Hot Sauce #1

Question: When is Hot Sauce good for a man riddled with stomach ulcers?

Answer: When the Hot Sauce is manufactured by Diabolic.

Volumes 2 and 3 of the series have already been posted to the site. Those editions brought us spicy treats in the form of Alexis Love, Avy Lee Roth, Celina Cross, Jenaveve Jolie, Rebeca Linares, and Shy Love, to name a few. Today we’ll be previewing volume #1. I’ve always been a bit partial to the first volume of any series, just because it’s the premiere episode which launched the line. If the title happens to include hot girls in hot scenes, well, that’s icing on the cake. So which is it with Hot Sauce #1? Is it noteworthy only because it’s the first volume of a good series? Or does the DVD stand on its own, generating heat with memorable scenes from top performing girls? I’ll attempt to solve that mystery in this article. As a quick overview, cover girl Eva Angelina kicks off the proceedings. Eva remembered to bring her glasses to the shoot, and aside from a few seconds late in the scene, they remain in place throughout. If you’re a fan of girls with glasses, you’ll definitely want to check out Eva’s scene. Daisy Marie brings down the curtain on the film. In between Eva and Daisy, we find Monica Breeze, Sativa Rose, Lorena Sanchez, and Sammy Cruz. In an interview from Spring Chickens #18, Alexis Love stated she entered the business with the encouragement of her friends, Celina Cross and Sammy Cruz. So I’m giving Sammy bonus points before I even view her scene. Plus, I’m fascinated by her Sammy tattoo. I’ve captured and uploaded images for all six scenes of Hot Sauce #1. I have summaries for the first two scenes, and will hopefully be able to provide additional summaries over the next several days.

Update: Hot Sauce #1 is scheduled to be uploaded Sunday, October 10, 2010.

Hot Sauce #1 scene 1 Eva Angelina


Eva arrives in a pink mini skirt and top, leopard print bra and panties, and black high heel shoes. She is wearing glasses today. Wedging the panties ‘tween her pussy lips. Turning her back to the camera, panties pulled to side, Eva undulates her booty. Licking at right nipple. Brian Surewood and Tony T. approach from either side. Eva alternately stroking and sucking the two dicks with enthusiasm and a big smile across her face. Brian is the first to penetrate Eva’s pussy in doggie, as she continues her oral ministrations to Tony. Eva reverses herself, so Tony is in her pussy and Brian is in her mouth. Tony swings Eva around, and shoots a load into her mouth. Tony was on camera 3 1/2 minutes before losing it. Lol, I’ve held out longer than that once or twice in my life. Well, maybe not twice, but once for sure.

Brian: Making my boy cum already? (eliciting giggles from Eva.)

Eva mounts Brian in cowgirl, while giving head to Tony, who’s looking to reload. Brian has his hands on Eva’s hips, as he slams her down on his cock. Eva’s butt on gorgeous display, her pussy lips snugly wrapped around Brian’s dick. Tony enters Eva in missionary; P2M for Brian. Eva’s right breast wiggling about (left breast pinned to couch). Eva has a tiny patch of bush above her pussy. Guys switch positions, and Eva’s left foot slams into the camera. Eva’s legs are pinned back, her ass hanging just off the edge of the couch, as Brian drills the pussy. Tony spooning Eva; P2M for Brian. Brian likes Eva’s glasses. Brian slapping his cock against Eva’s mouth. Mild face fucking. P2M for Tony. Eva climbs aboard Brian reverse cowgirl. Brian vigorously pounding his cock up and into Eva’s snatch. Brian’s cock dislodges from Eva’s pussy several times. Upon re-inserting, Brian comes close to sticking his dick into Eva’s ass. There may have been a split second of anal penetration, but the cock finds its way back to Eva’s pussy, as Eva laughs and resumes her riding. P2M; Eva going down to the base of the dick. As she comes up for air, her glasses almost get knocked off. Scene cuts, and now Tony is banging Eva doggie, as Brian receives head. Guys trade places. Eva lying on her side, as Brian taps the pussy. P2M. Eva mounts Tony in cowgirl. Tony lifting Eva into standing cowgirl, as he rams his cock into her pussy. Brian comes up behind Eva and assumes the pussy pounding duties, as Tony holds Eva up in the air. Tony deposits Eva back down on the couch; Brian entering in missionary. Brian slapping his cock against Eva’s pussy. P2M. Eva on the floor with a cushion under her back. Brian piledriving Eva. Tony screwing Eva as she lays on her side; Brian fucking her shoe (seriously). Tony drops his second load of the scene on and into Eva’s mouth. Eva up on Brian in cowgirl. Brian getting in some long, deep stokes. Brian shoots a big load on Eva’s face and glasses. Post cum head. Eva laughs, removes her glasses, and licks off some cum. Kisses the camera goodbye.

Loved the scene. Eva was in great spirits throughout the 32+ minutes. You could tell she was having a great time, and her enjoyment was easily communicated to the viewing audience. Appreciated the wearing of the glasses. As did Brian, who blurts out, Oh, those fucking glasses, just prior to unloading on Eva’s face. I only had one gripe with the scene. There’s soft background music, which I thought was completely apropos to the tease segment. I would have faded out the music after the opening two minutes. However, it continues until the final few minutes of the scene. Not really annoying, but unnecessary. Otherwise, an excellent scene.

Hot Sauce #1 scene 2 Monica Breeze


Monica Breeze strolls into the room, and introduces herself to the camera. She is speaking in Spanish. Brian Surewood and Sascha quickly join from either side. Monica sucking the two cocks with gusto. Taking both dicks in her mouth at once. Monica continues her dialouge, primarily in Spanish, but ocassionally mixing in some English. Lots of saliva as Monica dispenses head. Brian entering Monica in doggie. Raising and supporting Monica’s left leg, turning the doggie into a (brief) bow and arrow. The word loco, escapes from Monica’s mouth. Monica mounts Sascha in cowgirl; P2M for Brian. Monica’s ass is on fine display, as she bounces on the cock. Brian moves to the rear, entering in doggie anal to complete the double penetration (DP).

Monica: Stick that dick in my culo.

The mix of English and Spanish talk from Monica is HOT. The Spanish dialogue seems to have a more urgent tone. A2M for Brian. Sascha anal piledriving Monica. A2M for Sascha, as Brian assumes the anal piledriving duties. Anal and vaginal gaping. Sascha resumes in anal piledriver. Major gaping! A2M for Sascha.

Monica: I’m ready to ride some cock.

Monica climbs aboard Sascha reverse cowgirl anal. Brian slips into the pussy for another DP. P2M for Brian; A2M for Sascha. Mounting Brian in cowgirl. Sascha slides into Monica’s ass from behind for yet another DP. More P2M & A2M. Monica spitting on the camera. Monica riding Sascha cowgirl vag transitioning into cowgirl anal. Monica rises up off of Sascha, and sits back down on Brian reverse cowgirl anal. Brian pinning Monica’s legs back, as he pumps her ass full of cock. Sascha missionary anal. Sascha sprays his load on Monica’s face. Brian deposits a big load on Monica’s face. Monica says gracias, and kisses the camera goodbye.

This is a long scene (just shy of 34 minutes), executed successfully due to Monica’s enthusiasm and nasty talk. While I didn’t find Monica quite as attractive as Eva in the prior scene, she was a very good performer and fun to watch.

Hot Sauce #1 scene 3 Sativa Rose


Hot Sauce #1 scene 4 Lorena Sanchez


Hot Sauce #1 scene 5 Sammy Cruz


Hot Sauce #1 scene 6 Daisy Marie



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11 Responses to “Hot Sauce #1”

  1. king Says:

    That Monica Breeze scene looks good. So does the Sativa Rose, but I dono, every scene i see her on shes too fake and does spread enough to my liking.

  2. ScrapperOne Says:

    Rope: Interesting question. I think that any time you have a breakout title, there are bound to be sequels to it. Therefore I think that most of the original titles are probably the best of the series. Of course, there are exceptions and they do sometimes get better with “age”. Then again there are titles out there that are terrible but for some reason keep being put out (go figure). I say this series falls into the former category and is probably going to be the best from the series. I can’t wait to check it out when it get posted.

  3. rrichaubs Says:

    Rope, I hate to say it but this site and blog have gone down hill. More often than not, new updates do not work on iphone format. I have seen other people complain about wmv as well. Second, I appreciate your posts but where is content guy, bob, and Jeff. It seems like they promised the world but then bailed out and left you holding the bag. I want to know what they are doing to make his site better. All I can see is a half baked twitter feed. I guess it’s from one of them? Who cares, it’s not helpful anyways. Rope, I know you answer every comment but I’m asking you not to respond. I want someone from the site to man up.

  4. Hottubpussy Says:

    Rope –
    How long will will have to wait for VB to catch up and use the FFM or MMF tags for threesomes that EVERY other web site offers? I’m sure I’m not alone in preferring one over the other.

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ king – The Monica Breeze scene is quite good. I haven’t previously taken much notice of her, but I’ll be looking into more of her work now. Sativa fake and not spreading enough? I haven’t drawn those conclusions from viewing her scenes.

    @ ScrapperOne – I agree with your overall analysis, however, I’m not ready to declare this volume as the best of the entire series just yet. It’s certainly an excellent edition, and deserves recognition beyond merely being the first of a fine series. We’ll be seeing a couple more volumes of Hot Sauce, which will include scenes from August Night, Kristina Rose, Lela Star, Renae Cruz, and Veronique Vega. So it’s hard to go wrong with any of the volumes, and probably comes down to personal preference. Any title that contains scenes with Daisy, Eva, Lorena, and Sativa is definitely going to rate among my favorites.

    @ rrichaubs – Sorry, but I must respond. I could be mistaken, but I believe Jeff is no longer with the site. Bob is still with us, and is intimately involved in the ongoing improvements. I would expect to see a blog post from Bob, or someone who works closely with him, in the near future. If you’ve encountered scenes which do not work in the iphone format (or any format for that matter), they should be communicated to customer support. I myself, have never tweeted, but the twitter feed seems to be handling those issues, based on the messages being displayed. If you don’t tweet, contact customer support via the support link on the VideoBox homepage.

    @ Hottubpussy – I don’t have the timetable, but I wouldn’t expect it to be much longer. You will be able to utilize the following niches (and loads of others) down the road. EDIT: I now notice the MMF and MFF tags have been incorporated into the scenes.


  6. rrichaubs Says:

    Rope – I’m not sure why you responded but now I have to respond to your response in response to the way I feel about you response to the way the site has resounded to the response of there customer’s responses. Here is my response.
    Thanks for the staff update. From my previous comment (notice that I used the word comment instead of response because I overplayed the word response… crap, I did it again… twice… what ever… you are…) it can be implied that some of the staff’s contribution appeared to be minimal at best. Rope, I said “more often than not” and in my opinion that is enough to send for customer service to investigate this issue because I’m the consumer. I’m not a free laborer. And, lets face it, when I’m looking to watch a scene I’m not really in the mood to log errors. As for the twitter feed, I don’t tweet, I’ll never tweet, and I’ll ground my future kids if they try to tweet. More over, before I posted my last comment (I’m not going there) I checked a “tweeted” rencoded scene and it was still broken.
    Rope, this isn’t you problem. Thank you for being dedicated and letting me use your forum. I too, want this site to be better.

  7. ocdave67 Says:

    @rrichaubs – I have to agree that the site has been going downhill recently. To save hard drive space, I have been downloading the H264 encoded videos. I have ran across numerous encoding errors on these videos. Sometimes they don’t work at all and others the sound and video do not sync. Does Video Box even have quality control? These bad encoding errors should be caught on their end, not ours. Emails to customer support are never answered other than the automated response you get when initially sending your complaint. No thanks for pointing out the issue, no email to confirm a repair or action taken. Simply put, VB’s customer support is failing the members that are trying to help report the issues that should be caught by VB in the first place.

    On an up note, I do like your blog posts ropeadope. Members liked Alison because she was a woman posting at a porn site. Her blog posts were not that great but her love struck fan boys overlooked her posts and she could do no wrong in their eyes. Its sorta like the rare woman that works a porn store. She will get favorable reaction to her work whether she is doing a good job or not. The blog turned into an Alison crush fest that I am glad has ended. My only complaint with your posts are the picture intensive ones like this one. It takes a good amount of time to download all those pics. Please consider less pic intensive posts in the future.

  8. ivan00 Says:

    @acdave67 – You couldn’t be more wrong about the blog. I concede that a large part of Alison’s appeal was the fact that she was a woman posting on a porn site. But her posts were, by and large, an insightful diversion or helpful compliment to the rest of the site. The blog used to be a place you could get interesting bits of industry news, performer interviews, or ponder a philosophical (well, as philosophical as porn can get anyways) issue. Those posts that dealt with site content were presented in an interesting way that was helpful in finding content that I may have missed by just glancing over the screen caps to decide whether or not to download. i.e. focusing on a particular area of interest – finishers, girls with six packs, black girls who love cum, British girls, etc.

    I’m not trying to hate on Rope here, he writes good reviews, but since Alison left the blog has become, well, boring. It has been all reviews and previews. Which is nice, but in the time it takes to read an in depth analysis, I can, or will be able to, glance over the movie and decide for myself if I want to download it or not. It used to provide added enjoyment to site as a whole. Now it is just a mildly helpful heads up as to what is already on (or will be on) the site.

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ ocdave67 – Alison was, and still is THE BEST. Period.

    I agree that the most recent posts have been heavily picture intensive. I felt this would be helpful, but if the extra pics are causing the pages to load too slowly, then it’s more of a hindrance than a benefit. I’ll cut back a bit on the images in my upcoming posts. Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated.

    I’ve been downloading the H.264 videos exclusively for quite some time now, and haven’t encountered any problems. Which player are you using to view the vids? I prefer the FLV player, but the VLC media player will also work (and other members seem to like that one best).

    @ ivan00 – I don’t subscribe to the theory that a large part of Alison’s appeal was in her being female. To a minor extent, sure. But for me, the larger components were (are) her rock solid knowledge of the industry, and her talent to write in a manner that made for entertaining reading. And of course, Alison’s ability to conduct insightful and enjoyable interviews.

    I have mailed out dozens of interview requests. I have received two replies. From Evelyn Lin and Annie Cruz. Both of those replies resulted in actual blog interviews. The key is in obtaining accurate contact info for the girls. I would love to conduct further interviews. If anyone has good contact info for a prospective interview, please pass it along to me. Thank you.

  10. ocdave67 Says:

    @ropeadope I use VLC and Media Player Classic home Cinema. I have found issues with many H264 videos. The I Love Ass Cheeks Scene 1 H264 video was corrupted and had to be re-encoded. All the H264 videos from Hot Chicks Perfect Tits 2 have distortion at the top of the videos (the black border bounces up and down). Diabolic Young Amateurs Scene 3 has totally out of sync sound to the video (try that one yourself). I have also found others with these issues as well. I always play in each player to confirm it is not a player issue.

    We are all entitled to our opinion of Alison. I still think the woman appeal was more attractive to members then her work. ***** Edited *****

  11. ropeadope Says:

    @ ocdave67 – I just downloaded scene 6 (Daisy Marie) from Hot Chicks Perfect Tits #2. I’m not finding the bouncing border problem you describe. Was that fixed, or are you still encountering the trouble? I also downloaded Diabolic Young Amateurs scene 3, and yes, that vid has audio sync issues.

    As you say, we’re all entitled to our opinion on any topic. But I’m not going to allow disparaging remarks against Alison here. So please refrain from making them. This blog was Alison’s creation. If not for Alison, we wouldn’t even be having this exchange.