Eva, and Jenna, and Amy! Oh, my!

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I’ve seen the future. Not the entire future, but I was able to glimpse two pending VideoBox uploads. I can happily report those two titles will bring us new scenes from site favorites Eva Angelina, Jenna Haze, and Amy Reid. Eva and Jenna appear in 1 on 1 #1, which will be uploaded Sunday, 8/22. Amy is featured in Naturally Yours #1, to be uploaded Monday, 8/23. In this post, I will preview those scenes (and a couple others from these DVD’s) with images I captured from the videos. I will also provide written scene summaries.

1 on 1 #1

1 0n 1

1 on 1 #1 scene 2 Eva Angelina

1 ooo 01
1 ooo 02
1 ooo 03
1 ooo 04
1 ooo 05
1 ooo 06
1 ooo 07
1 ooo 08
1 ooo 09
1 ooo 10
1 ooo 11
1 ooo 12
1 ooo 13
1 ooo 14
1 ooo 15
1 ooo 16
1 ooo 17
1 ooo 18
Brief black and white tease footage finds Eva in glasses, rubbing at her breasts and pussy. Scene goes full color. Eva walks into room, sans glasses, looking gorgeous with her long hair partially covering the left side of her face. Attired in a pink print bra and panty set with black trim. Pulling panties to the side, Eva strokes her pussy lips. Floor level camera capturing the action from below. Eva unleashes and squeezes her big titties. Eva answering questions in a husky voice. Her right nostril is pierced, and she says she has a needy pussy. Evan Stone approaches from behind, and drills Eva in doggie. Eva’s bra and panties remain on, both pulled aside. P2M, Eva looking good sucking the cock. Face fucking. Evan spins Eva around to face the opposite direction, and resumes his doggie assault. With Eva still in the doggie position, Evan turns around and enters Eva reverse doggie? (Lol, not sure of the official name for the position. Somewhat similar to reverse pile driver, but Eva maintains the doggie stance. Haven’t seen it used too often.) Eva mounts Evan reverse cowgirl. Disposes of her bra. Eva bouncing on the dick, and she is an active rider. Pounding down and grinding on the cock. P2M. Eva pulls her panties off 10:52 into the scene. Missionary. Evan forcefully driving his cock into Eva’s pussy. Both of Eva’s legs are held high and pinned back. Knees to tits. Evan leaning into it as he picks up the pace. He and Eva are almost face to face. P2M, Evan catching his breath from the heavy pummeling. Spoon. Evan rubbing at Eva’s clit, as he buries his dick in Eva’s snatch with long, deep strokes. P2M, Eva stroking and sucking the cock. Eva on all fours, Evan entering in doggie. Pulling out, he shoots his load on Eva’s asshole, the cum running down and coating Eva’s pussy. Eva massaging her cum covered pussy with one hand, waving goodbye with the other.

rope rating: 5 out of 5 – Terrific scene. Eva looked exceptionally beautiful here, even without her glasses (which I usually prefer). She brought high energy to the scene, and worked well with Evan, who delivered her a hard pounding.

1 on 1 #1 scene 4 Renna Ryann

2 ooo 01
2 ooo 02
2 ooo 03
2 ooo 04
2 ooo 05
2 ooo 06
2 ooo 07
2 ooo 08
2 ooo 09
2 ooo 10
2 ooo 11
2 ooo 12
2 ooo 13
2 ooo 14
2 ooo 15
2 ooo 16
2 ooo 17
2 ooo 18
2 ooo 19
2 ooo 20
2 ooo 21
Renna attired in a black negligee and black panties. Some of the tease footage in black and white. Gorgeous ass and titties. Squeezing the hard nipples and meaty pussy. Spreading her pink pussy, Renna masturbates for the camera. Mark Davis joins. Dining at the Y. Renna using both hands to spread open wide, as Mark laps up and down her pussy. Tonguing Renna’s clit and fingering her pussy to a small squirt. Renna giving head with periodic deep throating. Working her mouth down the shaft to the base of Mark’s dick. Providing eye contact upon Mark’s prompting. Mark sits; Renna continuing her oral ministrations by bending forward from the waist, giving us a great view of her ass and pussy from the rear. Renna climbing aboard Mark in cowgirl. Grinding back and forth on the cock, her thick labia enveloping the cock. Riding Mark’s cock in a slow, deliberate manner (13:00), then picking up speed. Mark rimming Renna. Doggie. Renna fucking back at the cock, meeting Mark’s thrusts halfway. Mark raises and supports Renna’s right leg, as he drills her sideways. Renna holding her pussy open, as she drops down on Mark’s dick in reverse cowgirl. Bouncing up and down on the cock. Spreading her pussy lips apart, showing pink, and riding slow. Pace quickens as Mark slams up and into Renna’s pussy. Renna kneeling in front of Mark. Mark coats her tongue with cum. No swallow; Renna rubbing the cum across her lips instead.

rope rating: 4.5 out of 5 – I found Renna attractive, with a smokin’ hot body. Most of the action in the scene capitalized on effectively displaying Renna’s beautiful butt. Mark was solid, but I would prefer to see Renna paired with a younger co-star (Mark being more than 20 years her senior). Looking forward to more from Renna.

1 on 1 #1 scene 6 Jenna Haze

3 ooo 01
3 ooo 02
3 ooo 03
3 ooo 04
3 ooo 05
3 ooo 06
3 ooo 07
3 ooo 08
3 ooo 09
3 ooo 10
3 ooo 11
3 ooo 12
3 ooo 13
3 ooo 14
3 ooo 15
3 ooo 16
3 ooo 17
3 ooo 18
3 ooo 19
3 ooo 20
3 ooo 21
3 ooo 22
Scene summary coming soon.

Naturally Yours #1

naturally yours

Naturally Yours #1 scene 2 Simi

1 ny1 01
1 ny1 02
1 ny1 03
1 ny1 04
1 ny1 05
1 ny1 06
1 ny1 07
1 ny1 08
1 ny1 09
1 ny1 10
1 ny1 11
1 ny1 12
1 ny1 13
1 ny1 14
1 ny1 15
1 ny1 16
1 ny1 17
1 ny1 18
1 ny1 19
Simi is adorned in belts of silver medallions around her waist, and gold medallions around her breasts. Her boyfriend Brad sits off to the side stroking his cock, as Simi hefts her large, natural breasts in her hands. Simi on the sectional couch, crawling to Brad. Licking and sucking at the head of Brad’s cock, working her tongue up and down the shaft. Simi going deep down on the cock, enveloping the full length in her mouth. Placing Brad’s cock between her breasts, Simi pumps her titties up, down, and around the dick. After a bit more head, Simi mounts Brad in cowgirl. Brad mauling Simi’s tits, as she bounces on his cock. Simi turns around and sits back down on Brad in reverse cowgirl. Simi has a fully shaven twat. Simi’s breasts are flailing about, as she rides the dick in her pussy. P2M, followed by another round of titty fucking. Spoon fucking, Brad holding Simi’s right leg high. Brad straddles Simi for a third round of titty fucking, some of the activity filmed POV. Very nice. Missionary. Brad holding and spreading Simi’s legs wide, as he drills the pussy. Doggie. Simi’s breasts heaving to and fro, as Brad powers into the snatch. Brad using forceful strokes, making Simi’s titties dance. Brad strokes his load onto Simi’s neck and tits. Simi massaging the cum into her chest.

rope rating: 4.5 out of 5 – Simi is very attractive, with outstanding breasts. She looked great getting fucked, especially when her gorgeous globes were bouncing up a storm. Which was often. The titty fucking was hot, with the (brief) segment captured in POV, particularly enjoyable. The one minor negative I had, was Simi maintaining a steady stream of moaning, which I found repetitive.

Naturally Yours #1 scene 6 Amy Reid

2 ny1 01
2 ny1 02
2 ny1 03
2 ny1 04
2 ny1 05
2 ny1 06
2 ny1 07
2 ny1 08
2 ny1 09
2 ny1 10
2 ny1 11
2 ny1 12
2 ny1 13
2 ny1 14
2 ny1 15
2 ny1 16
2 ny1 17
2 ny1 18
2 ny1 19
2 ny1 20
Amy topless in green panties. Fingering her pussy, hefting the breasts, licking at nipple. Amy lowers her panties, butt facing camera. Stroking pussy from below. Spreading butt cheeks, showing her holes. Down on her back, rubbing and slapping at the pussy. Amy has a well trimmed bush today. Joined by Talon. Amy unleashes and sucks Talon’s cock. Amy crawling to Talon, showing off her cute butt. Amy continuing the oral favors; Talon rubbing her clit and slapping her ass. Amy looking good while giving head. Amy climbs aboard Talon in reverse cowgirl. Slamming up and down on Talon’s cock, making the couch springs wail out in protest. P2M. Back up in reverse cowgirl, Amy’s titties are flopping about, as she rides the dick. P2M. Mounting Talon in cowgirl. Gyrating and grinding on the cock. Amy looks as good from the rear as she does from the front. P2M, sucking on Talon’s balls. Spoon transitioning into cowgirl. P2M. Amy giving Talon one of her fingers to taste, after handling his dick? Missionary. Talon holding Amy’s left leg high, now resting on his right shoulder. Talon jerks his load into Amy’s mouth. Amy letting the cum drip out onto her breasts. Squeezing and bouncing the breasts as the scene fades out.

rope rating: 4.5 out of 5 – Another rock solid effort from Amy. I did prefer her scene from Internal Injections #1 (which I recently reviewed here), because I feel the pairing with Mauuel Ferrara was more in line with her talents. Nonetheless, Talon performed respectably and Amy was her usual hot self.


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13 Responses to “Eva, and Jenna, and Amy! Oh, my!”

  1. HotScooter2 Says:

    Eva and Jenna and Amy are all hot but my favorite by far
    is Oh My. she has everything one needs in a woman.

  2. mircalla Says:

    Bleh. If it was Jenna and Eva together in a g/g scene, then I would regard this with some anticipation.

  3. garbman Says:

    This site once upon a time had pretty good updates for the most part,sadly those days are gone. I’m almost afraid to check in to see whats new anymore. I’m about ready to inquire as to wether I will get a refund for the months I have left If I cancel my subscription.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ HotScooter2 – Hahaha, I’ll have to find more of her scenes if she puts Eva, Jenna, and Amy to shame.

    @ mircalla – More proof of different strokes for different folks. If I saw Jenna and Eva listed in the cast, and found only a girl – girl scene between them, I’d be hugely disappointed. However, as long as they each did an additional boy – girl scene, I wouldn’t mind.

    @ garbman – My diagnosis is porn burnout. Has affected me on several occasions. How many months left on your subscription? My recommendation is to take 30 – 60 days before your next log-in. Don’t even visit the site, check for updates, etc. Clear your mind completely. Then come back. For what it’s worth, I’m extremely happy with the current batch of updates.

    This is the first chance I’ve had to respond to you since our 50,000 scene contest. I wanted to say well done for your prediction of 7/3, which turned out to be only two days beyond the winning date. Good job my friend.

  5. Ken Says:

    Is it just me or the background sound effect/music is distracting? I know that you can turn the volume down, but it is nice to hear the girl moan and groan.

  6. trinioutlaw Says:

    love your work rope…is it possible for us to get that dvd with melissa lauren I wanna get face fucked….i hear its great would love to get my hands on it

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – No, it’s not just you. I find background music annoying as well. However, it’s all relative. Of the videos I’ve reviewed recently, I haven’t found any where the music ruined the scene. But I would certainly prefer if it weren’t there in the first place.

    @ trinioutlaw – Thank you. I looked up I Wanna Get Face Fucked #1, and see it’s from Anabolic. AFAIK, we do not currently have an agreement with Anabolic. But I’m pretty sure The Content Dude will try to bring them aboard, if it is possible. Evidently there is a difference in the ownership of Anabolic and Diabolic, however, I’m not intimately familiar with the details. This particular video looks very rough, based on the reviews I found. Not my personal cup of tea, although that won’t have any bearing on whether or not we obtain the title. And if it does eventually make its way to the site, I’ll have to view the Nautica Thorn scene just out of curiosity.

  8. sglick Says:

    Surprise…yet another batch of scenes that are rated 4.5.

    Maybe it’s time for a new scoring system, a more critical reviewer, or some combination of the two…

    Well, at least this fuck flick isn’t over two years old and populated with girls who are long gone, one fuck wonders with bad tit jobs, or on their fifth attempt to quit meth.

  9. ScrapperOne Says:

    sglick: Rating systems are always difficult to gauge. It does help to have a reasoning on why a full point or half point is given and why points are not awarded. It also helps, however, to give a different approach or another way to go about it. I think you also need to keep in mind that all DVDs on here are not first run deals. Any DVD site that you go to will be like that. If you want first run/original content, try out VideoBox’s affiliates located on the Specials tab. Cost you a little more…or you can just enjoy what you have for the price.

    Rope: Yeah, it sucked not having internet. Between the porn missed (since caught up) and the sports scores, I was probably losing more hair then I already have! Stupid trees and their falling down onto lines… 🙂

  10. sglick Says:

    ScrapperOne — this is pornography, thusly there’s little need to have much if any ‘reasoning’ behind reviewing a pornographic film beyond 1) does it have hot girls 2) is it have good lighting so I can clearly see the ‘hot girls’ doing all manner of sexual acts 3) see one and two.

    On the same token, it is idiotic to score each porn movie reviewed so highly as if most every single effort by a hack like Chico Wang is comparable to Jules Jordan on a bad day. While I don’t have a problem with the site reviewing old movies, to treat them as they’re ‘hidden gems’ or ‘classics’ misses the point behind their original creation. Reading these reviews, you’d think the writer is trying to get a job at AVN.

  11. ScrapperOne Says:

    sglick: I will say that you’ve made some good points there. Yes, I do believe there is a huge difference between directors, lighting quality, and such. I would say that you could make an argument that any movie reviewed here could be seen as a “hidden gem” because not every DVD uploaded is even reviewed (and no, I don’t count the ‘Comment’ option as a review). But if we take your logic, which I’m not disagreeing with, a little bit further then we’d have to ask: Should there even be ANY reviews on here, since only 2 items matter. I would still say yes only because it gives you something to look forward to.
    Oh, as a side note: I think ANYONE here would want to work for AVN. Dream job for just about anybody 🙂

  12. sglick Says:

    Why look forward to a review, when you have THE MOVIE ITSELF…

    At the end of the day, the reviews — while nice — are a whole lot of wasted output for something so essentially silly and trite as pornography. Especially, if one isn’t going to factor in how clearly some porn is better than others. Or more to the point, you be a fool to spend more than ten minutes and about 500 words describing ANYTHING morons like Chico Wang, Seymore Butts, Max Hardcore, Justice Young et cetera much less competent directors such as Buttman, John Leslie, Jules Jordan or IVAN produced and directed.

    As for the side note, one might rather have a hole installed in their head, than work for AVN. The endless politicking, infighting, shit pay and all the rest, isn’t worth having to then slog through hundreds of shitty porn movies in a year — only to be forced to give most of the slop four to five stars (when you know damn well it barely merits one) simply because the people who make the crap spend tons of money advertising it in the publication you’ve sold your soul to just to look at naked idiots fuck on camera for a meager paycheck.

  13. ScrapperOne Says:

    Granted, there are some REALLY bad reviews around the net. Working at a place like AVN would really merit one thing and that’s to be able to SAY you worked for them (from a professional standpoint). I would say, then, that the best was to correct that would be to review DVDs/scenes on your own. They would probably be a lot more honest in the long run but not very profitable. That’s really the double edged sword. Yes you can give a DVD a crappy review but at the end of the day, it’s the studios that are adding to the bank account.