Pool Party #2: Shane Departs – Taylor Arrives

A pool Party At Seymore's #2
A Pool Party at Seymore’s #2, which is scheduled to be uploaded Thursday 9/2, represented a crossroads in the personal and professional life of Seymore Butts. After a two year collaboration, it was to be the final appearance of Shane in a Seymore video (with the exception of compilation clips). It was also the very first appearance of Taylor Hayes with Seymore. I believe Taylor had already filmed a few movies for VCA, so this is not her industry debut. Taylor and Seymore would become a couple, and Taylor would be featured in several Seymore vehicles over the following few years. In Pool Party #2, Shane is limited to just one scene, with TT Boy. Taylor has a girl – girl scene with Madelyn Night, and a threesome which concludes the title. That final scene is shown straight through. No cutting back and forth from one pairing to another pairing, as in the rest of the film. I’ve captured images to preview all three scenes listed above, along with written summaries of Taylor’s girl – girl and threesome scenes.

A Pool Party At Seymore’s #2 (from) scene 3 Taylor Hayes

1 taylor 01
1 taylor 02
1 taylor 03
1 taylor 04
1 taylor 05
1 taylor 06
1 taylor 07
1 taylor 08
1 taylor 09
1 taylor 10
1 taylor 11
1 taylor 12
1 taylor 13
1 taylor 14
1 taylor 15
1 taylor 16
1 taylor 17
1 taylor 18
1 taylor 19
1 taylor 20
1 taylor 21
1 taylor 22
1 taylor 23
2 taylor 01
2 taylor 02
2 taylor 03
2 taylor 04
2 taylor 05
2 taylor 06
2 taylor 07
2 taylor 08
2 taylor 09
2 taylor 10
2 taylor 11
2 taylor 12
2 taylor 13
2 taylor 14
2 taylor 15
2 taylor 16
2 taylor 17
2 taylor 18
2 taylor 19
2 taylor 20
2 taylor 21
2 taylor 22
2 taylor 23
3 taylor 01
3 taylor 02
3 taylor 03
3 taylor 04
3 taylor 05
3 taylor 06
3 taylor 07
3 taylor 08
3 taylor 09
3 taylor 10
3 taylor 11
3 taylor 12
3 taylor 13
3 taylor 14
3 taylor 15
3 taylor 16
3 taylor 17
3 taylor 18
Activities in the pool ended thirty minutes earlier, but a few individuals are still getting to know one another. Indoors, gorgeous Taylor Hayes is sandwiched between Steven St. Croix and TT Boy. Taylor is attired in blue shorts and top, black bra, and white panties. She is giving head to TT Boy, stroking and sucking the cock, licking at the balls. Steven lowers Taylor’s shorts from behind, and buries his face in her ass. Licking and rimming Taylor.

Taylor: How you doing back there?

Taylor providing outstanding looking head, as she travels deep down on TT Boy’s dick. Scene briefly cuts, and the guys have reversed positions. Taylor blowing Steven. Taylor’s panties are down around her ankles, and TT Boy is sliding a rubber over his cock. TT Boy enters in doggie, as Taylor continues the oral servicing of Steven. Taylor’s bush is trimmed into a V shaped design. TT Boy laying flat on the couch; Taylor riding in cowgirl. Steven fingering Taylor’s butt, as the Boy drills up into her pussy. Taylor slapping Steven’s cock against her face. TT Boy driving his cock deeply into Taylor’s pussy from below. Steven, also wearing a condom, gets a crack at Taylor in missionary. Pounding into the snatch with forceful strokes. Taylor down on the floor on all fours; Steven banging away in doggie anal. Scene cuts, and Taylor is bouncing on TT Boy in cowgirl. Steven moves to the rear, entering Taylor in doggie anal to complete the DP. After a brief stay in the butt, Steven pulls out and cums on Taylor’s face. Taylor rubbing Steven’ cock all around her mouth. Steven kisses Taylor’s cum covered lips. Taylor up on the couch, being railed by TT boy doggie vag, which transitions into doggie anal. TT Boy shoots his load across, and into Taylor’s mouth. Taylor says she’s a lucky girl, and the scene fades out into the closing credits.

Taylor is stunningly beautiful, and delivered an enthusiastic performance. The streaming version of the scene I viewed had low audio volume. Don’t know whether that will apply to the downloadable files. Very good scene, especially if you’re a fan of Taylor Hayes (as I am).

A Pool Party At Seymore’s #2 (from) all 3 scenes Taylor Hayes & Madelyn Night

4 taylor 01
4 taylor 02
4 taylor 03
4 taylor 04
4 taylor 05
4 taylor 06
4 taylor 07
4 taylor 08
4 taylor 09
4 taylor 10
4 taylor 11
4 taylor 12
4 taylor 13
4 taylor 14
4 taylor 15
4 taylor 16
4 taylor 17
4 taylor 19
4 taylor 18
Seymore comes across Taylor Hayes, relaxing on a lawn chair poolside. Taylor has a string of anal beads inserted in her butt, and is applying a vibrator to her pussy, as she watches the activity in and around the pool. Joined by Madelyn Night. Madelyn slowly pulling the string of beads out of Taylor’s ass. Madelyn eating out Taylor, and probing her pussy with a small dildo. Taylor appears to get off. Camera leaves to focus on other pool couplings. We return to find Madelyn on her back. Taylor licking at Madelyn’s clit, as she plunges a dildo in and out of Madelyn’s pussy. Madelyn on all fours; Taylor dildo drilling the pussy from behind. Taylor rimming, slurping, and lightly spanking Madelyn’s ass. Taylor using a long toy in Madelyn’s butt; fingering and licking the pussy. After another break, Taylor and Madelyn have move indoors. Madelyn is bent over a glass table, and Taylor has donned a strap-on dildo. Taylor fucking Madelyn doggie anal, as Madelyn administers a vibrator to her pussy from below. Camera switches to other action. Upon returning, Madelyn is now in possession of the strap-on. Banging Taylor doggie vag, followed by doggie anal. Seymore twisting his fingers in Taylor’s pussy, as Madelyn continues her anal assault. Their combined efforts bring Taylor to a small squirt.

A Pool Party At Seymore’s #2 (from) scene 1 Shane

5 taylor 01
5 taylor 02
5 taylor 03
5 taylor 04
5 taylor 05
5 taylor 06
5 taylor 07
5 taylor 08
5 taylor 09
5 taylor 10
5 taylor 11
5 taylor 12


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12 Responses to “Pool Party #2: Shane Departs – Taylor Arrives”

  1. ScrapperOne Says:

    I must confess, I have never been a big Seymore fan. Not sure if it’s the poor quality is the films from being older (as opposed to newer ones) or if it’s just because I find Seymore to be a little “annoying” when it comes to production. He, as the director and/or cast member, shouldn’t make himself as present as the female co-stars. Just my opinion because I’m sure there are people who enjoy Mr. Butts’ movies. Although I will say that I try to watch Alisha Klass videos…just can’t stand Seymore…

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ ScrapperOne – Seymore is pretty unobtrusive in this title. No question technology advances over the years have made films of Seymore’s era look somewhat poorer by comparison. But having grown up not only prior to the DVD era, but also prior to the VCR era, they’re more than acceptable to me. I guess it all depends on what you’re accustomed to.

    Have Alisha’s scenes started making their way to the site? I’ll have to check those out. Haha, just kidding. Shame, shame on Alisha’s fans who have turned against her in the review comments. I’ll take every Alisha scene I can lay my hands on, and beg for more. Keep an eye out for a future blog article of my favorite Alisha Klass scenes, tentatively entitled, You can’t stop Alisha, you can only hope to contain her.

    And Scrapper, keep your house away from those damn falling trees.

  3. Papayaman1 Says:

    I think that is a good point about the values being different/worse because the films are older. A case in point is provided by the caps for this scene which feature a lot more male flesh (particularly bum flesh) than I like to see. Some of the more recent films seem to make an effort to film acts like DP in such a way that the girl is the centre of attention rather than being completely obscured by the studs. But for the most part they hadn’t learned to do that in the older movies. Also in the older films you are more likely to see the irritating cut away to the stud’s face during the pop shot when all you want to focus on is the girl receiving the sperm. Having said that there are some diamonds amongst the Seymore Butts output, notably the recently posted scene with Rucca Page and Jazmine Leih (scene 2 of Blasst Off) and I share Rope’s enthusiasm for Alisha Klass. Maybe not a beautiful woman, but very attractive and she cannot be topped for enthusiasm in her scenes – although I do wish Butts would make a scene with some longer sequences of Alisha riding RCG, one of my favourite porn positions, especially when the rider has as nice a rack as Alisha. If anybody has any recommendations please don’t hesitate to point me in the right direction.

  4. Floyd Says:

    I’m a big fan of the Seymore Butts movies and LOVE the fact they are now on Videdobox. Ive noticed a lot of negative comments but please remeber VB there are just as many, if not more, of us who want this type of content. Hurrah for Alisha Klass!! I have downloaded every single second. Do you know if there are anymore of his Mari Possa era vids coming? (I know Jenna 9.5 has been posted). I do hope so…

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – Lol, the irritating cut away to the stud’s face. Whom among us hasn’t been victimized by that old switcheroo. And always at the most critical of moments. I was recently viewing and enjoying a site download. Rapidly approaching the point of maximum enjoyment, I was blindsided with this image. My entire system went into reverse, and a sharp pain shot through my left nut like a bolt of lightning. I briefly considered calling for an ambulance, but couldn’t figure out a story to tell the paramedics other than the truth.

    Thank you for the Blasst Off scene recommendation. I share your fondness for watching girls in the reverse cowgirl position. Sounds like the basis for an interesting blog post. I’ll research and compile some of my favorites, and the blog readership can add their choices to the post.

    @ Floyd – Can’t quite put my finger on it FLOYD, but somehow I knew I could COUNT on you being a Seymore, Alisha, & Mari fan. While I don’t have a list of the upcoming titles (other than Pool Party #2), I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s highly likely we’ll see more of Mari Possa. At least I certainly hope so. I recall seeing a short segment of Seymore and Mari on the beach in the film Jamaican Me Horny, which I enjoyed.

  6. woaihonggg Says:

    I agree with rope…vcr tapes were bad quality to begin with…especially if you copied a copy of a copy, like in the old days. Now, HD RAD cameras vs SVHS tape? Apples and Oranges.
    I also enjoy the little gems you’d find when an ‘actual’ orgasm was filmed vs. the anti-climatic female orgasm (did she come or not?) that usually followed..and vs the now over the top screaming and vocals of today. Rope, keep up the great work.

  7. vdesi Says:

    Can we get atleast 1 video of Ariel Paola on this site ? Just one, for starters. I beg you.

  8. spidge Says:

    Considering the massive amount of negative comments on the latest releases (as in the last 2 months), I would expect VB to at least acknowledge the criticism, and either apologize or defend their decision of content to upload. Until they do that ropedopes reviews just seem like a cheap cover up by focusing on the (very) few worthwile flicks.

    Not that I care anymore. I’ve cancelled my subscription and there is enough good content from the good old days for me to fill some harddrives and discs with before my departure.

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ woaihonggg – Thank you much. VCR’s were frustrating. I replaced them at the same rate I replaced light bulbs. A new one every couple of months. Remember the tracking? You’d fiddle with it for an hour to get a troublesome part of the tape to play correctly, and it would foul up the rest of the tape. Then they came out with automatic tracking, which never worked.

    @ vdesi – I find one individual listed at IAFD who worked under the names Ariel and Paola. She appeared in Teen Tryouts Audition #24, Latin Eye Candy #2, etc. Is that the person you’re referring to? If so, I think the best chance to see her would be if VideoBox obtains Real Sex Magazine #32 (we have volumes #64 & #65). Or are you referencing someone else entirely?

    @ spidge – Considering all the professional complainers on the site, equating negative comments with poor content is a mistake in my view. I’m still loving the content. I’m especially happy to see the return of Venom, after an absence of eight months. One of my very favorite studios.

  10. Papayaman1 Says:

    Dear God Rope, if you were suddenly faced with a switcheroo from some young lovely in the throes of ecstasy to the image you link to above we are lucky you didn’t have a coronary. All I can do is offer my sympathy and aver that porn can be a cruel mistress!

  11. vdesi Says:

    rope, am referring to

    She won Mis Brazil. Thanks.

  12. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – Yes, a cruel mistress indeed. I believe encountering that same (or similar) situation many times over the years, builds up a certain resistance which protects against coronaries, strokes (the bad kind, not the good kind), etc. As they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

    @ vdesi – Thank you vdesi. I took a look at the scene you linked to, and another on that site. I believe this is her listing at IAFD. The problem is she apparently filmed only a handful of scenes. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if she appeared in other movies under a different alias. The best chance of finding her at VideoBox, is to review all the Brazilian vids with a fine tooth comb. Check out each scene, regardless of the particular performer name attached to it.