Teacher Leave Them Teens Alone

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If I had it all to do over again, and knowing what I know now, I would definitely enter the teaching profession. Half a days work, all Holidays, sick days, personal days, Christmas vacation, Easter vacation, intercession, and the entire Summer off. Every fringe benefit known to man for the rest of your life. Retire on full pay after twenty years. As if that wasn’t enough, thanks to Combat Zone and other insightful studios, we now learn that teachers have a constant and ever replenishing supply of hot teen pussy. Courtesy of girls who prefer to earn their grades by fucking rather than studying.

Title: Teacher Leave Them Teens Alone

Studio: Combat Zone

Starring: Delila Darling, Elizabeth Darling, Nadia Aria, Rhianna Ryan

Notes: Combat Zone specializes in featuring new girls on their videos. This DVD was evidently released in April 2010, and posted to VideoBox less than a month later. All four girls are brand new to me. According to IAFD, this is the debut appearance for both Nadia and Elizabeth. Delila and Rhianna have a few prior scenes under their belt. The film marks the VideoBox debut of the entire female cast.

Teacher Leave Them Teens Alone, Scene 1 – Nadia Aria & Tony Aria


Nadia is the only student in Sex Ed class. She’s trying to study, but her mind is wandering. Nadia asks the teacher (Mr. Johnson) if he finds her physically attractive. Mr. Johnson is not your typical porn stud. He’s a bit on the portly side. Good grief, I think it’s Newman! Johnson plays it cool, saying it would be inappropriate for him to answer those type of questions. Nadia takes the initiative. She raises her skirt revealing a cute butt, and opens her shirt, bringing her beautiful breasts into view. Johnson backs away but Nadia continues the offensive, She extracts Johnson’s cock and drops to her knees, stroking and sucking. Nadia has an ulterior motive for her actions. She wants an A grade in the class. Nadia leaning forward on the desk as Johnson drills her from behind. Johnson is now flat on his back on the desk; Nadia riding his cock in reverse cowgirl. Nadia is sportin’ a sparse bush. Nadia hops off and climbs back aboard in cowgirl. She has what appears to be a Slinky like tattoo on her lower back. Nadia bouncing on the cock. Johnson is laying motionless, like a beached whale, letting Nadia do all the work. Nadia squat fucking Johnson in side saddle. Johnson banging Nadia missionary, first as she leans back on the desk, then as she lays on the desk with her feet perched on Johnson’s shoulders. Doggie back to missionary. Now the couple is in the 69 position, Nadia on top. Nadia jerking and sucking Johnson, as he fingers and eats her pussy from below. Nadia finishes Johnson with an oral creampie. Post cum head.

rope rating: 4 out of 5. Nadia is a cute, hot brunette, and this was an impressive debut. I’m deducting a half point for her over the top voice theatrics, and another half point for the less than stellar stud. If Nadia calms down her vocals, and is paired with a more talented co-star, I’d love to see more of her.

Teacher Leave Them Teens Alone, Scene 2 – Elizabeth Darling & Mark Ashley


Elizabeth is taking an auto repair / maintenance class. Her instructor is Mark Ashley. In the garage, Mark is attempting to tutor Elizabeth on the basic functions of the different car parts. Elizabeth is struggling with the material, and the big test is just days away. Elizabeth is dressed in shorts and a bikini top. Mark suggests an alternate way for Elizabeth to pass the course. Is this similar to how the Amy Fisher case began? Elizabeth giving head to Mark. They retire from the shop to Mark’s apartment. Mark lays Elizabeth back on the sofa and licks at her pussy and ass. Mark pounding Elizabeth in missionary and doggie. Elizabeth mounts Mark in cowgirl. Mark is hammering Elizabeth with rapid strokes and she squirts all over the camera lens. Elizabeth’s pussy creaming around Mark’s dick. Elizabeth P2M. Back to cowgirl transitioning into reverse cowgirl, side saddle, and spoon. Mark shoots his load onto Elizabeth’s face and tongue. Post cum head.

rope rating: 4.5 out of 5. Elizabeth is a beautiful girl with long brown hair. This was another impressive debut, and Elizabeth had the benefit of being paired with the veteran performer Mark Ashley. Mark drilled Elizabeth hard, and she looked good throughout the scene. Hope to see more of Elizabeth soon.

Teacher Leave Them Teens Alone, Scene 3 – Delila Darling & Jake Malone


Delila is taking acoustic guitar lessons from Jake Malone. She’s having difficulty mastering the proper finger positioning to play the various chords. All she can do is strum (and not very well at that). Delila needs to pass the course in order to graduate. Jake cannot go against his ethics and give Delila an undeserved passing grade. Jake has a proposition for Delila. If Delila sits her ass on Jake’s face, he’ll give her an A. Jake reclining on the floor as Delila stands above him. She raises her dress revealing white panties. Delila facesitting on Jake. Delila back on the couch with Jake burying his face in her panty covered crotch. The panties come off and Jake licks at Delila’s pussy and ass. Light spanking of Delila’s butt. Delila giving head to Jake. Delila on all fours on the couch; Jake banging away in doggie. Brief 69. Delila mounts Jake in reverse cowgirl. She has a landing strip bush. Delila rubbing at her clit as she bounces up and down on Jake’s cock. Jake lubes up Delila’s ass. He runs his dick between Delila’s butt cheeks, but doesn’t penetrate the ass. Doggie, cowgirl, P2M. Delila giving footjob to Jake. Reverse cowgirl, cowgirl. Delila jerking Jake’s cock as he eats her ass. Delila licking Jake’s balls. Jake buries his cock in Delila’s mouth resulting in an oral creampie.

rope rating: 5 out of 5. Delila is a cute redhead. She knew Jake was putty in her hands, and was convincing as the girl in control of the situation (even though it was she who needed the grade). The best component of this scene was the naturalness of the sex. It felt as if we were eavesdropping on an actual occurrence, not watching a filmed scene. Fellow member assjungle hit the nail on the head when he commented on the scene, “This is not porn. This is real fucking.” Jake doesn’t appear in front of the camera too often, but was really good here. Delila has filmed Strap Attack 12 for Evil Angel. Hopefully that DVD will find its way to VideoBox (volumes 1 and 4 are on site).

Teacher Leave Them Teens Alone, Scene 4 – Rhianna Ryan & Mark Ashley


Rhianna has just returned home from school. She’s having a tough time with her history class. Rhianna’s teacher will be paying her a tutoring visit. Rhianna sitting on the bed studying her history textbook. She’s dressed in a red sweater, white shirt, black and white plaid skirt, white panties, and white knee high socks. The history teacher arrives and it’s Mark Ashley. I guess Mark is doing double duty as a history and auto repair instructor. He joins Rhianna on the bed, and picks up the textbook. Immediately, I can see the problem. Look closely as the textbook cover comes into view. Rhianna is trying to learn history from a book entitled The Visual Handbook of Building and Remodeling. This is not a history book. It is a home improvement book. Can you imagine the excitement racing through Mark’s mind at that moment? Firstly, Rhianna is gorgeous. Secondly, she lives in a palatial estate. Thirdly, her parents are (evidently) not home. Fourthly, she’s studying history from a home improvement book! Is there any doubt in Mark’s mind that he’s going to get laid? Mark doesn’t tell Rhianna she’s studying from the wrong book. Would you? I wouldn’t. Mark had a conversation with Rhianna’s math teacher, Mr. Johnson (I thought Johnson was the Sex-Ed teacher – guess all teaches in this school wear two hats). Johnson told Mark there are ways to work around Rhianna’s grade. Mark tells Rhianna, we can do this the hard way (gesturing to the textbook in his lap), or the easy way (setting the textbook aside). Rhianna catches Mark’s drift, and is happily giving head before you can say Royal Proclamation of 1763. Mark eating Rhianna, her panties pulled to the side and plaid skirt bunched up around her waist. Mark pulls Rhianna to the corner of the bed, entering in missionary. He pins Rhianna’s legs far back and licks at her pussy and ass. Doggie with Rhianna at first on all fours, and then flat on her stomach. Cowgirl, P2M, reverse cowgirl, spoon, P2M, and more spoon. Mark drops a closed mouth facial on Rhianna.

rope rating: 4.75 out of 5. Rhianna is my favorite girl on the DVD (and I loved all four girls). She has long black hair and is beautiful. I’m deducting a quarter point due to the fact that Rhianna wanted no part of Mark’s cum in her mouth. Should Lethal Hardcore titles make their way back to VideoBox, Rhianna has filmed Teens Take It Big 2 for that studio. One way or another, hope to see more of Rhianna.

Overall DVD rating: 4.5 out of 5. Very enjoyable title. Most appreciative of the four fresh faces. All these girls should have bright futures if they remain in the industry. Kudos to Combat Zone for the revealing look at what really transpires between teachers and students. I believe we all suspected as much, but it’s good to receive verification. Is it too late for me to get into teaching?


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2 Responses to “Teacher Leave Them Teens Alone”

  1. Steve Says:

    Its never to late to become a teacher i think, especially after watching these sweet cuties gettin fucked… great Review, my favs is Delila…there are never enough sexy Redheads out in the Industry.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Steve – Hi Steve, thanks and big greets to you my friend. Agreed on the redheads. If you haven’t done so already, check out this post by Alison, and this post of mine for more redhead fun.