Casey Parker’s Winter Break part 3

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Here’s the third and final installment of Casey Parker’s Winter Break preview. Returning from the snow filled getaway, Casey arrives into the waiting arms of Reena Sky in scene 5. Scene 6 brings us a 57 minute behind the scenes segment, filled with lost footage that failed to make the movie proper, and wound up on the cutting room floor. I’ve uploaded preview images and summaries for these two scenes.

Casey Parker’s Winter Break scene 5 Casey Parker & Reena Sky

Casey has returned home from the snowy and cold conditions of Mammoth, to the sunshine and warmth of Southern California. Awaiting her in the bedroom is Reena Sky. Casey is happy to see Reena because she didn’t hook up with any of the other girls on the outing. Reena kissing Casey and licking at her titties. Reena strips Casey down to her bra, which is pulled below her breasts. Eating Casey’s pussy, tongue flicking at the clit. Reena increases the pressure, and Casey is squirming. Reena’s clothes start coming off, as Casey sucks on her nipples. Both girls now fully nude and looking good. Casey eating Reena.

Casey: Oh God, I missed pussy. So much dick ….

Casey tongue fucking and finger banging (two digits) Reena. Casey loves Reena’s boobs. Casey and Reena intertwine their legs and rub their pussies together. Reena licking at Casey’s toes as she grinds on her pussy. Reena produces a pink dildo from behind the headboard. Sliding the dildo between Casey’s pussy lips, then penetrating the snatch. Reena massaging Casey’s clit, as she runs the dildo in and out of the pussy. Reena retrieves a clear glass dildo from behind the headboard, and applies a strawberry cheesecake flavored lube to it. Reena laying back on the bed, legs splayed wide. Casey drilling Reena’s pussy with the glass dildo, as Reena rubs at her clit. Casey propelling the dildo vertically up and down Reena’s slit. Reena bucking up against the dildo. Casey sitting on Reena’s face, as Reena eats her from below. Casey leans forward into a 69, eating and fingering Reena. Out of the 69, Reena has her legs pulled back and spread wide, as Casey feasts on her pussy. Reena on all fours. Casey fucking her from behind with the dildo. Camera angle from in front of Reena, makes it appear Casey is using a strap-on (which she isn’t, but is thrusting her hips nonetheless). Reena fucking back at the dildo. Casey slapping Reena’s left butt cheek, licking the pussy from the rear. Both girls are satiated and cuddling as the scene fades out.

Casey Parker’s Winter Break scene 6 Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes Highlights (no pop shots):

– Regan, hearing Casey and Mr. Pete fucking, joins in on the action. We get ten minutes of threesome footage over and above what was included in scene 3. In that scene, Regan interacted primarily with Casey, and was an onlooker for the remainder of the activity. Here she interacts with both Casey and Pete.

– Pete tries to get all four girls (Casey, Aaralyn, Lielani, Regan) to suck his dick at once, making him the luckiest guy in the world >>>>REJECTED!

– Aaralyn and Lielani messing around in the jacuzzi. Aaralyn says Asian pussy is the best pussy. Girls getting off on the jacuzzi’s waterjets.

– Pete convinces Aaralyn and Lielani (still in tub) to give him some oral love after the earlier rejection. But only after Aaralyn scolds him for talking too much.

– Aaralyn and Lielani blowing Jack.

– Lielani & Regan giving handjob to unknown guy. We saw about 20 seconds of this footage in scene 4. This is the full segment.

– Lielani giving head to Jack in the car. Both fully dressed in their Winter gear.

– Lielani (with some help from Aaralyn) demonstrating to Casey how to give a handjob. Pete is the luck recipient of the display.

– Additional footage of the pizza delivery (on the fly) transpiring on the drive up to Mammoth. Took about four hours to pull off, from initial phone call to receipt of pizza. One guy turned down $300 plus having all the girls flash him their titties. Jack says that guy must get a lot of tits. In the final arrangement, Jack paid for cost of pizza (large hand tossed pepperoni) via credit card, and tips the driver $100. Jack driving in right lane of freeway at 25 – 30 mph. Pizza guy driving on shoulder of road. Regan leans out window, held from behind by Aaralyn. Gets credit card receipt which Jack signs. Regan passes back the signed receipt plus $100 to the delivery guy, and gets the pizza.


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