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Pools and pool tables. Two tried and true props of adult videos. For this article, I’ve gathered a baker’s dozen of my favorite scenes in which a pool or a pool table can be spotted. Whether they’re actively used in the scene, or just part of the background scenery … it’s all good. I’ve embedded the flash player for previewing the scenes; click the link above the player if you wish to view the full scene. Please tell me and all others in the membership, your favorite scenes which make use of a pool or a pool table. Special props if you find a scene that utilizes both a pool and a pool table!

Bend Over & Say Ahh #1, Scene 2 Inari Vachs

Inari is an old time favorite of mine from the days when my main source of porn was the Playboy channel (before I entered the computer age). Has anyone in the history of porn given more slobbery blowjobs than Inari? In this scene, Inari, topless and in red bikini bottoms, strolls to and dives into the pool. She is joined by Devin Wolfe. They settle poolside and get down to business, including some brief facesitting and anal.

Fuck Club, Scene 3 Tori Black

Beautiful Tori is reclining on some rocks out by the pool. Her pink top is pulled up above her breasts, and her pink bikini bottoms are pulled to the side. She’s also wearing red sneakers. Tori has a brief patch of bush in place. Tony De Sergio eats and fingers Tori’s pussy. They fuck in multiple positions, with several P2M interludes. Tony drops a big load into Tori’s mouth.

Fuck Me If You Can, Scene 3 Jane Darling & Monica Sweetheart

Monica is sunning herself poolside. She receives a visit from Jane and Kevin Long, and invites them into the pool. Kevin replies they don’t have any swimwear. Monica says no problem, she’ll lose her bikini and they’ll all be nude. The girls start playing with one another and Kevin soon joins in. Both Monica and Jane are gorgeous. They each do anal and perform A2OGM in the scene.

Fucking Me POV #2, Scene 3 Cody Lane

Cody is posing and teasing at the edge of a pool, underneath a waterfall structure. The tease is hot, although I disliked the interweaving of black and white footage. She walks up to Mark Wood, drops to her knees, and gives head. Mark bangs Cody doggie and missionary by the pool, before the pair retire inside for the remainder of the scene. Loved the POV camera angle throughout.

High Class Ass, Scene 2 Jenna Haze

Here’s a rare scene with both a pool and a pool table. Ian Daniels shows up at Jenna’s house, and I believe I see a pool over his right shoulder. But this scene centers on a pool table. Jenna hops aboard the table, hikes up her dress, pulls her panties aside, and diddles herself. Ian eats Jenna as she sits, and then lays back on the pool table. Jenna has a nicely trimmed bush for the scene. Ian fucks Jenna doggie as she leans over the pool table, and missionary vag and anal as she lays on the table. Ian had some wood problems, but Jenna’s heat carries the scene.

Impulsive Sex Acts, Scene 1 Alexis Texas

In contrast to Cody’s scene which began poolside and moved indoors, the sex here initiates inside and moves outdoors alongside the pool. Mr. Pete drills Alexis reverse cowgirl, doggie, spoon, and cowgirl, before Alexis applies the finishing touches herself. The pop is filmed POV with the pool serving as the backdrop.

Muy Caliente Latinas, Scene 5 Daisy Marie

Daisy is being interviewed by the pool. She tells us she loves to fuck. This is an early Daisy scene. A guy who I don’t know eats Daisy, and she returns the favor. The fuck missionary and doggie, with Daisy adding some hot Spanish talk along the way.

Pool Side Pussy #1, Scene 1 Kristina Rose

Kristina is posing under the same waterfall structure as Cody was in the scene further up the page. We see her briefly in the pool, and on a lounge chair. Kristina has attracted the attention of Anthony Rosano, who is visiting with director Van Styles in the adjacent house. Van brings Anthony over to meet Kristina, who has pulled her bikini top to the side, revealing her perky breasts. Kristina imposes upon Anthony to rub lotion on her body. As a reward, she gives him head. Kristina is displaying a moderate bush, as she often does. They fuck standing doggie poolside, before transitioning inside for the remainder of the scene. Kristina sits on Anthony’s face leading to a 69. The fucking resumes in spoon, cowgirl, and missionary, before Anthony drops his load on Kristina’s ass.

Pool Side Pussy #2, Scene 5 Lexi Belle

Lexi, attired in a pink and black polka dot bikini, is teasing in and around Van Styles’ pool. Now topless in a lounge chair, she is rubbing at her pussy under the bikini bottoms. Mark Wood (visiting with Van) is gawking at Lexi from across the way. Lexi notices Mark and Van peeping, and strolls over to bust the guys. Lexi is mildly pissed, as Van told her she would have some privacy. Lexi quickly gets over her anger, asking Mark if he likes what he sees. Lexi tells Mark she is going to use him, specifically his cock. Lexi drops to her knees to give Mark head. She is sportin’ a full bush today. Lexi leads Mark indoors and jumps on his cock in cowgirl. They continue fucking in doggie, spoon, and reverse cowgirl, before Marks shoots his load onto Lexi’s bush. Very hot scene.

Riding the Riviera, Scene 2 Christina Bella & Niki Blond

Christina and Niki are playing with one another at the edge of the pool, with each girl taking a turn at eating pussy. They fall into a 69, and are joined by David Perry. The girls must still be Hungary; before too long, each has David’s cock in their mouth. Both pussies and both asses are stuffed with cock over the course of the next half hour. Christina strokes David off into Niki’s mouth, with some splooge landing on her own mouth as well. Post cum head from both girls. Smokin’ scene. Someone recently posted an article of noteworthy MFF threesomes. How this scene failed to make the cut, I’ll never understand!.

Sakura Tales #10, Scene 4 Tia Tanaka

I have a detailed account of the scene within this post. Great series, great performer, great scene.

Slam It! In A Stranger, Scene 5 Eva Angelina & Priva

Eva in a turquoise bikini, and Priva in a white bikini, are taking in some sun by the pool. A nude, fully erect guy approaches. Eva and Priva orally double teaming the cock. Guy slapping his cock against both tongues. Eva inserts a dildo into Priva’s ass, as the guy fucks her pussy reverse pile driver. Gaping. Eva doggie; Priva P2OGM. Eva reverse cowgirl; Priva P2OGM. Priva reverse cowgirl followed by reverse cowgirl anal. Eva A2OGM. Priva A2M. Priva reverse cowgirl. Eva P2OGM. Priva P2M. Eva reverse cowgirl as Priva sits on the guy’s face. The girls switch and Priva is once again riding reverse cowgirl as Eva sits on the guy’s face. Eva doggie anal and doggie vag. Gaping. Stack ’em up with Priva atop Eva, both pussies being fucked in alternating fashion. Eva doggie; Priva P2OGM. Girls are now ass to ass on their backs, with the guy switching between the two pussies. Guy strokes his load onto Eva’s titties. Priva licking up some of the cum. Post cum head from both Eva and Priva. Whew, exhausting scene!

Whale Tail #1, Scene 2 Autumn Bliss

Autumn posing and teasing on a pool table. Mark Ashley joins. Sucking on Autumn’s pierced nipples. Autumn giving no-hands head to Mark. She has a pierced tongue as well. Mark face fucking Autumn. Action transitions away from the pool table to a yellow couch. Doggie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl. Autumn’s feet perched on Mark’s thighs as he drives his cock up and into Autumn’s pussy. Autumn P2M. Mark eating out Autumn. Missionary. Mark strokes a big load into Autumn’s mouth and onto her face and chest. Brief post cum head as the scene fades out.


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11 Responses to “Pools & Pool Tables”

  1. Scrapper Says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of sex in a pool. Most of the positions are either really awkward or you miss out on a lot of the action. The only exception I can think of is in 110% Natural #5 scene 6 with Katerina and the pool was only used as a background “prop”. I will say that a decent scene not listed is one with Cody Lane and Randy Spears in Who’s That Girl #1 scene 1. The pool table is used almost solely as a pedestal for Cody to preen on but for me, it worked. Just figured I’d throw those out there.

  2. BigD78 Says:

    One scene involving a pool that sticks out in my mind is Anal Dancing Scene 6 featuring Victoria Swinger (and Mick Blue if I remember the guy’s name right). It involved pool sex on top of a pool floatie, which was something I had only seen in one other movie before (a scene from another site, not on VB). That must have been quite the balancing act. There isn’t much of a popshot in the movie, but she takes a decent hammering.

  3. ropeadope Says:

    @ Scrapper – Thank you for the excellent contributions. Looks like Nacho with Katerina. I do agree that sex filmed in the pool tends to obliterate much of the action. But I enjoy scenes filmed around the perimeter of the pool. The pool fills my mind with thoughts of summertime, warm weather, fresh air, etc.

    @ BigD78 – Thank you for bringing this excellent scene to our attention. Yes, that is Mick Blue. Beautiful pool, and the floating device provided a unique touch. Fortunately the raft was large and sturdy enough to avoid any mishaps.

  4. Papayaman1 Says:

    And then there’s the lovely Karina Play in Hot Letters 4, scene 1 with its priceless “don’t try this at home” moment involving Karina’s puckered brown eye and a pool cue.

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – Thank you for highlighting this performance. I had completely overlooked the DVD. I normally give just a cursory glance to releases from H2 Video. Obviously a mistake on my part. The scene is a tad offbeat, but totally enjoyable. Not every day you see A2M on a pool cue.

  6. Papayaman1 Says:

    Hi Rope. A lot of the H2 Video content is unremarkable, and that may be putting it charitably, but they do come up with the occasional gem. It has nothing to do with the pool theme, but you might take a look at Golden Girls 4 for nice scenes with the rather delectable Europorn girls Alissa and Lisa Sparkle.

  7. Tairc Says:

    What’s the scene shown in the header image, on the right, with the pool table? I can’t find it in the list…

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – Thank you for the additional recommendations. These scenes are new to me and quite good.

    @ Tairc – That image is captured from the Sakura Tales #10 scene with Tia Tanaka. See the third video up from the bottom of the article.

  9. cucurucu Says:

    My all-time favorite pool table scene is probably scene 4 from Just Over 18, #22, with Amia Moretti. Loves me some Amia.

  10. Scrapper Says:

    Good god, how could I forget? Granted, only a little bit of action but also a good one with a pool. Teen Machine scene 3 (which is actually the first in what I believe to be two in the series) with Lexi Belle (my personal fave) and Mark Ashley. What works better then ice cream by the pool? Oh, wait. Lexi Belle IN the pool LOL

  11. ropeadope Says:

    @ cucurucu – Very enjoyable scene (and series!), thank you for the contribution. Amia is cute, and the socks / legwarmers added to the heat. I’d call it “dirty pool”, when Amia distracted Mark by flashing her titties as he was in mid stroke, but it all worked out in the end.

    @ Scrapper – Wonderful scene, thank you once again. Yes, there were two volumes of Teen Machine. I did a full review of Teen Machine #2 here. Both releases boast extraordinary casts, and are terrific DVD’s. My next post to the blog (in the following few days) will feature Lexi Belle. Keep your eyes peeled!