10 Short-Haired Cuties

Spring begins a beautiful time of year when the things women wear start to get smaller and smaller. Short sleeves, short skirts…and for some, short hair. Even though short hair doesn’t look good on every girl, a few pull it off really well. Here are 10 such girls, in not-quite-random order, for your viewing enjoyment.

Missy Monroe

Amber Wild

Claire Robbins

Emily DaVinci

Eve Nicholson

Claire Bandit

Sierra Sinn

Paige Sinclair

Jeanna Fine

Claudia Downs


16 Responses to “10 Short-Haired Cuties”

  1. Papayaman1 Says:

    This is a nice idea Alison. I totally agree about Missy Monroe and particularly Emily da Vinci who looks lovely with her slightly punk influenced hairdo. I would like to suggest adding Veronica Vanoza. I think most of her scenes on the site are with long hair, but she has sometimes sported an extremely short cut and looks very good with it.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    Skirts, sleeves, hair, and even tempers all seem to be shorter as the warmer weather comes upon us. Or are women just less tolerant of shoe mirrors nowadays? Love the scenes included in the article, Alison. Missy, Emily, and Sierra are my favorites of this group. In addition to Papayaman’s suggestion, I nominate this occasional short haired cutie for consideration.

  3. Viper77 Says:

    Hey Alison. I haven’t had a chance to say hi since I’ve been back on the blog, under a new name. If you can’t figure out, here’s a cyberhug for you (see if that helps). Anyways, I go back forth on the short hair thing. I like it sometimes, and other times it really doesn’t do anything for me. I would like to second rope’s nomination (even though she doesn’t always where it that short). I personally like Dylan Ryder. Cheers

  4. Derp33 Says:

    Something about Missy makes me dislike the majority of her scenes. It’s nothing I can put my finger on though. For my money, Claire Robbins is the best of the bunch (and easily in my top 3 on the site!).

  5. ed Says:

    What’s the name of the incredibly cute brown curly haired porn actress? She has short curly brown hair…

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ Viper77 – Completely agree with your recommendation of Dylan Ryder. She had temporarily slipped my mind. I may have something with her in my next post.

    @ Alison – Don’y be confused by the clue left by hi……. OOPS, I mean the clue left by Viper77. He was not HotScooter2 in his previous incarnation.

  7. Viper77 Says:

    @Rope – haha, thanks for clearing that up for me.

  8. Steve Says:

    For me Emily is an All Time Short Haired Fav, Sierra is on Second…and dont forget Isabel Ice and Julie Knight…

    Big Greets from Germany

  9. housedj69 Says:

    Rope – great call on Veronique Vega. She’s amazing.

  10. VCfan Says:

    The cutest short-haired porn girl of all time is Vanessa Chase. She’s sadly underrepresented on VideoBox.

  11. HotScooter2 Says:

    you got that right he is not a previous incarnation of mine. i am the originator of the cyber hugs to Alison,and after giving her many of those kind of hugs i have never received a complaint,though she has had to wear blush mascara after i cyber flirted a lil too much for her.But as always she remains the queen of the VB blog.
    rope if you gonna compete with Alison in sexy legs competition you gotta shave them legs dude

  12. passingthrough Says:

    Great list. Love short-haired cuties, and you hit most of my favorites. On the short list for me is the late Anastasia Blue.

  13. marzipan Says:

    I seem to remember the original Gina Fine as a skinny blond with fairly long hair, and perky tits, who fucked with abandon. There was a relatively short period with large fake breasts, still usually long blond hair. Her latest incarnation is her current: short dark hair, sultry voice, a thicker sturdy body and still the wonderfully dirty attitude. Two things make me a little dubious of my memories. 1)all videos from the early periods have disappeared 2)She seems to have actually changed body type, maybe somewhat taller — that sort of radical change seems a little improbable. Can anyone confirm my suspicions or help me explain my delusions?

  14. Boots Says:

    I love short hair, but I think it’s at least partly for it’s rarity value. I got into a place where long, perfectly groomed hair became a hallmark of porn, and therefore contrived and artificial. Where-as attainable, girl-next-door types tend to have short, easily managed hair.
    I think there’s an under-exploited fetish for seeing girls actually getting their hair cut. (And I’m not talking about shaving their genitals.) There’s a scene in the first Bourne film in which the hero cuts and dyes the heroine’s hair. It wasn’t porn, but it had a strong charge for me.

  15. Clix Says:

    I’ve been a huge emily davinci fan since I first stumbled upon her, but there seems to sadly be a dearth of material featuring her amazing look. She’s one of the most enthusiastic actresses out there and her french canadian accent is enough to drive a fella nuts. I even made a breif entry about her on my website a while back. Dunno what it is about the short hair, but a number of the girls I’ve dated and many of them I’ve photographed in my career in contract photography for adult sites have sported the look.

  16. Jibimbo Says:

    What about Allie Sin? I’m not sure if her hair qualifies for VB’s definition of short but she’s got scenes with a short bob. All the better to watch her beautiful yet unexpressive face as she’s performing.