Stepping away for a while ….

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Guys, I need to take a sabbatical from the blog to attend to some personal matters. I fully intend to return to my regular posting schedule, but don’t have a timetable at present. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I do want to take this opportunity to thank all in the membership for their participation with the blog, and everyone at VideoBox for allowing me the opportunity to contribute to the blog. Josh, The Content Dude, many others whose names wouldn’t be recognizable by readers of the blog, and many others whose names I don’t even know. And of course a special thank you to Alison, who created the blog for our enjoyment, invited me to join the blog, did all the heavy lifting for months on end – transforming my email submissions into posted blog articles, and taught me how to post the blog articles myself (it’s not quite as easy as the end product makes it appear).

Please treat Phil and all others whose work is presented on these pages with the same respect and courtesy you have graciously shown me. I’ll still be on the site, and will come forth if I can offer a helpful comment. I look forward to seeing everyone down the road.


15 Responses to “Stepping away for a while ….”

  1. LV426 Says:


    Rope, we’ll miss you! Your posts are definitely my favorite text on VB!

    Stay out of trouble and come back when you can.

  2. woaihonggg Says:

    Rope, thank you for all you have done. Hoping for a quick and successful resolution to your personal matters.

  3. Steve Says:

    im sad to hear that we loose another great Writer of this Blog, but im sending you the best wishes and Luck for the resolution of your personal matters!

    Big Greets from germany

  4. Papayaman1 Says:

    Hey Rope, everybody knows you’ve done the best job with this blog, producing great competitions, reviews and so on. I hope all your commitments work out successfully for you. In the meantime take care and look after yourself. Your old pal,

  5. ScrapperOne Says:

    And here I am getting ready to re-join the site. Sad day indeed my friend but I’m sure it wont be long until we see you around here again. Who will be taking over for you in the mean time? Good luck in all that you do; in life, work, and personal growth.

  6. passingthrough Says:

    Been away for a few days and with a bunch of great titles I will be busy for awhile, but hope all works out for you okay.

  7. Papayaman1 Says:

    We’re losing Rope, but it’s good Scrapper is coming back. Scrapper told us about Lexi Belle thereby doing us all a great favour, so welcome back. And I just know that Rope will be back enriching the blog with his insights and wit when he has dealt with business. In the meantime good luck to him.

  8. al Says:

    Hey Rope,

    all the best and thank you.

    Totally unrelated but I can´t hold back any longer:

    “Amazing new features and improvements are coming soon! One of them will replace and improve the quick preview! Stay Tuned 🙂 59 days ago”

    Now I´m not a native speaker, but I sort of thought “soon” doesn´t mean “59 days ago” and counting.
    Get your act together, VB. It´s getting ridiculous.

  9. ColdFX Says:

    Hooboy… any mention of dealing with personal matters, when combined with pictures of horseback riders silhouetted against the backdrop of an ocean sunset, usually means there’s something unpleasant to be dealt with. Well, whatever it is, I hope it all goes as well as possible for you, Rope. All the best.

  10. ropeadope Says:

    Very much appreciate the support guys. Things are coming along. I’m planning my next post for Friday, December 10th.

    @ LV426 – NOW you tell me to stay out of trouble? Where were you a few weeks ago? Lol, no it’s nothing like that. Glad to hear my posts are your favorite text on VB. Wait a minute! Aren’t they the only text on VB? Haha, much appreciated.

    @ woaihonggg – Thank you very much my friend. Looking better now. Were you able to work out that situation trying to find the proper content / time to watch porn with your better half? Intriguing dilemma. We need an update!

    @ Steve – Thank you bro. All of us should have a tag line. I know when I see the phrase Big Greets from Germany, it must be Steve. Much appreciated.

    @ Papayaman1 – Thank you, my scholarly friend. I’ve valued both our friendship over the course of the blog, and your always excellent contributions to the discussion at hand. Appreciate the continued support.

    @ ScrapperOne – Great to see you back. That wasn’t long at all. Have always enjoyed your contributions, and looking forward to more of the same. I mean, if not for your input, Papayaman1 would have overlooked Lexi Belle. Good work, that’s something to be proud of.

    @ passingthrough – Thank you. That’s the best type of problem to contend with. Trying to keep up with a string of excellent updates. The releases from Diabolic, New Sensations, Digital Sin, and Shane’s World have been keeping me busy for sure. Appreciate your contributions.

    @ al – Thank you. The site is in the process of receiving a major face lift. New features are being beta tested by several individuals within the membership, and a lively back and forth discussion is ongoing. In this instance, soon probably encompasses a time period of several months. I’m thinking we may see an unveiling in time for the New Year, or shortly thereafter.

    @ ColdFX – Thank you. When I posted the entry, my state of mind was a tad on the fragile side. I definitely went overboard on the image. However, your analysis is pretty accurate. Good job!

  11. ScrapperOne Says:

    Ack! Just as an FYI Rope, don’t cancel your membership if you’re stepping away. I may not have been gone for all that long but now that I’m back I am BOGGED DOWN with new (old) updates that I’ve missed. I have a feeling that it’s going to take me a very long time to catch up.

    I have seen that there are a LOT of great improvements that have been made to the overall site. There are also some great additions in the area of talent that is just astounding. Off I go to fill my brain with video goodness. If I don’t post to anyone’s comments it’s because I have gone temporarily blind and cannot find the laptop. Later!

  12. HotScooter2 Says:


    first allison leaves and then you go on a sabbatical. next thing you know the pope will give up catholicism. but if you return dec 10th that is a short sabbatical, unless you starting your sabbatical after dec. 10th. good luck anyway.

  13. ropeadope Says:

    @ ScrapperOne – Cancel? That word isn’t in my vocabulary. Let me consult my Funk & Wagnalls. Ah, cancel. I don’t believe I’m allowed to cancel. Not that I would ever attempt to do so. Hope you’re all caught up by now. Again, a problem worth having.

    @ HotScooter2 – Is the Pope Catholic? Hold on, isn’t that a punch line to a joke? Yes, I plan to post to the blog on December 10th. A short sabbatical, but it feels like I’ve been away for six months.

  14. jfro21 Says:

    Good to see you’ll not be gone very long at all.

    Sorry to bother you on your sabbatical but it seems as though in the last week that the ratings and rankings of videos on the site has gone down… AGAIN! Videos are not registering ratings votes and they are not showing on the “MOst popular” scenes and DVDs for the last week…

  15. ropeadope Says:

    @ jfro21 – Thanks jfro. My guess is that these blips are related to the ongoing site renovations. Many features are being updated, and it seems to occasionally have an effect of the current functions. I see you’ve brought the issue to Phil’s attention in his latest post. I’ll let Phil address your question, as he would be in a better position to know the correct answer.