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What’s My Name?

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I’ve captured images from two upcoming films (10 scenes); one with a facial theme, and one with a swallowing theme. Take a look at the pictures and see if you can identify the performers in each of the ten scenes. Click on the answer key at the very bottom of the post, and give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. I would consider 60 to be a passing grade. Less than that >>> please increase your porn viewing. No need to reply with a list of answers, but I would be interested in hearing how you scored.


Bouncing Babes

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I was never much of a fan of The Man Show, but one segment of the series I did enjoy was Girls on Trampolines. The trampoline isn’t a frequent prop in porn scenes, but it does manage to make an appearance every now and then. In this post, I’ve gathered all of the site’s scenes I’m aware of which feature trampolines. Undoubtedly I’ve missed a few. If you know of any trampoline scenes that I haven’t included. please let me know with a reply to the post. I’ve embedded the flash player to preview the scenes. If you wish to view the full scene, click the link above the flash player. Finally, a big thank you to Alison for suggesting the catchy and appropriate title.


His discovery was a blunder; his blunder was a New World

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So said Justin Winsor, referring to Christopher Columbus. Traditional Columbus Day is 10/12, but in the U.S., we’re in the midst of celebrating Columbus Day with a long three day Holiday weekend. VideoBox is marking the anniversary of Columbus’ New World arrival, with the arrival of a New Studio. That studio is Shane’s World. I expect to see the first DVD from Shane’s World later today, with another to follow tomorrow. In this post, I’ll look at a couple of the Shane’s World scenes, along with a few other scenes which will appear over the Holiday weekend.


Hot Sauce #1

Question: When is Hot Sauce good for a man riddled with stomach ulcers?

Answer: When the Hot Sauce is manufactured by Diabolic.

Volumes 2 and 3 of the series have already been posted to the site. Those editions brought us spicy treats in the form of Alexis Love, Avy Lee Roth, Celina Cross, Jenaveve Jolie, Rebeca Linares, and Shy Love, to name a few. Today we’ll be previewing volume #1. I’ve always been a bit partial to the first volume of any series, just because it’s the premiere episode which launched the line. If the title happens to include hot girls in hot scenes, well, that’s icing on the cake. So which is it with Hot Sauce #1? Is it noteworthy only because it’s the first volume of a good series? Or does the DVD stand on its own, generating heat with memorable scenes from top performing girls? I’ll attempt to solve that mystery in this article. As a quick overview, cover girl Eva Angelina kicks off the proceedings. Eva remembered to bring her glasses to the shoot, and aside from a few seconds late in the scene, they remain in place throughout. If you’re a fan of girls with glasses, you’ll definitely want to check out Eva’s scene. Daisy Marie brings down the curtain on the film. In between Eva and Daisy, we find Monica Breeze, Sativa Rose, Lorena Sanchez, and Sammy Cruz. In an interview from Spring Chickens #18, Alexis Love stated she entered the business with the encouragement of her friends, Celina Cross and Sammy Cruz. So I’m giving Sammy bonus points before I even view her scene. Plus, I’m fascinated by her Sammy tattoo. I’ve captured and uploaded images for all six scenes of Hot Sauce #1. I have summaries for the first two scenes, and will hopefully be able to provide additional summaries over the next several days.

Update: Hot Sauce #1 is scheduled to be uploaded Sunday, October 10, 2010.