Where’s My Audio?

Hey Videoboxers,

Phil here with a quick update about WMV files with no audio. I’m happy to report that we’ve found a solution to this issue, and all known files affected by this are currently being re-encoded. We traced this problem down to a new codec pack that we’ve installed on our encoding hosts, which started causing the issue with WMV. Fortunately, H.264 files are not affected. We expect the re-encode to be completed in the next couple of days. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for reporting these issues to Customer Support.

– Phil

6 Responses to “Where’s My Audio?”

  1. WebStarr2 Says:

    Thanks for bringing this up. I was starting to worry. Glad it’s going to be fixed.

  2. Harry Says:

    Where’s my video? Lately many downloaded video,s will not play – I get a codec error message. It is so bad I do not think I will renew my subscription

  3. Plow Says:

    There’s more than messed-up audio plaguing the Tara Wild scene uploaded on Oct. 29. I’ve tried d/l’ing it a couple of times now, and media player can’t recognize the codec it’s playing in. Downloading a custom clip is also not possible with it; the site forces you to pull down the whole scene or nothing. Please add that one to you re-encoding To-Do list.

  4. foofie2 Says:

    After the site upgrade, I too receive the
    “cannot render the file” error message when
    attempting to play the downloaded video.
    Windows Media Player, VLC, etc cannot play
    the WMV DVD downloaded files.

  5. Kenny Says:

    Today’s Schoolgirl POV is also unreadable! Please re encode them.

  6. Kenny Says:

    Phil, can you let us know when this problem is solved completely? If u can post another thread later, then that will be nice.