Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ part 2

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With adventures in Catalina and Malibu crossed off the bucket list, Casey heads North to Napa Valley for some wine tasting, and a possible fling with a new guy. Aubrey Addams joins the festivities. Then it’s back down to San Francisco (VideoBox stomping grounds) to meet up with Reena Sky. Check back over the weekend for the third installment of the post, where I’ll preview the final two scenes.

Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ scene 3 Casey Parker & Aubrey Addams


Casey has traveled to the Bay Area to meet up with Criss Strokes. Aubrey Addams was scheduled to accompany Casey on the journey, but she missed her flight. Aubrey will arrive later in the day. Casey and Criss decide to head toward Napa Valley for some wine sampling. Casey explains to us how grapes are made into raisins (proving yet again, how porn can be very educational). We watch as Casey and Criss taste both red and white wines. On the ride back, Casey says she enjoyed the experience, but the last sampled wine, which received the biggest build-up of all, was not to her liking. She also announces that Criss is very cheap, because he would only buy her the lowest priced wines. The rest of the date will be Casey’s treat.

Casey: I’m tired of living cheap.

The duo stop for dinner, and Casey says Aubrey will soon meet up with them.

Casey: You’ll like Aubrey. She’s a cute, little girl.

Criss: Is she as little as you?

Casey: No, I’m pretty little.

Criss: Yeah, like a midget, almost.

Casey takes offense at the remark.

Casey: Are you serious? Just because you’re super freakishly tall, doesn’t mean I’m a midget.

Aubrey arrives, and the trio are now back in the hotel room.

Casey: Isn’t he cute?

Aubrey: He is cute. I’m not gonna lie. I’m a little jealous.

Casey: Why? Have you seen his cock?

Aubrey: No, but I’ve heard.

Casey: Do you want to fuck him?

Aubrey: A little bit. I mean, I sat in an airport all day.

Casey undressing Aubrey. They kiss. Girls extract Criss’ cock from his pants. Casey and Aubrey both giving head to Criss. Casey slips out of the room. Aubrey drooling on the dick. Criss lowers Aubrey’s panties. Fingering her pussy from behind. Aubrey’s cute butt on prominent display. 69 with Aubrey on top. Aubrey’s long blonde hair draped over Criss’ cock as she goes down deep. Criss slapping his cock against Aubrey’s pussy.

Aubrey: Gimme that dick.

Criss entering in doggie. Aubrey gyrating, and fucking back at the cock behind her. P2M. Aubrey stroking and sucking the dick. Mild face fucking. Aubrey climbs aboard Criss in cowgirl, riding the cock. Return to doggie. With Aubrey kneeling in front of him, Criss strokes out a big load on her chin, shoulder, and chest. Aubrey licks off the final drops.

Despite Casey’s mysterious departure (I don’t think she liked Criss) after the oral festivities, this was an enjoyable scene, as Aubrey’s cuteness and heat carried the day.

Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ scene 4 Reena Sky


reena up

Aubrey is headed back to L.A., and Casey and Criss are off to San Francisco to meet up with Reena Sky and Dane Cross. Action picks up at Pier 39, with Casey and Criss observing the sea lions. Criss points out Alcatraz Island. They head to Fisherman’s Wharf for a seafood dinner. Joined by Reena and Dane. After dinner, the foursome take a ride on a cable car. Casey does the Rice-A-Roni jingle, substituting her own name. Case-y Par-ker, the San Francisco treat. She loved the cable car, calling it the highlight of her day. The group decides to return to the hotel to polish off some wine left over from the Napa Valley excursion. Reena and Dane enter their room. Dane pulls off Reena’s top, revealing a purple bra. Off comes the bra. Reena has nice, shapely breasts. Reena lowers Dane’s pants and shorts, freeing his erect cock.

Reena: Happy to see me?

Reena giving head. Some of the activity captured POV. Dane pulls off Reena’s purple panties (yes, they matched the bra). Sucking on Reena’s breasts. Dane goes down on Reena. One finger probing the snatch, licking at the clit. Reena grabbing under her knees, pulls her legs wide and back. Dane entering in missionary. Using rapid, forceful strokes. Reena on all fours on the bed for some doggie action. Reena’s titties swaying to and fro underneath her, as Dane pounds the pussy.

The phone rings. It’s either Casey or Criss, wanting to know why they haven’t come to their room for the wine. Dane says they’re busy, and hangs up.

Reena mounting Dane reverse cowgirl. Reena has her hands braced on Dane’s chest, as she propels herself up and down on the dick. Now Dane takes charge, slamming up into the pussy. Reena rocking back and forth, and grinding around in a circular motion on the dick. Spoon transitioning into cowgirl. Reena is riding hard, and Dane is pummeling the pussy. Missionary. Reena’s left leg resting on Dane’s left shoulder. Dane unloads onto Reena’s face, and into her mouth.

This was a good, hard scene. No rough stuff, just good, hard fucking. Reena and Dane had excellent chemistry together. They struck me as a real life couple, although according to IAFD, this is the only scene they filmed with one another.


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  1. Kenny Says:

    Rope, I have a question. Why are some of the recent uploads do not show the clip pictures when I click on the DVDs? Some work, some don’t.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ Kenny – This is just a guess, but it is a fact that the site is undergoing a renovation. As new features are implemented on the forward looking site, it seems to have an impact on the current site. You’ll recall how the performers were not being listed at the top of DVD’s for a while. I’m confident the screencap issue is just a temporary phenomenon, and will be corrected in short order.