Cute Girls in Soccer Socks

It’s World Cup time and you know what that means…soccer-themed porn! Unfortunately, I felt like this morning’s Soccer Girls didn’t quite satisfy the need to watch girls wearing soccer socks get nailed.

All is not lost, however. Below are scenes featuring footballing cuties getting a workout. Now you have something to do at halftime.

Six In Me, Scene 2

Goalie Jayna Oso is the soccer coach’s daughter. She’s approached by a group of gentlemen whom she initially expresses disinterest in, but they convince her to play “strip soccer.” And have gang bang.
Mamacitas #4, Scene 2
Mean old Mr. Pete stole Sativa Rose’s soccer ball. How’s she going to get it back? By screwing him in the bathroom, of course!
Teen Idol #7, Scene 4
Victoria White has a private soccer practice session with her coach, during which she runs some little drills and shows off her high school soccer experience. After practice, she and the coach get busy in the locker room.

Coxxx & Soxxx #3, Scene 1
I don’t believe Leah Luv is actually portraying a soccer player in this scene. But she has the socks on and that’s pretty close.
I Scored A Soccer Mom #1, Scene 3
This is more of a bonus scene because Christina Skye isn’t the one wearing the uniform. But she does bang a soccer player, so it’s topical.


9 Responses to “Cute Girls in Soccer Socks”

  1. ropeadope Says:

    Excellent scenes, thank you Alison. While I’m not exactly sure what the World Cup is, any excuse to watch Jayna and / or Sativa is greatly appreciated. My very favorite porn soccer scene occurred in the 2001 Evil Angel film, Buttman’s Bend Over Brazilian Babes #3. Directed by John Stagliano. The movie opens with a soccer intro featuring the gorgeous Brazilian girl Crisbel, as one of the goalies. It has been many years since I last viewed the scene, but I believe the soccer sequence lasts several minutes before Crisbel and one of the guys pair off for the actual sex footage. Sometimes the scene is presented without the soccer intro, which is unfortunate, as Crisbel’s assets were on great display.

  2. mitchrocn22 Says:

    Allison, thank you for the work you do and I enjoy much of it and will make a better effort (any at all) to express my opinion and/or thoughts with you and others. So why today? I have a propensity for gang-bangs, and Jayna Oso’s scenes-‘Six in Me’, brilliant, and it would a true test of will to go by that scene and not stop and stare (Lauren’s scene was also truly enjoyed). I am well off the subject which, I believe, is ‘soccer-socks’ and i have no strong recommendation at this moment, but will come back when less distracted by thoughts of a ‘favorite-scene’ (do not expect much unlike the scene ‘brilliance’ is not an inherent quality. Again unrelated, and please direct me to the appropriate space if necessary, but do you know if Jayna Oso retired from the business? She would be likely within the ‘cougar’ classification in porn-years if still in films. That was fun and encouraging to me to get off the sidelines and contribute. The blogging concept is ‘pornographic in nature’-freedom of expression and unlimited ‘genre’ to name a couple of similarities. Keep up the ‘Good-Work’ and thank you-

  3. Scrapper Says:

    Excelent post Allison! That got me to thinking of what other great scenes have girls in their knee-high socks. Being that I’m a huge Lexi Belle fan (mostly because in an interview, she said she’s a bit of a nerd/dork), I found two really good scenes with her. Don’t Let Daddy Know #2, scene 2. Oh course, my absolute favorite has her co-starring with Allyssa Hall in Do Me Right #1, scene 3. This is actually my all time favorite scene on the site. Now I’m not sure if these would fit into your list because soccer is the furthist thing from the scenes. They do, however, have Lexi sporting the “soccer socks”, so I figured I’d bring them up. GOAL!!

  4. alison Says:

    rope – I’m not much of a soccer fan myself, but now I’m really curious to see that scene. I’ll have to ask the content folks if they have that DVD in the chute.

    mitchrocn – I’m really glad you decided to comment! As for Jayna, I’m not 100% sure if she’s retired, but here are two things I do know: she hasn’t made a movie since 2009 and she’s not listed as available on any of the 8 biggest adult talent agencies. Sadly, the answer might be that she’s out of the business (for now at least).

    Scrapper – Thanks! Those suggestions are great even if they don’t fit the theme exactly. I think anyone who appreciates seeing girls in long socks would agree. 🙂

  5. Papayaman1 Says:

    I immediately thought of the Private films Soccer Girls and Private Football Cup, thinking cute girls in football socks. Not a football sock in either one of them that I could see. He controls the ball, he strikes, he misses by a country mile! Maybe not much of a surprise given that I’m English. Never mind, the theme is still a good idea, certainly in that it gives exposure to one of Jayna Oso’s hottest films on site. And if she has retired all I can say is I’m grateful for all the amazingly erotic scenes she has given us.

  6. Papayaman1 Says:

    OK, I found a scene with football socks and it is another Jayna Oso scene with Lexi Love in the enticingly named Bitch Banging Bitch 2. Both wear cute football socks and Lexi completes her outfit by wearing a huge pink dildo. And yes she does score!

  7. mitchrocn22 Says:

    Alison-thank you. My feeling is you stay on top of significant/relevant industry news and would have insight or specific information if it existed-a trusted source you are. Is it unusual for an actress given the multitude of mediums used to communicate to have no announcement/info? I am not not sure if she was in high demand in recent years, but certainly appeared in a considerable number of titles over past decade or close to a decade. It is sad but if a comeback is
    the plan let her come back be her desire/choice or if she simply can not resist.

  8. mitchrocn22 Says:

    Update taken from Jayna Oso’s twitter page(?) (cut and paste technique employed)-‘I had to make another account on twitter..Im retired now as of may 2009 so wont be back on my original account..also done with social networks..time to move on’-I did other relevant searches and found 2009 to be a general consensus regarding her served time in films. Her ‘end’ will never be forgotten.

  9. jeff Says:

    i remember that scene that Rope mentioned and i could have sworn that i downloaded it off VB…