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The Porn Star Cameo Quiz

Sure, we all know Jenna Jameson was in Private Parts and half of porn valley showed up in Orgazmo, but do you really know your porn star cameos?

Take my quiz and find out. I chose 15 movies made between 1984 and 2008 that featured prominent (and sometimes not so prominent) porn stars. Just match the star to the movie.


How’d you do? Share in the comments!

Pools & Pool Tables

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Pools and pool tables. Two tried and true props of adult videos. For this article, I’ve gathered a baker’s dozen of my favorite scenes in which a pool or a pool table can be spotted. Whether they’re actively used in the scene, or just part of the background scenery … it’s all good. I’ve embedded the flash player for previewing the scenes; click the link above the player if you wish to view the full scene. Please tell me and all others in the membership, your favorite scenes which make use of a pool or a pool table. Special props if you find a scene that utilizes both a pool and a pool table!


Is That A Phone In Your Pocket…

vbmobile…or are you just happy to be a member of VideoBox?

Yes, as the title of this post implies, we’re rolling out mobile device support. Now, as a member of videobox, you can enjoy the pleasures of our content from not only the comfort of your desktop or laptop computer, but from your mobile device as well.

We’re literally putting porn in the palm of your hand.

Starting today, point your mobile device to Login and start experiencing the true rewards of one-handed browsing. We’re supporting the current Android OS, The Palm product line, the iPhone and iPod Touch, and of course, the iPad.

We’re calling this beta because we’re still working behind the scenes to improve and expand the user experience.

  • We are still working on and definitely plan to evolve the “Favorites” implementation to support all your saved clips and videos.
  • We intend to add additional details about the scene along side the preview image.

If you’ve got a mobile browser in your phone, whip it out, check it out and send any bugs, enhancement requests or suggestions our way.


New Mobile Website Beta

We’ve recently rolled out a mobile website at This is a beta release targeted to select phone OS’s and to videobox members only at this time. We plan to gather feedback and evaluate usage while we prioritize further development and enhancements.

Presently, the site enables access to popular scenes, over 40 different categories, and searching on Android 2.0, the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad products, and the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi.

The Favorites section is still being refined. Presently, we display content from one of your favorite scene lists, but we have plans to expand this to include all saved collections of scenes and clips.

Accessing the site is as simple as pointing your mobile browser to Type in your user name and password to enter the site. Make your selection or perform a search.

Let us you know that you like, want and will use the mobile site. Give us your feedback on additional features you’d like to see us implement in future releases.


Scene # 50,000 Contest Update

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In early December 2009, we posted a contest to the blog, with the challenge being to predict the date that scene # 50,000 would arrive at VideoBox. The original article can be found here. The very next update to the site (just minutes away) will push us over 49,000 scenes (includes premium channel scenes). A VideoBox mug and a free one year membership await the winner. Let’s see if we can zero in on the expected winning date, and separate the contenders from the pretenders.


How often are Movies added to the site?

1 new DVD is added to the site each day!

10 Girls with Great Six Packs on VideoBox

Most porn stars have great lean bodies, but there are a few you can tell have really put in the hours with the Ab Roller to get their beautiful, muscular physiques. Below are ten videos that showcase some of the best well-toned abs on VideoBox. Please go ahead and share your favorite washboard-stomached stars in the comments!

Marie Luv

Vanessa Lane


Addicted #4 – Teagan Presley Photo Gallery

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Here’s the Teagan Presley photo gallery from Addicted #4. Teagan is looking scrumptious in an elegant blue ensemble. She poses, teases, and is joined by a guy who I can’t seem to place. Anyone? If you’re doing a batch download, it may save some headaches to note that the first 132 images have an extension of .JPG and the remaining images have an extension of .jpg. Enjoy.


English Porn Stars on VideoBox

I really love English porn stars. They’re often great dirty talkers – maybe it’s the accent – which can seriously turn up the heat in a scene. Here’s a list of all of the English gals you can find on VideoBox.

All images courtesy of our good friends at the Internet Adult Film Database. If I missed any, let me know in the comments!

mckenzielee isabelice roxannehall
McKenzie Lee Isabel Ice Roxanne Hall
roxyjezel nikkijayne flickshagwell
Roxy Jezel Nikki Jayne Flick Shagwell
hollywellin laylajade roxyrare
Holly Wellin Layla Jade Roxy Rare


Teacher Leave Them Teens Alone

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If I had it all to do over again, and knowing what I know now, I would definitely enter the teaching profession. Half a days work, all Holidays, sick days, personal days, Christmas vacation, Easter vacation, intercession, and the entire Summer off. Every fringe benefit known to man for the rest of your life. Retire on full pay after twenty years. As if that wasn’t enough, thanks to Combat Zone and other insightful studios, we now learn that teachers have a constant and ever replenishing supply of hot teen pussy. Courtesy of girls who prefer to earn their grades by fucking rather than studying.