Is That A Phone In Your Pocket…

vbmobile…or are you just happy to be a member of VideoBox?

Yes, as the title of this post implies, we’re rolling out mobile device support. Now, as a member of videobox, you can enjoy the pleasures of our content from not only the comfort of your desktop or laptop computer, but from your mobile device as well.

We’re literally putting porn in the palm of your hand.

Starting today, point your mobile device to Login and start experiencing the true rewards of one-handed browsing. We’re supporting the current Android OS, The Palm product line, the iPhone and iPod Touch, and of course, the iPad.

We’re calling this beta because we’re still working behind the scenes to improve and expand the user experience.

  • We are still working on and definitely plan to evolve the “Favorites” implementation to support all your saved clips and videos.
  • We intend to add additional details about the scene along side the preview image.

If you’ve got a mobile browser in your phone, whip it out, check it out and send any bugs, enhancement requests or suggestions our way.

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27 Responses to “Is That A Phone In Your Pocket…”

  1. Earth_Giblets Says:

    I’ve never been one to even consider ‘bating at work, but you’re going to make it very hard not to.

  2. robert Says:

    Not bad would still like too see the whole DVD covers and the new updates.

  3. big_mak Says:

    Works pretty nicely, will post again with more insight into it once I try it out some more!

  4. Goken Says:

    So is this going to work on a Ipad? Serious question.

  5. Jeff Says:

    Yes, it works well on an iPad, in portrait and landscape modes. There are two screen captures in the post of iPad usage.

  6. Jeff Says:

    Serious answer: Yes.

  7. rjjwarpath Says:

    The site is not displaying correctly using the default Android browser (Google Chrome). I am using a Google G1 phone, Android OS 1.6. I can see the log in box and enter my credentials, once I hit logon…nothing happens. The page does scroll to the right, showing a search area and a incomplete drop down menu. Also, the url changes from http to https. Not sure if this has anything to do with it.

  8. Jeff Says:

    Thanks for the bug report, we’ll look into it.

  9. peru1978 Says:

    Now’s a good chance to correct the aspect ratio of some of your videos, seeing how the mobile experience depends on streaming video stored on your servers. One video that comes to mind is ‘Asia Noir 5’, the video is stretched horizontally to a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio and is unwatchable. I have noticed other videos with the same issue and there are probably others, this is the only one which I can remember the DVD title. Great effort, though, I’m always happy to see you making improvements and paying attention to user feedback.

  10. Howard Says:

    My iPad arrives tommorrow, how does this content look on an iPad? I am assuming it’s HTML 5 right?
    The larger screen would make it a decent porn viewer!

  11. Vance22 Says:

    Im having the same problem as rjjwarpath, im also using the same set up as him as well

  12. ManImBored Says:

    Why nothing for the Blackberry? Not everyone is caught up in the iPhone/Android thing.

  13. Jeff Says:

    We’re in beta, we’re testing usage, interest, etc. In the mean time most mobile browsers can access and playback both the iPhone and H.264 versions by clicking on the appropriate download buttons.

  14. other jeff Says:

    great job by VideoBox, always improving…

  15. John Says:

    Hey @videobox: this is all fine, but when in the fuck are you going to upgrade to HD?

    There are free sites that offer HD. YEP 4 FREE. I realize that most of you content is not in HD, but even your DVD quality sux. 640×480? Come on. My laptop 720p and the TV is 1080.

    Porn looks WAY better in HD.

  16. Jeff Says:

    Hey gervis1776, HD is on the horizon.

  17. juan Says:

    I was shocked when I figured out you could go on the normal site, and could watch the iphone resolution scenes directly on the phone.

  18. vaidx41 Says:

    I’ve always viewed the site through my ipod touch. Will be interesting to see how the mobile site compares.

  19. cuyote Says:

    This is great, though I never thought it would matter! I’m now stuck with a 5 GB/Mo. limit on tethering my computer to the internet via my Palm Pixie. The good news is no limit on phone browsing and DLs. So far I’ve had no problems DLing to phone, then transfering to desktop via USB. Thanks!

  20. Bronty Says:

    iPhone Tip: You can have a ‘VB Mobile’ app icon on your homescreen, and make it discreet! Go to the pull down menu where you can choose between ‘popular’ and ‘favorites’. Choose the one you prefer. While the screen is loading, quickly press the “+” button and add the bookmark to your homescreen. How it looks depends on your timing. My VB app icon is just blank white, with a “VB Mobile” label.

    @VB – Can you create a homescreen icon for the iPhone, please, that is discreet? Maybe the VB logo?

    @VB (2) – Is there an option to see the latest updates? I don’t see it, if there is.

  21. trmn8er Says:

    This new program is 100% broken on an Android phone. I have the Droid, and no joy. All it does is goes to the https site, and the screen is blank. Regular site works fine on the Droid, not the Mobile site. Pretty lame.

  22. Jeff Says:

    We’re looking into Android and Palm issues. Please be patient, and remember that this is Beta, so we’re looking for your input/help in capturing and ensuring functionality. We don’t have one of every mobile device on site 😉

  23. Strangepork Says:

    I had house guests over the weekend, so I couldn’t watch porn on my main TV. I took this as an opportunity to play with this a bit on the iPhone in the evenings before bed. I really appreciate what you are trying to do with this, but for now, I still would rather view the full version of the site, even with the inconvenience of having to zoom and scroll to be able to read the text on the smaller screen. It may be just because I’m so accustomed to the main site that I’m not willing to accept the simplified experience. Being a member for several years, I’ve become pretty set in the ways that I like to view the site. If you can eventually incorporate all (or most) of the features of the full site into the mobile version, you’ll have a real winner. Otherwise, I’m glad I still have the option to view the full site on my phone. Anyway, guests are gone now, so I’m back to the 42″ LCD. 😀

  24. John Kim Says:

    I got an email from you guys that the iphone 3G is now working for videobox mobile, but I tried it today again and it still isn’t working….I have the iphone 3G, not the 3G S….

    But on the positive tip you guys rock the house!!!

  25. John Kim Says:

    It has a bunch of text like code that comes up whenever I click iphone button in the regular site also.

  26. Jimbo Says:

    You guys say you support “the Palm product line” for this feature, yet when I attempt to access with my Palm Pre smartphone, I get the message “WARNING: You are not using a supported mobile platform. Supported mobile platforms include iPhone, iPad, and Android 2.x. This site may not work properly.”

    When I click OK, I just get a blank screen. So do you support Palm products for this feature or not?

    Also, I emailed you about this a week ago, but got no response.

  27. cuyote Says:

    Same problem as Jimbo w/ my Palm Pixie, but the regular site is A-OK on the Pixie. I only use it for DLs, not viewing, as per my above post.