WMV Custom Clip Update!

Hey everyone,

We are aware that many of you are having problems downloading custom clips from WMV files. Some of the common issues we’ve observed include:

1. Custom clips downloads end up downloading an entire movie
2. Windows Media Player gives an error when trying to stream a custom clip
3. Custom clip playback issues

We’ve been working tirelessly to resolve this issue for the last week, and I’m happy to report that we’ve found a solution! We’ll be pushing out this fix and re-encoding the affected files. We expect all instances of this problem to be absolved by the end of this week. If any of you experience further issues downloading custom clips from WMV after the end of this week, please report your issues to Customer Support. In the meantime, you can continue downloading custom clips using the new custom clip method and downloading your clips in H.264 format. When using the new custom clip mode, simply select either the “iPhone” or “H264″ file format. Again, I apologize for the recent issues with WMV files — we definitely hear your reports of such problems, and our main priority is to ensure that you have the best user experience on Videobox.


32 Responses to “WMV Custom Clip Update!”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Thanks for the update Phil.

    I suggest we all wait downloading WMVs until Friday or Saturday of this week.

  2. VB-Jordan Says:

    In the meantime, members will still be able to download custom clips using the new custom clip method and downloading them in H264. When using the new custom clip mode, simply select either the “iPhone” or “H264” file format.

  3. ColdFX Says:

    Good stuff. Glad to hear you found a fix.

  4. Kenny Says:

    Isn’t H264 worse resolution than WMV high resolution?

  5. phil Says:

    @Kenny: Actually H.264 is a MUCH better codec than WMV. We do 2-pass encoding on H.264 files with much better compression, therefore you get much better quality out of lower bitrates. This all translates to better file quality and smaller file size.

  6. ocdave67 Says:

    VB has another problem now. EVERY DVD has one random scene that will not download or play in the site player. I reported this to technical support but did not receive a reply to acknowledge the problem. Premium content as well..

    Anal Fuck Auditions #4, Scene 2 – Won’t play or download (all formats).

    Fresh Meat #27, Scene 4 – Won’t play or download (all formats).

    Repair issue and in the future, please confirm issues that members report via email or any other method in a timely matter.

  7. ocdave67 Says:

    ooops.. manner not matter..

  8. phil Says:

    @ocdave67: I verified with our site-operations team that the issues you are experiencing are caused by a server issue earlier this morning. I’ve looked at the scenes you mentioned, and I am able to stream and download all formats. You may want to try clearing your browser cache, then try the scenes again.

  9. ocdave67 Says:


    I cleared my cache and cookies and the issue still is there. I can’t download or stream scenes like Fresh Meat #27, Scene 4. However some of the other scenes worked for a time then stopped again. EG Internal Injections #3, Scene 3

    Steps I took to try and correct issue. Cleared cache via firefox options AND ran CC cleaner to clear cookies. Reset my modem. Tried with Internet Explorer. No joy except for the one instance of the scene noted above. That scene now is not working again. You still must have a server issue or please advise on other ways to fix this issue. Thanks..

  10. phil Says:

    @ocdave: I just talked with site-operations again, and they recommend clearing your cache and cookies again, which should give you a new session when you go on the site. You may have had a session with a bad host, which is causing your video issues. If you still experience further issues, please notify customer support. Thanks!

  11. ocdave67 Says:

    I will be contacting customer support. Took your advice and the issue persists. Now those scenes immediately give an error when attempting to stream or download. I hope to get a timely reply from your team.

    Fresh Meat #27, Scene 4
    When attempting to stream an immediate error of “We have encountered an error. Please try again

    When attempting to download the scene this info box appears immediately.

    E:\Porn\Videobox Porn\Fresh_Meat_27_Scene_4_fh.mp4 could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

    Try again later, or contact the server administrator

  12. ocdave67 Says:

    Gave it some time and the issue has seemed to correct itself.
    BTW phil, After I reported this to customer support after my blog post. I received an automatic conformation email. When I reported this issue last night, I never received this email. Is it possible that your customer support forum does not work at times? This might explain why I never get a response when I have reported scenes with encoding issues. I never received conformation emails on those reports either. Something else for you to mention to your support team to look into. Thanks..

  13. comrade1917 Says:

    Not the custom scene, but rather the WMV DVD download of Heavy Duty #3, the scene with Phoenix Marie is terrible quality. Ruins what would be an awesome scene. Would it be possible to look into this?

  14. ronzilla Says:

    How about working tirelessly to fix issues like incomplete scenes and f’d-up aspect ratios?? How about doing that? Why does VB have a “Get Help” tab on every custom clip page? When I report an issue such as an incomplete scene VB doesn’t do a damn thing about it!!! Get rid of the form if you guys don’t actually give a shit. Don’t pretend that you care about fixing your website discrepancies when you actually don’t. It’s hypocritical.

  15. scout2220 Says:

    Like the last guy said, you guys really need a “get help” button next to every scene.

    Right now, using Firefox, I can’t download any custom clips to .wmv. It’s like the server doesn’t even accept the connection. Full scenes seem to download fine.

  16. KRAW_NOT_KRAW! Says:

    The custom clips are still fucked up. Asian Complex 2 downloaded 1/5th of the clip selected, 4 was unusable. They have done nothing to fix the problem but still collect the money.

  17. phil Says:

    @Kraw/Scout2220: The latest update “The Asian Complex” was part of the re-encode, and I am able to download custom clips. Please clear your cache and try again.

  18. scout2220 Says:

    Anal Buffet #4 Scene 2 – custom clip UI is not loading and comments indicate people having all sorts of problems with the scene.

  19. scout2220 Says:

    Another problem: you guys are doing something to consistently cause Firefox to crash. Don’t know what it is, but it seems to be happening on scene detail pages. This is kind of a big deal.

  20. Ngoc Quan Says:

    I’m live in vietnamese and i can’t connect to videobox.com

  21. Dave Says:

    Custom clip not downloading properly…. only to newer videos… older ones work fine… someone fix this issue!!!

  22. phil Says:

    @Dave: can you please specify what scene and movie you are having trouble with so we can help you? Thanks!

  23. tag Says:

    hey guys

    I am having problems on your site with crashes using Firefox. It started two weeks back by crashing out during some downloads, now it has progressed to crashing with EVERY attempted download as well as just during general surfing around your site.

    This is the only site it crashes on, all of the other copious sites I surf or download from each day are stable with no hint of a problem.

    From what I have read my problem is not in isolation.

    Are you going to retain the the “original clip production” method on the new site.

    Hope you get things right because for me your content rates number 1 for me, but current issues are causing me a serious rethink.

  24. phil Says:

    @tag: Hey tag, can you let me know what version of firefox you are using so I can discuss this issue with our engineers? I apologize for this issue, but we have a feeling this may be caused by the latest version of Firefox. In the meantime, you may want to try downgrading your firefox to the previous version and see if you still experience crashes. We will post an update once we figure out what is going on. Thanks!

  25. Jar Says:

    The site is not working at all. Some times you can get on the site but you can only look at DVD covers and add stars but nothing else.

  26. tag Says:

    Hi Phil

    Yes I am using the most recent version of Firefox, that is, version 3.6.12

    Unfortunately I am reluctant to downgrade my Firefox since I have updated all my add ons and bolt ins for my work.

  27. tag Says:

    But am using another browser for the time being and it works fine as a standby measure.

  28. Jar Says:

    I tried to use FireFox just now because its not upgraded and its the site still is down. I use Internet Explorer and so I really dont use FireFox but even on that the site is not up. I payed good money a few days ago for your site, so this is unexceptable.

  29. Jar Says:

    Thanks, its working. I just tried Google chrome and the site was up, so I got out of google chrome and checked internet explorer and its working just fine on that too. I wonder what problem was. Maybe the problem was on my side or yours… who knows.

  30. phil Says:

    @Jar: Glad to know everything is working for you. We are not seeing any site outages on our side, so most likely it may have been a problem with your isp. Anyhow, glad to know it’s working now!

  31. Nguyen Minh Says:

    I’m not connect & wacht video on videobox.com.

  32. Teddy Says:

    ronzilla is right. you guys have too much scenes that have errors. some videos have audio sync problems, some aren’t the full video, and most of the scenes in a movie start from some part of the previous scene or end with some part the next scene.