Teenage Peach Fuzz #5

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Sunday’s upload of Teenage Peach Fuzz #5 to VideoBox completes the series as all five volumes have now been posted. And what a series it was. Memorable scenes from Alexis Love, Aubrey Addams, Evelyn Lin, Mary Anne, McKenzee Miles, Micah Moore, Sasha Grey, and Tiffany Rayne were just some of the highlights of the first four entries in the series. For volume #5, it appears Michael Stefano looked toward Mark Wood’s Don’t Let Daddy Know #4, which was filmed a week or two earlier. He grabbed Courtney James, Kacey Jordan, and Summer Verona, who were all featured in Wood’s movie, and rounded out his cast with Jaelyn Fox and Veronique Vega. Let’s take a closer look at volume #5. I’ve posted a collage of screenshots for each scene, and have embedded the flash player for previewing purposes. Click the link above the collages to view the full scenes.

Title: Teenage Peach Fuzz #5

Studio: Red Light District

Director: Michael Stefano

Starring: Courtney James, Jaelyn Fox, Kacey Jordan, Summer Verona, Veronique Vega

Teenage Peach Fuzz #5, Scene 1 – Veronique Vega & Michael Stefano

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Veronique and Michael are neighbors. Veronique is sitting on a bench outside her house, upset over her relationship with her boyfriend. Michael is hidden behind some bushes, spying on Veronique as he plays with his cock. Michael comes out into the open (after tucking back in), chats up Veronique, and convinces her to come over to his place. To pay homage to Alison’s recent post on Short-Haired Cuties, Veronique is wearing her hair in that style today (the cuteness is a given). Yes, I know this scene was filmed 2 1/2 years before Alison wrote the article, but you know, some things just can’t be explained. The scene setup is a bit time consuming (however, the outdoor scenery was stunning). Veronique’s titties emerge eight minutes into the scene, and it’s close to ten minutes before Veronique wraps her lips around Michael’s cock. Michael eats out Veronique’s tasty pussy (you know its gotta be tasty) which leads to missionary, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, sideways, and doggie banging, including several P2M interludes. Finally, Michael coats Veronique’s face with an impressive thick load of cum.

rope rating: 5 out of 5. Although the scene broke no new ground, Veronique was as cute and hot as ever. When it comes to Veronique and me, familiarity definitely does not breed contempt.

Teenage Peach Fuzz #5, Scene 2 – Jaelyn Fox & Manuel Ferrara

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Jaelyn is in bed under the covers. She has been making noises which have attracted the attention of Michael Stefano. Jaelyn claims she’s not doing anything, but Michael is dubious. The covers are pulled back, revealing Jaelyn in a brief pink top and pink micro skirt (which covers nothing – very hot). She has been playing with her pussy, and a gigantic set of dildos lie alongside. Jaelyn gives Michael a demonstration of her dildo play, saying she loves cock. Michael tells Jaelyn he’s going to bring her the real thing, and Manuel Ferrara is now in the room. Manuel has a dildo protruding out of his pants. He makes a Tony Ribas (Mr. Sophie Evans) joke, causing both Michael and myself to laugh, even though I haven’t the vaguest idea of the joke’s significance. But it looked and sounded funny. Manuel disposes of both his and Jaelyn’s dildos (they will reappear throughout the scene), and begins to get friendly with Jaelyn. Manuel eats Jaelyn as she lays first on her back and then on her stomach. Manuel fingers Jaelyn’s pussy to a squirt, although the camera did a poor job of capturing the action. Jaelyn gives head to Manuel, and they move on to spoon, cowgirl, doggie, and missionary fucking with several P2M breaks. Manuel shoots his jizz into Jaelyn’s mouth and onto her face.

rope rating: 4.5 out of 5. This was a hard scene but not ridiculously over the top. The solo dildo action before Manuel’s arrival was extremely hot. Jaelyn took a hard pounding from both Manuel’s cock and the dildo which Manuel was ramming in and out of Jaelyn’s mouth during the scene. Jaelyn’s ass cheeks are also reddened from frequent Manuel slapping. Despite the pummeling, Jaelyn remained energetic right to the scene’s conclusion.

Teenage Peach Fuzz #5, Scene 3 – Summer Verona & Michael Stefano

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It’s Summer’s 18th birthday but nobody has shown up for her party (cause it’s raining!) with the exception of, you guessed it, Michael Stefano. Lol, to say Michael gets around would be an understatement. It seems Michael is the boyfriend of Summer’s sister and has always had a thing for Summer, but she wasn’t legal until today. Summer has nice titties and a strange tattoo on her right butt cheek. Iafd describes the tattoo as a branch-like design, but I believe fellow member dukebrute had a more accurate description when he stated (in his review of Summer’s Don’t Let Daddy Know #4 scene) the tattoo “looks like a blue monkey playin bball sittin cross legged with a bony fish tryin to guard the ball.” There’s a delicious looking birthday cake with lots of icing and whipped cream sitting on the kitchen counter. Michael applies some frosting to Summer’s breasts and licks them clean, causing her nipples to harden. Summer returns the favor, licking icing off Michael’s cock. Michael lifts Summer into a standing cowgirl, before the action shifts rooms to the foot of a tall carpeted staircase. Cowgirl, titty-fucking, additional head from Summer, reverse cowgirl, and spoon. P2M. Michael shoots his load onto Summer’s breasts as she rubs her pussy. Summer messaging the cum into her chest.

rope rating: 4 out of 5. I wasn’t put off by Summer’s tattoo, but did find her somewhat less attractive than the other girls on the DVD. Considering the rest of the cast, that isn’t really a knock. Her performance was fine. While I’m usually not a fan of incorporating food into the sex (George Costanza did it best), the cake icing licking was pretty hot. The staircase which served as the backdrop for the majority of the sex was new and interesting.

Teenage Peach Fuzz #5, Scene 4 Courtney James & Manuel Ferrara

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The curtain rises on scene four and we gaze upon Courtney’s engaging smile. It appears Veronique will have competition for cutest girl on the DVD. Michael tells Courtney she looks like the girl next door, but she says she can be a dirty little girl. Courtney lifts up her shirt revealing a nice set of natural breasts (calling them “her little girls”) and lowers her shorts, bringing her bare pussy into view. Michael states Courtney has a phat pussy and he is jealous. The camera pans out and damn if Manuel isn’t sitting on the opposite end of the couch. Manuel has me laughing again when he asks Michael if he’s jealous because he (Manuel) will be fucking Courtney, or because he (Michael) doesn’t have an (anatomical) pussy of his own. Either Manuel is a funny guy, or I’m just easily amused today. Manuel goes down on Courtney and screws her in spoon. Courtney giving head to Manuel. (Was the script dropped and reassembled in the wrong order?) Cowgirl (with Manuel slapping at those butt cheeks), reverse cowgirl, P2M, missionary, and doggie. Manuel unleashes a massive pop, partly into Courtney’s mouth, partly onto the right side of her face, some settling in her hair, and some shooting clear past her head.

rope rating: 5 out of 5. Courtney is sooo cute, handled everything Manuel threw at her, and seemed to be having an enjoyable time to boot.

Teenage Peach Fuzz #5, Scene 5 Kacey Jordan & Michael Stefano

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Kacey’s dog has run off, and her search efforts have brought her to the premises of, wait for it, …… Michael Stefano. Michael allows the beautiful Kacey to use his phone, and takes the opportunity to begin groping her. Michael tells Kacey he’ll help find her dog, although I don’t believe he’ll find the doggie in the kitty, and that’s where his attention is focused. They retire to the bedroom as Kacey gives head to Michael. Michael asks to see Kacey’s pussy. Okay, as I write these words, I haven’t viewed what follows, but I’m betting dollars to doughnuts that Michael tells Kacey she has a phat pussy when it finally emerges. BINGO!!!! Michael eating Kacey leading to missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, P2M, and doggie. During doggie, Michael has Kacey call her dad to update him on the missing dog. I was beginning to feel a tad uncomfortable at the thought of Kacey conversing with her dad while being boned by Mr. Stefano, but in his review of the scene at Adult DVD Talk, Roger Herraw assures us the phone call is fake, lol. Doggie transitions into spoon, resulting in a vaginal creampie. Kacey squeezing the cum out of her snatch.

rope rating: 5 out of 5. Kacey is off the charts HOT and looked outstanding while being fucked in all positions. We’re left hangin’ as to whether she eventually found her dog (Claire), but I wish her the best.

Overall DVD rating: 4.5 out of 5. This is yet another strong installment of the series. I think volume #4 is my very favorite, but it’s a photo finish and you really can’t go wrong with any volume within the series. I’m a big fan of Michael Stefano’s work. For those concerned I may be sucking up due to the persistent rumors that Mr. Stefano is the new owner of VideoBox, I direct your attention to my comments of April 2009 (long before the rumors began) in this Alison thread. I personally believe the rumors to be unfounded, but if true, I certainly hope to be cast in a few scenes down the road. Let’s see, Allyssa, Kacey, Lexi, Maya, Micah. Oh decisions, decisions.


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5 Responses to “Teenage Peach Fuzz #5”

  1. fat_rush Says:

    rope, wassup buddy. nice reviews; all that work and no comments yet? wtf. oh well, it’s been awhile. finally reloed to san diego and am only 60 min. from chatsworth…lol. i’d love to start writing some scenes. i’ve learned of a few spots where some of the stars meet at night for drinks (burbank). looking fwd to meeting a few. i find it interesting that the porn industry out earns main stream hollywood on an annual basis. all the damn hypocrites out there luv their porn. all i got now bro. later

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ fat_rush – Wassup my man, wonderful to see you. Been a long time! I believe the bulk of the membership has me on “ignore,” and no longer see my posts. Glad you enjoyed the review. San Diego sounds great. Never made it down there; closest I got was L.A. You definitely have to stsrt hobnobbing with the stars. Why settle for just writing scenes? Shoot for writing and performing. That’s the way to go.

  3. fat_rush Says:

    lololol performing; if we had an all female crew maybe, but i might have some hard-on problems w/ mike and larry over there watching me pound away…lol. i’ll keep u updated.

  4. PinkPanther Says:

    Nice review of a DVD that definitely deserved the attention – pretty popular among VB membership, I believe, given the comments on the DVD & the scenes.

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ fat_rush – Mind over matter. It’s just you and the girl, you and the girl. Nobody else is there.

    @ PinkPanther – Thank you much. Good DVD, excellent series.