Preview: David Aaron Clark’s Pure

I’ve wanted to check out the movie Pure ever since I had the pleasure of interviewing Asa Akira in January, but I had no idea just how much I was missing out on until now. Read on for a preview of the late, great David Aaron Clark’s final masterpiece – arriving on the Evil Angel channel next weekend.

Sada (Asa Akira) is a receptionist at a dungeon. She claimed not to want anything to do with the actual sessions, she just needed money to pay the bills. Mistress Sun (Jessica Bangkok) and Mistress Sayori (Lana Violet) did the dirty work – including breaking in a new submissive named Cherry (Destiny).

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As part of her job, Sada attends the occasional BDSM event. Upon arriving at an art opening/BDSM soiree, she sidles up to Mistress Sun;s husband Kichi (Keni Styles), whom she has a thing for. In the background, the two dommes and Cherry put on a little show of their own.

After the show, Mistress Sun gets down to a little side action in the bathroom, unbeknownst to her husband, with a gentleman (Valentio) Kichi had met a few minutes before. Sun’s wearing a very hot latex outfit and seems to be trying to get what looks like a good 10 inches of dick down her throat.

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Sayori in an equally hot latex outfit (with thigh highs with a garter belt) invites Kichi and Sada back to the dungeon where Mr. Marcus is locked in a cage. Sayori fucks Mr. Marcus while Sada sits in Kichi’s lap in the corner. They seem to have some serious chemistry.

Kichi and Sada eventually start getting undressed and rubbing each others’ business while the other two are still going at it. You can see they’re turned on by watching them. It’s hot because they’re not just naked and fucking all of a sudden – you can imagine that might be how it’d really happen. As the vouyerism causes the tension to build between Sada and Kichi, it feels like you’re a vouyer too.

They don’t have sex in this scene, however. That said, even though she just gives him a handjob, it’s a damn hot handjob. She finishes him, licks his cum off her hand and Mr. Marcus cums on Sayori’s stomach.

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Sada comes to work the next day and is embarrassed/upset when Sun called her in to see her fucking Kichi. Later, Sada calls Kichi from home and gets explicit about the things she’d like to do to him. Obviously, he comes to collect.

When he arrives, she greets him with a big knife. (Foreshadowing, anyone?) Cut to them naked on an air mattress, he’s eating her ass. They’re backlit, so it’s hard to see anything for a while, but I guess that was an artistic choice.

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One thing that stood out to me during this scene was that, unlike other features, there weren’t people trying to act and then breaking character to have sex. Additionally, the filming style isn’t all close-up on the junk shots and they don’t have sex like they’re just going through positions – they have the kind of sex you never see in porn because it doesn’t offer an unobstructed view of a pussy with a dick in it. The sex is a little rough, but Sada seems to enjoy it.

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After the sexing, we learn that Kichi has moved in with Sada and she’s been fired by Mistress Sun as a consequence. They lie in bed smoking pot together and Kichi tells Sada how he met Sun. Their relationship seemed more business than pleasure. Then we see scenes of Sada and Kichi having fun and being in love. A few shots of them having sex, although nothing super explicit.

Cherry shows up on a motorcycle and brings Kichi an envelope of money – a bribe from Sun to entice him back to her. Sada and Kichi are naked and Sada starts sucking Kichi’s cock in front of Cherry. Then she invites Cherry to join them. She agrees and Sada kisses and touches him while Cherry blows him. Sada seems upset that Kichi’s paying more attention to Cherry than to her. It’s kind of uncomfortable to watch. Sada grabs Kichi’s dick from Cherry when he says he’s going to cum. She takes a nice oral creampie while shooting nasty looks at Cherry.

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Kichi walks Cherry out and she mentions that he seems to have dangerous tastes in women. Sada later tells Kichi that she has a “friend” who helps her out financially that she can call on because they’ve been too busy fucking to actually work. They have some sex on the air mattress, surrounded by candles, drinking wine. It turns really rough, but Sada smiles at the end.

The old white man “friend” comes by and doses Sada with LSD. Cut to Sada all shibari’d up and her friend in leather daddy gear. She’s giggly at first but she earns her money by submitting completely to him. There’s a lot of oral sex in this scene and the guy really dominates the crap out of Sada. Toward the end she’s rimming him, sticking her fingers in his ass and sucking his balls. It’s a serious D/s scene with breath play, slapping, the works.

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The next morning, Sada’s “friend” heads to a faculty meeting and she counts her money. Later, she gets back from grocery shopping in a bad mood, and pulls a knife on Kichi. Apparently being threatened with a knife gets him hot and she jerks him off (left handed!) while holding the knife to his cock. He cums and then they get to the fucking. And the near-fatal choking.

Things progress rapidly into ever more deviant sex. Cherry calls to check up on them because no one’s heard from Kichi or Sada in weeks and Sada gets jealous. They spend the night having transcendent sex. Things go downhill for Kichi from there. I don’t want to give the whole plot away, but I’ll simply say that knives and penises are involved.

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Overall, Pure was the most enjoyable feature I’ve seen in years despite the rather graphic ending. My personal taste is strictly gonzo, but there was a lot to like about this film that transcended genre.

My kudos to Asa Akira, Keni Styles and the rest of the cast for turning the late David Aaron Clark’s take on a true story of sex, obsession and murder into what I consider one of the best porn features ever made.

Watching Pure obviously requires a subscription to the Evil Angel channel, but to me, this movie alone is worth the price of admission.

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7 Responses to “Preview: David Aaron Clark’s Pure

  1. HotScooter2 Says:


    i have not really seen many of David Aaron clarks
    films. but in fairness and respect for what he did, i would assume that he was a master of fetish films. i also got the
    impression that he explores the connection between porn and art,and likes to create new boundaries. this is a sign of genius.
    But unfortunately i am not a fan of fetish films. so i guess my limiting my horizons has prevented me from appreciating his genius. but hey i can recognize ones genius in their trade without being a personal fan.
    Anyway a very good blog Alison. it is good to write about things you are passionate about,as you put your heart more into it. and we all know you got a real sexy lil ole heart

  2. HotScooter2 Says:

    also i believe David Aaron Clark was very much in favor of hiring asian porn stars. and i should add some of the most lovely and talented asian pornstars were in his films

  3. cj Says:


    thanks for the write-up. “PURE” looks great. clark was a genius, and he is truly missed in the industry.

    on a mostly unrelated note, may i suggest a topic for a future blog post? my girlfriend has never watched hardcore porn–she’s only watched the softcore variety on hbo and cinemax, and until very recently, she thought that THAT was hardcore porn–but she’s expressed an interest in watching it with me. she’s a bit of a delicate flower, but i’ve seen flashes of a kinky side to her, and i think she was fairly wild and experimental in college. (we are both in our late 20s, and we’ve been together for less than a year.)

    could you recommend some scenes/features (preferably ones on VB) that would be starting points for a porn newbie like my girlfriend? we will watch the scenes/features together, of course, and i want to make sure that she is not exposed to anything too extreme right from the get-go. i think that if she is exposed to sensual, but still hardcore, porn, ones in which the women are having at least as much fun as the men (or as the other women, if that be the case), then she will grow to like the medium, and she will be open to exploring more extreme videos (ala the evil angel variety).

    thanks, and keep up the great work!

  4. alison Says:

    Hey HotScooter – Thanks! You’re pretty right on about DAC. Dark, fetishy Asian-themed movies were definitely his cup of tea.

    cj – Thank you! I’d be more than happy to write a post that might help you introduce your girlfriend to the wonderful world of porn. It can be hard to write the “What Women Like” posts because we’re all very different, but I do think that there is period where all newbies have to get comfortable with the medium and circus sex should be off the menu. I’ll give it some thought and make a list of scenes (it’s hard to vouch for entire movies) that I think you two might be able to enjoy together based on your description.

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  6. Scrapper Says:

    Hey Alison! Great write up on the scene. There are times when I like to see the “artsy” type of movie, so this helped me out a lot. It’s always sad when you watch a particular director who thinks he/she is be artsy and all it ends up doing is detracting from the on-screen chemistry.

    I would also like to say that I am looking forward to the post for “medium” scenes. I will vouch that it is a difficult process to break in a significant other. I did it, with much success, with my ex-wife. If I learned anything from it, it’s this: I started off with the basic lesbian feature and worked my way from there. There was a lot involved as far as picking which scene was better off being shown when but I don’t think that it was the most important part. Talking with her and actually asking her what she knew/didn’t know was key, as well as talking with her during the scenes. We ended the “session” by watching “Throat Gaggers” and we didn’t end the night not talking to each other! Hope that helps some but like I said, there was a lot more involved that I wouldn’t want to keep boring people with 🙂

  7. cj Says:

    thank you, alison! looking forward to the post!