New Studio Announcement – Diabolic!!!!

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It is my great pleasure to announce that The Content Dude has finalized a deal which will bring the Diabolic studio to VideoBox. Diabolic has a number of excellent series on their roster, and their titles are generally populated with superb female casts. Those of you unfamiliar with specific studios, can tell I’m excited by my use of the rarely seen quadruple exclamation point in the headline above. Full credit to The Content Dude and his outstanding team in the Content Department. To celebrate, we’re having a poll to decide which DVD will be the first posted. Please enter your vote among the titles listed below. I will close voting promptly at 10:00 PM Pacific time on Thursday 7/15/10. I expect the winning video to be uploaded on Friday 7/16/10, with the runner-ups to be uploaded over the weekend. The Content Dude has declared the upcoming weekend to be a Diabolic Weekend.

Click inside for full boxcovers and scene breakdowns.

The voting booths have now closed. As you can see, Spring Chickens #19 is the winner in a competitive race. The contest was very close through the middle stages, then Spring Chickens #19 gradually opened up its winning margin.

Spring Chickens #19 has now been uploaded. Get it while it’s HOT!



Ass For Days #4

ass for days #4

Scene 1. Alexis Texas, Jenner
Scene 2. Rachel Milan, Jenner
Scene 3. Kimberly Kole, Rick Masters
Scene 4. Heidi Mayne, Brian Surewood, Tony T.
Scene 5. Ricki White, Sascha, Tony T.
Scene 6. Bobbi Starr, Sascha

I’m A Big Girl Now #5

I'm a big girl now #5

Scene 1. Bailey, guy
Scene 2. Alisa, Steve Taylor, Steven French
Scene 3. Bobi Layne, Steven French
Scene 4. Roxxxy Rush, Buster Good, Steven French
Scene 5. Skyler Dupree, Buster Good, Steven French
Scene 6. Jasmine Tame, Buster Good, Sascha

Incumming #11

incumming 11

Scene 1. Lorena Sanchez, Brian Surewood
Scene 2. Alexia Milano, Sascha
Scene 3. Annie Cruz, Brian Surewood, Sascha
Scene 4. Nikki Nievez, Joel Lawrence, Talon
Scene 5. Allison Pierce, Sascha
Scene 6. Luscious Lopez, Sascha, Tony T.

Spring Chickens #19

spring chickens #19

Scene 1. Isabella Pacino, Jenner
Scene 2. Kira Kroft, Chris Charming
Scene 3. Kylee Reese, Veronique Vega, Evan Stone
Scene 4. Presley Maddox, Lee Stone
Scene 5. Ricki White, James Deen, Jenner
Scene 6. Bree Olson, Mark Wood

Teens With Tits #8

teens with tits #8

Scene 1. Lorena Sanchez, Pascal St. James, Talon
Scene 2. Carmella Crush, Pascal St. James, Talon
Scene 3. Tanya Hardin, Chris Charming
Scene 4. Adrianna Faust, Pascal St. James, Talon
Scene 5. Vanessa Lynn, Pascal St. James, Steven French
Scene 6. Whitney Stevens, Pascal St. James, Talon

Un-natural Sex #18

un-natural sex #18

Scene 1. Leah Luv, Brian Surewood, Tony T.
Scene 2. Cody Lane, Tony T.
Scene 3. Aaliyah Jolie, Brian Surewood, Tony T.
Scene 4. Adrianna Nicole, James Deen, Marco Banderas
Scene 5. Sativa Rose, Tony T.
Scene 6. Haley Scott, James Deen


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27 Responses to “New Studio Announcement – Diabolic!!!!”

  1. HotScooter2 Says:


    off topic. will we be able to still get ahold of Alison. now that she has left VB has she closed her site down as well.

    She is a real sweet little lady and i am gonna miss her being here. she really knew how to write good porn blogs,that stimulated interest and even controversy at times.

  2. BobNope Says:

    Diabolic? on VB? fuck yeah, count me in!

  3. Steve Says:

    Nice to hear about that Deal, Diabolic is a good Studio…nice Hardcore with famous Chicks, hugs to the Content Dude..^^

    I Voted for Spring Chickens
    Bree on the Cover + Isabella Pacino inside…100% Musthave!!

  4. passingthrough Says:

    Huge fan of Diabolic. This is awesome news. Love me some of the Perverted Point of View series. I haven’t followed the studio for a few years. I guess Anabolic is now a separate entity. I bought a lot from both companies.

  5. Ken Says:

    Honest question, what makes Diabolic (studios) good/ unique?

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – My understanding is that Alison will still be posting (on an irregular basis) to her site. And if we’re really good, she may even drop in on us once in a while.

    @ BobNope – Okay Mr. Nope, you’re in. Anyone else want in?

    @ Steve – You’re in the lead at this point Steve, with only 50 hours to go before the voting booths close.

    @ passingthrough – Mike John did an outstanding job with the Perverted Point Of View series. POV is difficult to shoot, and I don’t know of anyone who executes it quite as well as Mike. Unfortunately, I do not believe his titles are available for leasing. Anabolic doesn’t seem to be very active these days.

    @ Ken – For me, the attraction lies in the opportunity to view titles from classic series such as Down The Hatch, Incumming, Lewd Conduct, Mouth 2 Mouth, No Swallowing Allowed, Spring Chickens, Un-natural Sex, etc. We’ll be seeing multiple titles from all of those series. Stellar girls in straightforward hardcore action.

  7. passingthrough Says:

    @Ken – It is mostly gonzo stuff, but it always seemed well-produced, well-lit, beautiful girls. Reminds me of a studio like Red Light District

  8. Ken Says:

    But are the male mostly Mark Wood?

  9. alison Says:

    Do you think it’s a coincidence that the most popular movie is the one with the nakedest chick on the cover? I’m pretty sure that’s why I voted for it.

    HotScooter2 – Don’t worry, I’m still around and my site’s still up. Maybe it was down when you visited?

  10. DB Says:

    i gotta say: i can’t resist Bobbi Starr. seeing her name was all it took to get my vote for Ass for Days 4.

  11. Scrapper Says:

    Alison/rope: Yippie!! A voice from the (internet) grave! J/k It’s good to “see” you around. I actually had to do some searching to find your blog (even though it was right in front of me…funny how that works).

    And I would have to agree with you Alison. I made the mistake of going with my gut and picked the naked chick. I’ve been dupped before and found that the cover didn’t always covey content (book by cover so to speak).

    Great job getting Diabolic though! I hate to say but it seemed as if VB was lacking lately. Not so much in quantity, so much as quality. This should improve the site overall. Sweet!!

  12. cactus Says:

    are you guys really going to pick spring chickens? it has mark wood AND lee stone in it.

  13. G Says:

    Damn the favs for me in these polls are always last place ones. I was rooting for unnatural sex and i’m a big girl now. the girls in both of those titles are hot and they getting the freakiest. well its good knowing that we’ll get more from diabolic. i’m still happy

  14. Ken Says:

    ROPE, question for you. How often does the content department able to get a new contract with a studio?
    In my honest opinion, if Videobox can get Digital Playground, that will be beautiful.
    I did email them about this because there are several DVDs that they make that I have heard of but WAITING for THAT day on VB to upload them.

    Who else is with me to add Digital Playground to Videobox and get the DVD of NURSES.

  15. leo1957 Says:

    Rope, I have a question for you also, maybe you can get something done cuz support doesn’t seem to want to do it! Why are so many scenes not downloadable? For example,the download file for,X Marks The Spot, Scene 4 with nicki hunter is only 3.8 mb. don’t these people check their work or are they to big to care about what they put out to their members. Been a member for quite some time and all i’ve seen is this site going downhill. this scene is only 1 of 3 I have come across in 2 days. this is totally ridiculous. Don’t know if you can help solve the problem, but would appreciate your feedback! Is there someone else to contact other than support? I’d fire the bunch of incompetent fools!!!!!

  16. Ken Says:

    @ leo1957 – I agree with you 90%. The reason I say that is that VB’s quality may have gotten lower slightly, but I do want to ask Rope if VB has been making new content/studio deals?

    Its the 3rd quarter so I hope they will get something better/good.

  17. mitchrocn22 Says:

    My vote ‘Un-Natural Sex’ placed prior to viewing the back cover(s) for our consideration-understands the dramatic statement made by the number one vote getter-what a ‘speech’.

  18. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – Well, of the 36 scenes listed above (35 of which include the identity of the male performer), Mark Wood appears in only one scene. So I don’t believe the Mark Wood protesters will have much to complain about.

    @ Alison – I believe the boxcover was a definite factor in the voting. But the presence of Bree Olsen, Veronique Vega, and an overall excellent female lineup probably didn’t hurt either. Honestly, I have my fingers crossed that the girls are going to get naked in ALL of these DVD’s.

    @ DB – I’m very much looking forward to that title. Bobbi, Alexis, Rachel, etc. Currently second in the voting.

    @ Scrapper – I believe you’ll be happy with both Diabolic in general and your specific choice in the poll.

    @ cactus – Why all the hate for Mark and Lee? I guess we all have performers that annoy us for one reason or the other. Just concentrate on Bree, Veronique, Isabella, Kira, Presley, Ricki, and Kylee. Damn, that would be a must have DVD even if rope was the male performer in every scene!

    @ G – I think you need to take the “opposite” approach, and start voting for your least favorite choice. See if that works.

    @ Ken – As far as I know, there is no limitation to the number of new studios that can be brought to VideoBox. But you can’t hold a gun to someone’s head and force them to sign a deal. Some studios don’t want to license their product. Digital Playground may be one of them. I know The Content Dude is always on the lookout for solid studios with a good selection of titles. We’ll just have to wait and see what else is on the horizon.

    @ leo1957 – The DVD resolution of that scene probably needs to be re-encoded. With about 225 scenes uploaded each week, and 6 versions of each scene (a streaming version and 5 download versions) to encode, it has to be difficult keeping on top of everything. I think Support is the best avenue to handle the problem, making sure “Downloading Videos” appears in the subject line of the contact form. If you haven’t received a reply, send it in again, mark it “Second Request,” and ask for a status report. Probably just takes time to fix.

    @ mitchrocn22 – Oh, you always have to look at the back cover.

  19. leo1957 Says:

    @KEN – My number would be somewhere @ 75%. I’m just seeing way to may incomplete scenes that someone should look at the Q/A. If your quality keeps going down, then so will your business. I’m not really unhappy with V/B, but that could change really quick!

  20. leo1957 Says:

    @Rope – Thanks for your quick response. I’ll try your suggestions and see where that gets me. Ha-Ha. Thanks Again

  21. ropeadope Says:

    @ leo1957 – I forgot to add to my reply above that I would strongly encourage you to try the H.264 downloads. Those are the only file types I download now. The file size is usually much smaller than DVD resolution, with very little loss (if any) in quality. The files will play on the FLV Player or the VLC Media Player (both freeware). Might be different if using a MAC. May need the Quick Time Player?

  22. leo1957 Says:

    @Rope- H.264 is a mpeg-4 file which i have found to be more troublesome than helpful. I have the VLC player installed and it sucks. I have a Compaq Presario, would never own a MAC!!!! I was just with a site that went belly-up cuz they decided to run nothing but MPEG-4 files.The 1 thing I can say is that if you had a problem at that site,I would get a response within 5 minutes,no lie!! Also I pay for the DVD quality and I expect to be able to download DVD quality scenes. It’s like buying a car and getting only 3 tires, not exceptable. I know V/B puts out a big quantity, but if the quality sucks, then the quantity means nothing.Enuf ranting, thanks again for the heads up. I’ll probably be checking out a diffent site

  23. anabolicfan Says:

    @Leo – You need to try again w/ H.264. It is currently the best format hands down. You may have had an installation problem with your player.

  24. catamaranman Says:

    Just wanted to give a “Thank you!” to VB for getting some Diabolic into the mix. Un-Natural series as well as Spring Chickens are good. If you can parlay Anabolic Studios also, it would be outstanding! Some of their earlier stuff from GB Girl Series, Anabolic Initiations, Ass Cream Pie series, World Sex Tour as well as the Nasty Nymphos series would make outstanding additions to everyone’s collection. If you can get the now rare “Rough Sex” series, it would also be a big win for you and your subscribers. I’ve been a big fan of Anabolic/Diabolic and now, a bigger fan of VB. Keep up the strong work.

    PS I would agree with Leo regarding the encoding errors. I realize your staff has to make big deadlines, but either offer less (choices)with higher quality content or please get enough staffing to address/eliminate these errors.

  25. tyrionthedwarf Says:

    Great news! Yet another reason to love VB. Getting Anabolic as well would be awesome too!

  26. ronzilla Says:

    Now that you have Diabolic in your studio list, do you have access to ALL of their titles? Do you have access to their mid-90’s titles when the studio was just beginning, such as; Debauchery: 1, 2, 3 tec… Down The Hatch: 1, 2, 3 etc… 2 On 1: 1, 2, 3 etc…, Gangbang Auditions 1, 2, 3 etc… Lewd Conduct: 1, 2, 3 etc…? Many of the starlets who are Legendary now, were Up and Cummers back then. i.e. Adriana Sage, Charmane, Brandy, Bolivia Samsonite, Kacey, Shyla Stylez, Belladonna, the list goes on. These early classics deserve distribution too. I would appreciate a response to this query. Can you send an answer to my email account? Like “tyrionthedwarf” say: We need Anabolic too. Thank you, Ronzilla

  27. ropeadope Says:

    @ catamaranman & tyrionthedwarf – Agree with the comments in regards to Anabolic. I’m sure The Content Dude will look into the possibility of acquiring Anabolic titles, but I have no idea as to the status of their inventory. Are the titles even available for licensing? If so, I know The Content Dude will do what he can.

    @ ronzilla – Please see my replies to you in this thread.