His discovery was a blunder; his blunder was a New World

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So said Justin Winsor, referring to Christopher Columbus. Traditional Columbus Day is 10/12, but in the U.S., we’re in the midst of celebrating Columbus Day with a long three day Holiday weekend. VideoBox is marking the anniversary of Columbus’ New World arrival, with the arrival of a New Studio. That studio is Shane’s World. I expect to see the first DVD from Shane’s World later today, with another to follow tomorrow. In this post, I’ll look at a couple of the Shane’s World scenes, along with a few other scenes which will appear over the Holiday weekend.

College Invasion #1

Studio: Shane’s World

college invasion 1
College Invasion #1 scene 3 Calli Cox & Taylor Rain

At a frat party, three guys compete in a nipple licking contest. The owners of said nipples are Calli Cox and Taylor Rain. Calli instructs the guys to work their way across (Taylor right nipple, left nipple, Calli right nipple, left nipple). A large group of boisterous onlookers are viewing the event. As the final contestant completes his task, Calli and Taylor compare notes. Guy #3 is declared the winner! His prize is to receive a blowjob from Calli and Taylor both. The mob is chanting, Suck That Dick, Suck That Dick. But hold on. The winner declines, saying no way he can get it up in front of the crowd. A substitute guy steps forward. Taylor fishes the cock out of his boxers. Taylor gets in her mouth first, then passes it over to Calli. The guy says he has to pee. Calli going down deep on the dick. Some girls in the viewing audience covering their eyes, others looking on in fascination. A guy in the crowd calls the original winner a dumbass for passing on the prize. Taylor utilizing a nice stroke – suck rhythm. Calli picking up the pace, slapping the cock against her tongue. The girls swap the dick back and forth a few more times, until Calli strokes the guy off onto her chest. Finisher! The crowd erupts in approval. Post cum head from Calli. Calli rubbing her big titties against the cock. Fun scene. Afterward, the guy says he couldn’t believe he did it. Said he had to pee the entire time, and describes the experience as fucking delicious.

College Invasion #1 scene 4 Cindy Crawford & Mariah Cherry

Scene begins with a knock at the door, and we meet Jeremy, a 20 year old college student. Jeremy lost his virginity at the age of fifteen, to his then 29 year old female boss. He has slept with five women total, the most recent of which occurred seven months ago. On a whim, Jeremy sent an email to Shane’s World. What follows, is a result of that email. Jeremy is led outside to a limosine. Stepping into the limo, he meets Cindy Crawford and Mariah Cherry. Jeremy is handed a letter which he reads aloud. He has been selected to participate in the Shane’s World College Invasion Dating Challenge, where Cindy and Mariah will compete for his cock. With the girls removed, Jeremy gives us his first impressions. He feels Mariah is more innocent and quiet, and Cindy more wild, aggressive, and has probably done more stuff. (I think that’s pretty accurate). The trio stop off at the Hustler store, where the girls show Jeremy boxcovers of movies they’ve appeared in. They purchase message oils and bubble bath, and head to a fancy hotel where Shane’s World has booked a room. They sit down to a nice meal, although I don’t believe Jeremy took a single bite. Jeremy is handed another letter which he reads. The girls will interact with Jeremy in three challenges, after which, Jeremy must choose which girl he wants to fuck. The challenges are 1) a sensual massage, 2) demonstrating their blowjob skills (but not allow Jeremy to cum), and 3) a bubble bath and make out session. Mariah goes first (with Cindy out of the room). She strips naked. Jeremy loves her butt. Gives Jeremy a massage, which includes stroking his cock. Mariah departs and Cindy enters the room. Cindy sucks Jeremy’s cock a bit (mouth massage?), and lays on top of him, as they kiss. Jeremy sucking Cindy’s titties. I give round one to Cindy. Moving on to the blowjob skills (which Cindy sneakily previewed). Mariah went first again, and afterward, Jeremy says it was the greatest experience a guy could have. Doesn’t think it can be beat. Then came Cindy’s turn. Once Cindy is finished, Jeremy says it took enormous willpower (not to cum). Both girls gave great looking head, and I scored this round a draw. Time for the final challenge in the bubble bath. Only brief footage is shown, but Cindy is sitting right on top of Jeremy as they kiss passionately. Mariah and Jeremy are separated in their bath, with Mariah reaching over to stroke his dick. I give round three to Cindy. It’s now the moment of truth. Jeremy must pick a girl to fuck. He chooses Cindy! Mariah is somewhat disappointed, but says she had a great time. Cindy and Jeremy retire to the bedroom. Cindy stroking and sucking Jeremy’s cock; licking at his balls and the head of his dick. Some of the activity captured in POV. Jeremy sucking Cindy’s breasts, and goes down on her. Jeremy spearing his tongue in and out of Cindy’s pussy. Plunging two fingers into the pussy; rubbing and licking at Cindy’s clit. Cindy mounts Jeremy in cowgirl. Cindy rides the cock briefly, and Jeremy feels close to coming. Cindy rises off the cock, and jacks it off. Jeremy is still hard. Entering Cindy in doggie. Jeremy pounds away, pulls out, and sprays a second load on Cindy’s butt. Jeremy is still good to go. Cindy climbs aboard reverse cowgirl, transitioning into cowgirl. Jeremy is holding it together much better this time around (with two nuisance loads out of the way). They progress to doggie and missionary, before Jeremy strokes off a third load into Cindy’s mouth. Post cum head.

Loved this scene. Watching an everyday, ordinary guy with two pornstars was great fun. Cindy and Mariah were both into it. Never got the feeling that they were just going through the motions.

Big Cock Teen Addiction #3

Studio: Sudden Impact

big cock teen addiction 3
Big Cock Teen Addiction #3 scene 6 Isabella Pacino

Naughty Cheerleaders #2

Studio: Combat Zone

naughty cheerleaders 2
Naughty Cheerleaders #2 scene 1 Jynx Maze

Model Amateur Tour #1

Studio: Shane’s World

model amateur tour 1
Model Amateur Tour #1 scene 1 Jenna Haze

Come As You Please

Studio: Diabolic

come as you please
Come As You Please scene 1 Carmen Minor


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11 Responses to “His discovery was a blunder; his blunder was a New World”

  1. anabolicfan Says:

    I loved “College Invasion”, a change of pace vid is always good. Hopefully VB will be smarter about Shane’s World than they were w/ Seymour and not flood the site with 8 or more updates per week. That’s when people get tired and the bitching and moaning rises to a crescendo.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ anabolicfan – Interesting take. How many Shane’s World updates would you like to see each week? I’m not sure if frequent Shane’s World additions would provoke the same reaction as we saw with Seymore. I personally enjoyed the Seymore vids, but I understand not everyone shared my enthusiasm.

  3. passingthrough Says:

    Epic addition.

    Makes a great site even better.

  4. anabolicfan Says:

    I enjoyed the Seymour vids too. At first, the general reaction to Seymour was fairly positive in the comment sections. But 44 vids got posted from 7/4-9/13 which is more than 4 per week. There were a few long runs of one Seymour per day and in the end everyone was bashing them. I think it cheapened the collection to post them all so quickly. Same with Private, H2, and other studios. It wouldn’t cost VB any additional $ for content to simply have more active studios at one time. Over the course of a year it would average out to the same. How about a week with 2 Diabolic, 2 Harmony, 2 Combat Zone, 2 Red Light, 2 Shane’s World, 2 Seymour, 2 Private etc.? Variety is the spice of life and especially so in porn…

  5. ropeadope Says:

    @ passingthrough – Agreed. From what I’ve seen so far, the addition of Shane’s World will provide a nice complement to the site’s existing studios.

    @ anabolicfan – I believe you present a very valid plan, although I think those numbers (2 per week) can be boosted without endangering too much of a good thing syndrome. But I do like your theory, and I’m going to pass along your comments to the Content team.

  6. Praetorian Says:

    Rope, good idea with the non-saturation of a new studio. Seymore Butts videos are some of the best. He always seems to find people that just like fucking each other.

    Hope to see some of the early Shane vids like Sex-Mex and Snow Job with Yvonne. Great stuff.

  7. deadip Says:

    This is extremely off the subject, but I felt is was worth bring to everyone’s attention:

    Major Adult Studios Halt Production After HIV+ Performer Report

    Adult Performer Tests HIV+

  8. ropeadope Says:

    @ Praetorian – Credit to anabolicfan for the non-saturation idea. I haven’t seen the roster of Shane’s World acquisitions, so I can’t speak to those specific titles. But I’ll definitely sign on for some more Yvonne.

    @ deadip – Good find. Let’s hope it was caught right at the outset, and hasn’t had a chance to spread. Almost seems too much to wish for, especially if the individual in question is one of the more frequently utilized performers. The URL you referenced is coming up as a restricted site for me, so I substituted links to the story at AVN.

  9. deadip Says:

    Sorry for another off the subject, but since this Site doesn’t have a Forum or MessageBoard. Why is VB not including the stars in the DVD’s you have uploaded the past couple of days now???

  10. deadip Says:

    Rumor has it the person that caught the Virus is gay and was doing some Straight scenes also. Now, if true, that is being completely Retarded and having no regard for the anyone’s safety.

  11. J Says:

    I read online that Chris Strokes is the actor that has tested positive. Somehow that got out.