subscription to New Scientist. As a subscriber you will have access to the archive and you will find quie a recent article about what is now called the female prostate (formerly Skene’s Gland). The prostate in men is responsible for the watery component of semen. It varies in size with every woman and is is indeed the G-spot. You will see that a large one can almost be a sheath around the urethra. I have known a real squirter that I knew well but they do seem to be rare as posters say. Most squirters actually flood rather than squirt. In my experience it is becoming more common among swingers, not because they are faking but more and more women are becoming aware that it is possible and are actually trying and finding that they can do it. That said, it is quite possible to let out some pee at the same time which can confuse things. One woman’s husband told me that when she really lets go everthing comes out – ejaculate, pee and shit as well.

    To sum up I think there is too much variation among women in this, as in most things, for anyone to lay down the law for them all.

  11. Onyx Says:

    I’m pretty much sold on Cytherea especially but also Tianna Lynn as legit squirters. The amount of spasming and passion they exhibit while its going on would be difficult to mimic that effectively. Other than those two, I haven’t seen anyone else doing it that didn’t seem fake. Too bad Tianna retired. She was AMAZING.

  12. Mark Says:

    When I was married, my wife would make an incredible mess on the bed or couch when she would orgasm. Eventually, I placed a towel under her bum to minimize the ‘damage’. This squirting was very natural and not contrived in the least.

    Just my personal experience…

  13. PDonn Says:

    I (WAS) married to the same beautiful woman for over 30 years. When she was in her early twenties she secreted a copious amount of absolutely delicious fluid during sex ( Bartholin’s glands, look it up). Once, and only once, during one of our weekend “sex fests”, there was a gush during her orgasm that soaked us both, and it absolutely was not pee. She was as surprised as I was. Testimonial dudes.

  14. Scrapper Says:

    I too have had the pleasure of being with a woman that produces a LOT of fluid when she had an orgasm. Now, this is not so say that she ever “squirted” her fluid for any type of direction. I just know that the better the “horizontal mambo” was, the more fluid was produced. My only guess to the “real thing” it that a woman duct (as PDonn pointed out) may be narrower then most. The way I think of it is this: same about of love juice per woman but with a smaller escape route produces the “jet effect”. Alas, I have never actually been a participant of a real squirt so to me, it’s still a myth.

  15. george Says:

    we always like to experiment with my girlfriend and though she is pretty orgasmic she never “squirted” like that. that doesn’t make it a rule but i think that it is a same of grown mature men to take the bait with that peeing piece of shit. being very wet, yes but these….these are fountains of pee.