Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ part 3

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Here’s the final installment of Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’. Upset that she didn’t get laid in San Francisco, Casey returns home to L.A. to pay a booty call on Charles Dera. The movie then concludes with a 52 minute behind the scenes segment, featuring additional sex footage from the Casey – Paulina James threesome, Casey and Paulina peeing on Catalina Island, Casey peeing in Napa Valley, and other fun stuff.

Update: Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ has now been posted to the site.

Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ scene 5 Casey Parker

Casey has just returned to L.A., after spending four days in the Bay Area. She failed to get laid, and is all horned-up. To cure her ills, Casey is visiting Charles Dera, who she refers to as her #1 booty call.

Casey: That guy (Criss Strokes in San Francisco) was really annoying. I was gonna do him, but after I got to know him a little more …., he’s cheap, he wasn’t sexy after a while, and he hooked up with my friend (Aubrey Addams).

Casey, in panties and top, laying in bed with Charles.

Casey: I shaved my bush.

Panties come off revealing a nicely trimmed bush, not shaved bare. Charles goes down on Casey, flicking his tongue at her clit. 69, initially with Charles on top, then Casey facesitting on Charles, transitioning into a 69 with Casey on top. Casey on all fours; Charles entering in doggie. Charles squat fucking Casey. P2M. Casey down on her back. Charles spitting on pussy, penetrates Casey missionary. After just a few strokes ……

Charles: Oh shit!

Charles unloads on Casey’s stomach. Looks like he needed the fuck more than Casey.

Casey (laughing): That’s it?

Charles: We’re not done yet babe. (Lucky for Charles. I think Casey would have cut his balls off if he called it a day at this point.)

Charles resumes in mish; Casey rubbing at her clit. Casey mounts Charles cowgirl. Rocking back and forth on the cock. Reverse cowgirl. Casey controlling the pace, as she leans far forward and fucks back at the cock to her rear. Then sitting upright, as she bounces up and down on the dick. Doggie. Charles pounding into the pussy with forceful strokes.

Casey: Oh God, that’s just what I fucking needed.

Missionary with Charles utilizing slow, deliberate strokes, now picking up speed as he pummels the pussy. Charles drops a second load on Casey’s stomach.

Charles: Life is good.

Casey: Now I’m laid, officially.

Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ scene 6 Behind the Scenes

Here are some highlights from the behind the scenes segment:

– 19 additional minutes of sex footage from the scene 1 threesome with Casey Parker, Paulina James, and Jack Venice. You’ll recall the group made a hasty exit from Catalina Island. The scene picked up back in the hotel room for the final 2 1/2 minutes, before the trio hit the showers. Turns out there was more hotel room sex which was left on the cutting room floor, and never made it into the official scene. We get to see that extra footage here.

– Casey and Paulina trying on clothes in their Catalina hotel room prior to their outing. Comparing tits, pussies, and bush (or lack thereof). Only 2 3/4 minutes, completely softcore, and totally HOT! Oh, to have been a fly on the wall.

– Casey, Paulina, and Jack interacting with the pigeons at the Catalina eatery.

– Jack tweaking Paulina’s nipples on the ferry to Catalina.

– Casey and Paulina peeing in the woods on Catalina Island. Casey (evidently the more experienced public urinator), helping Pauline keep the stream away from her skirt and boots. Casey demonstrating her booty shake technique to drip-dry.

– Casey explaining how Aubrey Addams missed the flight to Oakland (she went to buy magazines, and the plane left her ass).

– Casey and Criss Strokes hiking along a tree lined trail in Napa Valley. Off the end of the trail, Casey pees (stating she loves peeing in nature). Laying a picnic blanket down on the trail. Cloud gazing. Criss raises Casey’s top, groping at her bra covered tittes. Casey stroking and sucking Criss’ cock. No pop shot.

– Casey and Criss discussing relationships, as they dine in a fancy restaurant (Casey picking up the tab). Toast to being honest. Casey tells the story of the grossest thing she ever saw. I won’t itemize, but it involved a guy shaking up a bottle of champagne, sticking it up a girls butt, feces flying out of said butt, and the guy catching the output in his mouth. Oops, I guess I did itemize.

– Casey and Paulina having fun atop a life-sized (but not alive) buffalo stationed in front of the Catalina restaurant where they ate.


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3 Responses to “Casey Parker’s California Dreamin’ part 3”

  1. passingthrough Says:

    This is one of my favorite videos to be posted. I would be like that guy in Scene 5. I’d be done in a minute. She’s so hot.

    One of the better Behind the Scenes around too. I had to download that and watch it. Maybe there’s a topic for a future blog posts- favorite BTS among VB members.

  2. ronzilla Says:

    Hey, Rope.

    Nice to see you’re still here.

    First: When VB first acquired Diabolic, I inquired about VB obtaining the EARLIEST Diabolic titles. You echoed my enthusiasm for acquiring the early titles. WHEN WILL WE GET THEM?

    Second: Why doesn’t VB fix problems that get reported? “War and Sex”, has an abbreviated scene with no conclusion. I have left a discrepancy report, more than once, leaving my e-mail address so VB can notify me when they correct the issue.. They don’t fix the problem.

    Why is VB uncaring and lax in their site maintenance and customer support?


  3. ropeadope Says:

    @ passingthrough – Once again, I’m in full agreement with you. The combination of cute girls, hot sex, scenic locales, and sense of adventure (typical of many Shane’s World videos), places this DVD among my all time favorites. You make an excellent suggestion for an upcoming blog post of most memorable behind the scenes segments. I will try to put something together, but I’ll need some time to research the subject. Possibly I can highlight a half dozen or so bts segments, and then open up the topic for the membership to add their own favorites to the list. I’ll be sure to credit you in the post for the idea.

    @ ronzilla – Hi ronzilla, good to see you as well. I did indeed write to the Content Department at that time, recommending the acquisition of the early Diabolic titles. In fact, I even copied and pasted your comments into the email. Content acknowledged receipt of the email, but neither committed to, nor rejected the suggestion. My sense was that everything else being equal, the newer releases are preferred over the older releases. I’m now seeing updates from what must have been a second purchase from Diabolic. I don’t have a roster of those titles. We’ll have to wait and see if any of the early releases show up. One other thing to keep in mind. I don’t know if Diabolic is even offering the earlier titles for licensing. You can’t license what isn’t made available.

    On your second point, I don’t mean to pass the buck, but I would advise you to navigate to the blog post above this one, and ask Phil. Phil works in the VideoBox offices on a daily basis (well, I assume he has weekends off). I’m situated 3000 miles away from the VideoBox home office. So it’s a tad easier for Phil to walk directly into Customer Support, and obtain an answer face to face.