Try the VideoBox of the Future… Today

Hey VideoBoxers,

Today we invite you to try out VideoBox 3.0, or VB3 as we like to call it. This new VB experience is still under development, but we want you, our members, to have early access so you can play around a little and then tell us what you think. Before you do, though, here are some things we think it’s important for you to know:

  • Only users with “” or “CCBill” as their biller will be able to gain access. We apologize for this and will be working on the other billers as we go; we’ll let you know when we have an update on this.
  • VB3 does not conform to a number of well-established porn site conventions. This is by design: we see VB3 as a new platform for adult entertainment, and more like an application to be used in many ways on many devices, rather than as a re-skinned porn site. That said, there are some aspects of the experience that are not yet complete but will be added, such as the ability to navigate with the browser’s “Back” button without losing the filtering you have established.
  • We have posted the first of several quick tutorials that show you how to use certain aspects of the site. Please start with this, as it will greatly assist with your enjoyment of VB3: (Note: after you view the tutorial, you will need to log in to the new site at, even if you are already logged in to VideoBox.)
  • Internet Explorer 6 & 7 are not supported. Please upgrade to IE8 or download a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox. The site should also work in Safari and Opera. Mobile and other devices are not yet fully supported.
  • This is a beta project and that means it is still under development, so don’t be surprised if you see bugs. Please report them to us if you find any! We have disabled comments on this blog post so we can direct you to the official VB3 feedback forum at We recommend you start your forum experience by reading the Known Issues and Announcements section, which lists some of the things that are not yet working.
  • With regard to feedback, please keep in mind that the more specific and constructive you are, the easier it will be for us to take action on your feedback. If you flame us without offering any suggestions for ways to improve things for you, you won’t be giving us the kind of information we need in order to help you out. So, keep it constructive, and try to avoid cursing our family members. 🙂
  • Last but not least: VB3 includes two new premium content channels in addition to the Evil Angel and Vivid channels we currently offer:, and a well-known reality porn provider so secret that we can’t tell you about it on this public blog. You can add these new channels to your membership from VB3 only, so go hit the new site to check them out!


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