A Rose By Any Other Name & Who Is Nollie?

Browsing through the upcoming movies, I caught sight of a cute girl who wasn’t recognizable to me. The movie was Round Mound of Ass #6, and the girl was Catalina Rose. A VideoBox search for additional Catalina Rose scenes yielded no results. Checking IAFD, I noticed Catalina Rose also works as Catalina Taylor. In fact, the Round Mound of Ass #6 box cover lists the credit as Catalina Taylor. Once again, the VideoBox search proved fruitless. So I believe this may be Catalina’s first scene on the site. Adding to my confusion, this film features another Rose scene (Kristina), and another Taylor scene (Isis). I’ve captured images to preview these three scenes, and have included written summaries. Below that, I’ve captured images of another upcoming scene from a different movie (which I’ll disclose later). As you can see from the first few screencaps, the young lady is announced as Nollie. However, we know Nollie under a more familiar name. Take a look at the images and tell me, who is Nollie?

Update: Catalina Taylor (Catalina Rose) site debut in scene 1 of What Can Brown Do For You?

Update 2: Round Mound of Ass #6 now posted to the site.

Round Mound Of Ass #6 scene 3 Catalina Rose (Catalina Taylor)

catalina 01
catalina 02
catalina 03
catalina 04
catalina 05
catalina 06
catalina 07
catalina 08
catalina 09
catalina 10
catalina 11
catalina 12
catalina 13
catalina 14
catalina 15
catalina 16
catalina 17
catalina 18
catalina 19
catalina 20
catalina 21
catalina 22
catalina 23
catalina1 01
catalina1 02
catalina1 03
catalina1 04
catalina1 05
catalina1 06
catalina1 07
catalina1 08
catalina1 09
Catalina is a cute nineteen year old with a round, shapely butt. Attired in a white skirt, pink top, red panties with white trim, and white high heel shoes. The focus of this series may be on the ass, but as Catalina unleashes her titties, we see she is blessed in that department as well. Catalina making her set of 34D’s jiggle. The Director remarks he’ll bring Catalina back for the Big Tit Patrol series. Billy Glyde joins. Panties pulled to side, Billy eats out Catalina. Stabbing his tongue into Catalina’s pussy, licking at her clit. Catalina squats down to give head to Billy. Slapping his cock against her tongue.

Catalina: Can I ride it?

Catalina mounts Billy in cowgirl, panties initially to the side, then coming off 12:45 into the scene. P2M. Resuming in cowgirl. Billy driving his cock up and into Catalina’s pussy. Now Catalina assuming control, as she bounces up and down on the dick. P2M. Doggie. Catalina’s ass on nice display. Camera capturing the action from just behind, and to the side of Catalina’s left butt cheek, then over Billy’s left shoulder, giving a POV sensation. Energetic fucking as Billy forcefully slams his cock into Catalina in doggie. P2M. Billy gets another taste of Catalina’s pussy, before entering in missionary. Deep, hard strokes. Catalina on her side. Billy drops his load on Catalina’s left butt cheek.

Billy: Damn, that was fun.

Catalina: I know, right?

Round Mound Of Ass #6 scene 5 Kristina Rose

kristina 01
kristina 02
kristina 03
kristina 04
kristina1 11
kristina 05
kristina 06
kristina 07
kristina 08
kristina 24
kristina 10
kristina1 06
kristina 11
kristina 12
kristina 13
kristina1 07
kristina1 13
kristina 14
kristina 15
kristina 16
kristina 17
kristina 18
kristina 19
kristina1 08
kristina 20
kristina1 09
kristina 21
kristina1 10
kristina 22
kristina 23
kristina1 01
kristina1 02
kristina1 03
kristina1 04
kristina1 05
Kristina Rose in brown shorts and top, posing and showing off her rear assets. Lowering the shorts to just below the crack of her butt. Turns toward camera. Kristina has her trademark bush in place, although it’s trimmed pretty close today. Kristina is twenty three years old. Joined by Michael Stefano, who buries his face in Kristina’s butt. Kristina giving head to Michael. Kristina sitting on arm of couch, ass hanging over the edge. Michael lays underneath. Kristina sits her butt down on Michael’s face. Facesitting. Michael licking and rimming Kristina from below. Kristina starts to get up, but Michael wants seconds. Kristina remains on arm of couch; Michael slipping into her pussy from behind. Michael lifts Kristina off the arm, and they fall back onto the couch, still engaged. Fucking in semi spoon; Michael more underneath than alongside. Kristina kicks off her shoes and leans forward into reverse cowgirl. Kristina rocking back and forth on the cock. Kristina laying flat on stomach on couch. Michael running his cock through Kristina’s ass cheeks, no penetration. Michael entering in flat on stomach doggie. Kristina up on her side. Michael continues the pussy pummeling with the couple face to face. P2M. Michael sitting on floor, back to wall. Kristina backs her ass up into Michael’s face. Michael rimming Kristina. Michael rises up and turns Kristina against the wall. Standing doggie. Michael drags Kristina back to the couch and strokes off on her ass. Kristina shaking her cum covered butt as the scene fades out. Enjoyable scene with Kristina providing some nasty talk along the way.

Round Mound Of Ass #6 scene 6 Isis Taylor

isis 01
isis 02
isis 03
isis 04
isis1 17
isis 05
isis 06
isis 07
isis 08
isis 09
isis 10
isis 11
isis 12
isis 13
isis 14
isis 15
isis 16
isis 17
isis 18
isis 19
isis 20
isis 21
isis 22
isis 23
isis1 01
isis1 02
isis1 12
isis1 13
isis1 14
isis1 16
isis1 03
isis1 04
isis1 05
isis1 15
isis1 06
isis1 07
isis1 08
isis1 09
isis1 10
isis1 11
Twenty year old Isis Taylor attired in blue bra and panty set, and black high heel shoes. Jiggling breasts inside bra. Booty shake. Removes bra revealing a nice set of 34C titties. Isis says she has a fat (phat?) pussy. Pouring baby oil on butt and rubbing it in. Shiny booty shake. Joined by Mr. Pete. Pete’s forearm between Isis’ butt cheeks.

Pete: I wanna eat both those holes, baby.

Pete rimming and licking Isis from behind. Isis spitting on, and sucking Pete’s dick. Slaaping the cock against her tongue. Face fucking. Isis sucking on Pete’s right nut. Isis climbs aboard Pete in cowgirl. Gyrating on the dick. Pete drilling up into Isis’ pussy. P2M. Spoon screwing as Isis rubs at her clit.

Pete: I just got so wet.

Isis may have squirted (which she is known to do). But the camera failed to capture the event. Doggie while Isis lays flat on her stomach. Isis reaching back, spreading her ass cheeks. Isis on all fours, Pete resuming in doggie. Pete pummeling the pussy with rapid strokes, then remaining stationary as Isis fucks back at his cock. Isis laying on her side. Pete continuing his pussy assault, the duo face to face. Isis mounts Pete in cowgirl. Bouncing on the dick. Pete pulls out and strokes off on Isis’ ass. Cum covered booty shake to conclude the scene.

Who is Nollie?

Take a look at these images from an upcoming VideoBox scene. The initial screencaps introduce the girl as Nollie. We know her by a different name. Tell me, who is Nollie?

nollie 01
nollie 02
nollie 03
nollie 04
nollie 05
nollie 06
nollie 07
nollie 08
nollie 09
nollie 10
nollie 11
nollie 12
nollie 13
nollie 14
nollie 15

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13 Responses to “A Rose By Any Other Name & Who Is Nollie?”

  1. Aghell Says:

    Nollie = lexi belle.

    I WIN

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Aghell – Excellent work my friend. Wow, that was fast. Less than ten minutes after the post hit the blog. For those interested, the images are taken from Lexi’s scene in Spring Chickens #15. You are the winner. No prizes today, but a virtual hearty handshake and pat on the back. Well done.

  3. Ken Says:

    I did see a vid on VB that Lexi Belle went with Alias “Nollie”

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – Correct Ken, you have a good memory. You must have been recalling this scene. Nice work.

  5. ScrapperOne Says:

    No fair Rope. I think we should keep in mind that I have a bit of a time zone difference here out on the East Coast! Although I will say that all is forgiven when I err… WE get to have a new Lexi scene. I will say, very nice job to you Aghell! For the record though, had I been awake I MAY have been able to beat ya to the punch 😉

    Ken: The first time I saw her listed as Nollie I was confused as heck. This opened a virtual Pandora’s Box for me, thinking that there were a BUNCH more DVD’s that I could view with her. Sadly, she only used that name when she first broke into the business. I will say that it’s a bonus for us users that she chose Lexi Bell; an original and TWO part name to make it much easier to identify and locate for scenes.

  6. mitchrocn22 Says:

    Rope-My apologies for not submitting a comment sooner, best reviews I have seen-Outstanding! Thanks.

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ ScrapperOne – I’m on the East Coast as well. In fact, I believe you’re just a stone’s throw North of me. If I can be up at that ungodly hour posting the article, you can be up to read it, and answer the question. Lol, I’m just joking with you. If this were a real contest with prizes, I would attempt to post at a time which would accommodate everyone. Of course, with the membership spread out around the globe, someone is bound to be shortchanged. As to this particular question, I was quite sure you knew the answer.

    @ mitchrocn22 – Always good to see you, and you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you’re enjoying the previews / reviews.

  8. ScrapperOne Says:

    Rope: Liking what I see in scene 5 with Kristina Rose. The positions make great use of her ‘Round Mound’ and I looks forward to seeing the actual result. Thank you in advance for the heads up. Oh and by the way, most of the time I’m out by a little after midnight. I know, I’m boring as heck. I just can’t seem to become the night owl that I know I can be 🙂
    If it were a contest winning prize, I would have made SURE that I was awake at the time (never mind the fact that I would have NO way of knowing it or not…). Keep up the great work Rope!

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ ScrapperOne – Most welcome my friend. I’ve become a fan of Kristina’s work, and I believe you’ll enjoy the scene. For old school types like myself, who enjoy seeing some bush, Kristina is pretty reliable in delivering the goods. You are correct that the scene makes good use of her ASSets. I believe all three of the above highlighted scenes from Round Mound of Ass #6 were as advertised.

    Nothing wrong with hitting the sack around midnight. My hours are completely insane, and I wouldn’t recommend such a regimen to anyone else. Consistency is best.

  10. Ken Says:

    Is it just me or was the last update for the 20th of September NEVER UPLOADED? I mean the one after the Premium channel one? (i.e. the 5th upload of the day)

  11. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – I believe the DVD was posted a few minutes later than the usual time. Turned out to be Mouth 2 Mouth #8.

  12. komyomwt Says:

    video box

  13. ropeadope Says:

    @ komyomwt – Yes, that’s correct. This is VideoBox. I look forward to your continued participation on the blog.