Lewd Conduct #30

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Diabolic must have been impressed with Stephanie Cane’s debut scene in Spring Chickens #18, as they wheel her right back into action in Lewd Conduct #30. The production dates for LC30 ranged from 3 days to 2 weeks after those of SC18. Stephanie visits Brian Surewood’s house in scene 2, but first, Chelsie Rae shows up with her boyfriend for her scene 1 shoot. The boyfriend looks on, while Chelsie is violated by three guys, including anal and double penetration. Not to worry though, the boyfriend gets a blowjob in the bathroom to conclude the scene. In scene 3, the colorfully tattooed Sarah Jane Ceylon absorbs a rough fucking at the hands of James (Robin!) Deen, anal included. Scene 4 brings us the gorgeous Bianca Dagger, and Trinity Post arrives in scene 5 with a menu including anal, double anal, double penetration, anal creampie, and vaginal creampie. Cover girl Presley Maddox brings the film to a close by taking on two guys, including one of the shift drivers from Ice Cream Bang Bang! We also get a 27 minute behind the scenes segment, part of which shows a busted scene with Karina Kay. I have preview images posted for all seven scenes, and written overviews for the first four scenes.

Update: DVD is tentatively scheduled to be uploaded Monday, October 4, 2010.

Lewd Conduct #30

Studio: Diabolic

Director: Unknown ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lewd Coduct #30 scene 1 Chelsie Rae

1 lc30 01
1 lc30 02
1 lc30 03
1 lc30 04
1 lc30 05
1 lc30 06
1 lc30 07
1 lc30 08
1 lc30 09
1 lc30 10
1 lc30 11
1 lc30 12
1 lc30 13
1 lc30 14
1 lc30 15
1 lc30 16
1 lc30 17
1 lc30 40
1 lc30 19
1 lc30 20
1 lc30 21
1 lc30 22
1 lc30 23
8 lc30 01
8 lc30 02
8 lc30 03
8 lc30 04
8 lc30 05
8 lc30 06
8 lc30 07
8 lc30 08
8 lc30 09
8 lc30 10
8 lc30 11
Chelsie Rae arrives with her boyfriend of seven years, for a three man DP scene. Her boyfriend will witness the proceedings first hand, as he sits off to the side with Cain, the Director’s dog. Brian Surewood, Talon, and Will Powers surround Chelsie, and a blow bang ensues. Chelsie alternately stroking and sucking each of the three cocks. Cain looks at the boyfriend (5th row of images above) as if thinking, Dude, are you really just gonna sit there and let this happen? Guys pull off Chelsie’s blue cut-offs and pink panties. Brian is the first to get a crack at Chelsie’s pussy, as she climbs aboard in cowgirl. Talon entering in doggie anal to complete the double penetration (DP). Chelsie going air tight by giving head to Will. A2M for Talon; P2M for Brian. Chelsie mounts Brian reverse cowgirl anal. Will slips into the pussy in missionary for another DP. Talon and Will have swapped positions a few times; Brian has been underneath throughout. Chelsie’s boyfriend lends a hand, holding her right leg high and wide (15th row of images above). More DP, A2M, P2M. A round robin develops, with each guy fucking Chelsie doggie anal, followed by A2M. Another round robin, with the trio nailing Chelsie missionary vag, followed by P2M. All three guys deposit their loads into Chelsie’s mouth, and onto her face. Chelsie and boyfriend retire to the bathroom. Chelsie delivering a brief POV blowjob. Boyfriend strokes off onto Chelsie’s face.

This was a busy, but enjoyable scene. Having the boyfriend remain in the room as an onlooker, provided an interesting change of pace to the norm. My favorite cuckold scene took place in an episode of the reality series XXX Proposal starring Kacey. Anyone else remember that scene? The Kacey scene was (very likely) scripted, and did not represent a real relationship. Based on this scene and the behind the scenes segment, I believe Chelsie and the boyfriend are a real life couple.

Lewd Conduct #30 scene 2 Stephanie Cane

2 lc30 01
2 lc30 02
2 lc30 03
2 lc30 04
2 lc30 05
2 lc30 06
2 lc30 07
2 lc30 08
2 lc30 09
2 lc30 10
2 lc30 11
2 lc30 12
2 lc30 13
2 lc30 14
2 lc30 15
2 lc30 16
2 lc30 17
2 lc30 18
2 lc30 19
2 lc30 20
2 lc30 21
2 lc30 22
2 lc30 23
9 lc30 01
9 lc30 02
9 lc30 03
Stephanie Cane and the unknown director arrive at Brian Surewood’s house. They let themselves in, and Stephanie pets Brian’s dog Rex. Judging by Cain in the first scene and Rex here, California dogs seem really laid back. Brian’s wall is adorned with swords and weaponry, and he has a large tropical fish tank. The duo head upstairs. Stephanie hiking up her short skirt from the rear, as she ascends the staircase. Brian awaits in the bed, fully awake. Stephanie stripping out of her clothes. Licking at her titties, Stephanie lays on the bed and fingers her pussy. Brian feasting on Stephanie’s fully shaved snatch. Steph gives some head, before Brian enters in missionary. Stephanie’s titties dancing about, as Brian drills her pussy. Brian wraps his mouth around the toes of Steph’s left foot. Stephanie mounts Brian in cowgirl; slapping back at her ass cheeks as she rides the dick. Stephanie’ s ass on nice display in this position. The left side of her butt has turned pinkish from the spanking. P2M. Stephanie on the bed on all fours; Brian entering in doggie. Brian is pulling back on both of Stephanie’s arms, as he pummels the pussy. Stephanie wants it harder, and Brian obliges. Brian is breathing hard and Stephanie is emitting high pitched squeals. P2M. Stephanie climbs aboard in reverse cowgirl. Overhead camera capturing the action. Stephanie bouncing on the cock with her legs spread wide, then placing the heels of both feet on Brian’s thighs, as she continues to ride. Stephanie rubbing at her clit. P2M. Piledriver. Brian thumbing Stephanie’s clit, as he drives his cock in and out of her snatch. Pussy gape. Brian pulls Stephanie up onto the bed, and resumes in mish. Brian leaning into it, stroking deep into Stephanie’s pussy. Brian drops a big load into Stephanie’s mouth and onto her face. Steph says she loved it.

Lewd Conduct #30 scene 3 Sarah Jane Ceylon

3 lc30 01
3 lc30 02
3 lc30 03
3 lc30 04
3 lc30 05
3 lc30 06
3 lc30 07
3 lc30 08
3 lc30 09
3 lc30 10
3 lc30 11
3 lc30 12
3 lc30 13
A lc30 06
3 lc30 14
A lc30 07
3 lc30 15
A lc30 05
3 lc30 16
3 lc30 17
3 lc30 18
3 lc30 19
3 lc30 20
3 lc30 21
3 lc30 22
3 lc30 23
A lc30 01
A lc30 02
A lc30 03
A lc30 04
Sara Jane Ceylon has been working as an S & M model. She’s decorated with large colorful tattoos, and loves to get spanked. Attired in a purple dress with silver high heel shoes, Sara Jane is quite attractive. James Deen slapping at Sara Jane’s butt. Blowjob with face fucking. James has his hand around Sara Jane’s throat, as he bangs away in missionary anal. Slapping Sara Jane’s face, spitiing in her mouth. A2M. Doggie anal. Slapping Sara Jane’s ass, prying her mouth wide with both hands. A2M. Sara Jane positioned with her head hanging off the edge of the couch, as James face fucks her. Sara Jane slapping her pussy, and her own face. Missionary vag. James choking Sara Jane; both hands around her throat. James spitting on Sara Jane’s face, slapping her face and butt. P2M. Cowgirl vag. Sara Jane rocking back and forth on James’ cock. Standing cowgirl. James drilling Sara Jane with forceful strokes. Back down on the floor, continuing in cowgirl. P2M. Spoon anal. James has his hand in Sara Jane’s mouth, spitting on her face. Sara Jane screaming, “I got a dick in my ass. I got a dick in my ass.” Face fucking. James pinching Sara Jane’s nostrils shut. James shoots his load into Sara Jane’s mouth. Post cum head. Sara Jane lets the cum run out of her mouth into James’ hand. Sara Jane begging James to let her swallow the load. James slaps Sara Jane, rubbing his cum into her face. Sara Jane smiles and waves goodbye. In a brief post scene interview, Sara Jane is laughing and in good spirits. The scene was rough, but that’s how she likes it. Sara Jane tells us she’s taken on far rougher treatment in her S & M career.

Lewd Conduct #30 scene 4 Bianca Dagger

4 lc30 01
4 lc30 02
4 lc30 03
4 lc30 04
4 lc30 05
4 lc30 06
4 lc30 07
4 lc30 08
4 lc30 09
4 lc30 24
4 lc30 10
4 lc30 11
4 lc30 12
4 lc30 13
4 lc30 14
4 lc30 15
4 lc30 16
4 lc30 17
4 lc30 18
4 lc30 19
4 lc30 20
4 lc30 21
4 lc30 22
4 lc30 23
Bianca Dagger is half Mexican – half German, with a trace of Native American. She is 22 years old, and is three weeks into her porn career at the time of this shoot. She lost her virginity at the age of 15. Between the ages of 15 and 16, Bianca fucked roughly 30 guys. Bianca spent 13 months in a Mexican boot camp, receiving behavior modification therapy for her promiscuity. Talon joins, and receives head. Talon entering in doggie; Bianca’s shapely butt on nice display. Talon spreading the pussy wide from behind. P2M. Bianca straddles an arm of the couch, leaning forward. Talon resumes in doggie. Bianca asks for it deeper, and Talon responds with forceful, lunging strokes. Talon has to pull out, as he’s close to blowing his load. P2M. More doggie. Scene cuts and Bianca is mounting Talon reverse cowgirl. Bouncing on the dick. Bianca is sportin’ a tiny patch of bush. Talon can’t hold onto it any longer. He shoots a big load across Bianca’s face and on her tongue. With the nuisance load out of the way, Talon is good to go again. Pumping Bianca’s pussy in missionary; her left leg resting on his left shoulder. Talon strokes out a second load onto Bianca’s right cheek. Scooping the cum into Bianca’s mouth. In a brief post scene interview, Talon says Bianca has a puffy pussy with good muscle control. This caused him to lose the first load prematurely. Bianca and Talon kissing. Bianca waves goodbye.

Lewd Conduct #30 scene 5 Trinity Post

5 lc30 01
5 lc30 02
5 lc30 03
5 lc30 04
5 lc30 05
5 lc30 06
5 lc30 07
5 lc30 08
5 lc30 09
5 lc30 10
5 lc30 11
5 lc30 12
5 lc30 13
5 lc30 14
5 lc30 15
5 lc30 16
5 lc30 17
5 lc30 18
5 lc30 19
5 lc30 20
5 lc30 21
5 lc30 22
5 lc30 23
B lc30 01
B lc30 02
B lc30 03
B lc30 04
B lc30 05
B lc30 06
B lc30 07
B lc30 08
B lc30 09
B lc30 10
B lc30 11
B lc30 12
B lc30 13
Lewd Conduct #30 scene 6 Presley Maddox

6 lc30 01
6 lc30 02
6 lc30 03
6 lc30 04
6 lc30 05
6 lc30 06
6 lc30 07
6 lc30 08
6 lc30 09
6 lc30 10
6 lc30 11
6 lc30 12
6 lc30 13
6 lc30 14
6 lc30 15
6 lc30 16
6 lc30 17
6 lc30 18
6 lc30 19
6 lc30 20
6 lc30 21
6 lc30 22
6 lc30 23
C lc30 01
C lc30 02
C lc30 03
C lc30 04
C lc30 05
Lewd Conduct #30 scene 7 Behind the Scenes

7 lc30 01
7 lc30 02
7 lc30 03
7 lc30 04
7 lc30 05
7 lc30 06
7 lc30 07
7 lc30 08
7 lc30 09
7 lc30 10
7 lc30 11
7 lc30 15
7 lc30 16


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32 Responses to “Lewd Conduct #30”

  1. Ken Says:

    Hope this one doesn’t have background music when the ACTION starts.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – Yes, there is some background music. But it stays in the background, and doesn’t interfere with the sounds being produced by the on screen activity. I had to go back and check, because it hadn’t caught my attention first time through. If you listen for it, you’ll hear it. But it didn’t bother me.

  3. trlfmdr Says:

    Wow that Sarah Jane has some huge tats. VB needs a new category: Awful Tattoos. I love the shoes though, will probably dl the scene just for them. Thanks Rope.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ trlfmdr – Most welcome my friend. Haha, huge tats and huge shoes. I’m sure you’ve already done so, but just in case it slipped by, check out Alison’s comprehensive tattoo post here.

  5. jjohnsrb63 Says:

    I think it is bullshit that Videobox sensors its customers! Because they put up weak, old, bargain basement video updates and customers complain in the comments, they disable the commenting ability of the people that complain! What is this, the USSR in the 80s? What a joke VB is! They don’t realize that this just drives some people to speak out louder! My review website and anti-VB website are coming soon! Believe that!

  6. jjohnsrb63 Says:

    Pardon my misspelling “CENSOR”!!!!

  7. ScrapperOne Says:

    jjohnsrb63: From what I can see, you have your post up and everyone is able to see it. I think part of the problem is that if you’re going to complain, you need to do so in such a way that people will actually want to read what you have to say. I know that from a business standpoint, it has got to be difficult to obtain new and fresh material. Just for the simple fact that there are so many outlets around and production companies want to make as much as they can will drive up cost and limit resources.
    I actually will find it interesting if you come out with a website, as I believe it may be constructive. You may also learn that something like that will only serve the purpose of an outlet and not actually generate any sort of cash flow (unless you have other plans). Good luck and as I said, I look forward to seeing the argument you bring forth.
    As an aside, if you feel this strongly about VB’s quality might I suggest canceling your membership? I know VB probably wouldn’t like that idea but at the same time, you can allocate your resources (money) into a website you would actually enjoy. If you’ve already canceled, mazel tov.

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ jjohnsrb63 – To the best of my knowledge, comments in the movie reviews which are critical of VideoBox, are not censored. You are probably using language which, although innocent sounding, results in the comment never being posted (as opposed to being moderated and removed). For example, if your comment was written exactly as above, the word VideoBox would result in a non-posting. You should use VB instead. At least, that’s how it was when I was actively leaving comments. See Alison’s article here, for more on the topic.

    If your ability to leave comments has been disabled completely, you should contact customer support for an explanation.

  9. jjohnsrb63 Says:

    @Ropeadope – Nope… I’m being censored! I have made negative comments about old and outdated content and my membership and comments were removed (which were previously there) and now I can not comment. Something was changed on the back-end to block me from posting comments now! Every single comment section on every single video now states “You have posted a comment” (even though I haven’t) next to the show comments link on every video on every page! And I have no ability to post comments any longer. This all happened at the same time! I’m being censored and I have contacted Support etc. but no response obviously!

  10. ropeadope Says:

    @ jjohnsrb63 – Sorry to hear that. While I don’t know the background of the situation, I would like to see customer support send an answer and explanation to your inquiry.

  11. Ken Says:

    WOW, what is jjohnsrb63 smoking lately? CHILL OUT.

    Rope, I also wanted to note that i think it is time for another injection of ASHLYNN BROOKE!
    You can see how much probangs there are on most of her scenes. It’s time, my good friend.

  12. jjohnsrb63 Says:

    @ropeadope -thank you very much for your time and responses!

    @ Ken -“CHILL OUT”… really?!?! What have you been smoking? I’m a paying customer and I have a right to services and to not be censored! I guess you are the kind of person that will only care when it happens to you! You ever heard the statement from Pastor Martin Niemรถll (over kill but it makes my point):

    They came first for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and by that time no one was left to speak up.

  13. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken & jjohnsrb63 – Okay guys, calm it down, and please keep the comments on topic.

    @ Ken – Additional Ashlynn Brooke would almost certainly appear with the arrival of new product from New Sensations / Digital Sin. She’s filmed most of her output for NS. While the next acquisition of titles is being negotiated, maybe I can post one of Ashlynn’s photo galleries. I’ll see what I have available.

  14. Ken Says:

    Thanks Rope, that will be nice. ๐Ÿ™‚
    By the way, ON TOPIC, is Bianca Dagger pretty new to VB? Haven’t seen much of her….
    I love it.

  15. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – We have a pretty fair representation of Bianca Dagger scenes, although she has flown under my radar until recently. Per iafd, Bianca was active primarily in 2007. A few appearances in 2008, and the one 2009 release was probably filmed earlier.

  16. jfro21 Says:

    Here’s a real complaint: When is the rating system for videos going to be fixed: it has been broken for 2 or more months!!

  17. Ken Says:

    @jfro21 – I do agree with you in that we do need a better system in the near future. I think we should be patient BUT adamant about what we want. NOT AGGRESSIVE nor threatening. tho.

  18. Papayaman1 Says:

    I think Ken makes a valuable contribution. If you are unhappy about something a patient and courteous whilst determined approach is much more likely to bear fruit than rather fraught and extreme terminology. And lets remember Pastor Niemoller was talking about the Nazis for God’s sake! A sense of proportion would help here.

    As for the review, that is an interesting issue in the Chelsie Rae scene with what might be her actual boyfriend sitting by and watching (indeed, assisting by lifting her leg at one point), whilst his girlfriend gets every orifice well and truly reamed and then filled with joy juice by three scuzzy porn studs. I can’t think of many guys who would relish that experience. But I wonder if the attitudes of people working in the porn industry become substantially different from ours. I remember reading an interview with a German porn proprietor who showed the interviewer a photograph to illustrate the high standards of photography in his magazine (yes, it was that long ago). The interviewer noticed in passing that the photo depicted said proprietor’s porn model wife filling her mouth with two huge dicks. Of course, there is a nasty side of this when jealousies actually do set in, but enough has probably been said about Chico Wang and the unfortunate Haley Paige.

  19. Papayaman1 Says:

    Incidentally, just in case the Niemoller quote is more apt than I think and VB actually are sending out hit squads of porn starlets to fuck us into submission, could I just note that I can turn Communist if they are indeed pencilled in for the first visit.

  20. Ken Says:

    Is it just a trend or are there more DP (Threesome) videos in many of the uploads lately?
    The whole DP is kinda weird for me still, but I some how finally accepted downloading non POV clips. TASTES CHANGE I guess.

  21. mm__1981 Says:

    New categories. Nice!

  22. mm__1981 Says:

    Now we need them on the left hand pane so that we can filter on more than one of the new categories. As it is, I can filter on a new one first from a scene or dvd, then only the old categories after that.

  23. ropeadope Says:

    @ jfro21 – I believe the rating system is being updated / upgraded. I’m expecting a post to the blog from the tech personnel in the near future. Hopefully, they’ll address these issues.

    @ Papayaman1 – According to Chelsie, they have been boyfriend – girlfriend for seven years (since she was fifteen), and have been swinging for the past year.

    @ Ken – Not sure what the numbers show, but I haven’t noticed a drastic change. It’s possible the arrival of certain studios (like Diabolic) have somewhat skewed the DP statistics.

    @ mm__1981 – It’s coming. I’ve taken a test drive of what’s around the corner. I don’t want to steal the thunder from the VideoBox Operations Dept., but you’ll be able to filter by many new categories, in all possible combinations.

  24. ScrapperOne Says:

    Rope: My fellow VB users. I have seen the future and it looks promising beyond anyone’s expectation. This will be the dawning of a new age for casual porn watchers and experts alike, bring peace and harmony to the land. Yes indeed, I have seen the future and I can tell you this for sure: Strap yourselves in because it will be one hell of a ride.

    My name is ScrapperOne and I approve this message. Thank you and good day!

  25. Ken Says:

    Is scrapperone a VB employee? Or is he fooling around? What we want is action. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. ropeadope Says:

    @ ScrapperOne – Good job. BTW, in my next post I request an answer to a question. You are disqualified. Lol, nothing personal, you’ll understand when you see the entry. If the correct answer doesn’t arrive in the first 24 hours of the post, feel free to jump in.

    @ Ken – To the best of my knowledge, ScrapperOne is neither a VideoBox employee nor fooling around. I don’t know the exact timetable, but developments should unfold in the not too distant future. Hang in there, you won’t be disappointed.

  27. loki Says:

    Damn! This looks like a great movie! When is it getting posted?

  28. ropeadope Says:

    @ loki – I apologize for being vague, but I haven’t been given the expected posting date. All I can say is I would expect to see the movie uploaded in the next few weeks. If I do find out the date, I’ll add the info up top in bold lettering.

  29. loki Says:


  30. ScrapperOne Says:

    Ken: Sadly, I am not a VB employee. I simply try to contribute whenever I can and/or can be helpful in any way. I, like many avid porn view, feel compelled to help my fellow member and extend the hand of helpful info. Plus election time is coming up and I live in a small town, so with the bombardment of flyers and ads going around I figured I’d get into the “festive season”.

    Believe me, there will be action coming quite soon. And no, this isn’t quite the same action that we’re used to seeing on a daily basis here ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. adcjr83 Says:

    When is the DVD going to get posted?

  32. ropeadope Says:

    @ adcjr83 – I haven’t been supplied with the expected posting date. We seem to receive four or five Diabolic titles each week, so it shouldn’t be too much longer.