Scene # 50,000 Contest Update

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In early December 2009, we posted a contest to the blog, with the challenge being to predict the date that scene # 50,000 would arrive at VideoBox. The original article can be found here. The very next update to the site (just minutes away) will push us over 49,000 scenes (includes premium channel scenes). A VideoBox mug and a free one year membership await the winner. Let’s see if we can zero in on the expected winning date, and separate the contenders from the pretenders.

As of 5:00 AM Pacific Time on 12/31/09 VideoBox had 44,184 scenes uploaded. As of 5:00 AM Pacific Time on 05/25/10 VideoBox had 48,988 scenes uploaded. So in the space of 145 days, 4814 scenes were added to the site. That is an average of 33.2 scenes per day*. Using the 5/25/10 morning total as a starting point, 1012 scenes need to be added to reach 50,000. At 33.2 scenes per day, this equates to 30.48 days. Let’s call it 30 1/2 days. If these averages hold up, scene # 50,000 will arrive on the evening of 06/24/10. Of course, there is no guarantee the averages will hold exactly. But I can’t foresee a huge deviation from the norm. Certainly not more than a couple of days, one way or the other.

So who are the main contenders?

June 12, 2010 – Hanacoco
June 20, 2010 – polksalad1
June 29, 2010 – mitchrocn22

Hanacoco controls eight days from 6/12 thru 6/19. He needs the updates to arrive quicker than expected. Hanacoco is hoping for lots of handjob and blowjob movies, and no doubling up or tripling up of the scenes. If there are fifteen handjobs on a DVD, Hanacoco wants fifteen separate scenes. Not five scenes with three handjobs apiece.

polksalad1 controls nine days from 6/20 thru 6/28. He appears to be in the drivers seat. polksalad1 wants the updates to arrive at the same rate as they have been over the past several months. No quicker, no slower.

mitchrocn22 controls four days from 6/29 thru 7/2. He needs the updates to arrive slower than expected. mitchrocn22 is hoping for lots of gangbang movies with just one or two scenes.

I believe the winner will come from the above three members. The remaining submissions will need a heavy dose of luck to claw their way back into contention. It should be a great deal of fun as scene # 50,000 comes closer and closer into view. My thanks to everyone in the membership who participated in the contest.

* – Everything else being equal, Tuesdays will have about five scenes less than all other days. Because there is no premium channel update on Tuesdays.


20 Responses to “Scene # 50,000 Contest Update”

  1. Frank Says:

    Contest or no contest, I think all bj/hj scenes should be separate.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Frank – Yes, I totally agree. This has been a pet peeve of mine for some time. Can’t understand why each scene isn’t presented on its own. Would certainly simplify the download / save process.

  3. deadip Says:

    I think Compilation DVDs should NOT count, either or is that what bj/hj scenes are??? Also scenes that are repeated should NOT count either. I have noticed on some DVDs in the Comments Section where a VideoBox Member will say that was from this DVD Uploaded on 00/00/0000. I’m pretty Thankful to those Members that take the time to mention those facts. Saves me from downloading the same scenes only on a different DVD. Hope they keep it up, too.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ deadip – Blowjob / handjob movies aren’t necessarily compilations, but they can be. Some studios were extracting the oral portion of a full scene, and tacking on the pop shot. The reformulated scenes were then released as a blowjob DVD. There was one member (can’t recall his handle, lol) who used to point this out. Don’t see too much of him any longer; fortunately others have taken up the slack. But I believe the majority of blowjob / handjob DVD’s are comprised of original material.

  5. Hanacoco Says:

    Split all scenes to make more! Just kidding. I am hoping , of course, that I cum the closest, but may the best man win. Thanks for the contest, Rope and VB. Keep up the great work.

  6. Steve(DRHouse) Says:

    i think the 06/22/10. will be the day of the 50.000 scene!!!

    Greets from Germany

  7. deadip Says:

    I’d like to put in this in 30 June 2010 (06/30/10) as my guess for the 50,000 Scene.

  8. Schiezainc1 Says:

    I know this contest is over but I’m going to guess that the 50,000th scene shows up on July 13th.

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ Hanacoco – Very welcome my friend. Regardless of the eventual result, your prediction will stand as one of the most accurate (and still has winning possibilities).

    @ Steve, deadip, & Schiezainc1 – I’ll maintain an unofficial “late entry” listing. No prizes other than the satisfaction of nailing the correct date.

    June 22, 2010 – Steve (DRHouse)
    June 30, 2010 – deadip
    July 13, 2010 – Schiezainc1

  10. deadip Says:

    Well, That sucks, if I had won that One Year Subscription would have helped me out, since I just recently found out I have Stage 3B Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and will have to file for Social Security Disability, which is going to put me on a fixed Income for the remainder of my life, however, long that will be. 🙁

  11. ropeadope Says:

    @ deadip – Sorry to hear of your circumstances, but the contest closed on 12/31/09.

    Be sure to file your SSD application ASAP. You and your doctor each have to complete part of the application. After you submit the paperwork, Social Security will have one of their doctors examine you. Several weeks later you’ll receive word of the decision. If you are turned down, consider hiring an advocate who specializes in these type of cases to fight on your behalf. A neighbor of mine filed for SSD and his application was rejected. He hired an advocate (the firm which advertises heavily on TV and radio). They were able to reverse the original decision and he is receiving benefits. All the best to you.

  12. deadip Says:

    @ ropeadope
    I appreciate your advice, but I had a friend file his own SSD, fought them for awhile and then got it. SSD doesn’t have Doctors that examine you, either. SSD pretty much accepts what your doctors have to say about your Health and your ability or lack of ability to work. Those Advocates get a big percentage of your first big check … NO THANKS!!! I want all my MONEY I’m entitled to.

  13. mitchrocn22 Says:

    Ropeadope-thanks for the update. I am remaining hopeful.

  14. ropeadope Says:

    @ mitchrocn22 – Welcome bro. Something happened yesterday for which I’m attempting to obtain an explanation. One hundred forty eight scenes disappeared from the totals displayed on the VideoBox homepage. My inclination at this point is to count forward from this scene 49,000. I’ll post any future updates here.

  15. mitchrocn22 Says:

    Thanks Ropeadope- I have been a member since 2005/2004 (under different names but always the ‘mitch’ prefix) and have witnessed DVD’s removed from the database i.e. ‘Tails From The Toilet’-I know this name specifically (lost scenes from a failed hd-most unfortunate). I sent a note to support over six months ago, specifically relating to my desire to recreate and/or download scenes from the mentioned DVD. I am yet to receive a reply. I am led to believe some DVD’s once apart of the total can be removed at the discretion of VB or perhaps the underlying producer/distributor (a guess). But if what u stated remains reality (decrease in total scenes)-my chance to win the contest is greatly enhanced. Please keep us posted- I know u will. Thanks in advance-mitch

  16. polksalad1 Says:

    Ropeadope, thanks for the update on the contest. I’ve got my fingers crossed and I’m glad to be in the hunt. If the missing scenes go unexplained and it impacts the outcome, maybe you should just award *two* membership prizes 🙂

  17. ropeadope Says:

    @ mitchrocn22 & polksalad1 – First off, it’s good to see you polksalad1, as I wasn’t aware if you’ve been following the recent developments. You are both welcome for the contest update, which as it turned out, SUCKED! I did not take into account the possibility of scenes being deleted. The explanation is that a group of titles needed to be removed for licensing reasons. The Content team does not like removing titles, and this step is only taken when all other avenues have been fully exhausted. Unfortunately for our contest, the timing was a bit harsh. I’ve read through my original post multiple times. While there would have been no way for a member to factor scene deletions into their date computations, I’ve concluded it is all part of the luck of the contest. My current projections are estimating a winning date of June 29th or June 30th. But a lot can happen between now and then. I do not have the authority to award duplicate prizes. Let’s see how it plays out. If my current projections are accurate, I’ll look into the possibility of a consolation prize (can’t promise anything, but I will broach the topic).

  18. mitchrocn22 Says:

    Ropeadope- thanks again for the update and making it clear why certain titles are absent from the site. I would like to suggest, in an effort to remain focused on ‘customer-satisfaction’ (an area VB is strong), and considering there have not been to my knowledge a large number of expired license agreements at least within my preferred group, give an advance indication on titles that will leave us. At some stage within this century, I will upgrade my technology and not have need to delete scenes from my hard-drive to make room for new ones and than determine the need/desire to recreate what i deleted. There is apart of that process that I enjoy (as weird as it maybe), but at least with an advance ‘warning’ certain titles will disappear it will give an opportunity to take desired steps as a member. I can also recall and perhaps unrelated, but witnessed titles that reappeared i.e. ‘Capital Punishment’-which Rope I have been to lazy to mention my enjoyment of the behind bars scene Dillan Lauren-so there we go. Good Luck-Polksalad1!

  19. polksalad1 Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Mitch’s suggestion to give us warning when titles are going to be deleted due to licensing issues. Aside from the minor impact to this contest of luck, I’d be more upset if one of my Favorites that I didn’t have downloaded disappeared. I watch via flash player most of the time so that’s bound to happen eventually and it’d be nice to know beforehand. As for the contest, the latest updates are killing me! Several DVDs in a row with only 3 or 4 scenes. Unless my calculations are off or a miracle barrage of blowjob movies hit, I’m toast. Good luck Mitch! Sounds like you’re a long time member so it would be well deserved. Although you’d better watch out for whoever has after July 2nd if this pace keeps up.

  20. mitchrocn22 Says:

    Polksalad1-Thank you and I agree with your assessment. Let’s see what develops and remain optimistic- you have a significant number of days and high probability to be correct, I believe. Really cool to have been tracking-I was close to daily for awhile now every five hours-