Diabolic Review – Lewd Conduct #29

Lewd Conduct 29
I’m looking forward to several titles from Diabolic, not the least of which are the volumes comprising the Lewd Conduct series. Lewd Conduct #29 is scheduled for upload Saturday night, August 14th. I’ve captured images and have reviews and ratings for all seven scenes. Check out the images for scene 2, and see if you can identify the three girls who make cameo appearances (the scene itself features Whitney Stevens). I recognized two of the three, but needed to do some research to come up with the third name. The scorching tandem of Sativa Rose and Lorena Sanchez are featured in a MFF threesome in scene 6, Cindy Crawford does DP, DAP, and DPP in scene 1, and we get an (abbreviated) Tory Lane bonus scene to conclude the film. Kelly Kline, Sara Faye, Taylor Ash, and Vivian West round out the cast.

Lewd Conduct #29

Studio; Diabolic

Cast: Cindy Crawford, Kelly Kline, Lorena Sanchez, Sara Faye, Sativa Rose, Taylor Ash, Tory Lane, Vivian West, Whitney Stevens

Cameos: Brandi Lace, Haley Paige, Jasmine Tame

Director: Chico Wang

Lewd Conduct #29 scene 1 Cindy Crawford

1 lc26 01
1 lc26 02
1 lc26 03
1 lc26 04
1 lc26 05
1 lc26 06
1 lc26 07
1 lc26 08
1 lc26 09
1 lc26 10
1 lc26 11
1 lc26 12
1 lc26 13
1 lc26 14
1 lc26 15
1 lc26 16
1 lc26 17
1 lc26 18
1 lc26 19
1 lc26 20
Director Chico Wang shows up at the house of Cindy Crawford to shoot a double anal scene. Will Powers and James Deen are already on site. This will be Cindy’s second double anal (her first must have been in Un-natural Sex #19), and she will be attempting double vaginal for the first time today. Cindy demonstrates how she prepares for double anal – by working a gigantic dildo in and out of her ass, and using an inflatable butt plug balloon. Cindy laying on the couch with her head hanging off the edge, being face fucked by Will. Sitting between the guys, stroking and sucking each cock in alternate fashion. Cindy taking the heads of both cocks into her mouth at once. James entering Cindy anal missionary as she blows Will. Cindy A2M on James; Will taking over in anal mish. Cindy is sportin’ a similar bush to what she displayed in Un-natural Sex #19, but cropped a bit closer today. A2M for Will. James followed by Will, drilling Cindy doggie vag. Cindy mounts James in cowgirl vag. Will approaches from behind and squeezes his dick into Cindy’s pussy for a brief double pussy penetration (DPP). Will out of the pussy and into the ass, to complete the standard double penetration (DP). A2M for Will, P2M for James. Cindy climbs aboard Will reverse cowgirl anal. James joins Will in the ass for double anal penetration (DAP). Cindy accommodates the double anal easier than the double vaginal. Guys get a good rhythm going with the double anal and Cindy is looking good. James switches from the ass to the pussy for another DP. James pummeling Cindy’s pussy at a rapid rate. James returns to the ass for more double anal. A2M for James followed by another DP. Cindy riding Will cowgirl vag. James slips into the pussy for another try at double vag. The guys manage a few more strokes than earlier in the scene, but Cindy’s pussy is too tight to comfortably handle the two cocks. James back to the ass for another DP. Cindy fucking back at the dicks penetrating her holes. A2M for James, P2M for Will. Both guys unload into Cindy’s mouth, some cum landing on the side of her face and chest. Cindy gargales the cum and swallows it down.

rope rating: 4.5 out of 5 – Cindy has a fun personality, and this was an enjoyable scene. I never realized what a freak (in the best sense of the word) Cindy was, until I viewed her Diabolic scenes. She seemed to be more at home (lol, the scene is supposedly being filmed in her house – maybe I should have said … seemed to be more confident …) with the double anal than in Un-natural Sex #19. The double vaginal was short lived, but Cindy gave it the old college try (twice), and this did not hold back the scene for me. We’ll be seeing more Diabolic Cindy in Gang Bang Auditions #22, Mouth to Mouth #7, and No Swallowing Allowed #10. Eagerly awaiting those titles.

Lewd Conduct #29 scene 2 Whitney Stevens

2 lc26 01
2 lc26 02
2 lc26 03
2 lc26 04
2 lc26 05
2 lc26 06
2 lc26 07
2 lc26 08
2 lc26 09
2 lc26 10
2 lc26 11
2 lc26 12
2 lc26 13
2 lc26 14
2 lc26 15
2 lc26 16
2 lc26 17
2 lc26 18
2 lc26 19
2 lc26 20
Chico and the gang are out on a boat. Cameo appearances and brief conversations with Brandi Lace, Jasmine Tame, and Haley Paige. I believe the idea was to shoot Whitney Steven’s scene at sea, but co-star James Deen became nauseated by the motion of the boat, and they have returned to land. Whitney tells us she’s 34DD, and this will be her first anal scene. Diabolic wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

Whitney giving head to James. James titty fucking Whitney’s massive melons. Her breasts may weigh as much as James. Whitney climbs aboard James in reverse cowgirl anal. Whitney has a fully shaved pussy. Whitney’s titties are swaying about, as she rides the cock in her ass. Overhead camera capturing some of the activity. Spoon anal; James forcefully driving his dick in and out of Whitney’s ass. James gets in some more titty fucking. Resuming the butt banging, this time in missionary. Whitney’s lower body is hanging off the couch, now back up on the couch with her right leg draped over James’ right shoulder. Whitney’s ass is absorbing a hard pounding. Whitney two handed stroking James’ cock. Whitney on her knees on the couch, James entering in doggie anal. Whitney stroking and sucking James. Face fucking.

Whitney: Feed me like a hungry gopher.

(What? lol, somebody please check my hearing – 21:43)

James fires his load into Whitney’s mouth and onto the side of her face. Scooping the cum on her face into mouth. Whitney swallows it down. James slapping his dick against Whitney’s tits. Whitney says she enjoyed her first anal scene. She’s now an anal addict, a riveted rectum.

rope rating: 4.25 out of 5 – Whitney is cute with huge natural breasts. Always enjoy her scenes, especially when cock riding in the reverse cowgirl position. More Diabolic Whitney upcoming in I’m A Big Girl Now #7, Mouth 2 Mouth #9, Rack It Up #2, and Spring Chickens #17. Can’t wait.

Lewd Conduct #29 scene 3 Kelly Kline & Sara Faye

3 lc26 01
3 lc26 02
3 lc26 03
3 lc26 04
3 lc26 05
3 lc26 06
3 lc26 07
3 lc26 08
3 lc26 09
3 lc26 10
3 lc26 11
3 lc26 12
3 lc26 13
3 lc26 14
3 lc26 15
3 lc26 16
3 lc26 17
3 lc26 18
Will Powers is in a hotel room, gorging on chicken wings. Somehow he’s under the delusion he’s the host of a late night adult talk show. He introduces and brings out his first guest – Sara Faye. Sara says she’s brand new to the adult industry. Hasn’t filmed any scenes yet. Will brings out Kelly Kline, who is acting as Sara’s agent. Kelly lowers Sara’s shirt, revealing her cute breasts. Will and Kelly decide to audition Sara, in order to see if she’s up to the rigors of adult video. Sara giving head to Will. Kelly sucking the cock; Sara licking the balls. Kelly pries Sara’s mouth apart, as Will fucks her face. Girls are in a sixty-nine, Sara on top of Kelly. Sara licking at Kelly’s clit. Will entering Sara in doggie. Kelly multiple P2OGM. Kelly grabbing Sara by the hips, slamming her back on Will’s cock. Kelly spreads out in front of Sara. Sara eating Kelly as Will continues his doggie assault. Kelly has a small patch of bush above her pussy. Sara P2M. Kelly fingering Sara’s snatch. Kelly mounts Will reverse cowgirl. She is wearing black boots and looking good. Sara, to the front of the action, licking at both Kelly’s clit and Will’s balls. Sara P2OGM. Sara climbs aboard Will in cowgirl. Bouncy-bouncy on the dick. Kelly and Sara kissing. Sara P2M. Kelly forcing Sara’s head down on Will’s cock. Sara resumes in cowgirl. Kelly P2OGM. Kelly and Sara are side-by-side on the bed, their asses facing the camera. Will doggie banging each girl in turn, Kelly >>> Sara >>> Kelly again >>> Sara again. Girls double teaming Will’s cock orally. Girls now on their backs, legs overlapping, presenting their pussies to the camera. Sara missionary, followed by Kelly missionary. Sara P2OGM. More mish for Sara. Sara P2M. Will face fucking Sara. Sara and Kelly giving POV head to Will in alternating fashion. Will strokes his load onto Sara’s face. Kelly licks a droplet off of Sara’s nose. I don’t believe she liked the taste. Sara post cum head, going all the way down to the base of the dick. Will returns to his chicken wings.

rope rating: 4 out of 5 – Sara and Kelly are both cute, and each looked good getting fucked. I had two problems with this scene. First off, the storyline was quite lame. I would have much preferred the girls just showing up, and fucking Will’s socks off. Secondly, having Kelly bark instructions at Sara throughout the scene, detracted from the overall heat. Sara did not come off as a newbie, and I believe she would have held her own in a straight forward, no gimmick scene.

Lewd Conduct #29 scene 4 Taylor Ash

4 lc26 01
4 lc26 02
4 lc26 03
4 lc26 04
4 lc26 05
4 lc26 06
4 lc26 07
4 lc26 08
4 lc26 09
4 lc26 10
4 lc26 11
4 lc26 12
4 lc26 13
4 lc26 14
4 lc26 15
4 lc26 17
4 lc26 19
While Chico is indisposed, James Deen steals his camera and goes poolside to interview Taylor Ash. Taylor has done internet porn back in Phoenix, but this is her first “real” scene in Los Angeles. James figures he has about five minutes before Chico realizes his camera is missing. James wondering what they can do in five minutes. Taylor answers by squatting down on her haunches, and extracting James’ cock. Taylor blowing James, the action being captured in POV. Taylor taking her time with the cock, leisurely licking and sucking. Taylor providing good eye contact. Chico comes storming out of the house.

Chico: Give me that fucking camera!

James lifts the back of Taylor’s skirt and lowers her panties to mid thigh. Appears ready to begin the fucking in doggie, but Chico calls a halt to the proceedings and moves the scene indoors. Inside the house, Taylor on all fours on a sectional couch. James entering in doggie. P2M. James lays Taylor down, with her head hanging off the edge of the couch. James squats over Taylor, fucking her face. James screwing Taylor missionary, her left leg resting on his left shoulder. P2M. Taylor providing no hands head. Spooning. James has his left arm under Taylor’s left leg, as he drills her pussy with quick strokes. Taylor mounts James cowgirl, riding the cock. Taylor leaning forward and to the side, as James grabs her hips and propels her back and forth on his dick. Taylor bouncing on the cock in cowgirl. Camera capturing part of the action from in front of Taylor (giving a reverse cowgirl feel). P2M. James drops a big load into Taylor’s mouth and onto her face. James scooping the facial cum into Taylor’s mouth. Taylor shows the cum to the camera, and swallows.

rope rating: 4 out of 5 – This is a good scene, but nothing extraordinary. Taylor is attractive, and I enjoyed the POV oral footage. The fucking was solid, but fairly standard. Taylor’s moaning was a bit over the top.

Lewd Conduct #29 scene 5 Vivian West

5 lc26 01
5 lc26 02
5 lc26 03
5 lc26 04
5 lc26 05
5 lc26 06
5 lc26 07
5 lc26 08
5 lc26 09
5 lc26 10
5 lc26 11
5 lc26 12
5 lc26 13
5 lc26 14
5 lc26 15
5 lc26 16
5 lc26 17
5 lc26 18
5 lc26 19
5 lc26 20
James Deen is pissed at Chico for booking him on three consecutive days, and then canceling all three while Chico partied and got drunk in Las Vegas. James has hired a hooker, which he intends to charge to Chico. A knock is heard at the door. The hooker (Vivian West) has arrived. Vivian kneeling down and giving no hands head to James. Licking at his balls. Vivian disposes of her clothes, but her red high heel shoes remain on. James face fucking Vivian. Vivian on the couch, James entering in missionary. James pumping Vivian with deep strokes. Vivian has her right leg outstretched toward the camera, and her left leg is pinned back and pointing upwards. Looking good with the red shoes still in place. James lifts Vivian up and transitions from mish into cowgirl while remaining fully engaged. Give him credit for one stroke of standing cowgirl in the interim. P2M. Vivian squeezing lube onto James’ cock and into her ass. Vivian down on the floor on all fours, James entering in doggie anal. James plunging his cock in and out of the ass, as Vivian rubs at her pussy. Spoon anal, Vivian removing and tossing aside her right shoe. Vivian slapping her pussy. A2M. Vivian’s left shoe is now off. James throws Vivian back on the couch and spreads her legs wide apart for missionary anal. Vivian’s ass is off the edge of the couch. James switches from the ass to the pussy, still in missionary. Vivian now laying on her side; James taking turns in both pussy and ass. James blows his load into Vivian’s mouth. Post cum head. Vivian shows the cum to the camera and swallows it down. James tosses Vivian out of the house without her money or her clothes.

rope rating: 4.5 out of 5 – Enjoyable scene. Vivian was most believable in the role of a hooker. Her dialogue was authentic sounding throughout. The red high heel shoes provided a nice touch. Wish they stayed on to the conclusion of the scene.

Lewd Conduct #29 scene 6 Lorena Sanchez & Sativa Rose

6 lc26 01
6 lc26 02
6 lc26 03
6 lc26 04
6 lc26 05
6 lc26 06
6 lc26 07
6 lc26 08
6 lc26 09
6 lc26 10
6 lc26 11
6 lc26 12
6 lc26 13
6 lc26 14
6 lc26 15
6 lc26 16
6 lc26 17
6 lc26 18
6 lc26 19
6 lc26 20
6 lc26 21
6 lc26 22
6 lc26 23
Lorena Sanchez and Sativa Rose are smoking cigarettes and kissing. Damn, those lips look soft and succulent. Sativa is wearing a sexy pink nightie and panties; Lorena is attired in a hot pink halter bra and panties. They move onto the bed with Lorena sucking on Sativa’s left nipple. Sativa returning the favor, sucking on Lorena’s titties. Lorena pulls off Sativa’s panties. Eating the pussy, tongue flicking at Sativa’s clit. Brian Surewood appears behind Lorena, and fills her pussy with cock. Lorena’s cute, shapely butt on display as Brian continues in doggie. Lorena moves further up on the bed, so she is directly above Sativa. Brian switching back and forth between Sativa missionary and Lorena doggie, as the girls kiss. Lorena P2M. Brian sliding his cock between the mouths of both girls simultaneously (see 8th row of screencaps above). Sativa, out of her nightie, climbing aboard Brian in cowgirl. Brian pistoning his cock up and into Sativa’s pussy from below. Lorena P2OGM. Lorena inserts the cock back into Sativa’s snatch. Brian lifts Sativa into standing cowgirl. Bouncing Sativa up and down on his dick. Lorena missionary. Sativa licking at Lorena’s clit. Sativa P2OGM. Sativa straddling Lorena’s head, sits her pussy down on Lorena’s face. Lorena eating Sativa from below. Sativa leaning forward for P2OGM. Sativa positions herself above Lorena, ass facing Brian. Brian withdraws from Lorena’s pussy and enters Sativa in doggie anal. Lorena multiple A2OGM. Brian turns Sativa over into anal missionary. Now it’s Lorena’s turn to drop her pussy on Sativa’s face. Lorena being eaten from below; leaning forward to lick at Sativa’s clit. Lorena A2OGM. Lorena positions herself above Sativa, ass toward Brian. Brian alternating between missionary anal on Sativa and doggie vag on Lorena. Sativa P2OGM. Stack ’em up, both girls in the missionary position, Sativa atop Lorena. Brian once again alternating between Sativa’s ass and Lorena’s pussy. Both girls down on their knees sucking Brian’s dick and kissing one another. Brian shoots his load into Sativa’s mouth. Sativa and Lorena swap the cum back and forth a few times, before Lorena swallows it down. Sativa blows a kiss to the camera and the girls wave goodbye. Just before the scene concludes, Chico grabs Sativa’s left breast and evidently gets some of Brian’s cum on his hand (much to the delight and amusement of Sativa, who is clapping her hands and whooping it up like she just won the lottery).

rope rating: 5 out of 5 – Blistering scene. Lorena and Sativa are consummate professionals, had excellent chemistry together, and made for great eye candy. Enjoyed the variety of positions, and the fact that the girls were always busy with each other, while one was being fucked by Brian.

Lewd Conduct #29 scene 7 Tory Lane (Bonus Scene)

7 lc26 01
7 lc26 02
7 lc26 03
7 lc26 04
7 lc26 05
7 lc26 06
7 lc26 07
7 lc26 08
7 lc26 09
7 lc26 10
7 lc26 11
James Deen and Steve Holmes are awaiting the arrival of some girls, but they reach the conclusion they’ve been stood up. James suggests they call 1-800-HOOKERS-R-US (toll free). Tory Lane receives the call. As luck would have it, she’s close by and heads over to their room. Tory removes her overcoat to reveal a plaid bikini. Steve hands Tory $300. Tory giving head to James while Steve licks at her pussy and ass from behind. Steve gets some head, and Tory is now kneeling between the guys, stroking and sucking each. Tory has a trimmed bush. Steve enters Tory in standing doggie. She is nude except for purple knee high boots. P2M for Steve, James taking over in doggie. Tory climbs aboard Steve in cowgirl. James slipping into Tory doggie anal to complete the double penetration (DP). Guys drilling each of Tory’s holes, but she feels discomfort, and hops off the cocks. After a bit of a break, Tory mounts Steve reverse cowgirl anal, which she feels will be a better position. They try a few times, followed by a couple of attempts in spoon anal (with extra lube), but Tory is experiencing too much rectal pain. Tory’s ass is out of commission today! Ever the trooper, Tory continues with the scene, but vag only. Steve doggie while Tory blows James. James missionary while Tory strokes Steve. Steve drops his load on Tory’s face. James deposits a big load in Tory’s mouth. Post cum head.

Tory says she wasn’t on her “A” game today. Her last anal was about one week ago, and her ass has tightened up since then. Plus she ate spicy food last night. Tory will make it up to Chico by shooting a free blow bang.

rope rating: Incomplete – Due to the circumstances, I’m not assigning a numerical rating to the scene. I’m considering this scene as “boner footage,” especially since the DVD contains six full scenes in addition to this one. As such, it’s basically an extra, and will not negatively impact the overall DVD rating.

DVD rating: 4.5 out of 5 – Another solid release from Diabolic, led by the Lorena Sanchez – Sativa Rose threesome. Good variety of girls and scene activities, nicely captured by Chico.


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9 Responses to “Diabolic Review – Lewd Conduct #29”

  1. qihob Says:

    Considering the identity of one of the extra women in the video, deleting allegedly tasteless comments like mine is going to be a full time job.

  2. HotScooter2 Says:


    very ironic that Chico Wang is directing a film in which his wife,that he allegedly murdered,Haley Paige appears as a cameo.

  3. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – Haley and Chico were already a couple at this point, so it’s not all that surprising. I imagine Haley was present at many of his video shoots. Especially ones that incorporated an exotic element, such as being on a boat and filming at sea. It’s even possible Haley performed in a scene on this outing. Not for Lewd Conduct #29, but possibly for another release.

  4. jfro21 Says:

    The “Most Popular” Function has been broken for over a week. It also seems as though scene ratings are also broken. I’ve sent two messages to support about this.

  5. Papayaman1 Says:

    Another great review Rope and I totally agree with you about the Sativa/Lorena scene, I think that must be one of the hottest Sativa scenes I’ve watched and she has some very nice scenes on the site. Also like the Whitney scene and, yes, she does ask him to feed her like a hungry gopher! Maybe she’s trying for an AVN award for inventive dialogue during a come shot scene?

  6. spidge Says:

    So where are the reviews for Toeses Like Roses and Amateur’s Best Home Videos 11. Movies that are a more accurate as to what quality one can expect from VB these days.

    I remember the days when Vb could let the content speak for itself and your valuable porn time could used enjoying a good upload instead of reading about one coming a couple of days later.

  7. Papayaman1 Says:

    So the old days were better, when the high quality of VB updates spoke for themselves – updates like Chunky Schoolgirls, A Day in the Dungeon, Older Women and Younger Men 6, Barely Female 18, all clunkers from 2005. VB has always had periods when quality updates seemed in the minority and most of the films posted were poor. There is a reason for this. Most porn is crap – badly shot, poorly directed and miserably acted by disinterested, often unattractive performers. Given this reality it is not surprising that many VB updates are low quality. And that is leaving aside the issue of taste. Personally, I think the new Harmony update looks good and i downloaded a pretty hot scene from Buttholes Forever. But others may hate those updates and wonder why I abused that little known classic Chunky Schoolgirls as a clunker. To some degree quality is in the eye of the beholder.

    Where VB undeniably wins is in offering 5 updates a day for $10 a month, a performance that simply cannot be beaten by VB’s rivals, none of which are doing noticeably better on the quality of their many fewer updates. Personally, I really appreciate Ropeadope’s reviews because they are well written and because they are useful in drawing my attention to really worthwhile updates I might otherwise have missed. I was never really into Cindy Crawford, but Rope’s review above has turned me on to her. VB is doing a solid job given the general state of porn, as is Rope in helping us pick out the diamonds from the rough.

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ jfro21 – I noticed the scene ratings weren’t working. Never used the most popular function. My guess is that these features are being updated, and should return soon.

    @ spidge – I plan on posting an in-depth review of Toeses Like Roses to the blog next month.

    @ Papayaman1 – Whitney has definitely earned my vote for most inventive line on the business end of the pop. Completely agree with your very valid point of quality being a matter of personal taste. VideoBox must cater to a wide variety of individuals with a wide variety of preferences. Thank you as well, for all your generous remarks.

    I love Chunky and I love schoolgirls, but I’m on the fence with respect to Chunky Schoolgirls.

  9. sglick Says:

    Isn’t this fuck flick kinda old to be reviewing…it’s what, gotta be about two years?! The crazy director is dead, his heroin addicted wife/girlfriend is dead, headcase Sativa Rose left the biz and came back (and probably left again…you know how fading porn whores are), whackjob Cindy Crawford’s ‘sell by’ date has long expired, budding cokehead Lorena Sanchez is a has-been, stereotypical ‘idiot porn chick’ Whitney Stevens is a has-been recently made fun of on Stern’s show as the ‘winner’ of the Dumb As A Rock game…

    Seriously, while the review is extensive, you’d think the site could pick more ‘current’ movies from Diabolic/Anabolic.