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The 25 Question Porn Purity Test

Have you ever taken a purity test? With an average of 100 or more questions mainly focused on things like touching a boob or taking a shower with a member of the opposite sex, purity tests tend to appeal to a younger demographic.

For fun, I put together a purity test for the porn fan. Check the box next to every question you can answer “yes” to. As it’s actually a poll, it won’t score for you, but it will show you where you stack up against other VideoBox members. Count the number of “yes” answers and check your number against the scores after the jump. Don’t forget to share your score in the comments!



Where is the VideoBox on demand site?

The VideoBox on demand site can be accessed at the following link: VIDEOBOX VOD SITE

My Fantasy Girls POV #1 – Lexi Belle Photo Gallery

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This one is for fellow member Scrapper, who (like rope) is a big fan of Lexi Belle. It is the photo gallery to Lexi’s scene from My Fantasy Girls POV #1, and happens to be one of my favorite picture sets. The full size images can be saved directly from the thumbnail page, by right clicking the thumbnail and selecting save target as (Internet Explorer) or save link as (Firefox). No need to open each image individually, unless of course, you’re just viewing and not saving.


Cute Girls in Soccer Socks

It’s World Cup time and you know what that means…soccer-themed porn! Unfortunately, I felt like this morning’s Soccer Girls didn’t quite satisfy the need to watch girls wearing soccer socks get nailed.

All is not lost, however. Below are scenes featuring footballing cuties getting a workout. Now you have something to do at halftime.

Six In Me, Scene 2

Goalie Jayna Oso is the soccer coach’s daughter. She’s approached by a group of gentlemen whom she initially expresses disinterest in, but they convince her to play “strip soccer.” And have gang bang.
Mamacitas #4, Scene 2
Mean old Mr. Pete stole Sativa Rose’s soccer ball. How’s she going to get it back? By screwing him in the bathroom, of course!
Teen Idol #7, Scene 4
Victoria White has a private soccer practice session with her coach, during which she runs some little drills and shows off her high school soccer experience. After practice, she and the coach get busy in the locker room.


Prisoners Of Love

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Do women in porn seem to spend an inordinate amount of time behind bars? No, I’m not referring to their personal lives. I’m referencing their professional lives. The prison cell is an old standby in adult films. In this article, I’ve collected thirteen VideoBox scenes utilizing a prison setting, that have been enjoyable to me. The girls are usually the prisoners, but occasionally the tables are turned, and they are the jailers. I’ve embedded the flash player for previewing the scenes; click the link above the player if you wish to view the full scene. Undoubtedly, I’ve left out several good prison scenes in my post. Please share your favorite prison scenes with the membership. I’ll link everything up, making your suggested scenes clickable.


Best of the Worst Titles Redux

In December ’09, I did a post about the best of the best awful porn titles on VideoBox. Since that time, Porn Valley has continued its fine naming tradition and we’ve continued to post movies with ridiculous titles – some funny, some gross, a few nonsensical.

Here are a few of my favorites from the last 5 months or so.

Hog Humpers
BBW videos always get stuck with the absolute worst titles. The most epic of all time is, of course, Fuck My Gut Butt. Which is probably not offensive if you have a gut butt? I’m not sure. But I will say that Hog Humpers leans a little more toward the mean side.

My suggestions for new, kindlier BBW titles: Rubenesque Romps, Zaftig Encounters and Full-Figured Fucks.
Relax, He’s My Step Dad
I will not relax, thank you. This is creepy as hell. And the pruny, bespectacled gentleman pulling down Gracie Glam’s shirt on the cover is skin-crawl inducing.

On a vaguely related note, someday Joey Silvera’s going to make a movie called Tranny Step MILFs. And when that day comes, you can congratulate me because that was my title. I gave him full permission to use it because I know it’s gonna be a huge hit.