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I love watching videos of girls in the shower. Is this because one of my very first sexual encounters with a girl occurred in the shower? Or is it due to the fact that while innocently testing out a newly received gift pair of binoculars, I locked in on a young woman just as she was stepping out of the shower? Or is it because the upscale showers featured in adult videos, with all the fancy gadgets, attachments and accessories, send me into a nice daydream of renovating my own dilapidated shower? I believe all three factors play a role in my appreciation of shower scenes (but mostly the first two, lol). For this article, I’ve collected fifteen of my favorite shower scenes. I’ve embedded the flash player for previewing the scenes. Click the link above the flash player if you wish to view the full scene. I have included capsule summaries for all fifteen scenes. Undoubtedly, there are many other excellent shower scenes on the site. Please let me know your favorite scenes featuring a shower, bathtub, whirlpool, jacuzzi, etc. I’ll link everything up, making your recommended scenes clickable.

Addicted To Boobs #3, Scene 1 Presley Maddox


Presley Maddox is looking stunningly beautiful as she lathers up her body in the shower. She has a small patch of bush above her pussy. Presley is using a hand-held shower head to rinse off the soapsuds. She spends some time concentrating the water stream onto her pussy (a theme which will recur throughout the scene). Mark Wood joins, and Presley drops to her knees to give head. They fuck in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and standing doggie, with a few P2M interludes. Mark cums on Presley’s face. Very hot scene.

Addicted To Boobs #7, Scene 2 London Keys


London Keys is in the same shower inhabited by Presley in the scene above (good call by fellow member mhughettisback in the comments). As with Presley, London soaps up and rinses off with the hand-held device. Mark Wood is once again the lucky stiff to join the scene (well, he is the Director of the series). London gives head; the fucking commences in standing doggie and proceeds through cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie, and standing cowgirl. Mark is stroking himself, but London assumes control at the last moment and jacks Mark off onto her face.


Asian Nurses, Scene 1 Kaylee Le (Haylee Le)


Haylee Le, wearing a sexy nurse uniform and black high heels, enters an institutional shower room to administer a colonic to Van Damage. Van seems to have no idea why he’s here, or how the procedure is performed. Haylee explains the act necessitates sticking a tube up Van’s ass. Van appears less than thrilled with this news, and through the magic of porn, convinces Haylee to skip the colonic and allow him to stick his (meat) tube into her mouth and pussy. Haylee squats down to give head, then mounts a bench as Van drills her from behind. Hot cowgirl footage with Van laying flat on the floor; transitioning into reverse cowgirl. Back to the bench in missionary, before Van drops his load on Haylee’s face. Post cum head. Haylee was really cute, and I’ll opt for this treatment over a colonic any day.

Belle Impossibili #4, Scene 5 Brigitta Bui


The very beautiful Brigitta Bui is in a spacious bathtub, partially filled with soapy water. She’s playing with her pussy and pierced clit, scooping water from the tub onto her body, and using the hand-held shower head. The solo footage lasts better than seven minutes. Brigitta dozes off. When she awakens, a guy has joined her in the tub. Brigitta administering some hot looking head, then climbs aboard in reverse cowgirl. The couple continue in doggie, standing cowgirl, and missionary, with the guy taking time to taste Brigitta’s pussy along the way. Brigitta strokes the guy off into her mouth, letting the cum roll on out. Post cum head. Scene concludes with 84 seconds of outtakes from the filming. Highly enjoyable scene with a gorgeous girl.


Cherry Bustin’ #3, Scene 4 Jenaveve Jolie


Jenaveve Jolie informs us she’s stepping into the shower because she’s about to get her cherry busted. Jenaveve raise her short blue jean skirt, and pulls aside her turquoise panties to show us said cherry. Under the shower, Jenaveve soaps and messages her tits and ass. She emerges from the shower, stating she could starve if she doesn’t get something in her mouth. Talon is more than willing to let his cock serve that purpose. Jenaveve gives head and Talon returns the favor. Jenaveve on all fours on the bed; Talon ravaging the pussy in doggie. Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and missionary, with numerous breaks for P2M. Talon shoots his load onto Jenaveve’s mouth, chin, and chest. Post cum head.

Dirty Dreamin’, Scene 3 Nyomi Marcela


Nyomi Marcela has her well tanned, well toned, and smokin’ hot body under the shower. Talon joins, bringing along a bar of soap with the word “sexy” written on it. Talon goes down on Nyomi; she’s sportin’ a well trimmed bush today. Nyomi gives head to Talon, including some nicely captured POV footage. Nyomi has one foot raised on a bench, as Talon drills her from behind. Now down on the bench in doggie. Nyomi provides P2M, and they continue in cowgirl, standing cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie, and standing doggie. Talon strokes a modest load onto Nyomi’s tongue. Nyomi looked outstanding here.

Gluteus Maximass #1, Scene 1 Alexis Texas


Alexis notices our staring, as she stands under the shower. She says we can look all we want, but we can’t touch (oh, if I only had a nickle for every time ….). Applying baby oil to her bod. Alexis drops the soap as a convenient excuse to show off her incredible ass. Out of the shower, Alexis runs into Anthony Rosano. Giving head while shaking her shiny ass. Face fucking. Anthony licking at Alexis’ pussy. Doggie, P2M, cowgirl, P2M, spoon. Footjob. Spoon and standing doggie lead to Anthony shooting his load onto Alexis’ butt. Waving goodbye. Alexis’ gorgeous ass was on great display throughout the scene.

Nasty Prospects #7, Scene 1 Priscilla


Priscilla sitting on the edge of the tub, then in the tub, playing with her soapy pussy and ass. Guy joins. Priscilla sucking cock before climbing aboard and riding the dick reverse cowgirl. Doggie anal with Priscilla down on her kness in the tub, upper body supported on tub’s edge. Camera effectively capturing the ass pounding from close range, positioned just behind the action. A2M. Guy alternating between missionary anal and missionary vag, taking several strokes at a time in each of Priscilla’s holes. Guy strokes off into Priscilla’s mouth and onto her face. Takes a brief taste (he was curious!).

Pretty Titties, Scene 2 Jenny Hendrix


Jenny Hendrix, attired in a gold bikini and wearing her hair short and dark today, says she’s going to show us how to “slip and slide California style,” right before she fucks. Aren’t you supposed to wait an hour after slip and slide before fucking? The slip and slide looks good, and Jenny retires inside to take a shower. She finds her roommate Reno, already using the facility. Jenny tries to evict Reno from the shower, but he wants to stay, and Jenny relents. Jenny providing great looking head in the glass enclosed shower, partially captured in POV. Jenny has her right leg raised and supported on a cabinet, as Reno pounds away in doggie. Jenny’s face pressed up against the inside glass of the shower. P2M. Reno on his back on the shower floor, as Jenny rides the cock reverse cowgirl. Jenny is now on the shower floor as Reno squat fucks her. Reno blows his load against the inner glass wall of the shower, and onto Jenny’s right thigh. Jenny licking up the cum off the glass. Hot scene, Jenny was super cute.

Riding the Riviera, Scene 3 Andy Brown


Andy Brown is taking a nude stroll on the beach. Sets down a blanket and lays out under the shade of a tree. Some time has evidently passed, and Andy approaches the shower in a short blue jean skirt and white top. Stripping off the clothes, Andy enters the shower. She has a smokin’ body. Andy hosing down with the hand-held shower head. Kid Jamaica joins. Kid licking at Andy’s pussy and ass. Andy giving head to Kid, getting down deep on the big cock. Face fucking. Andy, one leg raised and now draped over Kid’s shoulder, being fucked sideways. Action transitions out of the shower and into a workout room. Andy riding Kid reverse cowgirl, then missionary, and doggie on a weight bench. P2M. Anal missionary and anal doggie. A2M. Kid left hand strokes his load into Andy’s mouth. Post cum head.

Sex, Wives And Videotape, Scene 5 Angie Scott


Angie Scott, in a black and white dress with matching panties, is preparing a bath. A guy is peeping her through the half open bathroom door. Angie loses her clothes and enters the tub. Soaping up her sexy body. Peeping guy enters the room with a video camera. Sets the camera down and joins Angie in the tub. Lots of kissing; guy playing with Angie’s pussy beneath the water. Angie having her pussy eaten as she sits on the ledge of the tub. Angie stroking and sucking cock, licking at the head. Angie was preparing to mount the guy cowgirl in the tub, but the scene cuts, and now the couple are just outside the tub with Angie climbing aboard in reverse cowgirl. Guy has his hands under Angie’s knees, as he bounces her up and down on his dick. Angie riding the cock, with the soles of her feet resting on the guy’s thighs. Doggie with Angie bracing her upper body over the edge of the tub. Standing cowgirl. Guy stroking himself as Angie tickles his balls. Angie adds her hand to the base of the dick, as the guy blows his load into and onto Angie’s mouth.

She Is Half My Age #6, Scene 9 Michelle Peters


Michelle Peters, clothed in a black dress and black panties with white pinstripes and red fringe, is being interviewed by Brandon Iron. This is a DVD bonus scene taken from Brandon’s Load My Mouth site. Michelle states she doesn’t do anal, but indicates a willingness to try, if she can find the right guy with a small enough penis. (Hey Michelle – I’m your man!) Michelle loses the dress and peels off the panties. She has a weird tattoo where her bush should be, and describes its application as more painful than childbirth. Spreading her ass cheeks, revealing the pussy and ass. Michelle blowing Brandon in the shower enclosure. Face fucking. Standing doggie, as Michelle grabs on to the shower handrails. Standing cowgirl; Michelle’s left foot braced on the handrail. Brandon takes a misstep, and almost topples over backwards, with Michelle in his arms. Public service statement by Michelle, “Slippery showers – need to be careful.” Michelle down on all fours, towels under her knees. Doggie, followed by missionary. Brandon unloads into Michelle’s mouth. Kisses the camera goodbye.

Virgin Stories #7, Scene 3 Kaylynn


Fast forwarding past the standard Dane interview, Kaylynn is asleep in her college sorority dorm room. She awakens horny, and masturbates while flipping through some magazines. Needing to pee, Kaylynn rushes into the bathroom. The toilet is out of order, and maintenance man Jack Hammer is making the necessary repairs. Jack tells Kaylynn she’ll have to pee in the shower. Kaylynn removes her white panties, and squats over the shower drain. The camera didn’t catch the peeing (or my eyes are even worse than I thought), but Jack evidently had a pretty good view. Kaylynn asks Jack to bring her some toilet paper. Jack steps into the shower, raises Kaylynn from her squatting position, spins her around, and swipes a square of TP between her legs. Jack tonguing Kaylynn’s pussy and ass from behind. Kaylynn giving head, as the shower stream beats down on her back. Kaylynn enveloping Jack’s cock in some sort of transparent wrapper? Reverse cowgirl, followed by doggie; the shower continuing to rain down on the couple. Cowgirl anal. Kaylynn stroking and sucking Jack. Jack shoots his load onto Kaylynn’s face (and his own hand – another lefty, btw). Post cum head. Kaylynn always a favorite of mine.

Web Girls #2, Scene 1 Vanessa Lane


In exchange for free rent while attending college, Vanessa Lane is living in a home with dozens of hidden cameras. The cameras are linked to an internet website where guys pay to watch the girls every move. Vanessa heads into the shower, and looks awesome as she soaps up her body. The guy who runs the house (Trevor Thompson) joins. Trevor licking at Vanessa’s erect nipples. Vanessa giving head. Brief titty fucking. Standing doggie. Vanessa’s left leg is raised, her foot sticking outside the shower entrance, as Trevor continues his pussy assault. P2M. Reverse cowgirl; Vanessa rubbing her clit as she bounces on Trevor’s dick. Out of the shower. Vanessa laying on the bathroom sink countertop. Missionary anal, as Vanessa rubs her clit rapidly. Vanessa, exhibiting gymnast like flexibility, is on the countertop with legs completely split to the sides. Doggie anal. Trevor pulls out and shoots his load on Vanessa’s ass. Post cum head. Vanessa looked outstanding throughout.

What An Ass #7, Scene 4 Katie Cummings


Cute Katie Cummings, soaping up in the shower, paying special attention to her ass. Booty shake. Tony De Sergio watching Katie through the glass wall of the shower. Katie presses her ass cheeks onto the inside glass. Signals Tony to join her. Tony sucking on Katie’s tits, as she strokes his cock. Katie squats down and gives head. Tony face fucking Katie. Katie raises and braces her left leg against the ceramic shower wall, as Tony pumps away in standing doggie. Katie has a big ol’ butt. P2M. Tony, flat on his back on the shower floor; Katie climbing aboard in cowgirl. Tony vigorously driving his cock up and into Katie’s pussy. Out of the shower for more cowgirl. Katie gyrating her ass as she rides Tony’s dick. Katie on all fours on an ottoman, as Tony drills her in doggie. Tony cums on Katie’s ass. Katie scooping up some of the cum with her finger. Takes a taste as the scene concludes.


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11 Responses to “Showered With Love”

  1. BigD78 Says:

    One pretty nice scene that comes to mind is Addison Rose’s scene in The Girl Next Door, Scene 4. The scene takes place in a sort of shower/sauna sort of room, it probably counts. Dude in the movie is a little annoying, but Addison is smoking hot as always. (Pity the movie didn’t end with a moneyshot of the caliber of her scene in Teens Cumming of Age 5, that would have made it extra special, alas, we can’t have it all!)

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ BigD78 – Oh, that definitely counts. I love this series from Combat Zone, and the scene & Addison are both hot. The guy is Talon, and yes, he can be a bit annoying at times. Keep the mute button within close reach. In any event, Addison more than overcomes that slight negative. Thank you for the excellent contribution.

  3. Borg69 Says:

    Hey Guys and small percentage of girls,

    I was wondering if I could just bring something up here: the search system; it sucks. Videobox has such a huge selection of filth, but youve now amassed so much of it that its become impractical to continue using your old search system. If you go to a free site like xnxx, you’ve got thousands of tags. You can search tags like ass to mouth, deepthroat, rimjob, nurse, schoolgirl, salivating, ffm and so on and so on. On here you have like 25 catergories, some of which are so broad they become practically useless. Take ‘threesome’, on VB that means both mmf and ffm. Pretty different things really, if I told my girlfriend I wanted a threesome, then I came back and Lee Stone was sitting in the bedroom, I wouldnt be happy. Id be sore. Like when you pay for a good site but the search is outdated.

    Everything I watch I find through the suggested videos which poke up to the right when youre watching a scene. Thats ok, but its too slow and they often repeat on each other. Back in the day, things like anal and ass to mouth and deepthroat werent really standard, but now people actively search for them, you need to accomodate for that. There’s a lot of great stuff on the site, if it used the search tags function that xnxx does, we’d have a site about ten times easier to use.

    Case in point? You just did a blog about girls in the shower. See a shower catergory here? Thought not.

    Wondering what you thought about this, anyone? I gotta go now, I gotta give a mass tonight.

  4. rj Says:

    I asked support but I don’t think I’ll get a reply so if anyone can answer my question this would be great or who knows maybe even do a blog about file formats and resolutions? Compare pros and cons? Any way her it is: Why is there such a difference in quality and file size between the DVD and H.264 format when they are the same resolution? And if they are the same resolution why do they not appear to be the same size in their respective players? Why doe the WMV DVD format appear to be more vivid with color?

  5. rj Says:

    @ BORG69 I hear you. I like how they name the asians, blacks, latinos and just some how forgot about the “white” girls. As if all white girls are either blonde or brunette!

  6. BigD78 Says:

    Borg69- I’m definitely with you bro! I’ve always wondered why they use such broad tags (on other sites too, not just this one, but the relative lack of tags on this site is a big letdown compared to many others, I certainly hear you there). Three far too broad tags that readily come to mind are:
    *Cumshot- Can you be any more vague? Why not break it down into facial, ass cumshot, vag cumshot, belly cumshot, etc. Creampie is its own category, but not the others.
    *Fetish- Again, this could include latex, leather, pissing, smoking, bdsm, costume, hairy/bush, etc. some of which have their own categories, many do not
    *Gonzo- come on, almost every movie on the site that’s not made by Private is a gonzo!
    In addition to broadening the search/tag system something I’ve suggested to them in their user polls earlier this year something they could also use here is an option to EXCLUDE certain tags from a search (say you like blond big tit anal, but don’t like DPs and want to exclude the DP scenes from the results, good luck). Anyhow, I love your suggestion to refine the tag system and hope others join on the bandwagon too. End of rant…

  7. Scrapper Says:

    RJ, BigD78, & Borg69: This has actually been brought up in the past. I know that Rope and (possibly) the Tech Team have a post about it. Yes, VB is aware that the search is outdated. They brought up several points that were missed here as well. For instance, if you do a search on Allyson White, you should also get Allison White, Allyson Whyte, et al. It’s something that’s going to be a MASSIVE undertaking because they would have to REtag everything that’s ever been posted.

    I’m not trying to make excuses for them because, like you, I like to narrow my searches just a little bit more then what’s available. Hope that helps.

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ Borg69, rj, & BigD78 – I think Scrapper hit the nail on the head. We’ll be reaching 51,000 scenes in a few days. Can you imagine how many man hours it would require to view and tag all those scenes? And the more specific and numerous the desired tags, the more man hours needed. One possible solution would be to allow the membership to add or suggest tags for specific scenes. I believe the overwhelming majority of members would be helpful and accurate with their submissions. But there will always be a few individuals who are looking to throw a wrench in the works. So I don’t know whether that alternative will be given consideration. For what it’s worth, I like the present system of tagging (not that I have any input one way or the other). But I do understand the points you are raising.

    @ rj – At this point, I only download the H.264 files. As you state, the file sizes are much smaller than DVD resolution. This is where we differ. I find the quality of the H.264 files almost identical to that of DVD resolution. Evidently, you are noticing a much larger disparity?

    @ Scrapper – Thank you for the helpful reply.

  9. rj Says:

    What if somehow you let the viewers put in the “man hour” for you? let us add tags to the videos. all you have to do is give us a way to do it and well tag them for you!

  10. Scrapper Says:

    RJ: I have to say, I thought something like that too. The only problems that I could see with that is (1) look at Wikipedia. Very little on there is “true”. And also (2), we would probably not have the same turn out for the older scenes as we would with the newer ones. Really, how many new replies do you get with the Review section of a scene from 2007?

    Although, I do think that somehow incorporating a system like the clips would be helpful. Each person could tag the way they want but then again, it wouldn’t be as all-incompasing as the system is now.

    Rope: Hey, I wouldn’t mind putting in the man hours! I would love to tell people that my job is catagorizing porn. Many of my “friends” would hate me for spite!

  11. ropeadope Says:

    @ rj – If you’re up for it, let’s try an experiment. View this scene, and make a list of the tags you wish to see attached to the scene. Just before you start viewing, make a note of the time on your clock (11 AM, 4 PM, 10 PM, whatever it is). When you finish your tag list for the scene, note the clock time again. Leave a reply back here with your tags, and the time which was required to compile the list. Don’t try to set a speed record – do it at a normal pace.

    @ Scrapper – I better check with Josh to see if I have hiring authority, lol. If something is put together involving the membership, you’ll be one of the first individuals contacted.