Addicted #4 – Teagan Presley Photo Gallery

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Here’s the Teagan Presley photo gallery from Addicted #4. Teagan is looking scrumptious in an elegant blue ensemble. She poses, teases, and is joined by a guy who I can’t seem to place. Anyone? If you’re doing a batch download, it may save some headaches to note that the first 132 images have an extension of .JPG and the remaining images have an extension of .jpg. Enjoy.

All images courtesy of New Sensations.

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15 Responses to “Addicted #4 – Teagan Presley Photo Gallery”

  1. vaidx41 Says:

    As i said in the comments section of the movie. Nooooo, not the boobs, Teagan. It’s a travesty…

  2. trlfmdr Says:

    Thank you! I love that so many of these shots show off her feet in those awesome heels – I’m a sucker for sexy shoes. Keep ’em comin’!

  3. ltpro Says:

    Teagan, like Naomi, lost too much weight and in the process, lost one of the most perfect asses ever. Check out her early scenes and you’ll see what I’m talking about. In these pics she’s just another skinny porn chick with fake tits.

  4. Scrapper Says:

    Teagan brought a lot to the table when she first showed up on the scene. She was young, fresh, and very attractive. We see what the end result is: just looks like another porn star. An interesting note and I’m not sure if anyone else agrees:
    When Teagan started, a lot of her “interviews” stated that she got into porn because she was trying to distance herself from a bad relationship. This isn’t to say it was abusive (she never stated as such) but that she wanted to be the “bread winner”. It seems that once she made up her mind to go into porn, she would pursue it the same way as others had done before her. Possibly a case of sticking to your guns or a case of someone deciding on a business for themselves and going full tilt, no matter the public opinion.
    (Also note the she has had two children, so some type of surgery was inevitable)

  5. deadip Says:

    I hate to bring up this Subject yet again, but I don’t see anything being done with it. When are you all at VB going to fix the Stars List??? Like I have said many Times before … I have been an On and Off Member here since VB was called Climax Corner and I think it’s a DAMN Shame you all can NOT fix the STARS LIST. It really makes you look BAD!!! In my Honest Opinion.

    All of your recent changes is just Great for the people that use it, but what about some of us that like to look up our Favorite Stars, huh??? When are you going to get off your ass and get this fixed??? You Post a message in the BLOG here saying you hear us, but NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE!!! WHY IS THAT???

    For example, today Mellie aka Mellie Williams was in a DVD just Uploaded entitled “Girls, Girls, And More Girls” So I go to the STARS LIST and GUESS WHAT??? Mellie or Mellie Williams is NOT EVEN LISTED!!!

    This STARS LIST problem has gone on long enough don’t you think??? Don’t you think it’s high Time for you to start fixing it???

    The only thing that keeps me coming back or staying a member here Month after Month is the Fact your (VideoBox) DVD Ripping Site has more DVDs than any other DVD Ripping Site on the Internet. It’s NOT your recent Extra features that you added as I could care less about what I do NOT use.

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ vaidx41 – My personal preference is for all naturals. But what’s done is done, and I still love Teagan.

    @ trlfmdr – Most welcome. I often overlook the shoes, but agree these are nice. Will keep this accessory in mind for future galleries.

    @ ltpro – I loved Teagan’s early scenes, and she continues to be a favorite of mine. I never think of Teagan as “just another girl in porn.”

    @ Scrapper – Possibly I’m in the minority, but (as stated above) Teagan has remained near the top of my A list from the get-go.

    @ deadip – As you may know, I am neither an employee of VideoBox, nor do I work at the VideoBox home office. My suggestion would be to address your questions to the individual who posted the message in the blog. Who was it? Jeff? Bob? Alison? Use the customer support contact form. Request that your inquiry be directed to the individual who posted the message, and ask for a status report. I know no more than you do as far as which items are being worked on, and what the particular timetables will be.

  7. Scrapper Says:

    @ropeadope: I wouldn’t say that she’s not a great performer or that I wouldn’t watch her scenes. I just believe that she brought a lot more before she had surgery. I could be the minority in liking/preferring women natural 🙂

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ Scrapper – No no, I believe your preference for all natural women places you in the majority. As I said, that is my preference as well. But there is just something about Teagan which continues to hold me as a fan. However, I do understand your sentiments. Your Teagan is my Mariah. Prior to her surgery, Mariah was one of my very favorite performers (I stated this elsewhere on the blog). Unbelievably cute. Post surgery (as Mariah Milano), I can’t find the same attraction. What has me further irritated is that her latest scene addition to VideoBox, which was pre surgery, is credited as Mariah Milano. This is just plain wrong. I would like to keep her pre surgery scenes under the Mariah billing, and restrict the Mariah Milano billing for her post surgery scenes. I had emailed Mariah to request an interview which would be posted to the blog. Would love to speak with Mariah on many topics, including what influenced her decision to undergo breast enhancement surgery. She hasn’t returned my email as of yet, but I’ll continue to try and reach her.

  9. deadip Says:

    @ ropeadope
    My Comment wasn’t directed necessarily addressed just towards you. But at Jeff since he is the one that Posted this back a couple of Months ago already. It was also my Venting my Frustration of this Problem NOT being RESOLVED!!!

    Star Search – We’re On It…
    March 9th, 2010 by Jeff

  10. ropeadope Says:

    @ deadip – Yes, I understand all that. I’m just thinking it’s unlikely that Jeff will see your comments buried in one of my posts. Of course, I could be wrong. But my approach would be to use the customer support contact form. From the video homepage >>> Support >>> Contact Us. My first sentence would be … Please forward this message to Jeff from the VideoBox blog. Then write your remarks as above, and ask for a status report. That’s how I would handle it.

  11. TiestoFan Says:

    In regards to Ropadope’s original question as to who is the guy joining Teagan in the photos? It’s an aging Michael Stefano.

  12. ropeadope Says:

    @ TiestoFan – Thank you Tiesto bro. It restores my faith to know at least one person is taking the time to read through my ramblings. Much appreciated.

  13. other jeff Says:

    why hasn’t Rope been hired for quality control/consulting??

    also, would like to see VB partner with IAFD on the database of films and maybe add some kind of tags to each scene so that i can just dump each downloaded scene onto one folder or one massive external HDD and then search for “Stephanie Swift” or “interracial” or “milf” – if IAFD could supply the tag info or merge it with VB’s info…i mean that’s got to be the future…

  14. ropeadope Says:

    @ other jeff – I believe there was / is some thought (being) given to a coordinated project involving VideoBox and IAFD. I’m not familiar with the details, but possibly we’ll see something down the road. Excellent suggestion.

  15. Benchmade Says:

    @ TiestoFan – I think there was some subtle humor when rope asked if anyone could place Stefano… his member has been invading VB updates lately.

    Anyway, in my opinion Teagan is really starting to look aged. She was white hot when she started out as an all natural barely legal but now she just looks like another washed up porn star, a shame really.