My Fantasy Girls POV #1 – Lexi Belle Photo Gallery

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This one is for fellow member Scrapper, who (like rope) is a big fan of Lexi Belle. It is the photo gallery to Lexi’s scene from My Fantasy Girls POV #1, and happens to be one of my favorite picture sets. The full size images can be saved directly from the thumbnail page, by right clicking the thumbnail and selecting save target as (Internet Explorer) or save link as (Firefox). No need to open each image individually, unless of course, you’re just viewing and not saving.

All images courtesy of New Sensations.

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lb019 lb020 lb021

lb022 lb023 lb024

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lb109 lb110 lb111

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lb115 lb116 lb117

lb118 lb119 lb120

lb121 lb122 lb123

lb124 lb125 lb126

lb127 lb128 lb129

lb130 lb131 lb132

lb133 lb134 lb135

lb136 lb137 lb138

lb139 lb140 lb141

lb142 lb143 lb144

lb145 lb146 lb147

lb148 lb149 lb150

lb151 lb152 lb153

lb154 lb155 lb156

lb157 lb158 lb159

lb160 lb161 lb162

lb163 lb164 lb165

lb166 lb167 lb168

lb169 lb170 lb171

lb172 lb173 lb174

lb175 lb176 lb177

lb178 lb179 lb180

lb181 lb182 lb183

lb184 lb185 lb186

lb187 lb188 lb189

lb190 lb191 lb192

lb193 lb194 lb195

lb196 lb197 lb198

lb199 lb200 lb201

lb202 lb203 lb204

lb205 lb206 lb207

lb208 lb209 lb210

lb211 lb212 lb213

lb214 lb215 lb216

lb217 lb218 lb219

lb220 lb221 lb222

lb223 lb224 lb225

lb226 lb227 lb228

lb229 lb230 lb231

lb232 lb233 lb234

lb235 lb236 lb237

lb238 lb239 lb240

lb241 lb242 lb243

lb244 lb245 lb246

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lb250 lb251 lb252

lb253 lb254 lb255

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lb268 lb269 lb270
lb271 lb272 lb273

lb274 lb275 lb276

lb277 lb278 lb279

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10 Responses to “My Fantasy Girls POV #1 – Lexi Belle Photo Gallery”

  1. alison Says:

    ropeadope – The time and effort you must put into these posts is amazing. Thank you. Excellent choice of galleries, by the way 🙂

  2. Steve(DRHouse) Says:

    Big Thx from Germany for that nice Gallery!!!

    Is it me or is she looking really good with a Cock in her Mouth?? ;-))))

  3. Scrapper Says:

    WOW ROPE! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. The fact that it’s a POV…I fell off my darn chair (I wish I were kidding but the wheels locked up when I tried to push back for a second). This is an excellent scene that for some reason, escaped my memory. Thank you OH SO MUCH. As Alison pointed out, this must have taken quite a while to compile but the end result is fantastic. Keep up the great work Rope!

  4. Strangepork Says:

    So, I’ve wondered this for a while now: You see in many BTS scenes that they shoot photos of every girl in the movie. Where do all of those photos wind up? I know some of it is for the box cover and other promotional stuff, and some are used for magazine spreads, but there’s still got to be a ton of photos that aren’t accounted for.

  5. davros Says:

    Very nice job, Rope.

  6. Scrapper Says:

    Strangepork: That’s a pretty good question. My assumtion would be that most of them end up on the pay sites for the particular company. In this case it would be from New Sensations studio. I know that “back in the day” (which I think was a Tuesday) photo sets could make up an entire web site (think LightSpeed). I also know that a lot of the photos get “leased” to other start up companies so that they have some kind of material to begin with. I’m sure there are a ton of photo sets left over and waiting in the wings but I’m pretty sure that this is what ends up happening. Hope this helped.

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ Alison – Thank you Alison, much appreciated. It is truly a labor of love!

    @ Steve(DRHouse) – Big greets from New York, Steve. I don’t think it’s just you. Lexi is looking exceptionally cute throughout the set.

    @ Scrapper – Most welcome my friend. Learning that the gallery played some role in upending you out of your chair and onto the floor, made all the work worthwhile.

    @ Strangepork – In addition to the very valid points itemized by Scrapper, one other thought. I believe the photo galleries are included with the finished DVD. So if you purchase a DVD (take physical possession of the actual DVD), the still images will be one of the DVD extra’s. Photo galleries are not undertaken for every single scene, but if available, should be included on the DVD.

    @ davros – Thank you very much.

  8. passingthrough Says:

    It’s so awesome that Videobox got Digital Sin and New Sensations. This is such a great site (haters gonna hate) with value for the money, but adding those two studios has been icing on the cake.

    And this is such a hot photo set, even before the clothes come off.

  9. cuyote Says:

    Nice, VERY NICE, especially toward the end!

  10. Dogshouse Says:

    Nice gallery, Rope, and let me join in the thanks for all your work. Also thanks for pointing out Lexi Belle- don’t know how she slipped under the radar. No longer!