Casey Parker’s Winter Break part 2

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Here’s the second installment of Casey Parker’s Winter Break preview. Casey makes her first of two appearances in scene 3 (she’ll return for scene 5), and Regan Reese is featured in scene 4. I’ve included preview images and scene summaries for the two scenes. The third and final installment of the article should be posted by Wednesday.

Casey Parker’s Winter Break scene 3 Casey Parker

Casey and the girls sledding down the slopes. A few rough landings. Building a snowman, which Casey wipes out on one of her sled runs. The group heads to a club to get their dance on. Casey pulls Mr. Pete into an unoccupied back room to suck some dick. This makes her even hornier, and the entourage journeys back to their lodgings. It’s snowing.

Lielani: You know Regan, my nuts are gonna fall off it’s so cold.

Casey, Regan, and Pete head upstairs. Casey and Regan kissing, while Pete probes Casey’s lower regions. Casey giving head to Pete as Regan looks on. Regan’s top is pulled below her titties. Casey blowing Pete with enthusiasm. Stripping off her outer clothing. Face fucking. Casey is down to bra, panties, and white stockings. Bent forward over the bed, Pete lowers Casey’s panties from behind. Spreading apart her butt cheeks, showing off the goodies. Pete buries his face in Casey’s pussy from the rear. Doggie. Casey is really worked up. She wasn’t lying about being horny. Almost jumping out of her skin, as Pete pummels the pussy. Casey says she’s cumming. Regan off the adjoining bed, kissing Casey as Pete continues his doggie assault. Pete briefly fucking the crease of Casey’s ass, before returning to the vag. Pete lays flat on the bed; Casey climbing aboard in cowgirl. Casey riding the cock with high energy. Now Pete takes charge, thrusting his dick upwards with rapid strokes. Standing cowgirl. Pete throws Casey back down on the bed, entering in missionary. Laying flat on top of Casey, Pete disengages and sucks at her breasts. Standing at the corner of the bed, Pete re-enters in missionary, with Casey’s right leg draped over his left shoulder. Pete eating Casey. Return to mish. The duo switch to the floor and screw in spoon. Casey fucking back at Pete’s cock. Casey back up on the bed with both legs pulled back. Pete, one leg on the bed and one leg on the floor, driving his dick downward into Casey’s snatch. Casey almost weeping with excitement; legs shaking. Missionary. Casey writhing about. Casey half on bed, half off, cumming again.

Casey (laughing): You made me cum so hard.

Pete rolls Casey onto her side, ass facing camera. Fucking the pussy; his middle finger buried in Casey’s bunghole. Casey tastes her ass off Pete’s finger. Pete slapping at Casey’s left butt cheek. Pete straddles Casey, pops his load on Casey’s face and mouth.

Casey: Tastes salty.

Excellent scene. Casey was really into it, and was highly aroused throughout. Great chemistry between Casey and Pete. A must have for all Casey fans.

Casey Parker’s Winter Break scene 4 Regan Reese

Hiking along some trails, and testing the water at the Hot Springs. Traveling to a friend’s house. Casey and Lielani kissing. Lielani and Regan giving handjob to an unknown guy at the house. Majority of handjob will be shown in the behind the scenes segment. Lielani licking and kissing at Jack’s nutsack. Jack farts, causing Lielani to scamper away. Pete two fingers in Aaralyn’s pussy, brings her to a squirt. Casey cooking bacon and (scrambled) eggs for breakfast. Pete kissing Regan and sucking on her titties. Regan drops to her knees, giving head to Pete. Regan slapping the dick against her tongue. Concentrating on the head of Pete’s cock with a caressing finger and darting tongue. Regan bent forward in front of Pete, as he fingers her tight pussy. Regan mounts Pete reverse cowgirl. Bouncing on the dick, breasts dancing to and fro. Regan has the soles of her shoes planted on Pete’s thighs as she rides his cock. Pete squeezing Regan’s tits. Standing reverse cowgirl transitioning into doggie. Regan wants it harder and Pete obliges, alternating slow deliberate strokes with rapid strokes. Regan laying back in chair, as Pete enters in missionary. Regan rocking back and forth the dick. Pete fingering Regan. Missionary, standing cowgirl, and cowgirl. Regan gyrating around on Pete’s cock. Pete drops his load into Regan’s mouth.


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4 Responses to “Casey Parker’s Winter Break part 2”

  1. Ken Says:

    Rope, do you know if Casey Parker does POV clips? idk but love her.

    Were you able track down the last question I wrote about the Mimi Blaze? Sorry to be persistent, but i think it is a big ‘awaited’ clip we are all waiting for.

    In general, is VB going to release any new New Year resolution/improvements in a couple of weeks?

  2. tanasinn4 Says:

    ROPE ZOMG ur back.
    I felt so bad after you left after I criticized your post about identifying stunt cocks by their stance. Glad your sabbatical was so short and I hope you got everything sorted out well.

    However, in the future could you include more screen caps. I think you missed a few frames.

  3. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – I’m not aware of any Casey Parker POV scenes. Persistent is good. I just dispatched an email to VideoBox to see if we have the Mimi Blaze title. It had completely slipped my mind earlier. In the meantime, take a look at Fresh Off The Boat #4, scene 4. Fellow member KSprint5757 claims the girl in the scene identified as Sayuri, is actually Mimi / Liliana. I haven’t had time to check it out. Let me know what you think.

    @ tanasinn4 – Thank you. Absolutely no problem at all with your comments in that post. Don’t give it another thought. I actually grabbed many more images for the above scenes than those posted. But this is about the maximum I want to squeeze into one post. The pages load too slowly otherwise.

  4. Ken Says:

    Wow good find, Rope. I think it is her. Thanks for emailing them about it.