10 Girls with Great Six Packs on VideoBox

Most porn stars have great lean bodies, but there are a few you can tell have really put in the hours with the Ab Roller to get their beautiful, muscular physiques. Below are ten videos that showcase some of the best well-toned abs on VideoBox. Please go ahead and share your favorite washboard-stomached stars in the comments!

Marie Luv

Vanessa Lane

Lindsey Meadows

Ariel Alexus

Nina Hartley

Tia Ling


Heidi Waters

Rebecca Lord

Justice Jade


10 Responses to “10 Girls with Great Six Packs on VideoBox”

  1. Scrapper Says:

    Maybe this is just a personal preferance but a sixpack can be a little off putting. Not to say it’s a bad thing for a woman to be in shape but I also feel that this can be done while maintaining a fair amount of “softness” for a woman. Good examples of this would be Lexi Belle, McKenzee Miles, Bree Olsen, ect. This could also be that I wouldn’t want a woman with the ability to kick my butt if I tick her off… 🙂

  2. jack_black Says:

    great topic!

  3. passingthrough Says:

    I would probably agree with Scrapper for the same reasons. Courtney Simpson is probably my favorite “fit” chick.

  4. Rael Says:

    Hey, Alison or anyone else, I was wondering if you could help me find a scene. It’s an anal scene with Mark Wood, and it starts where he has an injured foot, and the therapist has some interesting ways of distracting him from his pain. It’s a relatively new scene. Any help would be much appreciated.

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ RaelI’ve Been Sodomized #6, Scene 5. Mark Wood & Dakoda Brookes.

  6. freshmex18 Says:

    Ooh if we are asking about help finding a scene, maybe someone can help me find one. It starts out with a guy who owes this other guy some money – a drug dealer or the like. He comes over to collect his money and ends up banging the first guy’s sister as payment. I swear it was Katie Morgan but I could be wrong. Any ideas? This scene was a year or two ago,

  7. jd Says:

    Does anyone know the scene where the girl comes to the door all pissed at a guy (the director) about shooting some film with her sister. Then the guy nails her on the stairs?

  8. gasdf Says:

    jd – I think the scene you are looking for is I Love It Rough #4 – Scene 8.

  9. cactus Says:

    JD – Teen Idol #2, Scene 5?

  10. Rael Says:

    You’re the man, Rope!