Remove Stars, Add Descriptions and Edit Info on Clips

I don’t think the VideoBox engineering team never sleeps. Have you checked out these features they’ve rolled out recently?

Remove Stars from a Clip
Have you ever had a clip that says it stars two girls, but only one of them is really part of the action? Now you can remove the absent star. In this example, I made a clip of Ava Devine finishing a gentleman. Gia Paloma wasn’t really helping out, so I removed her:

click to enlarge

Edit Info and Add Descriptions
You may have noticed a small link on your clips player that says Edit Clip Details:

1 edit link

When you click that, you can go back and edit the information you originally used to create the clip – and add a description if you like:

2 edit fields

Once you click Update, the description appears in the clip’s information:

3 description appears

You can also edit the tags on the clip – either in the Edit Scene Details box or simply by clicking Add Tags in the information field, which brings up this little box:

4 add tags

Add as many tags as you like, click the Close link and your tags appear in the scene’s information:

5 tags added


2 Responses to “Remove Stars, Add Descriptions and Edit Info on Clips”

  1. fat_rush Says:

    hey alison, it’s been awhile but wanted to compliment u on ur article a few back on familiarity/contempt statistical analysis. jezzus, that had to take some effort to put all that data together, and it makes alot of sense. anyways, i’m going to go back to that one, reread and offer comments there. the best thing i like about the article above is ur lindsey (say) meadows example – she’s always been one of my favs. cya – the fat hypocrite – rush

  2. bobsipod Says:

    it occurs to me that this sort of thing could be applied to the entire library. people have complained on countless blogs about inaccurate labeling, so why not put them to work? There could be a similar system for full scenes that would be subject to review by whom ever would have had to wade through 45k scenes to ensure quality control. we’re talking about a crowd that’s created 25k clips in 2 months. we have spare time.