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I was never much of a fan of The Man Show, but one segment of the series I did enjoy was Girls on Trampolines. The trampoline isn’t a frequent prop in porn scenes, but it does manage to make an appearance every now and then. In this post, I’ve gathered all of the site’s scenes I’m aware of which feature trampolines. Undoubtedly I’ve missed a few. If you know of any trampoline scenes that I haven’t included. please let me know with a reply to the post. I’ve embedded the flash player to preview the scenes. If you wish to view the full scene, click the link above the flash player. Finally, a big thank you to Alison for suggesting the catchy and appropriate title.

It’s My Party scene 3 Missy Monroe & Maggie Star


Loved the scene setup and outdoor footage. Missy and Maggie had excellent chemistry together, and genuinely appeared to be having a fun time. My main complaint with this scene is once the guy joins (indoors), the camera captures the action almost exclusively in extreme close-up.

The Babysitter #20 scene 1 Tiffany Holiday


tiffany holiday

Tiffany may be the most proficient of all our trampoline girls. I wish the trampoline footage had been more extensive, but it transitions into a typically excellent scene from The Babysitter series. So all is good.

Mouth To Mouth #9 scene 4 Rachel Love & Whitney Stevens


This entire scene takes place on the trampoline, and watching Whitney riding reverse cowgirl is always entertaining.

Dayton’s Naughty Comeback scene 3 Cytherea & Dayton Raines


Dayton pulls Cytherea up on the trampoline, and the girls bounce around before getting down to action. As with the previous scene, the activity remains on the trampoline throughout.

Assploitations #3 scene 1 Aurora Snow & Trinity James


Aurora Snow (who directed) introduces every scene from Assploitations #3, and each scene features the star of the scene bouncing on the trampoline after Aurora’s intro. Do I hear Tequila in the background? Why am I picturing Pee Wee Herman doing the Big Shoe Dance, as Trinity pulls off her top.

Assploitations #3 scene 2 Aurora Snow & Luci Thai


Luci looking gorgeous in red, as she bounces on the trampoline. Slapping at her butt, pulling off her top, and blowing a kiss to the viewing audience. I’m still hearing Tequila.

Assploitations #3 scene 3 Aurora Snow & Gia Paloma


Nineteen year old Gia offers up some hot trampoline footage. This was early in Gia’s career, and her boobs and ass are looking great. I was surprised at how soft her voice is, as she describes her upcoming scene.

Assploitations #3 scene 4 Aurora Snow & Sophia


Sophia looks right at home on the trampoline. She pulls off her top, leaving her in a blue micro skirt which covers nothing, and no panties. Love the way she describes her upcoming scene, immediately after the trampoline footage ends.

Assploitations #3 scene 5 Aurora Snow


Aurora’s scene contains only brief trampoline footage. She gave the other girls more trampoline time, but abbreviated her own trampoline segment.

Assploitations #3, Scene 6 Behind the Scenes Aurora Snow, Luci Thai & Sophia


Behind the scenes footage, as Luci and Sophia are walked through their trampoline performances. Sophia says she’s going to give herself a fucking heart attack from all the bouncing.

Blasst Off scene 1 Kylie G. Worthy


Kylie bouncing on the trampoline and a dog racing back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. A few seconds of interesting footage shot upwards from underneath the trampoline.

Traffic Stopping Tits scene 1 Sara Stone


Sara doesn’t appear to be the most comfortable girl on the trampoline, but I enjoyed the music, and sounds of birds in the distance.

Photographic Mammaries #4 scene 7 Behind the Scenes Vanessa Michaels


Camera guy has Vanessa jump at the edge of trampoline, and shoots straight upwards.

Screw My Wife #35, Scene 6 Behind the Scenes Julie Faith


Very brief footage of Julie on the trampoline, but looking good in blue jeans and top pulled above titties.

Chunky Cheerleaders scene 5 Behind The Scenes


Is this how they stress test the trampoline?

Big Tit Patrol #5, Scene 3 Aqua Hazel


Aqua Hazel didn’t film many scenes, but her 34D’s look nice as she bounces on the mini indoor trampoline.

Big Tit Patrol #5 scene 4 Whitney Stevens


Whitney’s Double D’s on the mini indoor trampoline. Looking good, especially once she pulls the top above her titties.


I cannot embed the flash player for premium channels, but all scenes of the Vivid movie Bounce, and scene 3 of the Vivid film Summer Daze, feature trampolines.

Bounce – Hanna Hilton, London Keys, Rebecca Lane, Riley Evans, & Whitney Stevens

Summer Daze scene 3 Luccia

Rope Ramblings

two inch

I came across this image while surfing the net. I don’t have a before picture; only the after photo. Does it look like this guy really needed the extra two inches? Look at him. His dick rises above his shoulder. He could scratch his chin with it. Ladies, let me hear from you. If your husband or boyfriend were this before guy, would you encourage him to add an extra two inches?



11 Responses to “Bouncing Babes”

  1. ScrapperOne Says:

    Rope: Looks like an interesting prop (the trampoline) but I never saw it as much of a bonus. If seen in person it could be considered fun or at least a little interesting. I will say that most scenes probably don’t have actual sex on one because it’s very difficult to keep a good rhythm (I know…not fun). Plus there’s always the chance of an injury and just the fact that camera angles aren’t the best.

    As for the last screen cap/photo…dude! It’s like looking at a hot woman and then the camera focusing in on Ron Jeremy!! And yes, I know you know what I’m talking about. All I have to say for the photo is one word: photoshop…

  2. Papayaman1 Says:

    Hi Rope, great concept for a discussion. Luci Thai and her bountiful assets bouncing up and down on a trampoline has won my interest right form the start. And you have reminded me of great scenes with Tiffany Holiday and the winning combination of Missy Monroe and Maggie Star. As to the final photo I completely agree with Scrapper and I further contend it would be impossible for a member of such dimensions to become erect without the owner becoming unconscious due to lack of blood supply to the brain.

  3. deadip Says:

    I’m sorry this is Off-the-subject, but why is VB uploading DVD’s now without a list of stars in the DVD???

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ ScrapperOne – I enjoy the trampoline footage as an appetizer to the main scene. The girls seem to have fun with it, and yes, it probably would be even more enjoyable to view in person. Your reference to difficulties filming the full scene on the trampoline, and potential injuries therein, gives me the idea for a new DVD >>> Trampoline Outtakes. If we could secure all the trampoline porn ever filmed, there might be enough material for that type of film.

    Lol, Dude! Yes, I had the misfortune to encounter Mr. Jeremy at such a critical moment. I figured placing the image at the very bottom of the post would minimize the pain.

    @ Papayaman1 – Hello Papaya, thank you. It sure is easy to become transfixed on Luci as she glides through the air. Tiffany is such a cutie, and Missy & Maggie demonstrated perfect chemistry together. The camerawork in the second half of the latter scene was upsetting to me. Hahaha, good point on the blood flow requirements. The guy looks attentive, but it is a still photo, and he may have gone unconscious immediately after the pic was snapped.

    @ deadip – I believe the lack of a star list at the top of the DVD is temporary in nature. The performers are still being listed scene by scene, and each DVD appearance is still being compiled for each performer. In other words, if you click on the performer names included in every scene, you’ll see that both the scene and DVD appearances are still being credited to all performers. The ongoing site upgrades include a new template in the way movies are displayed. Once that is ready to go, I expect to see a return of the DVD star list.

  5. adcjr83 Says:

    Reminds me of Thanksgiving video clip from Grindhouse.

  6. Vaidx41 Says:

    Wow I never knew there was so much use of the trampoline in porn and let alone on this site.
    Secondly, thanks for the update on performers names at the top of movies, was really starting to bug me.
    Finally, that photo of the guy with the massive dick. Got to be photoshopped, surely. Keep up the good work.

  7. ropeadope Says:

    @ adcjr83 – Lol. it took me three days to figure out your reference. I haven’t seen Grindhouse, and wasn’t even aware it was the title of a movie. Now that I’ve read about it (including the trampoline trailer scene), I have to see it. Good job.

    @ Vaidx41 – I’ve found that’s the consensus reaction, with most people being surprised at the number of scenes featuring a trampoline. A few other notable trampoline appearances to be aware of, which are not currently on the site to the best of my knowledge:

    Tabitha Stern in a scene from 18 and Confused #4. Occurs right at the beginning of the scene, and she’s quite good. The scene has appeared on many compilation DVD’s. Outside chance the scene is at VideoBox (in a compilation, not the original title), if Tabitha wasn’t properly credited. When the site was half the size it is now, I had a good handle on all the scenes. I can no longer make that claim.

    Gauge from a video whose title I can’t recall. Again, takes place right as the scene opens.

    Jenna Haze in behind the scenes footage from one of her films. Unlike Tabitha and Gauge, Jenna’s trampoline activity was just goofing around, and not part of her actual scene.

    Most welcome re performer names, and thank you.

  8. Ken Says:

    Hey Rope, i am trying to find a video of something semi-slow fucking on VB. Do u know any?

  9. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – Click on this link. Back in the early days of VideoBox, when each scene received its own summary, those scenes had the word slow attached to their description. Not all scenes will have what you’re looking for, but it’s a good place to start. If I think of any others, I’ll add them to my comment here. If anyone else has suggestions for Ken, please leave a reply.

  10. Ken Says:

    Thank u Rope for that link, and thank you in advance for anyone contributing to this matter. I appreciate it.

  11. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – Welcome Ken. Check the descriptions which accompany each of those scenes. Oftentimes, slow will refer to the oral sex, striptease, etc. But you’ll probably find around ten scenes where slow refers to the fucking. Hope you find something you like.