Savannah Gold’s Throat Slit By Home Intruder

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Savannah Gold was seriously injured in an apparent home invasion. Many thanks to fellow members Dreamzkape and decroder for bringing the story to my attention. The Sun broke the news in its July 27th publication. Here is their account:

A dad was caged yesterday for throttling porn star Savannah Gold and slitting her throat. The busty actress-turned-escort was found naked and pouring with blood after neighbours in South London heard screams.

Full story from The Sun here.

Some interesting remarks in the comments attached to The Sun article.

AVN story here.

Sify story here.

Many questions remain unanswered. What is Savannah’s current condition? When did the assault take place?

The Sun reports the attacker was sentenced to a minimum of eight years in prison.

To my friends in the UK, please help me out. How fast does a case move through the UK judicial system? If this event occurred in the US, it would probably be many months, if not years from the date of the crime to the date of the sentencing.

If anyone has any further information, please leave a reply to the post.


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10 Responses to “Savannah Gold’s Throat Slit By Home Intruder”

  1. Andearl Says:

    I’m in the UK our system doesn’t tend to be particulalry rapid. Much will depend on the police investigation and whether the main suspect admits guilt or goes not guilty and to trial. From what i have read he did admit it to police by apologising but it also says that he commited two other robberies which will aslo need to be investigated.

  2. Boots Says:

    I found another court report which says he was booked in as a client; he didn’t just turn up. “Wounding with intent” – the intent is for grievous bodily harm. He may have pleaded guilty to this in exchange for avoiding an attempted murder charge.
    The Sun comments don’t strike me as interesting. Just the usual idiots calling for longer sentences and/or the death penalty. They don’t seem to realise that the 8 years is a minimum, and his actual sentence is indefinite.
    I couldn’t find anything saying how she is now, but her escort pages seem moribund. I hope she’s OK.

  3. ropeadope Says:

    @ Andearl – Thank you for the reply and info. My thinking was that if enough time had lapsed to have already arrived at a sentence, then surely enough time had lapsed to be given an update on Savannah’s condition. But as you state, a guilty plea would have expedited matters. I’m still not certain on when exactly the attack occurred. Details are hard to come by in this case.

    @ Boots – Thank you for the additional info. In other words, he was utilizing Savannah’s escort services? Guess that’s an inherent danger of the profession – you never know what’s in the mind of the person hiring you.

    I especially liked the comment of Marzipam (along with a few others) directed to The Sun >>>> Don’t bother telling us how she’s doing will you? Just concentrate on the horrific part. He was charged with “wounding with intent” – the only indication of her post-attack condition, i.e still alive.

  4. HotScooter2 Says:


    i just read this blog a little over an hour ago. needless to say i was shocked. when will all this needless violence end.?

    i would like to think that man has evolved more than he has,but events like this just show how wrong i am to think that way. i guess that as long as there is man there will be needless violence and that deeply saddens me

  5. WayneThePain Says:

    I have to point out that here in the UK “The Sun”, although considered a newspaper is only on the news-stand owing to it’s poor absorbency; otherwise it’d be in the same aisle as the other toilet paper.

    Our judicial system is erratic to say the least and certainly not fluid even with guaranteed convictions. Life is 15 with a minimum 7 to be served (This was true as of 1999 when I was reading law – It may well have changed).

    My thoughts are truly with Savannah and I hope she goes some way to recovering without too much mental trauma.

    Still it would seem the quote from The Sun smacks of the Taupin lyric “All the papers had to say, was that Marilyn was found in the nude”.

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – Hi Scooter, good to see you. Evolution is a very slow process. Appears we still have a long journey ahead of us.

    @ WayneThePain – Thank you for the info, insight, and humour. I join you in wishing Savannah a full and speedy recovery.

  7. Shannon Smith Says:

    Who cares if some hooker bitch get’s her neck cut.

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ Shannon Smith – I care, same as I would upon hearing this news regarding any human being.

  9. HotScooter2 Says:

    @ Shannon Smith-Hooker or not what right have we to judge her.And no one deserves to have their throat slashed

  10. Papayaman1 Says:

    Shannon, go and be a troll somewhere else, you’re busted here.