Videobox Moves to “5 at a time” Release Cycle

Greetings, fellow lovers of porn! If you’re like me, you don’t like sitting around waiting 4 hours for the next release to come out. And since we pride ourselves on variety, it is inevitable that we sometime release titles not everyone will enjoy. At those times it can be quite frustrating for me to have to continue waiting another few hours for a title you like to hit the site.

Well we’ve heard you loud and clear, and here’s what we’ve done: we did some research to determine when you, the loyal Videobox fan, likes to download content the most, and we’ve decided to release all the titles we’d normally release throughout the day all at once at 7pm PST the previous night, when we determined you are most likely to be available to see it.

So what does this mean? In a nutshell, at 7pm (on the west coast) this evening, we will be releasing all of tomorrow’s titles (not including channel content). This is just our way of showing how much we love you, you beautiful porn viewer!

So go forth into this new year, and nut like you’ve never nutted before! You have our permission.

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69 Responses to “Videobox Moves to “5 at a time” Release Cycle”

  1. tmack Says:

    When will you be adding HD to the porn site? In checking out some of the competition, they have added HD content. I really would like to see HD content added to VB website. The lack there of is putting VB behind the competition.

  2. content dude Says:

    @Tmack: I don’t have the exact date but at some point in January at least one title a day will be in HD. Here are a few studios we will be working with: New Sensations, Digital Sin, Pink Visual, Anarchy, Diabolic, Evolution Erotica, and some new high end studios that people have been emailing me about for a few years. Additionally, all of the releases for the channel content including our new channels of Kink and Reality Kings will all be in HD as well. I will do a blog post on this topic later next week.

  3. drudgereport Says:

    Love the 5 at a time, you were clearly thinking of the members first when you came up with this.

    Kudos to VB for putting their members first.

  4. detritus Says:

    Last night when this started I was not in favor of it at all actually, but I’ve thought it through some more. Now, I’m on the fence. There are a few issues. Number one. That’s an east coast time of 10PM, or a little later. I’m done by then as I get up early. I usually check out what the post is, but that’s it. So I’ll be backtracking the next day, or later even, 100% of the time for lots of updates. Not a major issue really but not as fun or manageable, I’ll miss stuff I’m sure. Number 2. The comments, well, at five at a time, it loses any value. I’m not commenting on something that’s been up for a whole day, or longer. Seems a waste of time. So I’m likely done there. Kind of a shame. Number 3. Content. If you put up five good ones at one time, man, where to start. Likewise, if you put up five bad ones, the negative feedback will be greatly amplified. I complain about content sometimes, Dec. for me has been terrible, at five in a row, I can only imagine if they are all bad. Which is relative I know but you get the idea. That all said, it isn’t a big deal really. To me. I’m not leaving. But I may miss the roulette like gamble every 4 plus hours. Now it will be more like a high stakes poker bet late at night. All in at once. I really can’t decide but I’m leaning towards I don’t really like it. But like I said. It’s not a major issue. Time will tell.

  5. esad11 Says:

    Living in EST, would rather see the update earlier.

  6. jmac Says:

    IF you are going to stay with 5 updates at a time you may want to change the format of the front page to show them all.

  7. mack Says:

    I am with detritus on the 5 at a time posting. The comments add a lot to this site – they are entertaining when posts are bad and informative when details are missing (names). They can also be funny and witty.

    I know VB3 started doing social networking (I haven’t looked at it more since the early beta because I thought that was ridiculous). The comments are about as “social networking” as I’d like to get here with my hidden persona. That persona and that of other viewers does create a loose community. I think you’re going to hurt that with 5 posts at a time.

    And while we’re on comments – a suggestion would be to list both the thumbs up and thumbs down votes. Sort of like Yahoo News does – and every other news outlet that I’ve seen.

  8. Toner Says:

    Hmm, slow and steady wins the race or gang up on me? If it messes your day up that much y’all need to put your dick down and go outside for a stretch. Just sayin’.

  9. CritterAttack Says:

    Getting all the days updates at once would be ok if there would actually be some quality updates within that group. So far every single update in this new format has been pure trash. In fact this entire month has had maybe 5-6 good updates, that’s it.

  10. Sad Says:

    I live in Europe so for me this is a very crappy solution timewise. But can’t really see how this should be beneficial at all. What’s the benefit of having to wait several hours to get five films at a time – instead of four hours per film? As another user stated it could easily damage the comments given on the specific films, which would ruin the otherwise great concept.

    On the other hand – after having checked out VB3 it looks like it’s going to be ruined very soon anyhow. That seriously looks like the worst update EVER.

  11. Sad Says:

    PS – “Love” your slogan for your new “feature”: “Why wait?” when all you’ve added is more waiting time. You guys like to be ironic?

  12. Hodgepodge Says:

    5 at a time SUCKS! It does not fit MY schedule at all. Besides, it was refreshing to logon several times a day for a new update. Seems like every update you jokers add diminishes the quality of the site. I won’t be renewing when my current subscription expires.

  13. olabid Says:

    Christ, there’s no pleasing some of you people… complain about absolutely everything.

  14. KRAW_NOT_KRAW! Says:

    Five at once is not a huge deal, not worth complaining about, and it’s their choice. The time could be better, 5 PST 8 EST would be better than nearly 1030 at night in the East.

    The comments about a lot of poor quality for the whole minth are regrettably pretty accurate. 5 junky DVD’s at once are just as bad as 5 in one day spaced out.

  15. ronzilla Says:

    Like hodgepodge said: 5 at a time sucks. Your new slogan is “Why wait?” We are actually waiting 24 hours now. Hello?

    Also: If you care so much about your subscribers, why don’t you fix the problems that get reported? I’ve reported issues with scenes such as; incomplete scenes, and scenes with completely hammered aspect ratios. They never get fixed. Rather than fixing the site you have, you are now developing a new one? Your priorities seem to be out of order. The incomplete scenes are the worst offense, along with the new poorly conceived “5 at a time” release schedule.

    I’m probably gonna cancel my subscription too.

  16. reframe Says:

    Although I prefer the update every 4 hours, I can get used to 5 at a time., but it would be better if it was earlier in the day. This month has not had very good posts, I agree with that, but there have been months where you have a lot of good posts; it all evens out. You just have a lot of members who just love to complain about everything and never have anything positive to say, so ignore that kind of input because it doesn’t serve any purpose. For a site that is this cheap and user friendly you are doing a good job and change is always necessary, albeit sometimes it is uncomfortable.

  17. Strangepork Says:

    I don’t see why it matters when the new videos get posted. If you are AFK when they go up, the 5 newest videos will still be waiting for you when you get back (and all of the older ones too).
    So really, why wait? You don’t what you are going to get, so go ahead and masturbate to what you’ve already got.

  18. Derek Says:

    Might as well add my two cents.

    I don’t know who was complaining about the scheduling. I can tell you, it wasn’t me! I liked the idea of waking up at 8, seeing 2 new DVDs. Going to work, coming home, 2 more DVDs. Do my nightly routine, new DVD. That worked for me. Even when there were days worth of DVDs that didn’t appeal to me, knowing that a new DVD was around the corner was enough.

    Now, I feel that if there isn’t at least one DVD that I like on a daily basis, I’m gonna get annoyed.

    So, how about this: make this optional? Now, I have no idea how DVD updating works for VB, but maybe give users the option of 5-at-a-time or 5 every 4:48 hours. And make it so changes to this option only go into affect on the first of every month (just so they can’t keep changing it on a whim). That way, everyone wins (except those who are responsible for uploading DVDs. But isn’t that why we pay you guys)?

  19. ropeadope Says:

    Fascinating debate. Here’s how I would structure it. A few days prior to the 1st of the month, VideoBox displays the 150 DVD’s which will be available in the upcoming month (assuming a 30 day month). All titles will have already been uploaded to the servers. Once the new month begins, members will be able to access one DVD of their choice every 4:48 (4 hours 48 minutes). Once selected, that DVD remains available to the member going forward. Comments could be added to any of the titles by any of the members, but some type of annotation will indicate if the particular member has previously accessed the title he (or she) is commenting on. Merry Christmas (from the East Coast)!

  20. Elzero Says:

    I HATE, HATE, HATE the 5 at a time….. not a good change on any level but here are the 2 major flaws for me.
    First,I like being able to see something new throughout the day. I often log in more than once a day and it is great to see a new movie each time I log on. I want to see whats new more than once a day.
    Second -a major oversight on your part. You didn’t change the lay out of the site to show the newest 5 movies. Every time you update with all 5, one drops off the main page. This is really crappy layout. At the very least, show all 5 movies for the day on the main page, but better still, go back to the old way.

  21. Elzero Says:

    One more thing that seems related – My first impressions of the VB3 site is not very positive either. Way too busy.

    And I agree with “reframe” – broken scenes are the worst and they dont seem to get fixed or have a easy way to report them (Kelly the Coed#4 in Spanish???? Come on now VB).
    An easy way to report problems and VB quickly fixing them is what this site needs, not a total make over.

  22. josh Says:

    In case you missed it from the forums…

    This is David and I’m one of the founders of VideoBox. I want to first thank you guys for taking the time to post on our blog, the feedback is invaluable and we do take it seriously. This thread has compelled me to make my first blog posting since I was the one that made the call to change the release schedule. I’m going to try and address everyone’s concerns, however, my background is in engineering and not writing so bear with me:-)

    I hear “ronzilla” complaints and it’s frustrating. My understanding was that we go back and fix every known issue with DVD encoding. If you anyone knows of any encoding issues please post them here and I will make sure they get fixed.

    I totally agree with “jmac” in that if we are going to release 5 at once we should at least change the format. This is exactly what we did in VB3, you see all five displayed in one row. In case anyone doesn’t know we have a new version of VideoBox that’s in beta and we would like your feedback. You can check out the site at: And you can leave feedback on the newly created forum at:

    As for the time of day, we picked the time based on when the most people are on the site, approximately 7 PM PDT. We’re open to adjusting the time; it sounds like people feel that a few hours earlier would be better, maybe 5 PM PDT so it’s only 8 on the east coast?

    We also like the comments that people make on the DVDs and scenes, we think it gives the site personality and want to encourage more community interaction. We didn’t really consider how changing the release schedule may have a negative effect on comments. The good aspect of this potential problem is that we can observe the number of comments people make. If this goes down significantly we’ll be able to see it.

    I also agree with the several of you who made the point that if the content sucks it doesn’t really matter about the release schedule, garbage is garbage. I think we have two main struggles in an effort to get the best content on the site; (1) the porn recession (2) what’s the definition of garbage?

    (1) The first is that the porn industry is in a recession and the studios that we license content from are going (or already have gone) out of business. This combined with the fact that we consume such a large volume of content (1825 new DVDs per year) means that we’re having to license with studios whose content may not be exactly what we want or go deeper into the back catalog of older content with the better studios. We’re always trying to improve the quality of the content, we spent more money on content in 2010 than any previous year in the company. And, we’re going to spend more money in 2011 than 2010. We’re introducing a daily HD content update at no extra cost and I hope that we can sign a few new studios deals at AVN. We fully understand that the quality of our content, both the material, the encoding and fast delivery of is our core value to all of our customers.

    (2) What we observed is that there is a wide diversity of taste in what people like. What’s garbage to one person is another’s erotic dream. For example, take Japanese movies; while the majority of our members could probably do without them, there’s a large number of members that really like this content and we would like to try and make everyone happy. We’ve also noticed a large difference between people’s comments and actual behavior. For those of you that are aware of the Incredible Digital content, you may find interesting that while people had mostly negative comments (in particular about the degrading act of writing on the woman’s forehead) it was also some of the most downloaded content. We don’t know exactly what to make of this; our theory is it’s like a car accident on the highway, you don’t want to look, but curiosity gets the better of you.

    This brings me to the key reason that we made the switch from releasing a DVD every several hours to five at once, we want to see what people really like by giving them several options at once. In the old system, looking at how many times a movie is downloaded isn’t particularly a good metric because you don’t know if that member downloaded the movie because they really liked it, or because it was the only piece of new content available. And, since the number of people on the site varies based on time of day, it’s hard to compare the downloads for a movie that was released at five at night, versus five in the morning. With releasing five movies at once, we can know see how often one movie is downloaded relative to the other four new releases. We hope to use this information to inform our future buying decisions.

    I hope that this sheds some light on our thinking and ultimately I hope that this results in us being able to release better content and make our customers happy. And, if not, we can always switch back to the old way:-)

  23. bob Says:

    I i just joined your site and I’m getting a bit pissed off already.
    1. Could you fix the dozens of videos on your site that are broken and end before the end of the scene, like this for example:

    I paid for dvd quality clips, not dvd quality clips that only run for 3/4 of the scene

    2. also you might want to kick your support department up the arse, ive mailed them twice over the past 2 weeks and had ZERO response.

  24. aaron Says:

    this new format has caused me to decide to finally pull the plug on my vb membership. I have been a member for over 5 years now, i think 7 actually, but this is the final nail in the coffin for me.
    It ruins any chance of actually really getting to read comments and overwhelms me with 5 vids at once, which lately have been pure crap anyway.
    I really really hope you guys stop ‘experimenting’ and just stick with the original format so i can re join. Why not just add an extra update per 24 hr cycle and get HD going asap.
    Thats all we need, after all i never heard anyone ask for all of the days updates at once anyway.
    too bad cause up until yesterday i loved checking in here every few hours to see what got uploaded, half of the fun of this site was the excitement of checking every 4 hours for that one perfect porn scene.

  25. vasquez666 Says:

    Hm. While I personally prefer the old way – I really don’t care all that much because its pretty much the exact same thing. To all you porn-freaks who NEED an update every 4 hours – get a life. Hopefully releasing 5 at once will give ya’ll a chance to go do sumthin with yourselves.

    and it further ticks me off to see all the bitching and “oh this’ll make me cancel my membership!” craaap every single time VB makes a change. It’s like World of Warcraft or Starcraft — the ONLY ones who ever say anything are the “unhappy ones” – and the people who are fine with everything usually stay silent. Sooooo… bottom line?? VB needs to just do their own thing and stop listening to the bitching and complaining your members bring to the table. For every “problem fixed” with one members, another “new problem” arises with another who was fiiine before.

  26. ropeadope Says:

    @ bob – Until the wmv-dvd file is fixed, consider downloading the H.264 file. I just downloaded both versions, and don’t see any difference in video quality. Additionally, the H.264 will be less than half the size of the corrected wmv-dvd. You’ll need the VLC or FLV player (or similar) to view the H.264 file. Once the issue is resolved, you could exchange the files (if you wish).

  27. Sad Says:

    @ vasquez666 – If you DON’T want to listen to the users, you reeeeally shouldn’t have a blog.

    @ josh – Thanks for the explanation. Now your decision makes a little more sense, although it will be very hard to track data in the current settings where the fifth release is hidden (and please do NOT integrate the new VB3 yet – it really, really, really(!) sucks. I do think though that you should make a poll, because I find it hard to believe that the majority of the users really want the “five-a-day”-thing. I’ve been using you guys for a few years now as my only place for porn, but for the first time I’m looking for alternatives. Yes, I’m addicted to porn even though I do have a great, hot gf. Videobox were a perfect trap down. I could check for porn at one place a few times a day, and everybody (aka me) was happy. I’m not ready for a step down to once a day, so I’ll probably unsubscribe, I’m afraid. Loved your site though. But with this terrible new “once a day”-policy and the VB3 coming up, it’s just not that fun anymore.

  28. Dustmunkey84 Says:

    zzzz, this site is going to shit. Can’t wait until the new year when i cancel my membership

  29. steve Says:

    I’m not really sure what peoples’ argument about when the content is released is all about… Why does it matter when the titles comes out? Either way, you have a 24-hour window to download them before the next 5 come out. Is there some necessity to be on the site the instant it comes out that I’m not understanding? It’s so funny to hear people say they prefer getting their content trickled to them. That would be like going to McDonald’s, buying some fries, and paying extra to have them feed you one every 5 minutes. Personally, I like to mash them all in my mouth at once.

  30. Sad Says:

    @ steve – Would you like your breakfirst, lunch and dinner stuffed down your throath once a day? That’s a much more suiting image.

  31. Derek Says:


    You must never have worked in customer service.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard “Tell the customers to shut up and like our product” in any job orientation I’ve attended.

    The point being, we’re customers, and as customers, we may have complaints. Noe, VB can say “all you guys just shut up and like our changes. And just so we don’t have to listen to your bitching, I’m closing the comments section of this blog post down.” If that doesn’t hurt their business, then go ahead…

    Also, the whole “get-a-life” argument I keep hearing. Where do you think we are? We’re at a porn site. A porn site, if I’m not mistaken, we’ve all paid for. So, c’mon…

  32. detritus Says:

    I posted my concerns earlier. They still stand, especially regarding comments. The comments are ruined for me now because I’m simply moving on to the next movie instead of lingering. A quirky charm lost IMO. My GF thanks you for this however…But I want to make two points. Downloads. 99% of what I watch is downloaded. Force of habit, a save for later kind of thing. Honestly, I’ve deleted at least 90% of that. Maybe more. Incredible Digital, as an example, I currently have 3 scenes saved after DLing maybe over a hundred. I expect I’m in the minority here, but it may not always be such a great indicator of popularity. Secondly, this is a great site. I personally can’t imagine leaving. Not at what I pay vs. what I get, even if I do throw away the vast majority of it. BUT, I have to say. VB is simple. And in its simplicity lies its genius. Be careful with that guys.

  33. j45kilo10 Says:

    Hey, just wanted to say, congrats on hitting 10k dvds!

  34. Strangepork Says:

    When I go grocery shopping, I usually buy a weeks worth of food at once. It all goes into my pantry and fridge, waiting for me to get hungry, then I go grab what I want. Sometimes, I make more than I need, and wind up eating leftovers the next day or two. Works fine for adult humans, but try giving your dog a weeks worth of food at once, and see what happens.

  35. PinkPanther Says:

    Personally, I preferred having the updates spaced out – it was unique to VB and it encouraged comments, where this new formatting won’t encourage comments nearly as much.

  36. PumperDumper Says:

    1) It is not hard to view the 5th updated DVD, simply click “All new DVD’s” If you are on VB3 it would not be an issue.
    2) Comments losing value? How so? 75% of the comments are made simply for bangs, based on a screen cap for laughs, or just to complain. Seriously, how many scenes are downloaded because someone gave a quality review? Exactly.
    3) These blog responses consist of 2 sides. Ones who masturbate more frequently than necessary, therefore, hate the 5 at a time scheme. Ones who masturbate at normal intervals, therefore, could care less.
    4) I would be surprised if even 5% of the members here even voiced their opinion. How can we as members really know what the group consensus is?
    I am glad VB is doing something proactive to figure out how to improve the site. Like VB-David says- It can always be changed back

  37. vasquez666 Says:

    to Derek and Sad:

    I never said aaanything about not allowing the members to bitch and complain and make their “suggestions” on the blog, on the comments, wherever. I’m just saying VB needs to stop putting TOO much stock into these suggestions – because the HAPPY folks will never speak up. So it’s essentially a never-ending cycle. Complainers and complacent folk switching sides like crazy.

  38. oscarz05 Says:

    hate it. I’d much rather pick and choose. most of these “5″ are crap which I don’t need filling up my hard drive. and the lay out is not only confusing its almost purposefully self defeating. the usability is horrendous. hate it. I’m outta here if this is what you’re future is.

  39. whodat5 Says:

    @PumperDumper: I couldn’t have said it better!
    If you’re checking the site every 5 hours for a new update, and this is the central focus of your life, then I apologize. But for those of us who have other intrests in life and can afford to view only once or twice a day, the 5 at once is great, because I will pick what I want to watch and not have to worry about an update coming in whatever minutes that will not intrest me.

  40. ronzilla Says:

    Okay Josh, here we go.

    War and Sex: scene 3 is incomplete.

    p.s. It seems silly to post scene problems here because there is an “ALLEGED” system already in place. When a customer clicks on the “Custom Clip” link we are presented with a page displaying the flash video. There are four tabs for comments, embed, share, and get help. I always use the “Get Help” tab when I encounter a problem with a scene. Nothing ever gets fixed with this process though. Who is accountable for viewing and addressing these “Get Help” messages? Whoever it is, they don’t seem to be doing their job.

    Anyway, I look forward to viewing that War and Sex complete scene. as do many others who banged the comment about it being incomplete. Thanks for your time.

  41. crownviccat Says:

    Not happy. Do not like. I won’t cancel my sub over it but I dislike the change. I wonder how many HAVE canceled over this. More than have joined because of.

  42. t9c Says:

    1. I like the new update schedule…it frees me up to do other things besides logging on all day.
    2. I like the new VB3. A few complaints, but nothing major.
    3. Please try to get those actresses named in scenes that have already been posted. Many were named in the scene comments and are not updated. No excuse for this not happening.


  43. ronzilla Says:


    Here’s another one: Totally Fucked scene_1 featuring Manuela Febroni. The H.264 file is incomplete.

    Thank you.

  44. ronzilla Says:

    Here’s another: Power Lines scene_5. The H.264 file is half of scene one and half of scene 5.
    Thank you.

  45. ronzilla Says:

    Here’s another: Whores with Dildos #1. Judging by the file sizes, it appears that EVREY H.264 file is incomplete. I checked scenes 10 & 11 as a test.
    Thank you.

  46. grookill Says:

    I just decided I don’t like getting all 5 clips at once. Why? Because it appears that the total number of comments are down! When you one release ever ~5 hours people would view the clips and comment on them, then wait for the next clip and comment, and so on. With the 5 clips at once, people will comment on one or two for the whole day and the other clips (viewed or not) are “neglected”.

    Why is this important?

    I partially base what I watch on the comments. I also enjoy reading what people have to say about a clip or a video – it is part of the “charm” of VB. (Some of the anti-Audrey Hollander and “Bent Dick” Lee Stone comments are a riot to read!)

    On other thing given the long comment by Josh/David: if you caught me today and asked me what a “good video” is and then asked me the same question tomorrow, I probably would give two different answers. The one thing that will always bug me is the photography and transfer. If the scene is too dark or washed out it will always be a “bad” clip. I won’t comment on what content makes a clip good or bad simply because what I like is what *I* like and not necessarily what *you* or *they* like. VB is a general website and tries to touch as many relevant genres as reasonably possible without going too “weird”. (Although, you might want to experiment with “weird” to see what kind of comments you get. Just be sure you have a flame retardant suit on though…)

  47. Nemock Says:

    2 things:
    First, I share with many the concern of the site layout not showing all five released at once.
    Second, I’d really like that if you could put up a section of upcoming updates. That is one of my favorite features on other sites and I’d love it if you brought that here.

    P.S. I tried out VB3, and I was really not impressed. The navigation seemed clunky, and overall layout felt cartoonish.

  48. ronzilla Says:

    Hi Josh,
    Here’s another: Ripe For The Pipe scene 3. It keeps repeating portions of the scene such as the blowjob, and is incomplete.

  49. Meatbeater Says:

    Ronzilla- Put down the porn and get a girlfriend! Jesus Christ! You’re almost making me ashamed to be a member of the same site as you. For the rest of you- 5 a day or 1 every 4 hours…It’s the same fucking thing!!! The 5 a day is great cause you can decide for yourself when to look at the video instead of waiting just to be disappointed by a shitty update.

  50. phil Says:

    @Ronzilla/Bob: Thanks for bringing those scenes to my attention. I will work on getting these re-encoded this week!

  51. ronzilla Says:

    Meatbeater- shut your filthy hole. My gorgeous Filipina wife drank my sperm just last night while we were watching some porn from VB. You’re an ignorant jackass who makes assumptions. You’re almost making me ashamed to be a member of the human race.
    In case ya didn’t read Josh’s post, he asked to be notified of scenes that don’t work!
    In one of my earlier posts I mentioned that this was a silly place to notify the VB team of problems with the site. I also mentioned that the mechanism they have in place for notifying them of discrepancies DOES NOT work.
    This seems to be the only way to get problems with the site resolved. Get used to it.

  52. ronzilla Says:

    @phil: Why don’t you guys fix the issues that get reported through the ‘Get Help’ tab on the custom clip page?
    Does it not work? I’ve reported DOZENS of issues over the last year using this method. As far as I’m aware, none of them were resolved. What’s the deal?
    Thank you for your time.

  53. FormerlyKnownAs Says:

    I’ve been a member here under one username or another for about the 2 or 3 years now. I have noticed in that time that there has been a distinct downturn in the quality of updates.
    Last time I left this site was under less than ideal circumstances, and after only about two weeks back here am already regretting my decision to come back. There are better sites out there with better updates, and higher resoultion videos. The resolution I am seeing today in these updates are the same ones I have been seeing for years now when even less well known sites have far surpassed what VB continually push out for years now.
    I don’t doubt for a minute that VB was once one of the very best porn sites on the web, but from what I have seen over the last 2-3 years with the continual downward spiral in quality, I really have a hard time believing that you even remain in the top ten.
    …and don’t even get me started on this “new format.” Simply put, it sucks. At least with every four hours updating there was still the hope that the next update wouldn’t suck as bad as the last one did. Problem is that it wasn’t always like this here, and that’s the sad part, VB,unless it makes some serious changes for the better, is looking at it’s best days in the rearview mirror.

    A fed up, disgruntled former fan of VB.

  54. Strangepork Says:

    If you want to change it to 150 movies at a time, once a month, I’d be perfectly fine with that.

  55. Ken Says:

    Has anyone noticed that the uploads for December 28th is not up yet at 12PM PST on the same day?

  56. vcpl2009 Says:

    @Strangepork – People will complain no matter what the release cycle is. If people don’t like the 5 DVDs that are released all at once there has to be something in the 1000s of DVDs to watch.
    People were complaining about the updates one at a time now they complain about them 5 at a time. I don’t see a difference.

    As far as content yes there has been a string of horrible updates but overall I am still satisfied. I don’t need HD. HD just shows you more things you don’t really want to see like stuble and pussey wrinkles.

  57. vcpl2009 Says:

    Sorry for the double post.

    The fact is that most of the people on this site including myself rarely if ever post a comment or an opinion. Nobody ever posts positive things that they like if it isn’t about the woman in the update. That is the reason you see so many complaints because the large majority is just off beating their meat.

  58. pumperdumper Says:

    I think the REAL problem is NOT the release schedule, it is the content itself. If the 5 DVD’s released all kicked ass there would be no complaints. Whether it is 1 crappy DVD every 5 hours or 5 crappy ones every 24 hours is irrelevant.
    Like FormerlyKnownAs I have been a member for a couple years under different screen names and certainly have noticed the content is not as good as when I first joined. The EA membership I have made me stick around.Perhaps it is my need for hardcore action, but for the first time, I am strongly considering another source.

  59. peru1978 Says:

    I’m on my way out, but it’s over the content, in fact I cancelled before the switch to 5 at once. I don’t see a difference because I go days between checking updates, but I also see the disappointment in getting 5 crap DVDs all at once. I’ve felt for a while that the content quality is compromised because of VB’s self imposed five-a-day quota. As rope pointed out, this amounts to 150 videos in a month. I don’t know how much a license for one DVD is but I’m guessing it’s considerably more than paying 20 to 30 for a DVD at the store. My suggestion is this: lower your quota and invest in better content. I know there is the elusive issue of what is that better content, but it seems to me, in the 3 or so years that I have been a member, that the real crowd pleasers are RLD, Voyeur Media, Justin Slayer, New Sensations/Digital Sin, Zero Tolerance, Combat Zone to name a few. These studios’ updates tend to be few and far between, I am guessing because of the cost, yet they seem to be the most in demand, going by the blog and video comments. If you lower your quota to say, 3 DVDs a day, that amounts to 60 bargain-bin titles you don’t have to subject your customers to, and it also amounts to that much more money you can use to invest in a more in-demand studio. You wouldn’t be dazzling your potential customers or investors with quantity, but you would have a more satisfied customer base, and potential customers would see the frequency in quality updates, which is a pretty good selling point, I must say. Well, I’ve enjoyed being a member, especially the first year going through the back catalog, and I had a blast making clips this past year, but I’m moving on because for quite a while, the updates just haven’t been doing it for me, with several stellar exceptions of course. I’m not mad at you, VB, stay true to your goal, signing out

  60. BigIsk Says:

    I don’t like 5 at a time. For me, you took away my hope that the next video would be good. Sure, there was always the possibility it could be Transvestite Hookers from Iceland Part 4, but if that was the case I’d go to My Favorites or the Archives and watch something I know I like or know that in 5 hrs I would have another surprise (hopefully a good one). Now that wait is a whole day and takes away the fun a little. I guess to sum up my personal feelings, I look for the new and rely on the old. For instance my wife is out of town for a couple days and the kids are at their grandmothers so I can take care of business as often as I desire for the next 48 hrs and 5 minutes after last nights release, I knew I wouldn’t be finding anything new here until tonight at 11pm. I’m here now obviously because I like this site and I wanted to see what other people thought (a HUGE positive about this site). I’ve been a member for over 4 years and I’m not going anywhere, but until 11pm tonight (3 hrs earlier would be my vote if you’re going to stick with this format) I will probably “wander” other places looking for something different and hopefully, for YOU, I won’t find anything else that suits my fancy as much as VideoBox. But why take that chance??? Happy New Year to all! :)

  61. Sad Says:

    There you have it: You killed the best part of your site – the comment section. Almost nobody comments no more. They were a big part of this site, and yes I did use it to screen videos with. The screencaps are normally good enough to judge a clip, but many people in the commentary fields had fun approaches to the scenes that made it worthwhile watching the clip anyhow.

    My membership runs out in february. If this 5-shit stands I’m out of here. It’s no fun anymore – and VB3 still look bloody awful. Such a shame. Does anybody knows better sites with a good update ratio and HD-video? Then do tell!

  62. Tentaclemonstr Says:

    It seems irrelevant when the 5 DVDs are released and I don’t see why it would affect the number of comments. However, I do see the quality getting worse which seems inevitable since DVDs themselves are going away, replaced by paysites. The promise of an HD release every day and the Kink and Reality Kings channels suggests that the Content Dude knows this and is trying to move the source of content away from just DVDs. However, the new premium channels seem like a waste since at $15 you might as well pay a little more and download from the sites themselves. I’ll be interested to see what new content appears in January, particularly if the EA channel goes to HD.

  63. Ken Says:

    What is an EA channel? What do you mean when u say EA? I know HD.

    I think VB3 has to be overhauled already. No doubt.

  64. RabbiPutzz Says:

    Video Box has been the best porn site going. The member comments where a stroke of genius. Releasing Vids five times a day offered excitement and a sense of anticipation.

    Sure a guy gets disappointed when the long awaited vid was not to his liking – But then the comments where always a joy to read and members clips could be a rich source of new or missed porno ops till the next long awaited update.

    Do you see my point? You have the content, you had the continuity between members .. what your fucking by putting out five Vids at a time is the excitement and anticipation.

    Your killing the idea of the next Vid will be “THE ONE” where all looking for. The perfect girl with the perfect ( name your preference). Dumping five Vids at once kills it.

    This site is and was the best value going. Don’t fuck it up by trying to improve it’s genius. And part of the genius lies in anticipation.

    As for me, I have canceled my membership. If and when you change back, well … you know where to find me.

    So long fellow wankers, and thanks VB for what was a great site.

    Shalom: Rabbi

  65. ropeadope Says:

    @ Ken – Evil Angel? Electronic Arts? My money is on Evil Angel.

    @ RabbiPutzz – Before you leave, inquiring minds want to know. Are you a real Rabbi?

  66. RabbiPutzz Says:

    @ ropeadope – Some say I’m a Balebatim (a Person of high standing) others say I’m a Fortz n’ zower (A foul, soul-smelling fart)

    Thanks for asking rope, Zolst leben un zein gezunt (You should live and be well)

  67. Sad Says:

    @ Tentaclemonstr With five videos to check per update people are less involved in each video. You just quickly scan the next ones where if you only have one or two videos to check, you are far more likely to stick around. But seeing is believing. Just see how few comments the new videos are getting. And it’s pretty easy to understand why.

  68. hankdog Says:

    I can’t seem to find my previous comments here, maybe I am missing them, but I hope they have not been deleted. Anyway, I am still trying to get switched over from xmovie to VB…sent an email to the customer service guy, but no reply. also, where is the best venue to try to offer constructive opinions about content?

  69. Jordan Says:

    @ Hankdog I wrote you on 1/06 and responded to your earlier comements at (…I’ll resend the email. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check to see if it got marked as Spam…Let me know if you still don’t receive it.