Mouth 2 Mouth #7 & Internal Injections #1

I just received verification of the next two Diabolic updates. Mouth 2 Mouth #7 will be uploaded Thursday, August 19th, and Internal Injections #1 will be uploaded Friday, August 20th. In this post, I’ll be reviewing two scenes from Mouth 2 Mouth #7, and four scenes from Internal Injections #1. I will provide preview images for all six scenes.

Mouth 2 Mouth #7


Mouth 2 Mouth #7 scene 5 Cindy Crawford & Tobi Pacific

5 m2m7 01
5 m2m7 02
5 m2m7 03
5 m2m7 04
5 m2m7 05
5 m2m7 06
5 m2m7 07
5 m2m7 24
5 m2m7 08
5 m2m7 09
5 m2m7 10
5 m2m7 25
5 m2m7 11
5 m2m7 23
5 m2m7 13
5 m2m7 14
5 m2m7 15
5 m2m7 16
5 m2m7 17
5 m2m7 18
5 m2m7 19
5 m2m7 20
5 m2m7 21
5 m2m7 22
Steve Holmes sits between Cindy Crawford and Tobi Pacific. Tobi’s boyfriend, Corey Bucks is seated in the right rear corner of the room, and Jasmine Tame is seated in the left rear corner. Jasmine was going to take part in the scene, but her pussy is sore from a heavy workload of fucking. Jasmine say’s she’ll watch the scene unfold and play with herself.

Steve (to Tobi): Show me your panties.

Tobi: I don’t wear any panties. My pussy is my panties.

Steve: That’s my favorite brand.

Cindy unleashes Steve’s cock from his pants and gives head. Tobi follows suit. Tobi rimming Steve as Cindy strokes and sucks the cock. Cindy removes her panties and lays back on the bed. She is sportin’ a medium bush. Tobi eating Cindy as Steve enters Tobi in doggie. Jasmine stroking her pussy in the background. Steve moves up on the bed and is spoon fucking Cindy. Tobi wanders to the rear to get a brief taste of Jasmine’s snatch. Quickly back to the bed for P2OGM.

Steve: Who wants to sit on my face?

Cindy accepts the generous offer. Tobi climbs aboard Steve and is riding in cowgirl. Tobi has a sparse bush. Corey has managed to navigate to Jasmine’s corner of the room, and is receiving head from the cute blonde. Cindy licking at Tobi’s asshole, as the redhead continues in cowgirl. Cindy P2OGM. Cindy sticks the cock beck in Tobi’s pussy. Cindy P2OGM. This time, the cock finds its way into Tobi’s ass. Corey has been getting head from both Jasmine and his girlfriend. Returning the favor to Jasmine, as he feasts on her pussy. Cindy A2OGM. Not wanting Tobi to have all the anal fun, Cindy is being drilled spoon anal by Steve. Tobi rubbing and licking at Cindy’s clit. Tobi A2OGM. Tobi and Cindy are in a sixty nine with Tobi on top. Steve banging Tobi doggie anal, as Cindy sucks on his balls from below. Cindy A2OGM. Cindy missionary anal with Tobi sitting on Cindy’s face. Tobi A2OGM. Tobi spreads Cindy’s pussy lips wide, and Steve dives in for a taste. Tobi positions herself over Cindy, ass toward Steve. Steve taking a turn in all four holes presented to him. Tobi doggie vag, Cindy missionary vag, Tobi doggie anal, Cindy missionary anal. Tobi and Cindy, on either side of Steve, simultaneously sucking his cock. Now sharing it back and forth. Tobi missionary vag. Steve pulls out, and drops his load into Cindy’s mouth. Cindy swaps the cum into Tobi’s mouth, and then receives it back. A second load is shot into Cindy’s mouth. Was it from Corey, or did Steve reload? I couldn’t tell. Cindy deposits the cum into Tobi’s mouth. Tobi gargles the cum and swallows. Tobi blows a kiss to the camera, and the girls wave goodbye.

rope rating: 4.5 out of 5 – This was a busy and somewhat nasty scene, with both girls doing anal, P2OGM, A2OGM, and cum swapping. Tobi provided some hot talk along the way, focused mostly on her boyfriend and Jasmine. Steve was a good choice for the male lead. This is the type of scene that could have easily caromed out of control. But Steve, with over 1000 scenes under his belt, kept it on track, and flowing smoothly Solid work by both Cindy and Tobi.

Mouth 2 Mouth #7 scene 6 Aubrey Addams & Cassandra Cruz

6 m2m7 01
6 m2m7 02
6 m2m7 03
6 m2m7 04
6 m2m7 05
6 m2m7 06
6 m2m7 07
6 m2m7 08
6 m2m7 09
6 m2m7 10
6 m2m7 11
6 m2m7 12
6 m2m7 13
6 m2m7 14
6 m2m7 15
6 m2m7 16
6 m2m7 17
6 m2m7 18
6 m2m7 19
6 m2m7 20
Aubrey Addams, in black panties and top, reclines on a couch playing with her pussy. Aubrey has her hair in pigtails today. Cassandra Cruz enter the room, speaking Spanish (which will continue throughout the scene). Aubrey doesn’t seem to understand what Cassandra is saying. Neither do I. Cassandra raises Aubrey’s top, exposing her cute titties. This is original equipment Aubrey. Girls kissing. Cassandra pulls aside Aubrey’s panties, stroking her pussy. Cassandra is wearing a flimsy skirt, purple bra, and no panties. Cassandra moves up on the couch, bringing her pussy level with Aubrey’s face. Aubrey licking and fingering Cassandra’s snatch. Cassandra briefly grabbing Aubrey by her pigtails, grinding her pussy into Aubrey’s face. Cassandra fully removing Aubrey’s panties, fingering her pussy, as she sucks and licks at Aubrey’s clit. Cassandra’s booty is on prominent display. Brian Surewood can’t pass that up. He comes up behind Cassandra, and drives his cock home in doggie vag. Cassandra P2M. Brian face fucking Aubrey. Brian lifts Aubrey up, in preparation for reverse cowgirl. Cassandra spit shines Brian’s cock, and inserts it into Aubrey’s pussy. Aubrey bouncing on Brian’s cock, as Cassandra licks at his balls. Cassandra P2OGM. Aubrey has the soles of both feet on resting Brian’s thighs, as she continues riding reverse cowgirl. Both Brian and Cassandra propelling Aubrey up and down on Brian’s dick. Cassandra P2OGM. Aubrey takes over the oral duties. Cassandra removes her bra, gives head to Brian, and now mounts him in cowgirl. Aubrey on the floor underneath Brian, licking up at his balls. Aubrey P2OGM. Aubrey spits on the camera lens!? Aubrey sitting on Cassandra’s face while blowing Brian. Brian moves to Aubrey’s rear, entering in doggie vag. Aubrey leans forward, eating Cassandra’s pussy from above. Aubrey P2M. Cassandra missionary. Aubrey P2OGM. Aubrey missionary. Cassandra multiple P2OGM. Aubrey spreads Cassandra’s butt cheeks wide. Brian drilling Cassandra in doggie. Aubrey multiple P2OGM. Brian shoots a big load onto Cassandra’s tongue. Cassandra and Aubrey swap the cum back and forth five times. Aubrey gargles the cum, shows it to the camera, and swallows it down.

rope rating: 4 out of 5 – This was a strange scene, and a tough one to rate. On the positive side, I found Aubrey cute and Cassandra hot. The interaction between the girls which opened the scene was on the edge of being very hot (with Cassandra in a somewhat dominant role over Aubrey). The reverse cowgirl with Aubrey, and Cassandra’s cowgirl and doggie (placing her ass front and center) were very good. On the negative side, the entire scene seemed disjointed. I didn’t know who anyone was, or why they were there. What is the relationship between Aubrey and Cassandra? How are they connected to Brian? The opening segment with Aubrey and Cassandra looked promising, but it needed to be more fully fleshed out. As I stated in the body of the review, Cassandra is speaking in Spanish throughout the scene. Possibly if I understood what she was saying, it would all make sense. If you can shed any light on the storyline of this scene, please leave a reply to the post.

Internal Injections #1


Internal Injections #1 scene 1 Amy Reid

1 ii1 01
1 ii1 02
1 ii1 03
1 ii1 04
1 ii1 05
1 ii1 06
1 ii1 07
1 ii1 08
1 ii1 09
1 ii1 10
1 ii1 11
1 ii1 12
1 ii1 13
1 ii1 14
1 ii1 15
1 ii1 16
1 ii1 17
1 ii1 18
1 ii1 19
1 ii1 20
Amy Reid, attired in red bra, red panties, red garter belt, red shoes, and black stockings is parading around the house. Some black and white footage blended into the tease. Amy licking her nipples, rubbing and slapping her pussy. Amy tells Director Sid Knox, she needs some cock. Manuel Ferrara joins. Manuel stroking and licking at Amy’s pussy and clit, slapping her butt cheeks. Eating and rimming Amy from behind, making her squeal. Amy pushing her ass and pussy back into Manuel’s face. Amy giving head to Manuel. Face fucking. Amy stroking and sucking the cock. Manuel slapping Amy’s right breast. Titty fucking. Amy spitting on, and licking at the head of Manuel’s cock as he drills the gorgeous breasts. Spoon fucking. Manuel going balls deep as he drives his big dick into Amy’s pussy. Amy’s left leg is being held high. Manuel removes Amy’s left shoe and stocking; licking at her foot and toes. Amy climbs aboard Manuel reverse cowgirl. Still wearing the red panties, pulled to the side. Amy bouncing up and down on the cock.

Amy: Now who’s fucking who, huh?

Manuel takes up the challenge and picks up the pace, as he drives his cock up and into Amy’s pussy. Amy’s tits are heaving about, as she rides the dick. P2M. Amy mounts Manuel in cowgirl. Overhead camera capturing some of the action. Lifted up into standing cowgirl. Manuel tosses Amy back on the bed and enters in missionary. Manuel removes Amy’s right shoe and stocking. Wedging the stocking across Amy’s face and mouth. Manuel slamming his cock into Amy’s snatch at a furious clip. Sucking on the toes of Amy’s left foot. Manuel eating Amy’s pussy. Her panties come off 18:38 into the scene. Return to spoon. Munuel sticks a finger into Amy’s ass and she tastes it. Doggie. Manuel varying the speed of his thrusts, as he rubs on Amy’s clit. P2M. Amy slapping the cock against her tongue. More spooning. Amy’s left leg is resting on Manuel’s upper left arm and shoulder. Manuel deposits a creampie into Amy’s pussy. Amy spreads her pussy, letting the cum drip out.

rope rating: 5 out of 5 – Outstanding scene. Why can’t they all be like this? Amy oozes sexuality. The pairing of Amy with Manuel is a Hall of Fame combination, and they exhibited excellent chemistry together. Amy brought high energy to the scene. You knew she was having a fun time by her laughter and squeals of delight. Amy looked great in all positions; the activity nicely captured by Director Knox.

Internal Injections #1 scene 3 Aubrey Addams & McKenzee Miles

2 ii1 01
2 ii1 02
2 ii1 03
2 ii1 04
2 ii1 05
2 ii1 06
2 ii1 07
2 ii1 08
2 ii1 09
2 ii1 10
2 ii1 11
2 ii1 12
2 ii1 13
2 ii1 14
Aubrey and McKenzee rolling around on the bed, caressing each other. Brief playful pillow fight. Black and white footage interweaved in the tease. Girls topless and finger fucking one another under their shorts. Aubrey pulls off McKenzee’s shorts. Spreading McKenzee’s pussy, Aubrey drools saliva into the hole, while rubbing and licking at the clit. Aubrey plunging two fingers, now three fingers into McKenzee’s pussy. Evan Stone joins, and dangles his cock over McKenzee’s face. McKenzee licking up at the head of Evan’s dick. Sucking the cock and balls. Mild face fucking. Aubrey eating McKenzee’s pussy, then giving head to Evan. Evan laying flat on bed. McKenzee stroking Evan’s cock (including some two handed shaft fisting), while Aubrey sucks. Girls reverse roles, with Aubrey stroking and McKenzee sucking. Aubrey mounts Evan in cowgirl. McKenzee inserting the cock into Aubrey’s pussy. Aubrey riding the cock, while Evan rotates his thumb around Aubrey’s clit, eliciting moans of pleasure. McKenzee climbing aboard Evan in reverse cowgirl. Evan holding both of McKenzee’s feet in his hands. Evan sucking on the toes of McKenzee’s left foot; Aubrey sucking the toes of the right foot. Aubrey rimming McKenzee. Aubrey multiple P2OGM. Aubrey spreads and lays in front of McKenzee. McKenzee eating Aubrey. Evan fucking McKenzee from behind, her left leg held high. Scene cuts, and Aubrey is being penetrated in doggie. Evan varying both the tempo and depth of his thrusts. Now remaining fairly stationary, allowing Aubrey to briefly fuck back at his cock with slow, measured movements. Evan regains control, and quickens the pace, as Aubrey rubs at her clit. Girls in a sixty nine with McKenzee on top. Evan drilling McKenzee doggie, as Aubrey licks up at his balls and McKenzee’s clit. Aubrey P2OGM. Evan unloads on McKenzee’s pussy and taint, the cum dripping down into Aubrey’s mouth below. Aubrey gives the pussy a lick, and deposits the cum into McKenzee’s mouth. Girls kissing and playing with the cum as the scene fades out.

rope rating: 4.5 out of 5 – Enjoyable scene with two cute girls, and yes, this is original equipment Aubrey, and original equipment McKenzee. Girls worked well together, and Evan contributed a solid performance. The pop shot wasn’t really a creampie, as most (if not all) was delivered externally. I guess they wanted to emphasize the cum swap more than the creampie. Not a problem for me, it’s all good.

Internal Injections #1 scene 4 Maya Hills

3 ii1 01
3 ii1 02
3 ii1 03
3 ii1 04
3 ii1 05
3 ii1 06
3 ii1 07
3 ii1 08
3 ii1 09
3 ii1 10
3 ii1 11
3 ii1 12
3 ii1 13
3 ii1 14
Maya teasing on the bed (color footage), and standing in room (black and white footage). As the screen comes back to full color, Maya signals us to follow her down the staircase. Maya is attired in a black and pink bra, short pink skirt, and black stockings. Maya posing toward the top of staircase. Hot upskirt camera angle. No panties. Now downstairs, Maya rubbing and stretching her pussy. Says she loves to get fucked. Removes bra. A Charming man joins the scene. Chris Charming, that is. Maya stroking and sucking the big dick. Taking the entire cock in her mouth, getting down just shy of the base. Pretty impressive.

When I interviewed Evelyn Lin, Evelyn stated she did a blowjob scene with Chris, and could barely get her mouth around his cock.

Maya mounts Chris in cowgirl, her shapely butt nicely displayed. Chris grabbing Maya’s butt cheeks, and slamming her up and down on his dick. Now forcefully drilling his cock up into Maya’s pussy. Maya’s turn, as she bounces and grinds on the cock. P2M. Maya climbs back aboard Chris, this time reverse cowgirl. Maya riding and grinding, then Chris pummeling the pussy as Maya rubs furiously at her clit. Chris slapping his cock against Maya’s pussy. Spoon fucking. Chris has his hand around Maya’s throat. Maya has a request for Chris. She wants him to fuck her harder. Lol, Maya must be trying to give Chris a heart attack. Chris driving his cock home. Doggie. Chris hammering into Maya, hard and deep.

Maya: Pound that pussy.

P2M. Missionary. Maya wants Chris to fill her pussy up with cum. Chris complies, delivering a vaginal creampie. Maya squatting and fingering her pussy, prompting the cum to drip out.

rope rating: 4.75 out of 5 – I’ve always been a fan of Maya. Love her exotic look. This was a straight forward, hard scene. No rough stuff. Maya was horny, and needed to fuck. She wanted it hard, and Chris gave it to her hard.

Internal Injections #1 scene 6 Angelica Lane

4 ii1 01
4 ii1 02
4 ii1 03
4 ii1 04
4 ii1 05
4 ii1 06
4 ii1 07
4 ii1 08
4 ii1 09
4 ii1 10
4 ii1 11
4 ii1 12
4 ii1 13
4 ii1 14
4 ii1 15
Angelica dressed in black Naughty top and shorts. Displaying her butt to the camera, and spanking it softly. Fingering pussy with shorts pulled to side. Takes a taste. Says it’s sweet. Showing off her all natural titties. Favorite part of her body. Removes shorts and requests cock. Evan Stone joins. Angelica stroking and sucking the cock while playing with her pussy. Licking at the balls. Angelica climbs aboard Evan. Evan slapping his dick against Angelica’s pussy, rubbing it up and down her slit. Inserting the cock reverse cowgirl. Evan has his hands under Angelica ass, boosting her up and down on his dick. Angelica massaging Evan’s balls as she rides. P2M. Evan getting a quick taste of pussy. Return to reverse cowgirl. Angelica riding tall in the saddle, her titties bouncing to and fro. Angelica has the soles of both feet on Evan’s thighs, as she propels herself up and down on the cock. P2M. Angelica down on all fours, Evan entering in doggie. Evan grabbing on to Angelica hair as he pounds into the pussy. Evan leaning forward to the point that Angelica is almost flat on her stomach, as he hovers above and continues his doggie assault. Missionary. Evan teasing Angelica by inserting his cock and pulling it all the way out again. Sliding the dick up and down Angelica’a slit. Evan driving into the pussy as Angelica rubs at her clit. P2M. Evan fingering Angelica’s snatch. Back to missionary. Evan delivers a vaginal creampie, some of the cum landing externally. Evan spreads Angelica’s pussy, squeezing the cum out. Angelica post cum head.

rope rating: 4 out of 5 – Angelica is attractive with beautiful breasts, and looks gorgeous getting fucked. My main problem with this scene is that Angelica maintains a running dialogue throughout the entire proceedings. I like the girl to talk, but this was too much and became tiring. Keep the mute button close at hand, and you’re good to go.


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8 Responses to “Mouth 2 Mouth #7 & Internal Injections #1”

  1. HotScooter2 Says:


    not complaining but just asking. It seems that recently you have been pretty much exclusive;y reviewing diabolic films. Does VB plan on bringing other new studios in the near future?

    if so do you plan on reviewing some of their films as well?
    Have you heard from Alison and are things going well for her?

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – Alison has been extremely busy, but is doing well. The Content Dude is always on the lookout for exciting new studios. I am not in a position to know what may be on the horizon, but I’m confident we’ll continue to be pleasantly surprised. As to Diabolic, the site has given me a chance to preview the titles a few days (sometimes more, sometimes less) prior to their upload date. This affords me the opportunity to present preview images and scene reviews before the video is posted to the site. I cannot do that with any other studio.

  3. mircalla Says:

    Amazing how these directors, and the industry at large, go out of their way to make sex look disgusting as possible — even when the girls themselves are quite pretty.

  4. Papayaman1 Says:

    Mircalla, I can’t help but wonder what is disgusting about the pictures above? Is it that you dislike creampies? I know some people don’t like the presentation of body fluids in porn, but personally I find the sight of a happily smiling Maya Hills letting sperm drip out of her pussy very pleasing. I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

  5. ScrapperOne Says:

    Dang, my internet goes down for a week and I come back to this. Kind of like going on vacation and coming back to realize that someone actually cleaned your places up while you were gone. I gotta say, these scenes look great. I’m looking more forward to Internal Injections personally but Mouth 2 Mouth may well surprise me.
    Oh, BTW Rope: VB seems to be running you ragged with the posting. Good to see you’re toughing it out. I know I appreciate it.

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ mircalla – Are you referencing a specific scene? Or a particular act (cum swapping, creampie)? Or just making a general observation?

    @ Papayaman1 – Thus, the famous, ancient proverb – Creampies are in the eye of the beholder!

    @ ScrapperOne – Thank you Scrapper. They’re working me to the bone, lol. But I love it. An entire week without internet? I couldn’t survive that. What happened? I think you’ll be happy with both of these titles.

  7. mircalla Says:

    @Rope: I was referencing a particular act. But given that such acts are pretty much standard practice in (straight)/non-feature porn now, I guess you could say it was also a general observation. I mean, I don’t like straight porn at the best of times, but there seems to be an effort on the part of the industry to keep the gross-out factor quite high — I’m sure, in response to consumer demand.

  8. sglick Says:

    Mircalla should be reviewing these movies, as finally there’s a poster who appears to be using the correct ‘head’. The so-called ‘director’ (seriously folks, a horny pervert holding a camera while a paid slut is getting drilled isn’t exact Coppola) of MOUTH 2 MOUTH 7 is Chico Wang; a drug-addled miscreant of the first order (who, not to surprising, wound up killing his girlfriend/wife Haley Paige and then killing himself like the loser coward that he was).

    His movies were ALWAYS utter train-wrecks set to awful jarring music, poor lighting and sets that looked like a house in the middle of Van Nuys that is two days away from being condemned by the Feds for rodent infestation. He routinely managed to take pretty (by Porn Valley standards) girls who under another director would actually appear to be enjoying themselves…and make them come off like a desperate money-hungry porn girl (lets be honest, MOST of them truly are this but are able to fake/hide and otherwise persuade fanboys that they are 180 degrees from said mentality).