9/5 Previews or What would you do-oo-oo for a Klondike Bar?

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In today’s post, I’m highlighting scenes which will be uploaded to VideoBox on Sunday, September 5th. I’ve previewed seven scenes from three DVD’s, with images I captured as I streamed the video files. I have also provided a brief written overview for the first three scenes. As to our question above, it appears the girls in Ice Cream Bang Bang! #2 will gladly suck and fuck for their frozen treats. But they won’t take it up the butt. Then again, Klondike Bars weren’t on the menu. Popsicles seemed to be the main fare, although I did see one ice cream cone (possibly a Drumstick).

Ice Cream Bang Bang! #2

Studio: Sudden Impact

Ice Cream Bang Bang! #2 scene 2 Allyssa Hall

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2 icbb2 23
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1 icbb2 20
Allyssa Hall stumbles upon the ice cream truck while returning from school. She has been sent home because her clothing is inappropriate. Specifically, the plaid blue micro skirt she’s wearing, only covers half her butt. Allyssa is also attired in a red top with white trim, blue knee high socks, and polka dot panties. The outfit is HOT! Even the pervs manning the ice cream truck (driver Mike Deez and Director Jimmy Lifestyles, unseen behind camera), agree the principal was within his rights to expel Allyssa for the day. Allyssa demonstrates her oral technique on a popsicle. Climbs inside the truck. Taking Mike’s cock deep in her mouth, some of the action captured in POV.

Allyssa: Do you want to taste me?

Allyssa, panties around knees, being eaten out by Mike.

Allyssa: Do you like my fat, little pussy. It’s really tight inside.

Mike drilling Allyssa missionary, her right leg resting on his left shoulder. Mike slapping his cock against Allyssa’s bald pussy. P2M, Allyssa stroking and sucking cock, licking at the balls. Allyssa climbs aboard Mike reverse cowgirl, her plaid skirt bunched up around her waist. Cowgirl. Allyssa in control as she rides Mike’s dick. Doggie.

Allyssa: Oh, my shoe came off!

Spoon. Mike delivers an open mouth facial to Allyssa. Post cum head.

Fun scene. Is there any other adult performer who has the giggly teen persona nailed down as well as Allyssa? I don’t believe so.

Ice Cream Bang Bang! #2 scene 5 Kacey Jordan

5 icbb2 01
5 icbb2 02
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5 icbb2 04
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5 icbb2 06
5 icbb2 07
5 icbb2 08
5 icbb2 09
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5 icbb2 15
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5 icbb2 17
5 icbb2 18
5 icbb2 19
5 icbb2 20
5 icbb2 21
5 icbb2 22
5 icbb2 23
Will Powers has the ice cream truck parked across the street from the local junior college. Chatting with Director Jimmy Lifestyles. Kacey Jordan leaves the building, and walks over to the truck. Kacey is wearing a cheerleader uniform, and white athletic socks with gold bands. Kacey turns down an unwrapped popsicle.

Jimmy (from behind camera, addressing Will): Is that the one you dipped in morphine?

Will hands Kacey an unopened popsicle for her inspection. Kacey demonstrating her oral technique. Jimmy requests cheerleader moves from Kacey, such as cartwheels, leg kicks, etc. Kacey declines, because she’s not wearing panties. Kacey inside the truck. The guys offer her free ice cream for life, if she can find Will’s mystery popsicle. A topless Kacey, unleashes Will’s cock, and proceeds to give head. Kacey sitting on the icebox, lifts up her skirt revealing her meaty pussy. Kacey’s left leg is raised and resting on the cooler, with Will banging her in doggie. Kacey down on the floor, as Will continues his doggie assault. Kacey mounts Will in cowgirl, followed by reverse cowgirl. P2M. Missionary. Kacey wrapping her left arm around the underside of both knees, pinning her legs back. Will strokes his load into Kacey’s mouth. Kacey lets the cum drip out of her mouth; a stringer hanging from her chin.

Ice Cream Bang Bang! #2 scene 6 Alexis Love

6 icbb2 01
6 icbb2 02
6 icbb2 03
6 icbb2 04
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6 icbb2 06
6 icbb2 07
6 icbb2 08
6 icbb2 09
6 icbb2 10
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6 icbb2 17
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6 icbb2 19
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6 icbb2 21
6 icbb2 22
6 icbb2 23
7 icbb2 01
7 icbb2 02
7 icbb2 03
Alexis Love is writing a report for school on occupations in the local community. As part of the paper, she is interviewing Will Powers, the ice cream man. Will and Director Jimmy Lifestyles show Alexis the ice cream truck. Jimmy reveals an interesting tidbit. The cotton candy carried on board, is hand spun by an eighty-three year old blind man in India, and imported exclusively for Ice Cream Bang Bang. Alexis sucking on a multi colored / multi flavored popsicle. Will grabs Alexis’ notes. She has written, I wish he would shut up, and let me suck his cock. Seems Alexis has just broken up with her boyfriend, and she is horny. Will dips the head of his dick into a small container of raspberry syrup. Which is better? Alexis takes the taste test, alternately sucking Will’s cock and the popsicle. Alexis prefers the flavored cock. Alexis stripping out of her clothes. Guys surprised by her beautiful breasts. Where did those titties come from? Alexis spreading her butt cheeks. Alexis bent over the icebox, as Will drills her in doggie. Missionary up on the cooler. P2M. Reverse cowgirl. Alexis bouncing up and down, and grinding around Will’s cock in a circular motion. P2M, Alexis flicking her tongue at the head of Will’s dick. From a standing position, Alexis slowly descends and envelops Will’s cock in cowgirl. After a bit more doggie, Will unloads into Alexis’ mouth.

Smothered and Covered #1

smothered and covered 1
Studio: Red Light District

Smothered and Covered #1 scene 2 Lorelei Lee

2 sac1 01
2 sac1 02
2 sac1 03
2 sac1 04
2 sac1 05
2 sac1 06
2 sac1 07
2 sac1 08
2 sac1 09
2 sac1 10
2 sac1 11
2 sac1 12
2 sac1 13
2 sac1 14
2 sac1 15
2 sac1 16
2 sac1 17
2 sac1 18
2 sac1 19
2 sac1 20
2 sac1 21
2 sac1 22
2 sac1 23
2 On 1 #26

2 on 1 26
Studio: Diabolic

2 On 1 #26 scene 1 Celina Cross & Lorena Sanchez

1 2o126 01
1 2o126 02
1 2o126 03
1 2o126 04
1 2o126 05
1 2o126 06
1 2o126 07
1 2o126 08
1 2o126 09
1 2o126 10
1 2o126 11
1 2o126 12
1 2o126 13
1 2o126 14
1 2o126 15
1 2o126 16
1 2o126 17
1 2o126 18
1 2o126 19
1 2o126 20
1 2o126 21
2 On 1 #26 scene 2 Max Mikita

2 max 01
2 max 02
2 max 03
2 max 04
2 max 05
2 max 06
2 max 07
2 max 08
2 max 09
2 max 10
2 max 11
2 max 12
2 max 13
2 max 14
2 max 15
2 max 16
2 max 17
2 max 18
2 On 1 #26 scene 6 Avy Lee Roth & Mika Tan

6 2o126 01
6 2o126 02
6 2o126 03
6 2o126 04
6 2o126 05
6 2o126 06
6 2o126 07
6 2o126 08
6 2o126 09
6 2o126 10
6 2o126 11
6 2o126 12
6 2o126 13
6 2o126 14
6 2o126 15
6 2o126 16
6 2o126 17
6 2o126 18
6 2o126 19
6 2o126 20

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17 Responses to “9/5 Previews or What would you do-oo-oo for a Klondike Bar?”

  1. Papayaman1 Says:

    Nice review Rope, looks like some good stuff coming up, particularly that Alexis Love scene. I have to admit those screencaps of her bum make me wish she would do a little anal – but she looks fantastic anyhow. I’ll certainly be taking a look at that scene.

  2. Ken Says:

    Rope, I know that you do not really know what is coming up on VB, but I don’t see much POV stuff that is new lately.

    Will be nice to see some new ones. ANYONE agree?

  3. petermc Says:

    Yes to the POV, yes to the anal. Put them together and I’d love to see more POV anal stuff on here. I note you did just put up Anal Overdose on the Evil Angel section which is almost POV. Mike Adriano’s movies are awesome whether for Evil Angel or any other company, love to see more of his stuff on here.

  4. ScrapperOne Says:

    Very much looking forward to the Allyssa Hall scene and Alexis Love scene. Though Alexis doesn’t quite break the top five for me, she definitely cracks the top ten. Allyssa Hall on the other hand (tee-hee) is very much in the top five for me and really only slightly behind Lexi Belle for me. (Sad, I know, that I have a top ten of porn stars)

    Seems like a lot of good stuff to look forward to today from VB. Looks like this will be quite a “holy” day for me. As in “Holy crap, that’s a lot of good scenes today!” Although I will say that I am most looking forward to Ice Cream Bang #2 personally.

    Oh, and Papayaman. I have read that Alexis does not do anal on camera because she prefers to do that in her private life. She did hint in the interview that she may do anal in the future but that it’s something she has to get used to doing privately first. If/when she decides to put it on tape, she’ll move up (probably) on my ranking. 🙂

  5. Papayaman1 Says:

    ScrapperOne, thanks for the info on Alexis, that really gives me something to hope for/look forward to. Her bum is just so well formed that I long to see it put to good use.

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ Papayaman1 – Thank you. Alexis always looks outstanding to me, and I can well appreciate your fondness for her fine posterior. Check out the screencaps of Max Mikita above. Another girl with shapely ample acreage in the rear.

    @ Ken – I second your request for additional POV films. FWIW, I did make a request of the Content Team to look into the availability of Mike John’s Perverted POV series. Not sure if it’s doable, but there is some excellent POV material included in this series.

    @ petermc – Good to see another vote for POV. I’m primarily familiar with Mike Adriano through his work for New Sensations / Digital Sin. Specifically, the volumes of Fresh Outta High School and My Fantasy Girls POV which he directed. More of Mike sounds good to me.

    @ ScrapperOne – Not sad at all. I believe I have a top hundred and ten, although I really need to update the list more frequently. Good God (or is it Holy crap), you must have had a stroke (or three) when this scene was posted. Ice Cream Bang Bang was superb. I wish there were more than two volumes, but I think that’s all they issued.

  7. davros Says:

    As soon as we got the first Ice Cream Bang Bang vid on this site, I’ve been hoping that we would get the one with the Kacey Jordan scene. It was a happy day when I saw that the scene was on this site. It’s a good selection of scenes, Rope. Good work.

  8. ScrapperOne Says:

    Rope, that scene skyrocketed to the top of my list when it came out! Perfect directing, lighting, and 2 incredibly great looking women (not to mention a male that kept his mouth shut), it’s considered to be the archetype for gonzo styled porn. Not sure if I had a stroke or not but I have been having trouble using my left side…

  9. Ken Says:

    Rope, I would like to suggest another thing that may be beneficial for the majority of the people who love/like VB. I think it is time to open a blog post of what we want the content dude to do or what we want.

    I know that right now we can contact the content department by suggestions, but does that section of emails/inquiry go directly to that department?

    I just notice that (for the most part) the FIRST 2 DVDs uploaded every day seem to be a lower quality/unknown DVD that usually are not rated well by viewers. It may be a good thing to give the content department a set of what we are looking for on VB.

    JUST MY 2 CENTS WORTH. I like the new uploads most of the time. (been a VB member for 1 and a half years)

  10. ropeadope Says:

    @ davros – Thank you very much. I too, was most appreciative of an additional Kacey Jordan scene.

    @ ScrapperOne – If you have your voice, vision, and can still recognize loved ones, you’re ahead of the game. Set up an appointment with a masseuse for that troublesome left side. Inquire as to the availability of the happy ending option.

    @ Ken – You have a good idea. I’m actually anticipating a post to the blog from the content side of the operations. Not sure of the specifics, or exact timing, but these concerns would probably best be served when that post arrives.

    I imagine the customer support emails go to a central location, and are then routed to the specific departments. But honestly, I don’t know for sure. I agree with your observations on the timing of the video uploads. But of course, it all depends on where you live. Our friends around the globe, may see it from a different perspective.

  11. jaykay Says:

    Hey Rope!

    Here’s a thought to an article you could do! How about doing a “Whatever Happened to the Pornstar?” where you dig a bit for information about a certain retired pornstar and tell us their story about their life after porn? 🙂

    I often find myself thinking “why haven’t I seen any vids lately from this person” and wonders is she’s retired, gone behind the camera or whatever.

    Just think it would be a cool thing to have each week where we get updates on how they’re doing 🙂

  12. Ken Says:

    Rope, do you know if VB is finished with New Sensations Studios?
    I am sorry that i am asking so much to you.
    Please excuse me.

  13. ropeadope Says:

    @ jaykay – It’s an outstanding idea, but the rub is in the execution. The best way to handle a Whatever Happened To article, is to communicate directly with the individual in question. It’s difficult to find accurate contact (email) info for retired performers. If anyone can supply me with such info, I will be more than happy to pursue the lead. Can this type of article be done without contacting the retired performer? Possibly, but the information would likely be limited and / or suspect. But I do like and appreciate your suggestion, and will see if I can come up with something.

    @ Ken – Of the initial acquisition from New Sensations / Digital Sin, I believe only one video remains to be posted. However, I know The Content Dude intends to negotiate a follow-up acquisition from NS. I added my endorsement to that intention (not sure if that carries any weight), and specifically requested more from the Fresh Outta High School series.

    Never a need to apologize for asking questions. I only wish I were working in the VideoBox home office, where I could more easily gather and share information.

  14. Ken Says:

    If Rope can also request more Schoolgirl POV series of NS will be nice.

  15. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – Consider it done.

  16. jjohnsrb63 Says:
  17. ropeadope Says:

    @ jjohnsrb63 – Please see my reply to you here. I’m deleting these comments, and leaving them in the newer thread. No need to have the exact same conversation in two separate posts.