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In our poll to determine first Diabolic upload, Spring Chickens #19 was the winner. That DVD was added to VideoBox two weeks ago, and was met with an enthusiastic reception. We are fortunate to have a few more volumes of this series. Today I’m posting a preview / review of Spring Chickens #18. I’ve captured images and have reviews and ratings for all six scenes, plus the behind the scenes segment. Please note I was viewing a low bitrate streaming version of the video. The images may not be quite as sharp as I would’ve liked, but they’re still pretty good. Will Spring Chickens #18 stack up favorably against Spring Chickens #19? It’s a tall order, but with a cast including the always intriguing Joanna Angel, super cuties Alexis Love and McKenzee Miles, old reliable Harmony Rose, and the porn debut of Stephanie Cane, I have high expectations.

Update: Look for the DVD to be uploaded Saturday, August 7, 2010.

Spring Chickens #18 scene 1 Joanna Angel

1 Joanna Angel 01
1 Joanna Angel 02
1 Joanna Angel 03
1 Joanna Angel 04
1 Joanna Angel 05
1 Joanna Angel 06
1 Joanna Angel 07
1 Joanna Angel 08
1 Joanna Angel 09
1 Joanna Angel 10
1 Joanna Angel 11
1 Joanna Angel 12
1 Joanna Angel 13
1 Joanna Angel 14
1 Joanna Angel 15
Scene starts off humorously, as Director Chico Wang tries to get Joanna Angel to cluck, peck, scratch at the ground with her feet, and flap her arms like a chicken. I thought Joanna did a fine job, but Chico announces he’s had enough after seventy seconds, and we transition into the scene proper.

Joanna is a psychologist, treating her patient James Deen. James is frustrated because he wants to perform rough sex on his girlfriend, but she won’t allow it. As James tells his story, Joanna becomes excited, and starts rubbing at her red panties under her short black skirt. Joanna approaches James, and the couple kiss passionately on the couch. All of a sudden, James grabs Joanna by the hair and hauls her to her feet. His other hand is initially around Joanna’s throat; now slapping her face multiple times. Spits on her face and in her mouth. Joanna stroking and sucking James’ cock. Face fucking. James has his hands on the back of Joanna’s head, as he drills his cock in and out of her mouth. Slapping his dick against Joanna’s face. Fish-hooking with the cock. Joanna tosses off her white blouse and loses the panties shortly afterward. She wants to be fucked in the ass. Joanna is still attired in her black skirt, black bra, and white stockings. Joanna using both hands to spread her ass cheeks wide, as James enters in standing doggie anal. The bra comes off, and James leans Joanna against the office wall as he continues his anal assault. James has a good rhythm going, pumping Joanna’s ass with deep, steady strokes. A2M. Joanna stroking the dick with both hands. Joanna steps out of her skirt, and is down on the floor on all fours. James squats over Joanna and inserts his cock in doggie anal. Joanna is being banged hard, and feeling every stroke. Spoon anal. James periodically slapping at Joanna’s pussy, and especially her butt cheeks, left breast, and face, which have all turned pinkish. Abundance of spitting in this scene. Reverse cowgirl anal. A2M. Joanna wants the cock in her pussy, but James refuses. He tells Joanna she’s a whore, and whores get fucked in the ass. Doggie anal. Standing doggie anal. Joanna’s upper body and raised left leg are braced against the wall. A2M. James strokes off into Joanna’s wide open mouth. Lots of cum. Joanna shows the cum to the camera and lets it dribble out of her mouth and into James’ cupped hand. I was beginning to cringe, fearing James was about to swallow it down himself, but he smears the cum into Joanna’s face instead, adding several slaps for good measure.

Joanna rises up, throws James back down on the couch, and puts her clothes back on. She announces the therapy session is now over. James weeps uncontrollably. In a brief post scene interview, Joanna assures us everything was consensual, and she had a good time.

rope rating: 4.5 out of 5 โ€“ Whew, this was a hardcore scene. I took an immediate liking to Joanna, based on her scene opening chicken impersonation. I wasn’t bothered by the slapping, because you knew Joanna was okay with it. However, I was troubled by the excessive spitting. I’m sure Joanna was okay with this as well, but it was just too much for me. I didn’t itemize out all the spitting in my review above, because I would have been repeating myself over and over. As to the sex, James delivered a hard butt fucking to Joanna throughout the scene, and the duo exhibited good chemistry together. If not for the over the top spitting, I would have likely rated the scene a perfect 5 out of 5.

Spring Chickens #18 scene 2 Alexis Love

2 alexis love 01
2 alexis love 02
2 alexis love 03
2 alexis love 04
2 alexis love 05
2 alexis love 06
2 alexis love 07
2 alexis love 08
2 alexis love 09
2 alexis love 10
2 alexis love 11
2 alexis love 12
2 alexis love 13
2 alexis love 14
2 alexis love 15
2 alexis love 16
2 alexis love 17
2 alexis love 18
2 alexis love 19
2 alexis love 20
2 alexis love 21
2 alexis love 22
2 alexis love 23
Alexis Love has just returned home from school. She searches the house for her daddy, but he appears to be away. Alexis dancing around, as she listens to music through headphones. Alexis is wearing a hooded gray sweatshirt, short blue jean skirt, and furry purple boots. Her hair features duo ponytails. A knock is heard at the door. It’s the pool guy (Brian Surewood). Brian tells Alexis her daddy owes him money for last month’s pool cleaning. Brian goes around back to tend to the pool, and Alexis returns to her seat. Brian skimming the pool as Alexis watches him through the sliding glass door of the house. Alexis pulls off her sweatshirt, revealing a sexy white top. Alexis has her left leg draped over the arm of the chair, and we get a good view of her red and white polka dot panties. Alexis rubs at her pussy, initially over the panties, then directly on her pussy with her panties pulled to the side. Brian notices Alexis playing with herself. Brian comes inside the house and tells Alexis he’s going to settle her daddy’s debt by fucking her. Massaging Alexis’ breasts over her shirt. Alexis fishes Brian’s cock out of his pants and gives great looking head. Alexis, with her trademark snaggletooth, is looking really cute today. Alexis peels off her remaining clothes (but the boots remain on), and climbs aboard Brian in cowgirl. Brian holding Alexis steady at the hips, as he drives his cock up and into her pussy.

Alexis: “My daddy don’t got a dick that big.” (Huh? – rope)

Brian rises up without disengaging, and bounces Alexis on his cock in standing cowgirl. Laying Alexis back down on the chair in missionary, as Alexis strokes her clit. Overhead camera capturing the action.

Alexis: “Deeper daddy. Treat me like a piece of meat, daddy.”

Brian turns Alexis over on the chair and enters in doggie. Alexis has an overall slim frame, but possesses long legs, nice tits and ass. P2M. Fucking resumes in doggie. Alexis now being plowed as she lays on her side.

Alexis: “I wanna go to the prom, show me how to fuck.”

Brian: “First you suck it, then you fuck it.”

P2M, action being captured in POV. Alexis has big, beautiful eyes. Alexis mounts Brian reverse cowgirl. Alexis riding the cock, her titties jiggling about.

Alexis: “Does that feel good daddy?”

Brian goes down on Alexis. Alexis now down on both knees, stroking Brian’s dick with both hands, as she sucks on the head. Brian shoots a big load of cum onto the right side of Alexis’ face, much of it dripping down to her chest. Brian gathers up his clothes, and as he’s about to leave, informs Alexis he’s really not the pool guy. But her daddy still owes him money (implying he’ll be back for more debt forgiveness).

rope rating: 4.25 out of 5 – Alexis is a long time favorite of mine, and was her usual hot self here. One factor held this scene back for me. Unlike the first scene pairing with Joanna and James, I sensed very little chemistry between Alexis and Brian. Had the feeling that Alexis was scheduled to work with another performer who failed to show up, and Brian was substituted at the last moment. I did appreciate the lack of choking, slapping, and spitting. If you can get past the lack of chemistry, Alexis’ heat carries the scene.

Spring Chickens #18 scene 3 Katarina Kat & Tommie Ryden

3 Katarina Kat Tommie Ryden 01
3 Katarina Kat Tommie Ryden 02
3 Katarina Kat Tommie Ryden 03
3 Katarina Kat Tommie Ryden 04
3 Katarina Kat Tommie Ryden 05
3 Katarina Kat Tommie Ryden 06
3 Katarina Kat Tommie Ryden 07
3 Katarina Kat Tommie Ryden 08
3 Katarina Kat Tommie Ryden 09
3 Katarina Kat Tommie Ryden 10
Katarina Kat (blonde hair) and Tommie Ryden (dark hair) enter a room where Brian Surewood awaits on the couch. Brian has a gun like device in his hand, which emits a red laser beam of light. Brian targets Katerina with the laser, and she strips out of her black dress and black panties. Brian now focuses the laser on Tommie, and she removes her halter top, short skirt, and panties. (Note to self – get one of those laser contraptions on next shopping trip.) Both girls are now nude, save for their shoes. Katerina and Tommie kiss. The girls approach Brian, and free his cock from his pants. Tommie is the first to get a taste, with Katerina close behind. Girls tag-teaming the dick. Scene cuts and Tommie (bottom) and Katerina (top) are stacked up on the couch. Brian, positioned behind the girls, alternately fucking both pussies in doggie. Katerina, Tommie, Katerina, Tommie. Nice! Girls unstack themselves, and Brian drills Tommie in doggie, as she eats Katerina’s pussy. Katerina P2OGM, Tommie P2M. Brian banging Katerina missionary; Tommie sitting on Katerina’s face. Tommie leans forward, licking at Katerina’s clit, as Brian continues his pussy pummeling. Tommie P2OGM. Girls in the 69 position, Tommie on top. Brian nailing Tommie from behind, as Katerina licks at Tommie’s pussy and Brian’s balls from below. Tommie P2M. Girls still in the 69; Brian fucking Katerina missionary. Tommie P2OGM. Katerina and Tommie on their backs, side-by-side kissing with tongue play. Their legs are spread wide and intertwined. Brian fucking Katerina, then switching to Tommie, back to Katerina, then back to Tommie again, all in missionary. Girls still side-by-side and kissing, but now on their knees, asses sticking out. Brian alternating between the two pussies in doggie. Tommie, Katerina, Tommie. Tommie stroking and sucking Brian’s cock. Brian takes over and blows another big load onto the faces of both girls. Post cum head from Tommie, then Katerina. Brian confesses his gun was fake, and tosses the girls out.

rope rating: 4.25 out of 5 – I thought this scene might be a weak link in the film, but I was wrong for several reasons. First off, the girls worked very well together. There were no “dead spots,” where one girl just sat around doing nothing, while Brian interacted with the other girl. The girls were always busy with each other. Secondly, Brian was given no dialogue until the final half minute of the scene. He just went about his business – fucking the girls. This is where Brian is at his best. Thirdly, the 21 minute length of the scene was to my liking. I’ve found a few of the Diabolic scenes dragging on a bit too long, but this was just right.

Spring Chickens #18 scene 4 Stephanie Cane

4 Stephanie Cane 01
4 Stephanie Cane 02
4 Stephanie Cane 03
4 Stephanie Cane 04
4 Stephanie Cane 05
4 Stephanie Cane 06
4 Stephanie Cane 07
4 Stephanie Cane 08
4 Stephanie Cane 09
4 Stephanie Cane 10
4 Stephanie Cane 11
4 Stephanie Cane 12
4 Stephanie Cane 13
4 Stephanie Cane 14
4 Stephanie Cane 15
Cute Stephanie Cane is being interviewed by Director Chico Wang in preparation for her very first porn scene. While this will be Stephanie’s first time fucking on camera, she has fucked “lots”, off camera. She lost her virginity in the 9th grade at the age of 14 to her boyfriend of six months. She had a “six month rule” for fucking, but was blowing him earlier in the relationship.

Stephanie has changed into a pink bikini and is joined by Steve Holmes. Steve partially lowers Stephanie’s bikini top, squeezing and sucking on her beautiful right breast. Stephanie down on her knees, unleashes Steve’s big dick and gives head. Steve face fucking Stephanie, albeit in a relatively gentle manner. Steve is taking it easy on the newcomer. Stephanie getting deep down on the cock. Steve removes Stephanie’s bikini bottoms, revealing her bare pussy. Stephanie lays back on the couch and spreads her legs wide, as Steve goes down on her. Steve eating at a leisurely pace, fingering and sucking the pussy. Stephanie has her legs pinned back as Steve continues to feast on her snatch. Stephanie provides some more head, and plays with her pussy a bit. The fucking commences in spoon with Stephanie’s left leg raised high and draped over Steve’s left shoulder. Steve getting in some deep strokes. Steve takes another taste of Stephanie’s pussy, and now enters in missionary. Adding a finger to the cock in Steph’s pussy, rubbing at her clit. Stephanie is using both hands to spread her pussy wide, as Steve continues his missionary assault. Stephanie’s top is fully removed and she mounts Steve in reverse cowgirl, which transitions into spoon. P2M. Steve applying mild pressure forcing Stephanie down on his cock. Her eyes are bulging. Some choking and face slapping. Stephanie is on her knees on the couch, as Steve enters in doggie. His right foot is now on Stephanie’s head, as the doggie drilling sustains. Pussy gape. Steve places Stephanie’s legs close together, and resumes in doggie. Steve has been boning Stephanie with ever increasing intensity as the scene has proceeded, and Stephanie is squealing with each and every stroke of his cock. Steve fingering Steph’s pussy, eliciting some screams. Stephanie climbs aboard Steve in cowgirl, her cute butt to the camera. Steve is using rapid strokes as he drives his dick up and into Stephanie’s pussy. Missionary; Steve slamming into Stephanie. Steve drops his load into Stephanie’s mouth, and she swallows it down. Post cum head. Kisses camera. Chico tells Stephanie she’s now a bona fide porn star.

rope rating: 4.5 out of 5 โ€“ An excellent debut for Stephanie. The pairing with Steve Holmes was key. Steve made Stephanie feel comfortable, starting out slow and easy, then picking up the pace as the scene moved forward. Stephanie reveals in the behind the scenes segment, she gets off best while being licked (as opposed to fucked or fingered), and Steve devoted a good amount of time to eating that pussy. We currently have fourteen Stephanie Cane scenes on the site (not counting bts), and it’s exciting to add her inauguration to that collection.

Spring Chickens #18 scene 5 McKenzee Miles

5 McKenzee Miles 01
5 McKenzee Miles 02
5 McKenzee Miles 03
5 McKenzee Miles 04
5 McKenzee Miles 05
5 McKenzee Miles 06
5 McKenzee Miles 07
5 McKenzee Miles 08
5 McKenzee Miles 09
5 McKenzee Miles 10
5 McKenzee Miles 11
5 McKenzee Miles 12
5 McKenzee Miles 13
5 McKenzee Miles 14
5 McKenzee Miles 15
5 McKenzee Miles 16
McKenzee, attired in a greenish blue nightgown, green and white polka dot panties, and tan boots, is tending to her pool. She paws at her panties below the gown. McKenzee lays back in a large chair, heels of boots up on the chair, and strokes her pussy over the panties. Pulling panties to the side, McKenzee rubs the pussy, inserts a finger, and takes a taste. McKenzee turns over, knees on the chair, showing her ass and pussy to the camera. She enters the house and lays on the couch, feet over the back cushions, head hanging off the front edge. James Deen and Talon take turns face fucking McKenzee. James reaching under McKenzee’s panties, playing with her pussy. McKenzee now nude (but the boots remain on) and on the rotisserie. Talon drilling McKenzee in doggie, as she gives head to James. P2M on Talon. Guys change places; James assuming the fucking duties while Talon receives head. McKenzee on her back on the floor; Talon entering in missionary. Stroking and sucking James’ cock. James takes over in brief missionary, then raises McKenzee in his arms and bounces her on his dick in standing cowgirl. Hot! Back to the floor in traditional cowgirl. P2M for James. Talon banging McKenzee on the floor in missionary, as he holds her legs high. Legs pinned back, McKenzee’s ass is raised off the floor as Talon increases the tempo. Talon spoon fucking McKenzee, as she sucks James. McKenzee laying flat on the floor on her stomach, with James entering in doggie. McKenzee using both hands to spread her butt cheeks wide, allowing easier access for James. McKenzee’s arms are now folded behind her back, as James continues in doggie. From behind the camera, Chico calls for James to penetrate McKenzee deeper. McKenzee down on her knees between the guys as they take turns face fucking her. James has his dick buried to the hilt in McKenzee’s mouth, and squeezes her nostrils shut.

McKenzee: “Talon, will you please cum in my pussy? I wanna taste it.”

Talon pumping McKenzee missionary on the couch, and delivers a vaginal creampie. McKenzee sits up; cum draining out of her pussy and onto the couch and floor. Talon scooping up cum and feeding it to McKenzee. James, standing over McKenzee, shoots a big load onto her face and hair. James using a tortilla chip to mop up the cum. Feeds the chip to McKenzee. She chews it up and swallows it down. McKenzee shows her empty mouth to the camera. All gone.

rope rating: 4.5 out of 5 โ€“ This is original McKenzee, prior to her breast augmentation surgery. The guys railed McKenzee in a wide variety of positions, and she looked outstanding in all of them. I especially enjoyed the standing cowgirl, and flat on stomach doggie. I appreciated the inclusion of both a creampie and a facial. Utilization of the tortilla chip, while inventive, may be more a matter of personal taste.

Spring Chickens #18 scene 6 Harmony Rose

6 Harmony Rose 01
6 Harmony Rose 02
6 Harmony Rose 03
6 Harmony Rose 04
6 Harmony Rose 05
6 Harmony Rose 06
6 Harmony Rose 07
6 Harmony Rose 08
6 Harmony Rose 09
6 Harmony Rose 10
6 Harmony Rose 11
6 Harmony Rose 12
6 Harmony Rose 13
6 Harmony Rose 14
6 Harmony Rose 15
Harmony Rose gets into the spirit of the Spring Chicken theme by laying some eggs. James Deen and Talon show up, smash the eggs against the wall, and tag team Harmony in a face fucking frenzy. Harmony switching back and forth, stroking one cock while devouring the other. Harmony moves to the couch and hangs her head over the edge, as the guys continue the face fucking festival. Harmony laying lengthwise on the couch. Talon entering in missionary as James receives head. Harmony on her knees, getting doggie banged by James, with Talon receiving the oral. James pulls out of Harmony’s pussy, and resumes in doggie anal. A2M for James, as Talon takes over in doggie anal. Anal gape. Guys turn Harmony over on her back. Missionary anal for James, as Talon gets his dick sucked. James out of the ass and into the pussy, now back in the ass. A2M on James. Harmony climbs aboard Talon in cowgirl vag. James slips his cock into Harmony’s ass to complete the double penetration (DP). Withdrawing from the ass, James stuffs his cock into Harmony’s pussy. Both dicks are in Harmony’s pussy (DPP). James alternating multiple times between the double vaginal and standard double penetration. A2M for James, Harmony engulfing the entire cock in her mouth. P2M on Talon. Harmony mounting Talon in reverse cowgirl anal. James entering the pussy for another DP. Each guy getting some stokes in Harmony’s ass, before another DP takes hold. Scene continues in this fashion with more DP, DPP, and alternating anal. Harmony is now straddling an arm of the couch. She is blowing Talon to the front, as James enters in doggie anal. James swithing to the pussy, then back in the ass. James blows his load into Harmony’s butt for an anal creampie. Harmony squatting down, expels the cum into James’ palm and licks it up. Talon missionary vag, drilling Harmony with long, deep strokes. Talon unloads onto Harmony’s mouth, chin, and nose. Post cum head.

As the closing credits roll, Harmony crawls up the stairs and into the shower. James has a carton containing six eggs. Three eggs are thrown and smashed against Harmony’s back and butt, two eggs are smashed on top of her head, and one egg is thrown and smashed against her chest. A smiling Harmony blows a kiss to the camera as the scene concludes.

rope rating: 4.25 out of 5 – Loved Harmony’s personality; you could tell she had a fun time with this scene. The double penetration (DP) and double pussy penetration (DPP) will appeal to many in the membership. Once again, I appreciated the inclusion of both a creampie and a facial. But at 29 minutes in length, I did find the scene a bit wearisome and repetitive.

Spring Chickens #18 scene 7 Behind The Scenes

7 bts 01
7 bts 02
7 bts 03
7 bts 04
7 bts 05
7 bts 06
7 bts 07
7 bts 10
7 bts 08
7 bts 09
Here are a few highlights from the bts segment:

Alexis Love lost her virginity at the age of 15. She entered porn with the encouragement of friends Celina Cross and Sammie Cruz, who were already in the business. Her first scene was awkward, but the money was good.

Joanna Angel grew up in an affluent town in northern New Jersey. Raised in a religious family. She lost her virginity the age of 18. Was a contract girl for Hustler, but is now a free agent. Joanna is looking for a crazy scene today.

Stephanie Cane is from Santa Clarita, CA. Has tried anal sex in her personal life, but didn’t like it. Messed around with a few girlfriends, but nothing serious.

Katerina Kat is from Russia. She was a trapeze artist in the circus, and has the scars to prove it. Took a bad fall from 40 feet onto the concrete. Katerina is extremely flexible. Recently had a baby. Lactating breasts.

Tommie Ryden: “I’m not a whore, I’m just very sexually active.”

James Deen: “Every time I work with Talon, his cum gets somewhere on me.”

Enjoyable behind the scenes segment. I’m not assigning a numerical rating to the scene, but it will earn bonus points for the overall DVD rating.

Overall DVD rating: 4.5 out of 5 – Very solid DVD from Diabolic, not a bad scene to be found on the entire disc. A little something for everyone. We have three 1 on 1 scenes, two bbg scenes, and one bgg scene. Director Chico Wang used the two more extreme scenes to bookend the title. The opening scene with Joanna Angel is an all anal affair, and Joanna is handled roughly (as she desired). The closing scene with Harmony Rose isn’t as rough, but does feature double penetration, double vaginal, and an anal creampie. In between those scenes, we get the oh-so-cute Alexis Love, the enjoyable combination of Katerina Kat and Tommie Ryden, neither of whom I took much notice of previously, the porn debut of Stephanie Cane, and a vaginal creampie from McKenzee Miles. Both creampie scenes included facials as well. I appreciated the inclusion of the bts segment, which gives a window into the personalities of the girls.


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9 Responses to “Diabolic Review – Spring Chickens #18”

  1. Pierre-Luc Says:

    I lol’ed at the “Stephanie Cane Porn Debut”.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Pierre-Luc – Yeah, that guy with the balloons looks almost as pervy as rope. Looks eerily similar to the “finisher” guy in this post (scroll down page). They must be related.

  3. Scrapper Says:

    Looks like it’s going to be a pretty good DVD there Rope. McKenzee Miles is one of my favorites (though has slipped with breast implants) and judging by the screen caps, does a great job. I am kind of partial to the doggie style while laying on her stomache position ๐Ÿ™‚ Alexis Love and the newbie also look to be pretty cool to watch. Thanks!

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ Scrapper – Most welcome my friend. I’m beginning to add the written reviews now, and it’s looking good. Alexis, McKenzee, Stephanie, Joanna, etc. How can you go wrong? I love viewing the doggie while laying flat on stomach position as well. I recall a Veronique Vega scene where it really caught my eye. Okay, back to the reviews. Work, work, work.

  5. Papayaman1 Says:

    Rope these reviews plus screencaps are much appreciated. You have really got me looking forward to this update. All the scenes have attractive women and what sounds and looks like very hot action. Good job old pal.

  6. alison Says:

    Stephanie Cane Porn Debut = clip art gold. Nice one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Con Says:

    Less mentions of the director would be nice as he raped and killed Haley Paige.Kind of a buzz kill when discussing porn.Plus we have that idiot to thank for all the hundreds of oh so funny “reviews” on the site whenever one of her scenes turns up.

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – Thank you very much. While I don’t know the specific date, I expect to see the DVD uploaded in the following few weeks.

    @ Alison – Thank you so much. I vertically compressed a celebratory smiley to give it a more “appropriate” look.

    @ Con – I don’t believe there are many at VideoBox who were bigger fans / supporters of Haley than myself. I’m not sure anyone knows exactly what transpired between Chico and Haley in those final weeks. If someone does know, they aren’t talking.

  9. sglick Says:

    “I donโ€™t believe there are many at VideoBox who were bigger fans / supporters of Haley than myself.”

    No offense, but you might want to set a goal of moving out of the parent’s basement this year. Haley Paige was a drug addicted female porn talent. Pure and simple. She wasn’t up for SCOTUS, or the next CEO of HP…she sucked and fucked semi-random cock for a living. The sooner you come to grips with that, the sooner you might get your first kiss from a girl.

    “Iโ€™m not sure anyone knows exactly what transpired between Chico and Haley in those final weeks. If someone does know, they arenโ€™t talking.”

    Oh please dispense with the wannabe ‘Hard Copy’ bad cable TV news promo. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that what transpired during the seven weeks and four days before Haley Paige was dead to know it involved LOTS of drugs mixed with the insanity was her life being in Porn Valley and in a relationship with an utter nutcase like Chico Wang. Again, they were two seriously messed up people who would of happily given up American citizenship if it lead to being the owners of their very own Afghan poppy field.