Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ part 1

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Trying something a little different this week, as I’ll be previewing Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ in three installments. The previews are image heavy, and splitting up the post will allow the pages to load more easily. It’s a fun title from Shane’s World, with Casey and friends exploring various scenic locales within the State of California. Today we’ll look at scene 1 (Casey & Paulina James) and scene 2 (Casey & Devon). I’ll have the following two scene previews (Aubrey Addams / Reena Sky) in 24 – 48 hours and the final two previews (Casey / wacky behind the scenes) over the weekend. I’ll try to arrange to have the DVD uploaded shortly thereafter. And yes, as you can tell from the box cover above, it is the Collector’s Edition!

Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ scene 1 Casey Parker & Paulina James

Casey Parker and Paulina James are in a room checking out a map hanging on the wall. They’ll be heading to Catalina with their friend Jack Venice. Hopping on a ferry, the trio soon arrive at their hotel room, where the girls try on clothes. Settling on blue jean skirts, they all head out to rent pedal boats. It’s a good workout (burning off the candy apple Casey ate on the boardwalk), and with their appetite stimulated, they enter a local restaurant. I believe they consumed more drink than food, and the girls seem buzzed as they exit the eatery. Paulina flashes her boobs to the camera, and the group decides to rent a golf cart. The first vendor refuses the rental, saying he can smell alcohol on their breath, and would be held responsible for any mishap.

Jack: He’s a fucking moron, dude! It’s not against the law to drink and drive. It’s against the law to be drunk. (lol, remind me never to take legal advice from Jack Venice.)

They find another vendor, and are able to rent the golf cart. Paulina is so zonked out of her mind, she says they didn’t rent the cart, they stole it. With the girls riding on the back of the cart, Jack drives along a winding road. They hop off the cart, and climb up a hill. Jack leading the way, followed by Casey and Paulina. Paulina’s thong in a whale tail display. As Paulina reaches the top, she sees Casey is already blowing Jack. Paulina joins in, and the girls double team Jack’s cock. Attacking the dick from either side; then one girl working the shaft, while the other attends to the balls. The trio are perched high up on the rocks, at the edge of a cliff, overlooking the water.

Casey: It wouldn’t be fun if it weren’t death threatening.

Jack: Death threatening? Or life threatening? (now Jack is the smart one.)

Casey: Whatever. Same difference.

Casey reclines on the rocks, and Jack enters in missionary. Paulina squats over Casey’s face, as Casey licks up at her pussy. Paulina pushes her ass back, and Jack gets a taste. Now it’s Paulina’s turn to get fucked. Jack does her missionary, with Casey sucking on Paulina’s right titty. Each girl gets another turn in mish, and there’s some P2M for Paulina and P2OGM for Casey. Casey eats out Paulina.

Periodically, a fishing boat motors by in the waters below, and Casey asks the same question. Is that the Coast Guard? Jack assures her they’re just fishermen. Casey doggie followed by Paulina doggie. Jack detects a group of people approaching, and they decide to head back to the hotel to conclude the session. Snatching up their clothes, they quickly depart.

Scene picks up back at the hotel with Jack boning Paulina in spoon. Paulina rubbing on Casey’s pussy; then Casey fingering herself. Paulina missionary. Jack strokes off on Paulina’s butt cheek. Casey licking it up. The threesome retire to the shower.

Fun scene with the personality of the girls shining through, albeit in a somewhat inebriated state. Casey and Paulina are both super cute, and good performers. I believe Jack has had some trouble in his personal life, but he did a fine job here, and matched up well with the girls (only four years older than both Casey and Paulina per IAFD). It’s a miracle nobody fell off the mountaintop onto the underlying ridges, or into the water.

Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ scene 2 Casey Parker & Devon

Back in L.A., Casey and Devon are riding in a car. Casey asks Devon what she looks for in a girl. Devon responds that Casey is her perfect type, as blonde and petite are her two favorite qualities. They both love the ocean, and decide to head out to Malibu. Each girl has changed into a bikini. It’s a beautiful day, but the water is a bit cold. Running along the beach, Casey and Devon occasionally make a quick foray in and out of the water. Back home, Casey states she feared Devon would be superficial and obsessed with her looks. But having now spent some time with her, she feels Devon is down to earth, has been through a lot, and has grown from her experience. Devon states Casey is absolutely beautiful, an athletic surfer girl, and can’t wait to get her in the sack. Each girl made those remarks while the other was out of the room. Casey and Devon comparing their tattoos. Devon says Casey has a spankable butt, and takes a few whacks. Casey returns the favor. Girls kissing. Devon on top of Casey, both down to bra and panties. Casey reaches around, undoing Devon’s bra.

Casey (laughing): I’m like a guy. Can’t even undo it.

Devon: You’re definitely not like a guy.

Devon pull off Casey’s panties. Casey has a very sparse landing strip trail of bush. Devon briefly rubbing her right breast along Casey’s slit. Devon lowers Casey’s bra, sucking on her nipples. Casey does likewise. Both girls are now fully nude. Devon eating out Casey. Casey rises up, throwing Devon down on her back. Casey spreading and licking Devon’s pussy. Using her tongue in both a vertical and horizontal fashion. Casey inserting and twisting two fingers in and out of Devon’s pussy, as Devon rubs at her clit. Devon squealing and grinding around on Casey’s probing digits. Devon eating and finger fucking Casey. Devon on all fours, as Casey fingers and licks her from behind. Casey pulling Devon’s hair. 69 position with Devon on top, fingering Casey.

Devon: I can see your pussy cumming.

Devon produces a glass two headed dildo. This will be Casey’s first experience with the toy. Dildo inserted, the girls rock back and forth, fucking themselves. Having satiated their itch, the dildo is removed, and Casey and Devon each lick the end that was in the opposite pussy. Girls kiss as the scene concludes.

The was a pretty hot girl-girl scene. Devon is an industry veteran, and has lots of lesbian scenes on her resume. She states early on, that she likes to dominate girls. But I thought Casey gave as good as she got, hanging well with Devon. The toy didn’t appear until the final minutes, and it was a fun toy (I think the two headed dildo is my favorite girl-girl toy to view). Both Casey and Devon appeared to get off more than once.

Coming up in part 2 of the post: Aubrey Addams in Napa Valley, and Reena Sky in San Francisco.


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10 Responses to “Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ part 1”

  1. passingthrough Says:

    I haven’t seen too many comments on it, but I love the Shane’s World stuff. Excellent addition to VB.

  2. comrade1917 Says:

    Hey Rope, quick question (or query rather); you did a blog a couple of weeks ago and it had pictures of a Cody Lane scene that you said was to be uploaded soon. Just wondering when it’s going to be uploaded cause she is one of my favourites 🙂

  3. ropeadope Says:

    @ passingthrough – Agreed my friend. I’m enjoying the Shane’s World titles not only from a XXX perspective, but from a fun, adventurous viewpoint as well.

    @ comrade – I believe you’re referring to Down The Hatch #19. While I don’t know the scheduled upload date, it shouldn’t be too far down the road. Next time I speak with the good folks at Content, I’ll mention the title is being eagerly awaited.

  4. brushman Says:

    They had alot of fun on Catalina Island, it looks like. That island rocks. Ive had alot of good times there.

  5. HotScooter2 Says:


    love the Shanes world series.Hope VB shows them all.Thanks VB

  6. ropeadope Says:

    @ brushman – I’m envious bro. Wish I were out on the West Coast. Only been to California once, and it was work related. Plus, as is painfully obvious from watching this video, I was blissfully unaware of 99% of the fun stuff.

    @ HotScooter2 – Hmmm, HotScooter, Hotscooter, Hotscooter. Name sounds familiar. Don’t I know you? Lol, how the heck are you? Good to see you out and about. Yeah, I think we have a large part of the Shane’s World inventory. And what wasn’t picked up initially, can be acquired next time around.

  7. Brugman Says:

    Mr. Adope,

    Can’t go wrong with Shane’s world. Since it was just Shane herself and the butts de jour, these girls all look like they love gettin’ it. A lot of adult female stars look as if they are fucking with the emotional investment of doing the laundry. Casey and all her SW collegues look like they’d be doing the same thing if the cameraman called in sick.

  8. opiee911 Says:

    What an amazing video…. but where can a find videos with guys cumming while woman are deepthroating???? Can we start a new category titled throat creampie?

  9. Brugman Says:

    I was on Catalina several times when I lived in Calif. some years back. Best memory: being surrounded by a herd of bison while looking eastward to Long Beach, San Pedro and the Palos Verde penninsula. Looking back, it only needed Casey Parker to round things off.

  10. ropeadope Says:

    @ Brugman – Great point Mr. Brugman. It definitely comes through on camera that Casey and company are truly having a good time, as opposed to just going through the motions to collect a paycheck. Makes a huge difference in the end result. You’ve been to Catalina too! Damn, that sounds insane. Surrounded by bison. Did you have a camera with you? Take any pictures? Speaking of bison, late in the behind the scenes segment, Casey and Paulina get up on a bison. Well, not a real bison. You’ll see what I mean when you view the scene.

    @ opiee911 – Women finishers (in general), and oral creampies (in particular) are highly sought after. I would love to see categories established for those acts. The upcoming new version of the site will have many new categories to help filter scenes. I haven’t noted those specific categories yet, but I certainly endorse their creation.