Diabolic Review – Un-natural Sex #19

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The first Diabolic DVD will be uploaded tonight. VideoBox has given me a sneak peek at a couple of the titles, and I decided to put together this review of Un-natural Sex #19. I have captured images and written reviews for all six scenes. Note that I was viewing a low bitrate streaming version of the video. Therefore, the images may not be up to my usual quality standards, but they actually came out better than I expected.

Un-natural Sex #19 scene 1 Tory Lane

1 tory lane 1
1 tory lane 2
1 tory lane 3
1 tory lane 4
1 tory lane 5
1 tory lane 6
Tory Lane is posing and parading around the pool in a hot purple and black plaid bikini and purple knee-high boots. She’s wearing a necklace engraved with the word “SLUT.” Ominous music plays in the background. Tory seductively walks up a staircase, entering an apartment where a fully erect Brian Surewood awaits on the couch. Tory grabs Brian by his pirate beard, engulfing his cock in her mouth. A second guy (whose face we cannot see but later learn is John Strong), approaches from behind, spreads Tory’s butt cheeks, and buries his cock in Tory’s ass. Tory has been in the apartment for half a minute, and she’s on the anal rotisserie. Tory spins around giving A2M to John, as Brian seizes the opportunity to enter and pound Tory’s ass. A2M on Brian. John nailing Tory in spoon anal; Tory plunging her fingers in and out of her pussy. Slapping the pussy. Tory displaying a medium bush today. A2M for John as Brian assumes the ass plundering duties. Tory sits on John’s cock in reverse cowgirl anal. Brian moves to the front and slips his dick into Tory’s pussy to complete the double penetration (DP). Guys giving a hard pounding to Tory’s holes. Tory dismounts, taking both cocks in her mouth at once. Doggie anal for Brian. Tory taking a second DP; this time it’s John in her pussy and Brian in her butt. Brian pulls out of Tory’s ass and stuffs his cock into her pussy. Both cocks are in Tory’s pussy (DPP). A third DP ensues, with John in the ass and Brian in the pussy. Brian leaves the pussy and wedges his cock into Tory’s ass. Both cocks are up Tory’s butt (DAP). The action continues in this vein for several more minutes before both guys shoot their loads into Tory’s wide open mouth. Tory swallows down the cum. In a brief post scene interview, Tory states this was her first double vaginal and first double anal. Tory exits the apartment, descends the staircase, and does a spinning tuck dive into the pool. Not quite up to the Triple Lindy which Rodney Dangerfield pulled off in Back to School, but a nice way to conclude the scene.

rope rating: 5 out of 5 – Great way to start the movie. This is a very hardcore scene, but not performed in an abusive manner. Tory was extremely vocal throughout, shouting directions at the guys and urging them to fuck her harder. A definite keeper.

Un-natural Sex #19 scene 2 Haley Paige

2 haley paige 1
2 haley paige 2
2 haley paige 3
2 haley paige 4
2 haley paige 5
2 haley paige 6
Haley Paige is lying in bed in sheer blue bra and panties, tan shoes with pink soles. Sexily wiggling out of her delicates; the shoes stay on. Haley is looking good. Spreading her ass to the camera, Haley reaches for a purple glass dildo, and inserts it into her butt. As Haley continues to play with the dildo, Steve Holmes (with blonde hair today) arrives and buries his tongue in Haley’s ass as he rubs on her pussy. Haley, on all fours, giving head to Steve. Steve face fucking Haley with his big dick. Haley rimming Steve as he slowly strokes his cock. Haley mounts Steve in cowgirl anal; Steve pumping his cock up into Haley’s ass. Haley tells Steve, “let me fuck you,” and he remains stationary as Haley bounces up and down on the dick. Steve sucking on Haley’s tits as he continues to fuck her ass in cowgirl. Missionary anal; Haley’s legs spread far and wide. Haley is sportin’ a sparse bush. Anal gape. Steve has two fingers buried in Haley’s pussy, as he resumes his anal assault. A2M. Face fucking Haley with deep strokes, her titties swaying about. Haley rims Steve; Steve rims Haley. Steve back in Haley’s ass while pinning her legs above her left shoulder. Steve lifts Haley into standing cowgirl anal. Bouncing Haley on his cock. A2M. Reverse cowgirl anal. Camera initially capturing the action from behind, then moving to the front as Haley leans back into Steve. Steve wraps his arms around Haley’s legs (under the knees), pulling them back as he drives his cock into Haley’s ass. Spoon anal. Doggie anal. Steve unloads into Haley’s ass in an anal creampie. Haley squatting over a metal wok cover, expels the cum from her ass. Most of the cum misses the cover and lands on the carpet. Haley kisses the camera and waves goodbye.

rope rating: 4.75 out of 5 – This was a more sedate scene than the opener, but still generated lots of heat. Haley looked outstanding, and claimed at least three orgasms, including an “earthquake orgasm.” I can never tell for sure, so you’ll have to make up your own mind. I wasn’t expecting the creampie, caught me completely by surprise. Will certainly add this scene to my Haley collection.

Un-natural Sex #19 scene 3 Cindy Crawford

3 cindy crawford 1
3 cindy crawford 2
3 cindy crawford 3
3 cindy crawford 4
3 cindy crawford 5
Scene opens and a smiling Cindy Crawford, dressed in a purple and pink ensemble, announces she’s about to get her ass double plowed for the very first time. Ben English sits alongside. Cindy lowers her panties and drops down on Ben’s cock in cowgirl anal. Forty seconds later, Will Powers comes up behind Cindy, and squeezes his cock into Cindy’s butthole to complete the double anal penetration (DAP). Ben’s cock isn’t finding much traction, but Will is pumping away from behind. A2M for Will. Ben, taking advantage of the temporary extra space, gets some deeper strokes inside Cindy’s ass. Will back in the butt for more double anal. Cindy tells the camera, “They’re stretching me from the inside out.” A2M for both Will and Ben. Cindy re-mounts Ben, this time in reverse cowgirl anal. Cindy is showing some bush. Not the typical landing strip – hers is wider at the top and tapers off toward the bottom. Cindy riding Ben’s cock.

Cindy: “I want one more in my ass. That’s what I’m here for. Bring it on bitch, bring it on.”

More double anal as Cindy shoves Will’s cock into her butt. Cindy is down on her knees between Ben and Will, giving head to each in alternating fashion. Cindy lies down with her head hanging off the edge of a sofa as the guys take turns face fucking her. Cindy climbs aboard Will in cowgirl vag. Ben approaches from behind, and slips into Cindy’s ass to complete the standard double penetration (DP).

Cindy: “God, I love this. This is what life is all about, right here.”

A2M on Ben. Cindy grinding her pussy back and forth on Will’s dick. More DP. A2M for Ben, P2M for Will. Cindy slapping both cocks against her tongue, rubbing them over her face. More DAP and DP. Cindy straddling an arm of the sofa. Will enters in doggie anal as Cindy takes Ben into her mouth. Guys switch places with Ben now pummeling the ass. Cindy giving head to Will, then rimming him. One more position switch and now Cindy is on her knees sucking and stroking both cocks. Will drops his load into Cindy’s mouth. Cindy squeezing out the final drops. Ben shoots his load into Cindy’s mouth. Cindy swallows down both loads and shows her empty mouth to the camera..

rope rating: 4 out of 5 – This scene was similar in design to the opening scene, but not executed nearly as well. Will had some wood issues on and off throughout the scene, and Cindy didn’t seem able to accommodate the double anal quite as easily as Tory. However, I liked Cindy’s personality and this overrode the negatives. Worth a view.

Un-natural Sex #19 scene 4 Cassidy Blue

4 cassidy blue 1
4 cassidy blue 2
4 cassidy blue 3
4 cassidy blue 4
4 cassidy blue 5
4 cassidy blue 6
A topless Cassidy Blue informs the audience she’s about to receive her very first double anal. Cassidy steps out of her blue panties, and walks over to the couch where Tony T. and Ian Scott await. Cassidy sits on Tony’s cock reverse cowgirl anal, legs spread wide. Ian maneuvers to the front and jams his dick into Cassidy’s ass to complete the double anal (DAP). As with the previous scene featuring Cindy, the guy positioned in front of the double anal (Ian in this case), is the one doing most of the fucking. The guy underneath (Tony T. here) is pretty much motionless. Ian pulls out, allowing Tony to get some full strokes inside Cassidy’s butt. Cassidy rimming Ian. A2M on Tony. Tony has his hand around Cassidy’s throat as he pistons his cock in and out of her ass. Cassidy slapping her pussy. Spoon anal for Tony, as he clamps his hand over Cassidy’s mouth. Tony slapping Cassidy’s face. Tony has his hand back around Cassidy’s throat. Her face is turning reddish. Tony spitting into Cassidy’s mouth. Ian returns and inserts his dick into Cassidy’s pussy for a traditional double penetration (DP). Tony continuing to slap Cassidy’s face. P2M on Ian. More DP, Ian spitting into Cassidy’s mouth. Cassidy spins around and mounts Tony in cowgirl vag. Ian driving his cock into Cassidy’s ass from behind for another DP. Anal gape. Tony, up off the couch, raises Cassidy into a standing cowgirl. Bouncing Cassidy on his cock. Ian approaches from behind and enters Cassidy’s butt to complete the standing DP. Camera effectively capturing the action from below. Guys toss Cassidy onto the couch. P2M for Tony, doggie anal for Ian. Cassidy briefly sucking on Tony’s toe. Tony face fucking Cassidy. More DP. Tony choking Cassidy. More double anal. Tony slapping and choking Cassidy. Missionary vag for Tony; Cassidy rimming and blowing Ian. Missionary anal for Tony. Anal gaping. Cassidy drops down on Tony’s cock in cowgirl anal. Ian entering the ass from behind for another double anal. Ian slapping Cassidy’s right butt cheek which has turned red. Cassidy on her knees between the guys, stroking and sucking both dicks. Tony face fucking and gagging Cassidy on his cock. Ian shoots his load into Cassidy’s mouth and onto her face. Using his cock to swipe the cum on Cassidy’s face into her mouth. Cassidy pries her mouth apart with both hands as Tony deposits his load inside. Cassidy swallows down the cum. Tony spits on Cassidy. Ian spits on Cassidy. Cassidy assures us she had fun, but laughingly says she may need counseling after this scene.

rope rating: 4.25 out of 5 – This was a very hardcore scene. I’m not a fan of choking, slapping, spitting, etc., but I was happy to see Cassidy in good spirits after the scene, telling us she had a fun time. As far as the sex, the standing DP, although brief, was interesting and not something you see every day.

Un-natural Sex #19 scene 5 Velicity Von

5 velicity von 1
5 velicity von 2
5 velicity von 3
5 velicity von 4
5 velicity von 5
5 velicity von 6
Velicity Von is out for revenge on her boyfriend Raul. She intends to get that revenge by being fucked in the ass by a complete stranger. And who’s stranger than Brian Surewood? Brian face fucking Velicity as she grabs the spikes of her high heeled shoes. Velicity is attired in black shorts and top.

Velicity: “I never gagged on your dick, Raul.”

Velicity’s top is removed revealing her beautiful breasts. Her shorts come off and she climbs aboard Brian in cowgirl anal. Velicity shoots her middle finger to the camera.

Velicity: “Fuck you Raul, this ass will never be yours.”

Velicity is making barking sounds as she rides the cock in her ass. Brian lifts Velicity and lays her down on the couch in missionary anal. Brian, positioned at a 45 degree angle with Velicity’s right leg held high, uses the arm of the couch for leverage and support as he drives his dick deep into Velicity’s ass. A2M. Velicity spreading her pussy lips wide, as Brian resumes his missionary ass invasion. Velicity is a screamer! Velicity sucking on her titties. Brian has both hands around Velicity’s throat as he slams his cock into her butt. A2M. Velicity reverse sitting on a chair, with her ample backside hanging over the edge. Brian enters the ass in doggie; Velicity screaming with each stroke. Brian lifts Velicity off the chair and onto the couch in reverse cowgirl anal. Brian has Velicity in a full nelson as he continues his anal assault. Velicity’s screaming can wake the dead. Brian finds one of Velicity’s discarded garments on the couch, and tries shoving it in her mouth in a failed attempt to quiet her down. A2M. Lol, Brian’s bandana was pried off by the sofa back cushions. He looks more disheveled without his customary bandana in place. Doggie anal. A2M. Brian unloads into Velicity’s mouth. Velicity gargles the cum and swallows it down.

Velicity: “This cum tastes better than my boyfriend’s cum.”

Post cum head. Velicity and Brian each shoot the finger to Raul. Velicity blows a kiss to the camera and waves goodbye. Brian salutes the camera. Velicity shaking her tits and rubbing her pussy as the scene fades out.

rope rating: 4 out of 5 – Velicity was attractive with a great rack and a nice butt. I especially enjoyed the ass plundering while Velicity was seated in the chair. However, the over the top vocals detracted from the final score.

Un-natural Sex #19 scene 6 Sophie Dee

6 sophie dee 1
6 sophie dee 2
6 sophie dee 3
6 sophie dee 4
6 sophie dee 5
6 sophie dee 6
6 sophie dee 7
Sophie Dee is posing outside the home of Director Chico Wang. She’s attired in black panties, black mesh bra, black and white checkerboard stockings which rise above the knee, and black boots. Sophie wants to shoot double anal, and feels Chico is the man to make it happen. She’s unsure if her “bumhole” will be able to accommodate two dicks. She spreads her butt cheeks, showing us the tiny opening. Chico says no problem, they’ll do double anal (DAP), double vaginal (DPP), and traditional double penetration (DP).

Sophie down on her knees between James Deen and John Strong. Guys take turns face fucking Sophie. Sophie rimming John. Sophie mounts John in cowgirl vag. She has a gorgeous butt. James rams his cock into Sophie’s ass from behind to complete the DP. A2M on James; rimming John. Sophie climbs aboard James cowgirl vag. John approaches from behind and attempts to add his dick into Sophie’s pussy for a double vaginal. Sophie springs forward, displacing the two cocks.

Sophie: “Oh, that hurt.”

Chico (from behind the camera) calls for a standard DP. James in the pussy; John in the ass. A2M for John. Sophie handles the traditional DP fine, but couldn’t manage the double vaginal. Sophie now calls for two cocks in her ass. She’s an optimist! James has been plowing Sophie’s butt from below. John swings to the rear and attempts to join James in Sophie’s ass. No go. They try again. Ain’t gonna happen. Sophie’s ass is too tight. A2M for James. Sophie mounts John reverse cowgirl anal. Her legs are high and wide as John drives his cock in and out of Sophie’s ass. James enters the pussy for another DP. A2M for John; P2M for James. James reaming Sophie doggie anal. A2M on James as John takes over in doggie anal. James slapping his dick against Sophie’s face. John drilling Sophie reverse cowgirl anal. Sophie once more calls for another cock in her ass. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. James attempts insertion into Sophie’s ass, but it is futile. The trio return to a traditional DP and Sophie is being railed hard. A2M for John; P2M for James. Sophie rimming John as James bangs her butt in doggie. A2M on James. More DP. The scene appears ready to conclude as Sophie positions herself between the two guys in anticipation of their cum. But Chico calls out for more fucking. Sophie sits on John reverse cowgirl anal. Amazingly, James makes another attempt at the double anal! This turns out to be the most successful trial. Sophie handles numerous strokes before the cocks are expelled from her ass. Sophie back down on her knees. John shoots his load into Sophie’s mouth and onto the left side of her face. James unloads into Sophie’s mouth. Guys spitting into Sophie’s mouth. Sophie swallows it all down. Scooping the cum on her face into her mouth.

In a brief post scene interview (as the closing credits roll), Sophie blames the failed double anal on her tiny bumhole and the Queen (the logic being that the Queen was at fault for making Sophie’s butthole too small).

rope rating: 4 out of 5 – I loved Sophie’s enthusiasm and she does have a great ass. I didn’t mind the failed double anal or failed double vaginal. It actually makes you appreciate the girls that can pull it off all the more. But the scene dragged on for too long and the action became repetitive.

Overall DVD Rating: 4.25 out of 5 – For me, the opening two scenes featuring Tory and Haley were the highlights of the film. Tory was astounding, handling everything the guys could throw at her with seeming ease. Haley was exceptionally beautiful, and was paired with a top woodsman in Steve Holmes. From there, the movie became problematical. As I stated above, I’m not a fan of rough scenes. The final four scenes included varying degrees of choking, slapping, and spitting. There was still much to like in all of those scenes, but the rough treatment of the girls tainted my overall rating.

I was interested in viewing this title because it was directed by Chico Wang. As you probably know, Wang was found dead in a motel room in late September, 2007. His death was ruled a suicide by the coroner. At the time of his death, police sources stated he was “implicated” in the August, 2007 death of his girlfriend, Haley Paige. This was the first of Wang’s directorial efforts I’ve viewed. I was expecting to encounter a maniacal madman. While we never physically see Chico, he does interact with the girls from behind the camera. To my total consternation, he comes across as a sane, reasonable, and rational person. Which just raises more questions than it answers. We’ll be seeing about two dozen more titles which Wang directed for Diabolic. Possibly they’ll provide a bit of a window into the situation. I’ll be paying particular attention to any behind-the-scenes segments included therein. This title was released in 2006. I don’t know the exact production dates, but it would probably be fairly accurate to say that roughly 12 – 18 months after the filming of these scenes, both Haley and Chico were no longer of this world.


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17 Responses to “Diabolic Review – Un-natural Sex #19”

  1. Scrapper Says:

    Now, just by looking at the screen caps, I would have to say that scenes 1 & 5 look to be the best. I personally have never been a big fan of male-male-female scenes because a lot of times (but not all) the action is too chaotic and seems that the stars are trying to do too much in too little time. DP’s for me are even worse (in my opinion) because the female is rarely presented in a good way. Camera angles usually focus only on the penitration aspect, which can be a little off putting to me. I do like what I see though because Diabolic always seemed a little “edgier” to me.

    Rope: As an asside…was this DVD picked first based off of personal preference by VB or is this just one of the first Diabolic’s to come out? I saw Spring Chickens was leading the poll last :-p

  2. tanasinn4 Says:

    i thought they were considering unnatural sex 18

  3. ronzilla Says:

    Now that you have Diabolic in your studio list, do you have access to ALL of their titles? Do you have access to their mid-90’s titles when the studio was just beginning, such as; Debauchery: 1, 2, 3 tec… Down The Hatch: 1, 2, 3 etc… 2 On 1: 1, 2, 3 etc…, Gangbang Auditions 1, 2, 3 etc… Lewd Conduct: 1, 2, 3 etc…? Many of the starlets who are Legendary now, were Up and Cummers back then. i.e. Adriana Sage, Charmane, Brandy, Bolivia Samsonite, Kacey, Shyla Stylez, Belladonna, the list goes on. These early classics deserve distribution too. I would appreciate a response to this query. Can you send an answer to my email account? Thank you, Ronzilla

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ Scrapper – I didn’t mean to imply that this title would be the first uploaded. I was just stating that the first Diabolic title would be uploaded Friday night, and it was indeed Spring Chickens #19. As far as why I picked this DVD to review, it was in the first batch of titles to roll off the encoding line. I was given a sneak peak at those DVD’s, and clicked on this one first. It was completely random. I agree with your general assessment of MMF scenes, but they all worked well here, particularly scene 1 with Tory.

    @ tanasinn4 – Yes, Un-natural Sex #18 made a good showing in our poll, and will certainly be added to the site. I do not have specific dates at this time.

    @ ronzilla – Send the answer to your email account? I have a better idea. Leave me your address; I’ll hop on the first plane out, and deliver the answer in person. You do present a very valid point, in fact, I already had this discussion with The Content Dude. Although the earlier Diabolic titles were not included in this initial purchase, they will be considered in a possible future purchase. I fully endorse the idea.

  5. Scrapper Says:

    Rope: I did want to mention this before. You have one of the best jobs man. Not that I know if you get paid or not but damn! Being able to watch the DVD’s ahead of time…I wish I were you! At least, in terms of work… 🙂

  6. ronzilla Says:

    Thanks for the reply and concurrence, Rope. The embryonic stages of the Anabolic/Diabolic studio were their best! Vince Voyeur, Mike John, and John Dough were 3 of the most ground-breaking,fresh-talent, directors/producers/camera-men/visionaries in their time. They embodied excellent choices in model quality (mostly), exquisite lighting, filth-level, camera-angles, and generally, erotic heat. That pesky dog that can be heard barking constantly in the background, during their early days of shooting scenes in Budapest is certainly annoying. Early 90’s from, Anabolic/Diabolic titles are their best offerings.>Please, give us some inaugural Diabolic/Anabolic titles.

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ Scrapper – The blog does have wonderful fringe benefits, including the opportunity to preview titles ahead of their posting date. But yeah, good call, you do not want the entirety of rope’s life.

    @ ronzilla – Thank you, and I do apologize for the sarcastic tone of my earlier remarks. I completely agree with, and second your desire to see the earlier Diabolic titles. I believe the general consensus is that the membership prefers to see the most recent releases possible. In most cases, that is probably a correct assumption. But each situation needs to be judged on its own merits. In the case of these classic Diabolic series, I would love to see the early volumes. One scene which has stuck out in my mind for years, occurred in Lewd Conduct #6 (1999). The scene opens with a close-up of Bobbie (who would later become Paisley Adams, and then Cassidey). She states “Hi, I’m Bobbie. I’m 18 years old. I’m from Colorado, and today I’m gonna get my ass fucked.” Which Erik Everhard proceeds to do. That’s an old favorite of mine. Vince Vouyer directed the title. I’ll bring your comments to the attention of the Content Department, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed. Good to see you on the blog. Please continue to be a participant.

  8. jeff Says:

    ha ha, i remember that scene of Bobbi….i was thinking she was Bobbi Starr for some reason but i looked on IAFD and Rope is right(of course, lol), it was definitely Cassidey…i don’t see Lewd Conduct #6 on VB so i must have that one on Limewire a few years ago…

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ jeff – Hi jeff (other jeff, correct?). Yes, that scene was making the rounds on the internet many years back. We’ll be seeing several of the more recent volumes of Lewd Conduct in the upcoming months. I am holding out hope that the earlier volumes could possibly follow further down the road.

  10. deadip Says:

    Well maybe you should rephrase what you said in your Blog Post here, because Scrapper wasn’t the only one, that misunderstood your Statement of “The first Diabolic DVD will be uploaded tonight”. When I also saw Spring Chickens # 19 uploaded as the First Diabolic DVD on 16 July 2010. Maybe you should have said the first Diabolic DVD Review or something to that effect and therefore would have eliminated any confusion in the first place.

  11. ropeadope Says:

    @ deadip – I believe it’s pretty clear for a couple of reasons. First off, how could this DVD (Un-natural Sex #19) be the first uploaded, when it wasn’t even in our poll (previous blog post) to determine the membership choice for first upload. Secondly, if for some reason the poll vote was going to be ignored, and this DVD was to be the first upload, I would have clearly stated that fact. As in “This DVD will be the first Diabolic upload.” I did not make any such statement. Thirdly, I had already (Thursday night the 15th) added a notation to the prior blog post, in which I stated that Spring Chickens #19 was the poll winner, and would be the first Diabolic upload on Friday the 16th.

    The first sentence of this post was merely a reminder that the first Diabolic DVD was going to be uploaded later that night. I do appreciate your feedback, and will try to be clearer in future blog articles.

  12. Ken Says:

    I think rope’s initial post was clear enough. Not trying to be a kiss ass, but I think we should give him credit for getting us information on the recent ‘events’.

    However, I must say, I haven’t seen many Diabolic studio DVDs on Videobox yet. Maybe 2-3….
    Rope said, please let me know if I made a mistake, that other 5 DVDs will be uploaded in the weekend…????? What is happening?

  13. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – You are correct. This was a misinterpretation on my part. I had heard the poll runner-ups would be uploaded over the weekend. I jumped to the conclusion that meant all the runner-ups. I was mistaken. We’ve had three titles uploaded thus far. I am expecting three more titles being added in the next few days. Be on the lookout for Teens With Tits #8, Incumming #11, and Un-natural Sex #18.

  14. Ken Says:

    Thank you rope for the quick response.
    Will be looking forward to it.

  15. deadip Says:

    I read the previous Blog Posts as well and seen what was uploaded as far as Diabolic DVDs over the weekend and still got the same idea Scrapper did. What can I say??? Maybe I’m guilty of having a brain malfunction at the time of my response, but it seems to me I’m wasn’t the only one. Sorry!!!

  16. jeff Says:

    @Rope – yes, this is “other jeff”…

  17. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – Most welcome my friend.

    @ deadip – Absolutely nothing to be sorry about, and again, I value and appreciate all feedback. This is not a case (in my mind, at least) of one person being right and one person being wrong. I’m just letting you know what my thinking was at the time, and I’m glad you shared your thoughts on the matter as well.

    @ jeff – Thank you jeff, always good to see you. I got a big kick out of the first time you posted that (other jeff).