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Teen Spotlight: Gullible & Whoring Types

Yesterday’s addition of Gullible Teens #2, and tonight’s posting of Daddy’s Lil’ Whore #1 to VideoBox, should provide fans of the barely legal genre cause to celebrate. These two titles include scenes featuring Ashley Jensen, Lexi Belle, Kacey Jordan, Stephanie Cane, Tori Black, and Veronique Vega, among others. I’m highlighting three scenes from Gullible Teens #2, and two scenes from Daddy’s Lil’ Whore #1. I’ve uploaded images for all five scenes (may have gone a wee bit overboard), and have review summaries for the Gullible scenes. If you enjoy this genre of video, or wish to see more of these particular performers, let VideoBox know with a reply to the post.


Clicking a clip thumbnail in the right column in Discover Mode goes to the login page

When in Discover Mode, selecting one of your clip lists in the right column (right-hand element, or RHE for short) and clicking one of the clip thumbnails causes an error that sends you to the login screen. We are looking into this.

A Rose By Any Other Name & Who Is Nollie?

Browsing through the upcoming movies, I caught sight of a cute girl who wasn’t recognizable to me. The movie was Round Mound of Ass #6, and the girl was Catalina Rose. A VideoBox search for additional Catalina Rose scenes yielded no results. Checking IAFD, I noticed Catalina Rose also works as Catalina Taylor. In fact, the Round Mound of Ass #6 box cover lists the credit as Catalina Taylor. Once again, the VideoBox search proved fruitless. So I believe this may be Catalina’s first scene on the site. Adding to my confusion, this film features another Rose scene (Kristina), and another Taylor scene (Isis). I’ve captured images to preview these three scenes, and have included written summaries. Below that, I’ve captured images of another upcoming scene from a different movie (which I’ll disclose later). As you can see from the first few screencaps, the young lady is announced as Nollie. However, we know Nollie under a more familiar name. Take a look at the images and tell me, who is Nollie?

Update: Catalina Taylor (Catalina Rose) site debut in scene 1 of What Can Brown Do For You?

Update 2: Round Mound of Ass #6 now posted to the site.


Existing VB favorites are not appearing in VB3

Favorites saved on do not appear in VB3 yet. We are working on this and will have them visible in your stash soon.

Performance and stability of site may be inconsistent

This beta site is under development, with features and fixes being added regularly. As a result, pages may suddenly become very slow or unavailable, video serving may vary from extremely fast to very slow, and general performance may fluctuate from hour to hour or day to day. Please bear with us as we tinker, improve and test!

Pornstars page header title does not update number when filtering

On the Pornstars page, the header title (orange bar) at the top of the page does not update the number of stars shown for each selection when filtering by popularity or alphabet letter, or when using the pagination at the bottom right. This will be updated soon.

Download preference can only be reset by going to Discover Mode

Once a download preference (file format for downloading content) has been set using the download popup box, it can only be reset by going to Discover Mode and clicking “Edit Pref” on the Download button below the Flash player. More robust means of managing a download preference will be implemented soon.

Tooltips with scene/clip info do not appear in Discover Mode Right-hand Element (RHE)

When viewing flash.seam (Discover Mode) rather than entering Discover Mode from a Browse page, hovering over the scene/clip titles and star links in the playlist (RHE) to the right of the Flash player will not display a tooltip with more info about the scene/clip. This bug will be fixed and updated soon.

Star Details page has some real data, but is otherwise a mockup

The Star Details page (visible when clicking a star name on the site or selecting a star image from the Pornstars page) has some real data (# of movies/scenes/clips, photo, rating, star name) but is otherwise a mockup image intended to demonstrate how the page will look and work when completed. Note: the buttons on that page that show the number of Movies and Scenes for that star will take you to a browse page with those Movies or Scenes, but Clips are not working yet.

Placeholder pages: Studios, Niches, Fans, Channels, Movie-details

The pages visible when clicking the “studios,” “niches,” “fans,” and “channels” tabs display mockup images intended to demonstrate how these pages will look and work when we complete them. Additionally, the page that appears when clicking the magnifying glass icon (“Closer look at movie details”) on the Movies browse page takes you to a mockup image. As these pages are competed, they will be added to VB3.