O Canada! + VideoBox Reaches 50000 Scenes!!

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Today, July 1st, 2010, marks both Canada Day, and the day VideoBox uploaded its 50,000th scene (includes premium channel scenes). Now I believe every July 1st is Canada Day, whereas the site’s accomplishment will presumably be a one time event. Congratulations to everyone connected with VideoBox for this momentous achievement. Congratulations as well to member mitchrocn22 who wins our 50,000 scene contest with his prediction of June 29, 2010. A free one year subscription and a VideoBox mug will be awarded to Mitch. Special mention to member polksalad1, who appeared to be in line for the victory, until a site cleansing pushed the winning date back a few days. Polk, I have imposed upon site management, and you will be awarded a consolation prize. I am not privy to the specifics, but you and Mitch will both be contacted with all the details in the near future. Aside from the shared date, what do 50,000 VideoBox scenes and Canada Day have in common? I haven’t the vaguest idea. But to celebrate the occasion, here are a dozen of my favorite site scenes featuring Canadian girls. If you have any particular “Canadian” scenes which have caught your fancy, please disclose them to the membership by leaving a reply to the post.

Slut Woman #2, Scene 2 Alexandra Quinn

Alexandra is from Toronto and oozes sexuality. Her pairing with Nacho in this scene is a perfect fit.

Double Indulgence #1, Scene 1 Amy Lee & Daisy Foxxx

Here’s a Canadian “twofer.” Amy is from Ottawa and Daisy hails from Montreal. Check my hearing. At 4:52, as Daisy is performing P2M on Dillon Day’s knob, I believe he says, “Oh yes, oh, it’s nothing but teeth, all right.” Then he laughs it off. Lol, there’s a trooper!

Hardcore Training #2, Scene 3 Cherie Potter (Cheri Potter)


One On One #4, Scene 3 Christie Lee


Hardcore Training #1, Scene 2 Christine Young (Kristina Young)


Anal Bandits #3, Scene 3 Emily Davinci

Spiky haired Emily (Montreal) has always been a favorite of mine, and I loved the camera angles employed during the scene. Mark Davis does the honors.

Hardcore Training #1, Scene 3 Gabriella Moore


Analgeddon #2, Scene 1 Lanny Barbie


Bell Bottoms #3, Scene 5 Lena Bacci (Leanna Bacci)


Photographic Mammaries #4, Scene 5 Pamela


Breakin’ ‘Em In #6, Scene 2 Patricia Petite

Fellow Canadian Judy Star (St-Amable, Quebec) brings Patricia (Montreal) to meet Vince Vouyer. Judy departs, and Vince has John Strong and Tony Tedeschi handle the “breaking-in” chores, although it’s stated Patricia has already filmed for Red Light District back home.

Bubble Cum #2, Scene 2 Shelby Belle


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11 Responses to “O Canada! + VideoBox Reaches 50000 Scenes!!”

  1. ippo1982 Says:

    Hi Rope,

    I’m kind of confused. On the main page it says that there is 48,387 scenes on the site. Does the 50,000 scenes include those that were deleted from the site? Is that what you meant by the site cleansing?

  2. lformoso Says:

    Roxy Heart/Lily French!

    Not Just Another 8 Teen Movie, Scene 3

  3. ropeadope Says:

    @ ippo1982 – Hi ippo. Well, yes and no. Does that clear it up? Lol, I should have linked to the original contest post where this issue was addressed. The scene totals on the VideoBox homepage will display differently depending on the level of one’s membership. A standard membership subscriber will see a lower scene total than a member who subscribes to one or both of the premium channels. Our contest concerned the date that VideoBox reached 50,000 scenes among all its channels, including Evil Angel and Vivid. Based on the number you are seeing, I imagine you subscribe to one of the premium channels? The site cleansing reference did involve some scenes which were removed for licensing issues. But that is not the reason you are seeing a lower scene total.

    @ lformoso – Thank you for bringing Roxy Heart to our attention. She is a cutie and I enjoyed the scene. Excellent contribution.

  4. hibber1926 Says:

    Is anyone having problems with their subscriptions today. I use meta-billing and all of a sudden it’s like I am no longer a premium member or a member of Evil Angel. Just wondering?

  5. mitchrocn22 Says:


    I am a very HAPPY Member and I will truly enjoy each downloading minute for this upcoming year and certainly beyond. THANK YOU! Please let me know if the award includes my premium channel (Evil Angel). Thanks again man, I was closely monitoring the screen(s) progression and yes, I finally got lucky! Please advise what, if anything, I need to do to comply as it relates to the award and my acceptance (I have not heard from VB to date). Mitch

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ mitchrocn22 – More than welcome, excellent work my friend. No need for any action on your part. Sit tight and VideoBox will be in contact with you. I’m not sure how the premium channel will be handled, but I’m confident all the particulars will be covered in their communiqué. For the time being, just revel in your victory.

  7. ippo1982 Says:

    Ohhhhh ok. I got it! Thanks for clearing that up Rope and yes I subscribe to the Evil Angel channel which is AWESOME.

  8. mitchrocn22 Says:

    Makayla Cox – Gagged and Gaped #1, scene 5 – in honor of Canada.

    Thanks Rope, I am sitting tight-perhaps a little anxious due to experiencing something new ‘winning’-no gloating but it feels nice!

  9. mitchrocn22 Says:

    No longer part of our ‘universe’ – Ass Quake, scene 1 also with Makayla.

  10. mitchrocn22 Says:

    Completely sleeping here – certainly an all time favorite and Canadian = Lauren Phoenix – pick a scene(s):

    Six In Me, scene 3

    ClusterFuck #3, scene 1

    Fuck Dolls, scene 1 (joined by a fellow Canadian)

  11. slouwou99 Says:

    While not featuring any Canadians (to my knowledge) there is one scene that is based in Ottawa. Seymore and Shane On The Loose, scene 1. The intensity displayed by Krista is something to behold! Very much worth the download! Thanks rope for the insight to honour (yes honour spelled O-U-R) your Canadian friends.