Casey Parker’s Winter Break part 1

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Back to the blog, and back on the road with Casey Parker. Casey and pals head to the mountains for a weekend of fun in the snow. Tagging along are Aaralyn Barra, Lielani, Regan Reese, Jack Venice, and Mr. Pete. Upon Casey’s return home, Reena Sky makes an appearance. I’ll preview the film in three installments. In today’s post, I’ve included images and summaries for the first two scenes (Aaralyn & Lielani respectively). I’ll preview the middle two scenes Monday / Tuesday, and the final two scenes Wednesday / Thursday. I expect to see the movie uploaded shortly thereafter.

Casey Parker’s Winter Break scene 1 Aaralyn Barra

Pizza on the Fly (next three rows)


Packing themselves into a van with Jack behind the wheel, the group begins their weekend excursion to the mountains. Casey flashing her breasts to passing cars by sticking her entire upper body out the van window. Jack starts calling towns ahead of their present location to try and arrange a pizza delivery while the van continues to roll at highway speed. We’ll see more details in the behind the scenes segment, but he eventually convinces someone to take the order. A car pulls up alongside the passenger side of the van, and Regan Reese leans out (while being held from behind) and exchanges the money for the pizza. Reminiscent of the scene from The Hangover (highly recommended), where the guys have their tuxedos delivered on the freeway while rushing back from Vegas to make the wedding. Must have taken Jack quite some time to finalize the agreement, as it was daylight when he began calling, and past sundown when the pizza arrived. Casey peeing on the side of the road, but is camera shy? They reach their destination and find the accomodations awesome. Off to bed. Morning rolls around, and Pete is looking for somone to suck his dick. Lielani declines, but Casey obliges. Brief head with no popshot. Casey sticks Pete’s hand inside her pants to show him how wet she got from having his cock in her mouth. Back into the van to hit the slopes for some snowboarding. We see some fun footage, and afterwards, most of group heads off to a restaurant. But Aaralyn has stayed behind to soak in the tub, and Jack (who managed to polish off a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chile, turkey, three boiled eggs, and the better part of a forty) also took a pass. Jack joins Aaralyn in the bathroom. Aaralyn is concerned the food Jack consumed will make him fucking gassy. Jack invents a new rule – whenever Aaralyn curses, Jack will stick his dick in her mouth – because girls shouldn’t cuss. Aaralyn responds fuck you, and Jack sticks his dick in her mouth. Aaralyn enthusiastically blowing Jack while still submerged in the tub. Primarily no hands head, with occasional stroking. Jack steps into the tub, groping at Aaralyn’s titties as she continues her oral ministrations. POV head with Jack grabbing onto Aaralyn’s pigtails. Aaralyn rises up, spins around while placing her right foot on the edge of the tub, and Jack enters in standing doggie. Aaralyn’s pussy is shaved bare; Jack pounding away from behind.

Aaralyn: Beat that pussy up.

Jack driving two fingers in and out of Aaralyn’s pussy. Standing doggie anal. The duo leave the tub and head into the bedroom. Aaralyn giving head, crawls up and onto Jack’s cock in cowgirl anal. Bouncing on the dick, with Aaralyn providing most of the impetus. A2M. Cowgirl vag transitioning into cowgirl anal. Reverse cowgirl vag. Jack rolls Aaralyn onto her side, and alternately bangs her pussy and ass three times each, before planting a thick load on Aaralyn’s left cheek.

Casey Parker’s Winter Break scene 2 Lielani

Regan frying up bacon for the group’s breakfast, while various snowball fights ensue outside. Casey throws like a girl. Jack showing no mercy on the weaker sex. With the rage out of their systems, Jack and Lielani kissing adjacent to a large tree. Both dressed in winter gear. Lielani looking cute in red scarf, seasonally appropriate sweater, striped knee high socks, and a skirt (for easier access) with pink panties underneath. Lielani kneels down to suck Jack’s cock. Slapping his dick against her tongue. It’s Lielani’s first blowjob in the snow. Jack turns Lielani around, raises her skirt and pulls the panties down to knee level. Jack entering from behind in standing doggie, as Lielani braces herself against the tree. Some activity captured from a ground positioned camera shooting upwards. Lielani has a fully shaved snatch, and the pink panties hanging across her outstretched legs make for an alluring sight. Jack pummeling the pussy; finds the sweet spot as Lielani encourages him on – right there, right there, right there. Lielani announces she’s cumming all over Jack’s cock. Sideways fucking with Lielani raising and resting her right leg in the crook of Jack’s right arm. Lielani’s titties are peeking out of the top of her sweater. Jack hoists Lielani up in his arms and bounces her on his dick in standing cowgirl. More standing doggie and side banging. Lielani wants to taste Jack’s load; getting in position just in time to accept a mouthful of cum.


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4 Responses to “Casey Parker’s Winter Break part 1”

  1. ScrapperOne Says:

    Good god. I hate being reminded of weather especially since I live in the North East part of the U.S. I love the people in this particular title but I have to say I was never a huge fan of this form of “reality” films. Maybe stemming from not liking the G.G.W. series or just from the massive “filler” sections. Different strokes I suppose and to each their own.

  2. ropeadope Says:

    @ ScrapperOne – Yes, most definitely different strokes for different folks. These Shane’s World vids which combine fun adventurous antics with hot XXX action, are among my very favorite DVD’s on the site.

  3. Ken Says:

    Hey Rope, are you back for good? I thought u were going away for some time.
    Good to see u back. Looking forward to a great review/preview/photo uploads.

  4. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – Hi Ken, thanks for the support. I’m going to try and stay reasonably close to my regular posting schedule, but the entries will likely be somewhat fewer and spaced further apart.