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5 DVDs at once! Why? Why? Why?

This is David, and I’m one of the two founders of VideoBox (Josh is the other). As the CEO of the company, I personally made the recent decision to change our DVD release schedule.

First and foremost, I want you all to know that I hear your complaints and that every member of our team cares about what you have to say. The uproar over the release schedule change and what to do about it has been the talk of the office for the past two days, and it’s prompted this posting—something that I’ve never done before.

Because of your concerns, starting today, we’ve changed the release time of the five daily DVDs from 7 PM to 5 AM (PDT), this way you don’t have to wait around for each day’s new releases. Also, although we planned to make the release schedule change permanent, because of the response, our new plan is to collect data over the next month and then make a decision about our future policies.

To put things in context, the reason that we made this change is so that we can collect better streaming/download information to use for purchasing content that you’ll like better. In particular, releasing all the day’s content at once allows users to choose what content to view; in essence, we’ve given you the ability to directly cast a vote for what you like more, as opposed to watching a movie just because it’s the only new update, or just happens to be the most recent one, or is displayed front and center on the site.

Nevertheless, I apologize for breaking the routine of those of you who check the site every few hours for the latest update. I assure you that we didn’t make this change to cause you distress, but rather as an effort to make every update on VideoBox—regardless of when it happens—of a higher quality and more in tune with your desires and preferences.

Though not directly related to the release schedule, I also want to address concerns on our content quality. My vision is to have the best content available on VideoBox at the absolute lowest price, and we’re in the process of making several changes that I hope will make everyone happier:

1) We spent more money on content licensing in 2010 than in the history of the company, and we’ve increased our content budget for the coming year by 15 percent. In 2011, our annual licensing budget will surpass two million dollars. We’re well aware that the quality of content varies by the day. However, taking a longer term view, it’s clear that our content quality has dramatically improved in the past several years (does anyone remember the days of the pink Cherry Box releases?). On average, every new DVD released onto the site cost members a dime. For the cost of a McDonald’s extra value meal, you get seventy-five new movies—I think that this is an incredible value, and we hope you agree.

2) We’ve changed the way we license content for 2011. In the past, we’ve had issues with receiving DVDs in giant batches from studios and subsequently releasing them onto the site in clumps. In 2011, releases from studios will be more evenly spaced and less grouped together, offering you more variety each day.

3) We’re getting ready to introduce HD titles, so each day will have one new HD update. We’ll be the only site where some studios’ content is available in HD, as we get source files (not DVDs, since they aren’t HD) from the studios. This content will be from some of our best studios, and will be at no extra cost.

4) We’ve signed on two new channel partners, Reality Kings and Kink. Both are recognized leaders in their niches, and VideoBox is the only place on the web where this content is available (other than the RK and Kink sites). While this does cost extra, it’s at a discounted price compared to their normal offers.

These and other changes are being made as a direct result of feedback from users. Again, I want to stress that I—and everyone else at the company—values your feedback and appreciates your business. Our goal has always been to build the best adult site on the web, and we’re constantly striving to achieve this.

Please feel free to email me at if you have questions, concerns, or comments. I’m also currently moderating the VB3 forum at and welcome your feedback about our new site, too.

Merry Christmas

robot santa
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the blog to everyone at VideoBox, and all within the VideoBox membership. Robot Santa informs me you’ve all been very naughty this year. Of course, due to a programming error which imposed impossibly high standards, he renders a naughty judgment in virtually every instance. But in this particular case I believe him! Nevertheless, I’ve uploaded the promised Evelyn Lin and Sabrina Star photo galleries for your Christmas viewing pleasure. Scroll down a few posts to see them, as I wanted to keep the entries from Bob and Zapp toward the top of the page.

Try the VideoBox of the Future… Today

Hey VideoBoxers,

Today we invite you to try out VideoBox 3.0, or VB3 as we like to call it. This new VB experience is still under development, but we want you, our members, to have early access so you can play around a little and then tell us what you think. Before you do, though, here are some things we think it’s important for you to know:

  • Only users with “” or “CCBill” as their biller will be able to gain access. We apologize for this and will be working on the other billers as we go; we’ll let you know when we have an update on this.
  • VB3 does not conform to a number of well-established porn site conventions. This is by design: we see VB3 as a new platform for adult entertainment, and more like an application to be used in many ways on many devices, rather than as a re-skinned porn site. That said, there are some aspects of the experience that are not yet complete but will be added, such as the ability to navigate with the browser’s “Back” button without losing the filtering you have established.
  • We have posted the first of several quick tutorials that show you how to use certain aspects of the site. Please start with this, as it will greatly assist with your enjoyment of VB3: (Note: after you view the tutorial, you will need to log in to the new site at, even if you are already logged in to VideoBox.)
  • Internet Explorer 6 & 7 are not supported. Please upgrade to IE8 or download a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox. The site should also work in Safari and Opera. Mobile and other devices are not yet fully supported.
  • This is a beta project and that means it is still under development, so don’t be surprised if you see bugs. Please report them to us if you find any! We have disabled comments on this blog post so we can direct you to the official VB3 feedback forum at We recommend you start your forum experience by reading the Known Issues and Announcements section, which lists some of the things that are not yet working.
  • With regard to feedback, please keep in mind that the more specific and constructive you are, the easier it will be for us to take action on your feedback. If you flame us without offering any suggestions for ways to improve things for you, you won’t be giving us the kind of information we need in order to help you out. So, keep it constructive, and try to avoid cursing our family members. 🙂
  • Last but not least: VB3 includes two new premium content channels in addition to the Evil Angel and Vivid channels we currently offer:, and a well-known reality porn provider so secret that we can’t tell you about it on this public blog. You can add these new channels to your membership from VB3 only, so go hit the new site to check them out!


Videobox Moves to “5 at a time” Release Cycle

Greetings, fellow lovers of porn! If you’re like me, you don’t like sitting around waiting 4 hours for the next release to come out. And since we pride ourselves on variety, it is inevitable that we sometime release titles not everyone will enjoy. At those times it can be quite frustrating for me to have to continue waiting another few hours for a title you like to hit the site.

Well we’ve heard you loud and clear, and here’s what we’ve done: we did some research to determine when you, the loyal Videobox fan, likes to download content the most, and we’ve decided to release all the titles we’d normally release throughout the day all at once at 7pm PST the previous night, when we determined you are most likely to be available to see it.

So what does this mean? In a nutshell, at 7pm (on the west coast) this evening, we will be releasing all of tomorrow’s titles (not including channel content). This is just our way of showing how much we love you, you beautiful porn viewer!

So go forth into this new year, and nut like you’ve never nutted before! You have our permission.

Fresh Outta High School #8 Photo Galleries part 2

Here are the two remaining photo galleries from Fresh Outta High School #8 featuring Evelyn Lin and Sabrina Star.


Fresh Outta High School #8 Photo Galleries part 1

I’ll be posting the official photo galleries from Fresh Outta High School #8 in two installments. Today in part 1, we have Tori Black (scene 1), Tia Thomas (scene 2), and Courtney James (scene 4). Part 2 featuring Sabrina Star (scene 3), and Evelin Lin (scene 5 – one of my all time favorite image galleries) will be ready by Christmas day. I believe you’ll find the photo galleries provide a nice complement to the video files uploaded last month.


Casey Parker’s Winter Break part 3

header 121010
Here’s the third and final installment of Casey Parker’s Winter Break preview. Returning from the snow filled getaway, Casey arrives into the waiting arms of Reena Sky in scene 5. Scene 6 brings us a 57 minute behind the scenes segment, filled with lost footage that failed to make the movie proper, and wound up on the cutting room floor. I’ve uploaded preview images and summaries for these two scenes.


Casey Parker’s Winter Break part 2

header 121010
Here’s the second installment of Casey Parker’s Winter Break preview. Casey makes her first of two appearances in scene 3 (she’ll return for scene 5), and Regan Reese is featured in scene 4. I’ve included preview images and scene summaries for the two scenes. The third and final installment of the article should be posted by Wednesday.


Casey Parker’s Winter Break part 1

header 121010
Back to the blog, and back on the road with Casey Parker. Casey and pals head to the mountains for a weekend of fun in the snow. Tagging along are Aaralyn Barra, Lielani, Regan Reese, Jack Venice, and Mr. Pete. Upon Casey’s return home, Reena Sky makes an appearance. I’ll preview the film in three installments. In today’s post, I’ve included images and summaries for the first two scenes (Aaralyn & Lielani respectively). I’ll preview the middle two scenes Monday / Tuesday, and the final two scenes Wednesday / Thursday. I expect to see the movie uploaded shortly thereafter.


Teen Euro #4 – Duplicate Title

oops2Hey Videoboxers,

I just wanted to let you guys know that we are aware that Teen Euro #4 (released 12-09-10 at 5:00am) is a duplicate release. To make up for this we will be releasing an additional title at noon today. We apologize for the inconvenience, sit tight and we’ll have another title up for you guys shortly!

– Phil